Wanted: NECA Boondock Saints Figures

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by anikenvader, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Allo, allo! I'm in the market for the Boondock Saints figures done by NECA a good time ago. The figures are Connor & Murphy, and there's a picture attached of what they look like. I'd like them sealed (Intend to get them signed by Norman Reedus & Sean Patrick Flannery, along with my signed Walking Dead figure by Reedus :D ) And also just REALLY want them for my collection. They are GOLD for my collection.
    Also could go for 2 sets, as my Father is a huge Saint's fan, would be nice to get him a set of 2, as well.
    They could be at some distant and not-so-well-stocked ToysRus' I've heard. If you see them, pick them up and I will TOTALLY fulfill you for all you paid, shipping, and a little extra if you want just for the favor.
    Spit me offers if you have them via PM. :D