Variety Magazine: ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Tops Studios’ TV Ad Spending

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    More believably, the reason why they're advertising it so much is because they genuinely believe in whatever Haz, Paramount and the writing room (that may or may not be something of a jumping on point for the movie franchise) came up with for a new course/direction for the series and want to make a big splash and show it as being a big deal. TLK is, after all, the fifth movie but the first in setting up the BB movie and the other movies down the line.

    I'm actually pleased to some degree that they're media blitzing this thing because it shows that they believe in it enough to do so. Transformers has always been known worldwide but it's really grown a lot and it seems they want to take advantage of their brand's popularity while they still can. They certainly didn't prior to this.

    I think the other thing I'm happy about is that they are changing it up how they market the movies. For the last three movies, it's been teaser, Superbowl spot and then super-spoiler trailer right before release. Repetitive and same-y. This go-around, while they've released a bunch of footage, a lot of it is just slowly increasing what you've already seen, all while leaving out most of the stuff we really want to know about. Then, you have all of the ancillary materials like the Transformers through Time pics and data and other stuff.

    I post all of that just to say the advertising doesn't reek of desperate (to me).
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    Even so, 70 million is freaking steep for as little as they did for that movie across any avenue.

    Agree entirely. This movie has got me excited about the movie franchise again, and I skipped AOE in theaters entirely. After the first 3 movies, I was burned out. But this one has got me excited to go to the theater to see a Transformers movie again.
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