Unicron9 Holiday Ebay Sales!

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    With a 4th kid on the way and the ones I have already forcing my displays to be high enough to stay out of reach, I don't have room to display as much and need to make room for another minion in my clan.
    Prices are lower and I'm offering things I wouldn't sell if I didn't need holiday money and space right now.

    First off we have here a LOT of bots people asked me to sell more than once, that I wouldn't let go of. Adding up what many copies I did of these went for on ebay and figuring in about what the rest would go for, this price is almost half of what they could have gone for individually. 17 mostly customized movie Transformers, many with modifications, all close to scale with each other, all in one bundle! Transformers Movie Custom in Scale Set of 17 Figures Optimus Megatron Many More | eBay

    The super articulated Figma custom of the Sega Genesis Streets of Rage character, Blaze Fielding! Streets of Rage Sega Figma Custom Blaze Fielding Figure | eBay

    Why am I even selling this? A merging of my 2 favorite sci fi franchises, Star Trek and Transformers, this is my custom Enterprise E transformer, Autobot E. Transformers Star Trek Crossovers Custom Enterprise E "Autobot E" Figure | eBay
    and I have him listed at barely more than my custom CHUG Skylynx sold for.

    A Princess Leia 1/6 scale statue in her Slave Leia outfit from Star Wars with hand painted skin tone apps, listed at less than they usually go for new- Star Wars Custom Painted Princess Leia Kotobukiya Statue Figure | eBay

    The super detailed and articulated Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime figure, like new- Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime DOTM Dark of The Moon Figure | eBay

    Mcfarlane Toys Robocop figure MIB- McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Series 7 Robocop Figure | eBay

    A sexy anime warrior gal named Kanu in 1/6 statue form with 2 outfits, customized for even more sexy. Ikki Tousen Custom DD Kanu Unchou China Dress Figure Taki Corporation | eBay

    More may be added as I decide what I can force myself to part with.

    Check my feedback forum to get an idea of my work if you have no idea what a Unicorns#9 even is- http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/commissioner-listing-feedback/393571-unicron9-custom-workshop.html