UK items- Generations, Prime and AoE

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    These are what I'm looking at getting rid of to anyone in the UK. Prices include postage. Loose unless otherwise noted
    £30 AoE Leader Class Optimus Prime (Not the first edition). He's nice, but I don't feel the need to keep him long-term. Complete, good paint and everything, includes the box he came in.
    £8 Generations Deluxe IDW Megatron. No comic, otherwise complete. No stressmarks and good joints.
    £15 Generations Warpath. The tail of the missile has been clipped, otherwise he's quite dandy.
    £8 Generations Deluxe IDW Thundercracker. The FoC one. No comic, includes guns. Left wrist is a bit loose, but it holds poses fine.
    £15 Prime Skyquake. Only has the poweriser gun (spring disengaged so the cannon stays deployed), and he has stressmarks on his right thumb. Otherwise, pretty good.
    £15 First Edition Dark Guard Optimus Prime. No weapons and the very tip of one of his head antennae has snapped off, but that just makes this sinister looking doppleganger look even more menacing. But seriously, a bargain for the excellent First edition voyager figure.

    £20 Fansproject reissue Munitioner/Swindle. The one in toy colours. No Bruticus bits, but he has his individual gun and the Bruticus rifle/shotguns if desired.

    PM me with any offers.