US MP's, FansProject Bruticus, Generations and various for sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Acclaimed, Dec 26, 2012.

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    All are US versions. All are loose. We all know how this works, feel free to offer prices, I won't be offended with offers and you shouldn't be offended with counter offers.

    -MP Skywarp $75 (complete w/ box)
    -MP Starscream $125 (complete w/o box)
    -MP Rodimus $80 (complete w/ box)
    -MP Prime 20th Ann $70(complete w/o box)
    -MP Prime TRU $115 (complete w/ box)
    -MP Grimlock $175 (complete w/ box)
    -Fansproject Bruticus Explorer/Munitioner $250
    -ROTF Bruticus $150 (3 piece set to used with FP set above)
    -Alternators Mirage (sealed) $45
    -Classics Jetfire and Grimlock 2 pack (Asian exclusive, fold out packaging, sealed) $120
    -Generations Wheeljack $9
    -Generations Warpath $9
    -Battle in Space Hot Rod $7
    -Several sealed newer generations figures I have about 8 or 9 and don't remember exactly which, if you are interested ask for a particular figure and I'll look to see if I have it. (10-15$ each)

    I also have some Silver-Bronze age comics, Star Wars Unleashed (the big ones) a vintage Thundercats Fist Pounder, and a Captain Power Lord Dread Interlocker..........if anyone is interested.
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    Hello, Just joined the forum. Also saw that you had a post on seibertron. I am interested in purchasing a Grimlock MP-08. Let me know if by any reason it's still available. Thanks!