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    Wanted TF's

    Hi i've been hoping i would be able to get this guy at retail but alas that seems very unlikely as the generations distribution in the UK has been aweful(damn you hasbro)
    I would prefare to trade but have paypal & some good feedback
    Also i would like more than 1 possibly 3, here is a small list of what i have to trade

    RTS Solar storm Grapple misb
    RTS Lugnt misb
    Generations Kup mosc
    Hailstorm mosc
    RTS Legends Megatron,Prime,Starscream,Goldbug all mosc

    Classic 1.0 Starscream loose complete with instructions
    Classic Prime with wind vane & smoke stack gun
    Dotm Roadbuster with instructions
    Dotm Trans scan ironhide with instructions
    Dotm Laserbeak mosc
    Alternators Swindle good condition but missing gun
    Kreons Megatron,Soundwave,Thundercracker,Sentinal Prime,Prowl,Shockwave
    all mint in their bags

    Thanks for reading & feel free to PM me with any offers
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