Wanted: Igear Masterpiece pp-03a Attack, will trade new MP-11 straight up

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    Wanted: Binaltech BT-18 Liger (Mirage)

    New or used, just as long as its complete and unbroken. Feel free to check my sales thread if your looking to trade.

    Other wants:

    - Binaltech BT-18 Mirage (new or used, must be 100% Mib

    - Mp-06 Coronation set (just the plastic insert is needed)

    - Alternity A-02 Megatron (Silver) New or Used, but Mib

    - TFCC Sideburn (new/sealed)

    - Maserpiece MP-12 Sideswipe (New)

    - Masterpiece MP-14 Red Alert (New or Mib)

    G1 Accessories Needed

    - G1 Hound - gas can, rear spare tire,

    - G1 Trailbreaker - right fist, long missile

    - G1 Optimus Prime - (just the trailer)

    - G1 Jazz - missile launcher, right door, front windshield, two tires.

    - G1 Sludge - just need the chrome foot tab, but what ever else is fine.

    - G1 Ramjet - complete wings including the weapons.

    Other wants: New or Used, but 100% complete

    - Igear Masterpiece pp-03c Current

    - Binaltech BT-17 Nemisis Convoy

    - G1 Victory Saber (doesn't have to have a box or insert, but most welcome of course)

    Thanks for looking!!!!

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