By Generation: Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker Windsheild Modification

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    I wanted to get rid of his huge chest flap. It works well as a back on [Side]swipe and Red Alert, but I thought it hung too low and hindered his waist articulation; also, it made it look like he had no waist.

    Run a knife along the seam where the windshield meets the roof. Repeat this same process to the side windows, and to the underside. After a few minutes of light scoring, it’s easily popped apart. Glue the windshield to the hood (where it attaches for car mode).


    In my opinion, gives [this toy] a more G1 Sunstreaker look.

    The end product, looks like this:



    Since the two pieces are the same shape on the cut line, the windshield can be tucked under the roof/chest. It holds by friction - when you slide it in, it centers itself. Now, you have an even more "accurate" Sunstreaker!



    (In the project thread, a few notable things transpired through discussion. The results are posted here for further resourcing! ~Superquad7)

    Here you go:


    I have, [and] there isn’t much clearance. It would be possible to build a slide rail, but there's not much room to work with. Under the panel, the black swivel piece is a flat, black rectangle. It would be easy to make a corresponding female part which would slide along the black rectangle on the chest. Since the chest is already on a hinge, you could lift the chest and slide the window under.

    I swapped out shoulders from Sunny with Red Alert and built tw0 (2) slide rails out of styrene.

    WARNING! Don’t use too much glue on inside of windshield, or this will happen:


    Nothing a little paint won’t fix!

    Extra steps in transformation:
    1 - Start to bend legs back
    2 - Slide windshield forward
    3 - Raise the roof
    4 - Slide windshield back
    5 - Lower roof onto windshield




    Lamborghini molds [are] now looking more and more different:


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