Heavy/Scratch: Ultra Magnus... In Lego !!! (WIP)

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  1. general saberwi

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    So i was crusing the radicon forums a while ago, and i saw alanyaps's excellent lego movieverse Ultra Magnus. inspired, i set out to make my own, but with a few twists:

    it's made out of lego technic, has an actual mechtech weapon, and is human allicance scaled.

    or at least would be, because other things came up, i lost momentum, and it was put on the back burner. i may finish it, eventually, but for now i would like some crituque on what i've done so far.

    i apoligize in advance for the less than good pics, as i didn't want to drag out my proper camera, and used a phone.

    it used to be more complete, but i yanked a bunch of panels for another project. as can be seen, it is based on the set 8052, which was origanly some kind of dump truck.

    here is the aforementioned mechtech weapon: the Magnus Hammer!
    it converts, and locks, as it would on an actual toy.

    Hammer mode:
    BFG mode:

    and now for the transformation, of what I've got, which is the torso, and an arm.

    to start, unpeg the waist piece from the arm (those dark grey pegs hold them together)

    then, unfold the arm, and fold the waist piece down. the silver blue parts are the waist, and those axles would be where the hip joints connect.


    then, fold down that red panel, and position to taste. this would be one of Magnus's shoulder pylons.


    this is the hard part : what's happening here is that the cab is splitting, turning inside out, and folding over the front of the truck.

    and this is the cab after the previous step. the sides of the cab peg into holes on the underside of the doors. (what's the point of having doors if the engine fills the cabin ? that engine was origenaly going to be his abs in robot mode, but it did not work out that way. also, the doors are nessacery for the transformation.)


    now, flip it over, and fold the spine in place. the little grey pegs (not visible) plug into that L beam near the front wheels


    now, peg the top of the waist into the air deflector of the cab, thus completing the transformation so far.


    now, i have some problems with this, namely the shoulder joints, but that can be fixed. so , if you all like this, i may finish it.

    thanks for looking, --Saberwing

    Update: due to various problems with my ever so messy lego area, this fellow had to be taken apart.

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  2. Sonscreen

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    Go for it!
  3. Crazy Ninjaman

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    You can do it!:thumbs2: 
  4. Jetcracker54

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    I wanna see it