Wanted: HA Barricade, 2002 botcon glyph. Have: HA Jazz, HA Skids, RtS Grapple, Lugnut

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    Title says it all, or most of it anyway.

    I want an HA Barricade, either MIB or collector owned with tight joints, etc.
    (I also want 2002 Botcon Glyph, but he's secondary. Oh wait, Glyphs a "she".. right? anywho...)
    Edit: also want the Henkei Legends Cliffjumper

    I have for trade:

    HA Jazz MIB
    HA RotF Skids MIB but the box is kinda beat up.
    RtS Grappel MIB (or Grapple, if you prefer)
    RtS Lugnut MIB
    RtS Turbo Tracks MOC (bubble slightly squashed)
    RtS Perceptor MOC
    RtS Bumble Bee MOC
    RtS Wreck Gar (bubble slightly pulling up, still sealed though - and I'd like to keep him to trade for one of the new junkions if I can't find them easy, but he's there if that's what pushes you over on Barricade)

    I don't want to sell anything at the moment, only trades. But I will be selling off some stuff in a few weeks for a charity marathon thing that my girlfriend is running in, so once I get my HA Barricade if you're interested in something let me know and I'll jot down your name for that item and contact you when the details pan out.

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