two lots for sale G1 Re-releases SDCC and TF Animated.

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    I would rather sell to somebody here on the boards before I sell to bbts. I have two Lots.

    the first is a lot of 5 classic re-releases.

    First is the SDCC "exclusive" blaster MISB never opened.
    TRU excuslive Commemorative Edition Sound wave. Opened transformed twice the put back into box.
    TRU exclusive Commemorative Edition, Perceptor and Insecticons.
    Last is a Takara re-release of G1 megatron SE 16 the box has seen better days. stickers are applied and one of the "bullets are missing"
    250.00 plus S&H

    Second is a small lot of Transformers Animated
    included is Grimlock,Swoop, and Wreck-Gar.
    25.00 plus S&H.

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