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    I have been away for a few days, so I am sorry if this topic was already covered. I also do not know if this belongs in the Fan art section... If so, please move.

    USA today is having a "Design the Ultimate Transformer" Contest. I saw it over the weekend in the USA Today at the hotel. I have added the link below for anyone more talented than myself.

    Contest: Design the ultimate Transformer -

    Here is the article in case the link has problems:

    Think you can improve on Optimus Prime? Then put your pencil where your vocal processor is!
    USA TODAY wants you to design us a brand-new Transformer. Show us your idea in both pre- and post-transformation mode and tell us whether your creation is an Autobot or Decepticon and what it does. (For instance, check out Gannettron, an everyday USA TODAY newspaper box that morphs into a robot specializing in communications and news distribution via network satellite.)

    Submissions are due June 18. You'll be able to view and vote for the finalists June 22, and the winner will be interviewed and have their design displayed in our June 26 print edition.

    Technical specs: You can design your Tranformer on paper or digitally, but please send us the result in a single, high-quality (200-DPI) .jpg or .gif file. You must register for a free USA account in order to upload your design.
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    cool but with my talent or rather lack there of id make prime look like the victim of a savage beatdown XD