WANTED: Iron Factory 3rd Party Legends Scale Figures

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    I'm looking to get my hands on the following Iron Factory 3rd party Legends Scale figures. The first part of each line is the name of the character, the second part is the IF "codename." If you have any of these, please message me.

    Arcee - Pink Assassin

    Blitzwing - Blizzard

    Drift - Norimune

    Helex DJD Combiner Spirits of D.E.C. - Merak

    Kaon DJD Combiner Spirits of D.E.C. - Mizar

    Perceptor - Sniper

    Prowl - Armored Tactical Staff

    Tarn DJD Combiner Spirits of D.E.C. - Dubhe

    Tesarus DJD Combiner Spirits of D.E.C. - Alkaid

    Vos DJD Combiner Spirits of D.E.C. - Phecda

    Warpath - Burning Slug

    Windblade - IF-EX05 - Iron Giant's Maiden

    I can either buy if the price is right, or I have the following for trade:

    -MMC Spartan AKA Impactor (new in box)

    -Combiner Wars Devastator (loose but complete)

    -DNA Upgrade kit for CW Devastator (new in box)

    -Fansproject Volar (Swoop)

    -Fansproject Columpio (Sludge)

    -Fansproject Cubrar (Slag)