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    Here's a master list of all the Go Bots stuff I wanna sell off:

    Arco bots:

    Rogun cap pistol MIB (light creases on box flap)
    Rogun water pistol MIB (scuff marks and creases)
    Binocular Bot MIB (cellophane window torn, box flap has lots of creases)
    Hot Chamber Cap Rifle and Robo Scope Bot MIB (cellophane window torn, creases)
    Desk Bot MIB (creases, plastic inner tray has age discoloration)

    I'm pretty sure all of these were at one time MISB, but the tape got so old it gave out, because all of them still have the yellowed factory tape on them.

    School novelties:

    Go Bots pencil case/bag MIP
    Go Bots pencil/erasor set MOC
    Go Bots Leader-1 erasers MOC
    Gray Go Bots book bag near mint
    Black Go Bots book bag, 1 closure strap has frayed, otherwise, near mint.

    Books, puzzles and other stuff:

    Go Bots coloring and activity book mint, no tears or used pages
    Go Bots Paint with Water activity book, mint, no tears or used pages.
    Tonka Go Bots illustrated book (basically a small comic book, binding has come loose), colors still very vibrant
    Go Bots Tic Toc digital watch MOC (obviously the battery has long since died)
    3 Wendy's Go bots Iron on patches, still sealed in their bags, 2 Turbo, 1 Scooter
    Go Bots Board Game, as far as I know, it's complete.
    Go Bots card game, again, as far as I know, its complete
    Go Bots sticker sheet (8 stickers: logo, Crasher, Scooter, Cy Kill, Leader-1, Cop-Tur, Royal-T and Baron Von Joy
    Rock Lords mini comic book
    Go Bots on Earth story book
    War of the Go Bots story book
    Go Bots glow in the dark lightcatcher kit MOC
    Target Earth book and record, mint, no scratches on the vinyl
    Battle for Gobatron book and audio casette, mint
    Turbo/Cop-Tur frame-tray puzzle
    Leader-1, Cy-kill, Cop-Tur and Turbo frame tray puzzle
    Turbo 200 piece puzzle, opened, not sure if all the pieces are there.
    Cy-Kill 200 piece puzzle, near mint and still sealed
    Leader-1 200 piece puzzle, near mint, still sealed
    Cop Tur 200 piece puzzle, near mint still sealed

    Other novelties:

    Go Bots sleeping bag, colors rich and vibrant, fabric is a bitch scratchy
    Go Bots bubble pipe by Tootsietoy MOC
    Sparkle Gun MOC
    Windsock MIP
    Kite MIP
    party cups MIP
    party plates MIP
    Plastic plate, mug, and bowl set: no fading, doesnt appear to have chips or cracks


    Go Bots walkie talkies near mint, in box (some plastic age discoloration)
    Go Bots AM/FM radio MIB
    Camera, loose


    Scales figure, MIB
    Grungy Power Suit Warrior MIB (Renegade)
    Guardian power suit warrior, loose, missing feet and fists
    Collector Case, seen better days...stress cracks, some broken hinges
    Command Center, pretty much only good for parts, not sure if electronics work
    3 Rocklords figures, loose, no accessories: Granite, Magmar and Rock Roller.
    1987 Big Mac transformer toy...not sure if it was for Tonka or Hasbro (loose)

    I'm not a professional collector or appraiser or grader, my statements of condition are for reference only. I'll try and get pics of things upon request, but my digicam is sketchy at best when trying to communicate with my PC (camera is almost 7 years old.