Unemployment thread... Questions to help others.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alucard77, May 1, 2020.

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    Hey all,

    I thought I would start a quick thread about unemployment to get advice from people that are currently going through this now and maybe just to talk about their situation.

    For me, I had a shit week. My wife who was furloughed, officially got the axe on Monday. Today, I just got furloughed with my whole division and we're now working 3 out of 5 days and taking a 40% pay cut. So my families income just decreased by 68% this week.

    So I just have some kind of out of the norm questions, for those of you who may have been through this.

    1- At my wife's job, they sent out a note that said that all salaries would officially be decreased by 20%. The next day she was furloughed and she never got a single check from them. This month, she was laid off. With the package she just got, they are giving her a severance at the 20% reduced rate, vs her full rate.

    The initial people who they laid off last month, got 100% of their full pay.

    Does anyone know if she has any legal rights around this? Especially since there is a history of others getting that 100%. We are thinking of getting a lawyer around this, but just wondering if there is anything that could be done.

    2- With my job, they are telling us to file for unemployment, even though we may not qualify. They are saying that we may qualify for the $600 a week that comes extra on top of unemployment. Now, I know the unemployment goes out for 9 months. If I start filing now and get the $600 a week, does any one know if I get laid off, lets say in a month or more, would it count towards my full unemployment benifits from the day of filing now, or from the day of layoff? I don't want to file if when I start getting $0, then I will get how many more months less. But at the same time, I don't want to miss out on the $600 more a week which will end in July.

    So any help would be appreciated.
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    Good questions, sorry to hear. I also got a 30 percent pay cut but when I looked into it, I still make more than what would qualify as underemployment. There are rules for exempt and non exempt employees and they differ. You can check FLSA website for rules. When it comes to severance, I believe it's a case by case basis unless it's in her employment agreement/ employee handbook. Probably worth looking through it. Sorry you have to go through this, there are many people in similar or worse positions now and it's hard to tell how long till it's much better.