By Generation: Universe 2.0 Prowl Shoulder Modification

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    Okay gang, for those who feel adventurous, here's a mini-tutorial on how I did Prowl's shoulders.

    Universe 2.0 Prowl Shoulder Modification

    Okay, for those of you like me who can't stand how Prowl's arms stick out way too far, here's a mod to make that little problem go away! Please though, bear in mind that this mod is for those who are planning to repaint Prowl in some way as it will leave a small hole in the front of each shoulder which will later need to be filled and painted over.

    So, onto it then!

    Tools you'll need:

    1- Small hammer
    2- Small jeweler's file
    3- Pin vise & steel pin
    4- Pencil
    5- Pin removal device
    6- 3/32 drill bit & bit handle
    7- Dremel (not pictured)


    Step 1 - pop arms off shoulder peg (this’ll take a tiny bit of elbow grease)

    Step 2 - Find the tiny flat square area I've outlined on the front of ea. shoulder. This is the area where you'll need to bore the access hole for the pin that holds the whole spiel together!

    Step 3 - Finding the center of the square, take the 3/32 drill bit and drill a hole slowly, carefully and straight through. You'll know when you've hit the pin when you can’t go any further.

    Step 4 - This is what the pin access hole should look like when finished!


    Step 5 - Next, Using the pin vise w/ steel pin, Hammer and whatever you use to help remove pins against, Gently remove the pin from ea. shoulder. It should look like this when it’s all popped apart. I recommend using something like a rubber pad to rest the outside of the wheel against so that the wheel rim itself doesn’t get damaged.

    Steps 6 & 6a - Next, pop off the small, cylindrical retainer off the back of each shoulder joint as indicated by the pink arrow (you'll need to do this in order to get at the important bits!) 6a- This is what the back of the shoulder joint should look like without the retainer.


    Step 7 - Next, slide the main swivel section off the roll bar it's on (it's going to be tight at first so give it a bit of force and don't worry, the pin it’s on it is pretty sturdy!).

    Step 8 - After you've removed the swivel, you'll need a combination of the file, Dremel and sandpaper to remove the material highlighted in pink on both the main swivel and the inside of the shoulder just below the main swivel peg.

    Steps 9 & 9a. - 9 shows the outline of where the material used to be and 9a illustrates where you'll need to make a line to remove the material up to on the main swivel where it connects onto the shoulder peg. You'll need to shave off material on an angle to literally JUST below the hole where the peg hole is located.

    Step 10- Illustrates the main swivel and shoulder AFTER they've been modified


    Now that you've got this stuff done to both shoulders, simply put the parts back together again and VOILA! Prowls arms don’t look so dorky anymore!!


    Hope this helps your Prowl look a bit better!



    (The original project thread can be found here: ~Superquad7)

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