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    I have 6 Transformers for sale. Buyer pays paypal fees and shipping from Lincoln, NE. Feel free to make me offers if you think my prices are too high.

    Jazz $75 – Masterpiece scale Transform and Rollout TR-01 HOVA. Used but in good shape. Paint is beautiful but does have a few paint chips as seen in the pictures (for example, see the gray rectangle on his right knee). Comes with box, which is also in good shape, and all accessories.

    Galvatron $25 – Legends scale Mech Fans Toys MF-07 Galvontron. Used but in great shape. Comes with box, which is also in great shape, and all accessories. Looks great next to a large Unicron!

    Smokescreen $30 - Legends scale Newage Tactician Maverick. New, still in box, never removed from packaging but only opened for pictures.

    Megatron $15 - Legends scale KuBianBao (KBB) Walthertron. I believe this is a KO of the Generation Toy version. Used and has some issues. Comes with box, which is crinkled up a bit as seen in the pictures. The issues with it can be seen in the pictures – the right arm inner connection is broke but will stay on with friction and the backpack broke off near the screw but I superglued it back together (can also be seen near trigger in gun mode). The purple plug at the end of the scope can be removed. In robot mode this thing is pretty floppy. I’ll ship it in gun mode and the best thing to do with it is to use it as a gun in the hand of one of your masterpiece scaled combiners as I did in this picture. For that purpose it does look cool.

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