Vanishing on 7t Street, a new take on a bad movie, that makes it better.

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    Just had a thought about how two movies, while one is good, the other downright bad, if set in the same world, they start to make sense together.

    The first (good) movie is Stephen King's The Langoliers, where a jet liner falls through a wormhole into the world of yesterday. Ends up world of yesterday is an unpopulated bland world of what's leftover. They struggle to survive in an airport where there is no power, fire won't light, and something is coming to take them away (also dealing with a psychotic cousin from Perfect Strangers!)

    The second movie is Vanishing on 7th Street. This film is about how one night a darkness overtakes the world, most power and fire dies overnight, and anyone in the dark disappears. The next morning only the people who stayed near some light that was lucky enough not to go out survive. Now whenever anyone is in the dark they also disappear. During the course of the film more and more people disappear until they are down to the last few and one candle in a church that remains burning.

    Now with very little tweaking you could actually make both these movie part of the same universe. What if EVERY morning a the world restarts, and there is a rundown world leftover (the one we first saw in Langoliers). The vast majority of people follow the new day and never notice, but occasionally some people get left behind in yesterday. From those people's point of view the rest of the world disappeared, and suddenly all electronics stop working. Maybe the darkness that would occasionally take people was actually them returning to TODAY? In the world of today the people from Vanishing on 7th Street just went missing one day, and then a couple of them show up the next morning once the "darkness" and taken them too and forces them to movie on to the next day.

    So now watching the Vanishing on 7th Street COMPLETELY changes meaning. All those people taken by the darkness were actually RETURNING to today!