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    Recently i interviewed livionramondelli about transformers galaxies. Heres what he had to say.

    First of all livio thanks for doing this

    You are involved in the new transformers Galaxies spin off from the new continuity. What can you tell us about it.

    Transformers: Galaxies will be a new ongoing Anthology, and the first four issues focus on the tragedy of the Constructicons. How they helped build a beautiful world that they were not allowed to be a part of.

    So the constructicons started out as pillars of the community on cybertron only to fall from grace? That's an interesting take on them. Are you drawing them based off their cw toys like the siege figures are being used as the design template in the ongoing?

    They will be based on the CW toys, with some slight tweaks given that they haven't come to Earth yet. But we all wanted them to be identifiable even in their vehicle modes, and not too alien looking.

    You're a fan of the constructicons. Was it fun drawing these guys?

    Absolutely. I've always been a huge fan of the Constructicons, and Devastator. They're such a staple of the G1 era. And doing a big story focusing on them is something I always wanted to do.

    What other characters can we expect in this series. Are you allowed tell us who else will be focused on.

    The insecticons also play a part in the series.

    Any autobot cameos.?

    Much more than a cameo with him.

    So he's playing a significant role.... Will his design be based off say the bb movie cameo
    Can we expect some action in this..?

    Wheeljack shows up in the ongoing first, so I'm basing him off his design there. Not quite like the BB movie, as much as I love that scene. And there's definitely some action. Devastator will be appearing, and that sort of answers that.

    Nice. Is the tf Galaxies series similar to the current star wars one

    I haven't read the Star Wars one, so I can't answer that. Is it an anthology?

    It's a series of new stories. First one featured han solo. Will you be doing any I terior art on the current ongoing. Is there anything you can tell us about what's ahead in the series even a hint!

    I can't tease anything for the ongoing, unfortunately! As of now, I'm only going to be doing the first four issues of Galaxies. And then I've got another sci-fi project coming after that that I should be able to talk about soon.

    That's great livio. Thanks for your time

    For sure, hit me up anytime!

    Apologies for the structure of this.
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