Universe Sideswipe Loose Complete Reprolabels

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    Transformers Universe Classic Deluxe Sideswipe Loose Complete Reprolabels | eBay

    Up for bid is a Universe/Classics Sideswipe that was sold in the USA. He has no packaging but otherwise is complete with both weapons. I have also applied most, if not all, of his Reprolabels.
    The toy itself is in very good condition. The joints are almost as tight as when it was first opened. The doors tend to flop around in robot mode, but they were always like that.
    Some of the Reprolabels are a bit worn. Especially the roof label. I tried pushing the engine weapon tabs through the slots with the sticker on, hoping to poke uniform holes through. I was not able to get the weapon to go through and now that sticker is creased and peeling up at a few places.

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