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    Okies, I feel like I'm spamming this but here's goes. Last year I did a 2016 calendar for the threadizens of the UK Toy Discussion Thread (UKTD). This year I've done another one (a little early) for 2017!

    Full details of what the calendar looks like is in this post

    Fan Art: - UKTD Thread 2017 Calendar thread!

    The reason I'm putting this here in this forum is because the whole of the first run has sold out, and there there are a couple of folk in a queue for a second print run of Calendars but that run will never get done if we don't get the numbers up towards 20.

    It will cost £14 shipped to the UK and £16 to the USA (I will calculate other countries as we go along). PM me if you want one! Because I don't want to lose money (like I did last year, all in I lost around £5 at the end of it all because I didn't do this for profit) I'll only take payment for the second run once the queue is filled!

    So... I guess this is some kind of actual 3rd party offering. In fact this is a quintessential 3P product, made by a fan for fans! For no profit! Thanks for reading!

    (PS, any chance of getting this front paged? It's a legit 3P product! Sorta... :redface2: )