Valvoline Valvotron Proof For Sale

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    May 19, 2010
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    Obtained the new Valvoline Valvotron figure from a friend in the corporate world. It was sent as a proof to the marketing department of a major auto parts chain. First time seeing one in the wild!
    IMG_20170605_201903.jpg IMG_20170605_202007.jpg IMG_20170605_202033.jpg IMG_20170605_202103.jpg IMG_20170605_202115.jpg IMG_20170605_202210.jpg IMG_20170605_202245.jpg

    Transformers Valvotron, The Last Knight 2017, Valvoline Exclusive Limited Proof! | eBay

    Item is new in box, stands close to 6 inches in height, and does not transform. This is the only one on eBay right now, and maybe the first ever (I know of one other, but it was canceled) Thanks!