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    Ultra Magnus was always respected as a venerable and intelligent leader of the heroic Autobot robots and helped his army fight the evil Decepticon army of robots on Planet Cybertron and Planet Earth as well as personally deal with key Decepticon warrior-robots such as the wolffish legionary robots Cyclonus and Scourge. However, Ultra Magnus was often overlooked and under-appreciated by his own Autobot friends and allies who often looked past him to honor those robots close to his rank and skill in the intricate Autobot leadership pyramid, such as Rodimus Prime and Springer. In fact, Ultra Magnus was courting a romantic relationship with the beautiful female Autobot warrior-princess robot Arcee who had broken ties with him and then began dating Rodimus and then later Springer.

    Ultra Magnus was therefore in an obligatory position to prove himself to the Autobots and perhaps even to himself. Ultra Magnus had become interested in the human Christian faith and had started to read the Christian Bible and began writing short-stories about the symbolism behind the adversarial AntiChrist, the enemy of Jesus described in the Bible's Book of Revelation as the evil one who will ascend to Earth at the prophetic End of Days to make war on humanity. Ultra Magnus wished to apply his understanding and appreciation of Christian rhetoric and mythology to derive beneficial perspectives on war and peace on Planet Earth as they related to the struggles between the Autobots and Decepticons. The Autobots and Decepticon forces came to Earth from Planet Cybertron to create a unique dominion, but much guidance was required!

    Ultra Magnus began wondering if he could somehow use his personal insights into the nature of warfare and governance to arrive at practical approaches to dealing with the evil Decepticon robots who only sought to subjugate and terrorize humanity. He hoped to reach out to humans by conversing with them about their unique imagination about life on Earth and their special systems and beliefs in mainstream religion! Ultra Magnus envisioned a more diplomatic way to create strength-dominions on Earth alongside humans by actually exchanging key metaphysical and political ideas with them and learning from them by studying their special forms of ritual and beliefs in immortality. Ultra Magnus reasoned that the best way to engage organic human beings was to exchange ideas with them about the contours between strength and vulnerability as they applied to organic life and machine-intelligence.

    Ultra Magnus presented his detailed plan to the Autobot leadership, and he found good counsel surprisingly with his comrades Rodimus Prime and Springer as well as with his sometime battlefield soldiers Blaster and Superion! Particularly, Blaster thought Ultra Magnus' shrewd democratic approach to dominion-construction on Earth would facilitate the building of trust-bridges with human civilization and help the Autobots harness the civil resources of the American militia and America's nuclear technologies, persuading humans not to make any sort of nuclear contract with the deceptive Decepticons. Unfortunately, this meeting was recorded by the vile Decepticon espionage-falcon miniature robot Laserbeak who carried the details of this new plan back to the Decepticon leader Megatron who began plotting how to pervert this information to his advantage!

    Ultra Magnus was informed one week later by Rodimus Prime that Megatron and the Decepticons had created a terrorist invasion on the Lockheed-Martin center of U.S. government military technology research and intended to extract new nuclear blueprints to make an impressive Decepticon weapons-silo to draw humans away from the more democratic Autobots and forge a dominion of steel! Megatron had even taken one of the Lockheed-Martin executive engineers as hostage, demanding that Americans renounce all military ties to Autobots. Ultra Magnus arrived at the government military-tech research/development center and just began firing laser-cannon shots at Megatron and the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus was particularly forceful and able to single-handedly drive away Megatron with focused laser-shots to his head! Afterwards, the Autobots commended Ultra Magnus for his disarming timely fighting despite his heartbreak that his spiritual plan was hijacked somehow by the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus turned to the Lockheed-Martin executives and coldly told them, "You can be sure we Autobots will use hellfire to return hellfire to keep Decepticons away from your bastions of martial law."


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