Non-TF: Venomized Hulk Mask

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Nightwind, May 25, 2020.

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    So I'm a sucker for Venom/Symbiote merchandise. Hasbro's got their new Venomized line showing up in the toy aisles now and there are tons of fun little things to purchase! Slime figures, simplified action figures, and... Kid's costumes!

    My favorite of the kid's costumes is Venomized Hulk. It includes a full body costume as well a really solid and slightly terrifying mask. The first costume I purchased was adopted by my five-year-old daughter, so I knew I was going to purchase a second to display. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention when I purchased the second costume and ended up with a copy that definitely should not have passed the qc paint department. What to do? Paint it up, of course!

    I started with a base coat of Rust Oleum flat black. From there various shades of green, white, red, and tan FolkArt acrylic were used to bring the details out. It was sealed with Tamiya flat clear coat. Now that it's done, this one's going on the wall in the office!

    I've included a picture of my mask before paint and a picture of my daughter's mask to show what it should have looked like originally.

    As always, comments and critique are welcome!

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