Ultra Magnus deals with it

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    Sorreh, this is my first story ever, well Not really a story, more like a commercial for all the other REAL stories here that kick major ass. Just hav'n a little fun

    Chap 1 - end

    After a embarrasing event with the Matrix, and death, delivered by the Sweeps, Ultra Magnus was no more.

    Ultra Magnus --"Where am I? Am I dead? Are all dead? Can't tell because I feel nothing. Nothing but...hmmm?"

    The air is gone and my sensors see black.
    Only untamed flashes of light torment the way through the dark and lonely world of death. Where the shadows become your masters.
    Where do the lights even lead? Am I even supposed to follow?
    Do I even want to? My life is gone and my chest is hollow.
    Am I alone, or just a failure? Im am nothing and so shall I be ,forever.
    I deserve to stay here and rot in the void, and rest. But for how long?
    I've crushed Insecticons in my grip, I 've destroyed Seekers with they're own bodyparts.
    I've even smashed thousands of Sharkticons, with my bare hands....and for what. This? THIS????
    IS THIS WHAT I DESERVE!!!!?????"

    Magnus slams a wall with his fists, harder and harder as the shadows cower in fear.
    Then screams at the top of his vocal computer, burning out all it's voice enhancements like a blown fuse,

    In the Autobot med lab, Ratchet looks down upon the Autobot corpse........and grins.

    Welcome back my friend. I thought you were a goner and... ***CRASH!!!!****

    Seaspray--- "Dude, wtf!"

    Huffer--- "He just took off man"

    Cliffjumper--- "Ultra Magnus has left the building."

    Jazz--- " :dj  "

    Ratchet---" Magnus , where do you think your going??"

    UM--- "To get serious." **Transforms into vehicle mode**

    Bumblebee--- "Um, should'nt we stop him Prime?"

    Optimus Prime--- "No, he will be back....and he'll be back soon"

    Brawn --- "Then I'll go with him, he can use my help"

    Perceptor--- " No , you will only be a witness.
    You don't know Ultra Magnus when he's mad."

    Bumblebee--- "But he did'nt really look all that mad"

    Prime--- " I know, because you've never seen him when he's pissed."

    (Wheeljack in background--- "Hey, our weapons storage is empty" )

    [Earth, while waiting for new Alts to come out]

    Spikes grandkid --- "So what happens next granpa? Why'd you stop? Finish the story about Ultra Magnus!"

    Old Spike --- " I can't say, it's TOO VIOLENT!!


    Just a small props to UM, no biggie.
    Feel free to throw the tomatoes.
    Not small ones though, too hard to dodge

    Wheelie --- " :spam  "
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