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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by iDarkDesign, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Dec 14, 2005
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    Hey guys, pretty new here on the board, thought maybe some of you could help me out with filling in the gaps in my collection.

    I want/ need:

    Energon/ Superlink:
    - Unicron (MIB)
    - Sixshot (MIB)
    - Beachcomber (MIB)
    - Buildron (Superlink) (MISB)

    - Autobot Whirl (loose)
    - Stockade & Magna Stampede (MIB)

    Galaxy Force
    - Demolishor (MISB)
    - Blue Rumble (MOSC)
    - Red Rumble (MOSC)
    - Buzzsaw vs Blurr (MIB)
    - Runabout vs Longrack (MIB)
    - Fang Wolf (MISB)

    - Twintwist gun
    - Sludge missiles, sword,
    - Snarl missiles
    - Lightspeed handgun
    - Hot Spot Defensor parts and guns
    - Sureshot Targetmaster
    - Sandstorm gun,
    - Broadside one rocket,
    - Double Header guns, robot arms
    - Gunrunner missile,
    - Flash 2 missiles, left arm

    Trypticon all but laser and full tilt
    Scavenger Devastator wrist
    Seawing one tripod part
    Skalor tripod
    Vortex hand gun and side weapon
    Hun-grrr Abominus fists
    Motormaster Menasor rightfoot)
    Dragstrip small gun
    Snare all
    Skullgrin one gun, sword
    Roadblock all weapons
    Bludgeon gun and turret
    Misfire targetmaster
    Spinister purple targetmaster
    Horribull grey gun
    Skullcruncher headmaster arms
    Darkwing guns, broken twister
    Devastator actionmaster
    Shockwave shockwave and all accs
    Banzai tron gun and partners legs
    Spectro gun
    Spy Glass gun
    View finder missig gun
    Air Strike patrol Whisper
    Space case missiles
    Hooligan missiles, tail wing
    Skyjack trashed

    Beast Wars II
    - Gigastorm ramps,

    I do have some stuff for trade but not much, I'd rather buy the parts/ items of of you.

    thanks for looking!