Wanted: CW Off Road (or compatible) wheel, Rusty Ice Cream Truck Mudflap (the rear half)

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Diecast G2, Jan 21, 2017.

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    Dec 2, 2016
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    I'm needing a wheel that'll fit into the wheel socket of Combiner Wars Offroad's legs. At the moment I don't know if only his mold will work (ironhide, etc) or if all the deluxe sized CW figures use the same size wheel. Don't care if it's a different style or has more/less paint if it's the correct size wheel. If you've got it and it's not broken, we should talk.

    I also need the rear half of the Ice Cream truck Skids and Mudflap combo, specifically the 2010 line repaint that didn't have comic sans on the front bot. I'm like 95% sure that its Mudflap, but its my wife that collects movie toys, not me.