2D Artwork: Tumbler - Maniacal Mech Supreme

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    Introducing: THE TUMBLER!!!

    I've been really, really excited about finally getting this guy drawn and out there. I've been sitting on him for a while. He is the leader and partial creator of the Beserkers. He is also the partial creator of Burnout. Of course, as with all Beserkers, Burnout developed some emotional conditions while under his leadership, resulting in the eventual splitting of her erratic spark into Breakout.

    Robert A Jung, one of the original fanfic writers whose work inspired a new interest for me in Transformers back in '01, actually helped me flesh out Burnout's backstory with the Tumbler, so I'll have to write him up a profile when I think it's solid.

    Just a few facts about the Tumbler:

    1) His original name is BX-1, and his original function was a seeker-killer, charged with the extermination of Transformers.

    2) BX-1 killed so well, he became noticed by the Decepticon Council and was reformatted to a more complex drone, given charge of squads of seeker-killers.

    3) BX-1 eventually outfitted his arm with a servo-array to conduct experiments on fallen warriors, salvaging rare parts and reconstructing others for his own purposes.

    4) When the Decepticon Council discovered that BX-1 had acquired numerous warriors of his own through private means, he was brought before a tribunal for termination. However, Tumbler's warriors freed him and he was able to flee Cybertron.

    5) The High Council's High Chancellor Xymata later defected and fleed Cybertron as well, joining the Tumbler's army as the warrior known as Stormwing.

    6) Burnout was one of many mechs salvaged and repaired by Tumbler. She was ripped apart by Pithounds and held by Shockwave's officials. Tumbler rescued and rebuilt her. He would later send her to earth to infiltrate Autobot headquarters due to her shared past with Tracks (see Lost Episodes # 68). It was during this encounter that Burnout would finally be freed from the Tumbler's control and manipulation.

    I'll come up with a more detailed Profile entry later. In the meantime, just wanted to post up the lineart. Colors will come whenever I can fit them in between commission work.

    Enjoy guys!

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    Wow, you're on a roll lately with these trapezium shaped designs. I like it !
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    I thought at first it was going to be based on the fan-made Tumbler TF based on the vehicle mode in Batman Begins.

    Other than that, that's pretty awesome.