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    Hello. Just wanted to post my current list as some figures on the list have sold. My primary delivery service is priority for $8.95 on all orders. Also, I only accept payments through paypal, and I no longer accept foreign orders. And now onto the list:

    G1:re-issue #6 G1 Megatron (opened, but complete and

    repackaged) ($65), loose Blitzwing ($17), loose

    Perceptor ($35), loose insecticons, Jap G1 re-issue

    Soundwave and Laserbeak, Jap G1 re-issue Prowl, Hasbro

    G1 re-issue Rodimus Prime ($32), loose Hasbro G1

    re-issue Powermaster Optimus Prime ($45), Jap G1

    re-issue Starscream ($37), Hasbro G1 re-issue

    Thundercracker ($27), Hasbro G1 re-issue Skywarp, Jap G1

    re-issue Ultra Magnus ($43), Jap G1 re-issue Hot Rod

    (re-packaged in box), loose Grimlock ($13)

    G2: loose Slag, loose Snarl (broken leg), loose Rapido,

    loose Road Pig (No accessories and no instruction

    booklet) ($15), loose Dreadwing & Smokescreen ($30)

    Titanium: War Within Optimus Prime ($26), GI Joe

    Megatron, Rodimus Prime ($28), Scourge (Opened but

    complete and loosely re-packaged, good condition) ($17)

    Machine Wars: Sandstorm ($27), Soundwave

    Beast Wars: Transquito, Optimus Primal, Transmetal

    Optimus Primal (Blue version) ($36), Megatron,

    Transmetal Megatron (arm has been broken off) ($15),

    Jetstorm, Transmetal 2 Stinkbomb, Transmetal 2 Scar'em,

    Transmetal 2 Cheetor ($20),Transmetal 2 Optimus Minor,

    Transmetal 2 Sonar, Rattrap ($18), Transmetal Rattrap,

    Rhinox, Transmetal Rhinox, Transmetal Rampage,

    Transmetal Cheetor ($20), Transmetal Airazor, Transmetal

    2 Tigerhawk ($36), Dinobot, Tigertron, Transmetal Depth

    Charge ($30), Transmetal Tarantulus, Manterror,

    Transmetal 2 Prowl (Blue, Red, and Chrome version),

    Transmetal 2 Cybershark (Stuck in mid-transformation),

    Tripredacus, Fuzor Buzzsaw, Airazor, Insecticon,

    Beast Machnines: , Supreme Cheetor (arm is broken off),

    Rattrap, Megabolt Megatron, Tankorr, Tank Drone, Strika,


    Robots In Disguise: Prowl, Sideburn, all 3 members of

    the train team, all 4 members of the build team, Scourge

    ($40), Mega-Octane, Rollbar, Ro-tor

    Armada: Hot-shot (brand new in box), loose Starscream

    with mini-con, loose Optimus Prime with mini-con (loose

    but complete, in good condition, internal motor inside

    trailer/base has been damaged and thus the trailer must

    be transformed by hand) ($35), loose Smokescreen with

    mini-con, street mini-con team ($16), Skyboom shield

    team ($16), Requiem Blaster team, loose Unicron with

    mini-con ($40), Air-Military mini-con team,

    Energon: loose Hot-shot, loose Rodimus ($18) , loose

    Shockblast ($33), Optimus Prime (brand new in box)

    ($46), loose Downshift ($15), Starscream (brand new in

    box), loose Barricade ($10), loose Insecticon ($7),

    loose Wing Saber ($30)

    Cybertron: loose Cybertron Primus with box and Omega

    Lock ($40), loose Thundercracker ($9), loose Optimus

    Prime ($24), loose Unicron ($9)

    Transformers classics: Megatron (with box, damaged)

    ($20), Astrotrain ($20), Hot Rod ($13), Cliffjumper


    Contact me if you want something...

    Strikimus Prime
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    PM sent.