Heavy/Scratch: Tutorial: Transformer Thor Tank from LEGO Avenger set 76169

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    I started this year 2021 by acquiring a few LEGO sets and try building Transformers from them. Among the 3 LEGO Marvel mech suit sets, I have chosen set 76169: Thor mech suit because of his capes that shaped like windshields , potentially useful for building a TF jet plane.


    The result of a week's effort yielded me a pretty nimble-looking Thor tank, also called "God of Thunder Tank".


    I usually dislike partsforming, but due to the fact I am working with limited parts from a single LEGO set... the tank turret must be detached from the vehicle mode for transformation to take place.



    Before you get started, drop by my blog link below to sort the LEGO parts by referring to photos there, then only follow the video tutorial shown above:

    Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: Video Tutorial: Transformer Thor Tank from LEGO Avengers 76169: Thor Mech Armor

    Thanks for the support guys!

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