Two 'Formers and A Little One

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    Two ‘Formers and A Little One – Pilot Episode

    Welcome to…

    Aah, what the heck, you already red the tittle.
    This is some sort of a sitcom, maybe this doesn’t belong here, but where do I have to put it if I don’t have toys to make pictures? And drawing takes too much effort, so enjoy (look at tittle)!

    Two ‘Formers and A Little One:
    written by Rhinox007

    -Movie Optimus Prime as,

    -G1 Megatron as,

    -Armada Leader One as,
    Leader One, or Dwarf

    PILOT – Putting out the trash

    Megsie and Leader One were eating there breakfest. Megsie screws and bolts, and Leader One his cereal, Former O’s. The little one’s feet were knocking against the tablet. Megsie was getting anoid.
    “Dwarf, stop it! Or do you want anothe blast hole in your chest cavity. The last one is just healed!” Megsie lifted his gun arm en pointed dangerously at Leader One’s chest.
    “If you stop calling me ‘Dwarf’, I will stop kicking the table,” Leader One smiled.
    “I can’t stop calling you Dwarf, your just not big enough to earn the name Leader. Now, what did you said,” again pointing his finger.
    “Remember, without me you were useless in Armada,” Leader One ducked away under the table wen Megsie fired. Optimus came running in.
    “Hey, stop shooting each other. Dwarf already has a dificult youth!”
    Leader One growled at them.
    “Now, who’s going to put the trash out?” Optimus lifted a bag.
    “Not me.”
    “Dwarf don’t want to.
    “We need a maid,” Optimus sighed after his words.
    “WHAT! A maid! Are you stupid or what! Aren’t you enough as a maid!” Megsie yelled so hard his screws and bolts jumped out of his mouth.
    “What do you mean?”
    “I copy: ‘No, let Bumblebee go, we’re not going to harm the humans. He would want us to leave him’. And you’re supposed to be a leader? Jerk…”
    “Hey, Bay ordered me to do say that, and it’s just a role!”
    “I liked G1 OP more, you’re a dick, like Megsie said”, Leader One came back underneath the table.
    “Shut up Dwarf,” answered Megs and Optimus in symphonie.
    “I not am a dwarf,” mumbled Leader One as he went to his room.
    “Now see what you did! You hurt his feelings, no he’s talking like he’s a ******!” Optimus yelled at Megsie.
    “Don’t go over there Optimus, you called him Dwarf also. And just put out the trash! Girlpants,” Megsie finished his breakfest and left the room to.
    Optimus fell to his knees and start crying.


    Megsie and Leader One were watching Transformers: Cybertron.
    “This is one of my strangest forms”, said Megsie.
    Leader One gazed at him and pulled his shoulders up. Optimus came rushing in.
    “I really need someone toput out the trash!”
    Megsie lifted his gun and shot him.
    “Now Leader One, that’s how we put out the trash, shoot it.”
    “Leader One’s optics turned great and he fell to the ground and start woreshipping Megsie,
    “You said Leader One!”


    Coments and critics are welcome, if you like it, post and I will post more episode the following weeks.

    So maybe, if there’s going to be a next episode,

    Turn in next time when Optimus is being asked if he’s gay, what will he answer on this difficult question. And a new family member?