Vinatge G1 Predaking(Plastic) for sale URGENT

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Dark Magnus, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Aug 2, 2003
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    Well guys, an unexpected financial crisis of sorts has cropped up and I am forced to thin the ranks of my collection in order to bail myself out.

    So here is a special treat for all interested. I have a G1 Predaking made of plastic. He is missing all his weapons except his BFG on his arm and Razroclaw's sword. All the figures are in top shape and the stickers are in good shape with the exception of those around Razorclaw's mane, and the silver ones on Predakings "toes".

    Now for the faults in this beauty. I acquired this off eBay acouple years ago so I am not the first owner. The previous owner applied superglue(from my guess) to the foot which Tantrum connects to and the left fist. It's applied right around the pegs, so my guess is it was applied to tighten the connection between the bots and the parts. It doesn't affect transformation in any way and is completely hidden if you display the Predacons combined.

    Razorclwa's sword is a little chewed up near the tip.

    I'm asking $200.00 but I'm willing to settle on a lower price if no one steps up for the asking price. PM me an offer and I'll consider it.

    No trades please, I need the cash this time. Also, paypal is preferred as I need the money by September 21st.

    I'll be taking pictures and posting them in a gallery later on, I will post the url later today.

    EDIT: I lowered the asking price to $200. I know it's a little high, and I am willing to settle below that price. SO please, PM me with your best offer.
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    Dec 26, 2003
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    Not to rain on you but with the reissue, I doubt heavily you will get that much.