By Generation: Universe Hound Holigram Projector Modifacation

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    When I got Universe Hound, he became one of my favorites. My only gripe was the hologram projector. It doesn't sit straight at all. The G1 [hologram projector] fits, but looks out of place because it sits too high. So what do you get when you fuse G1 and Universe? Well, a pretty sweet look Hologram projector with chrome!

    Open up the [Universe] part. [Cut off the missile tip and the shoulder clip, [and] drilled a hole for the G1 missile shaft to fit in(had to take it down quite a bit). [Next,] cut open a hole in the bottom to fit the clip from the G1 shoulder. [Using] some good old plastic wielder, slap it together again and ta-da . . . done!

    [This is] a much better look for Hound, in my opinion.




    (The gun Hound is from the Combaticons Swindle mold. ~Radicons Staff note)

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