TTF-Generation One Universe: The Project N Crisis

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    Welcome one and all to the official start of then next story of the Generation One Universe Series. If you are just entering into this story I highly suggest that you read the first story arc to get up to speed on all the who, what, why and where we all are in this second one.

    With that out of the way...time to begin the story and the next thrilling adventure of the Autobots and Decepticons.


    The Transformers – Generation One Universe: The Project N Crisis

    The Continuing Saga Of The Generation One Universe Series.

    By Jetplague

    "I am Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobot faction of Cybertron. We come in peace to your world and wish to extend our hands in friendship in the hopes that you, the people of Earth, share in our good nature. Stranded on your world, my fellow Autobots and I are willing to share some of our technological advancements in exchange for energy and equipment necessary to rebuild our ship so that we may return home. So far I have met many of your kind, all of whom have helped us a great deal during some difficult times, they have become our entrusted allies and dearest friends. As I stand here and look out at you all, I see a proud and honorable species. When the Decepticons threatened this planet, you rose up and stood against their evil, even if it meant your very lives. And we were there beside you, to help fight for your world in a chance to not let their tyranny overtake it as our own planet has. You would fight for freedom and peace just as we would, and do whatever necessary to maintain matter the cost.

    I am honored today that you have included us as members of your United Nations, making us honorary citizens of the planet Earth. Cybertron, once it has been liberated after our return, will grant you the same title on that day. And as I finish my speech to you all, let me say this...In the vast, dark recesses of space, millions of inhabited worlds like yours and mine, look up and dream of possibilities for a better tomorrow. Sometimes the darkness looks as though it will go on forever and consume us all. But always know, that even in the darkest hour...a light will shine through it and bring hope to those who have none left. For that will be the day when the light of hope destroys the darkness for good, it will show us the way back and bring us all into focus again will be the day...when all shall be one."

    - Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots
    A statement made to the members of the Earth United Nations one week after the Decepticons defeat.



    Four months later…

    On the scorching hot desert sands of a mountainous region, a lone speeding vehicle drives down a worn out path through the rocky plains of this never-ending labyrinth. The blazing sun high above in the bright blue sky gave the terrain an arid look, the breeze was low, the soil parched, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky that would spell relief for this hostile outdoors. As the vehicle zooms past a sharp turn, we see that it is a small yellow Volkswagon Beetle with a large red Autobot symbol sitting on the top of its’ roof.

    “I don’t know where to begin to explain, or even how to start to tell the story that has changed my life forever.� A human male voice soon says. “The events that took place on this small blue planet have been interesting to say the least. So I’ll just give the basics and try my best to fill in what has happened so far. It’s been four long months since the day the Autobots defeated the Decepticons, four months to the day that their ship was sent to its doom as it crashed into the Pacific Ocean and destroyed them all for good. With Megatron finally out of their way, the peace loving Autobots can now return home and begin a new life on their home world of Cybertron.�

    The car continues to snake down the faint brown dirt road as the tires stir up the dust behind it. The engine continues to roar as it builds up speed on the man made car trail.

    “Optimus Prime’s victory was heralded all over the world as the news channels showed the truth of what had been happening, it was amazing to see how the people of Earth gave these brave robots a parade like no other. The United Nations welcomed the Autobots to Earth in a more official capacity and even agreed to give their new allies a helping hand to save their dying world. Energy, steel, water…whatever they needed to get back home, I was just as shocked to see the world leaders agree about anything…let alone as one voice to help a strange group of robots from a distant world. It just goes to prove how unpredictable…how refreshingly unified our people can truly be.�

    The car makes another sharp turn and now cuts over to a newly made path just off of the other one it was on. The sound of the gears changing and the tires spinning in the loose dirt makes the car buckle and shake as it treads over the unsettled carved out road.

    “Speaking of which…� The voice continues. “There was a massive change of all the governments across the globe, rumors were saying that it was a huge conspiracy and that everyone involved had ties to a secret plot to take over the planet for themselves…or for one person. Not surprising enough, it was only one man who sound the charge to this radical reform. Senator Shawn Berger took his evidence right to the U.N. itself and asked that all top levels of governments in every country be replaced. After a quick session in a closed council room, the world representatives were all questioned about what had been discussed and Berger’s recommendation for world reform followed through. It must have been damning stuff for it to happen so quickly, because the minute it did, they all started to up rise against their own leaders. The same ones, who welcomed the Autobots so openly, ended up going to jail or exile for betraying their own people. Somehow I think I know who it was they were all linked too…�

    “Hey Spike…you bout done doing your little recap on that thing there? Sheesh…� A robotic male voice now suddenly says sarcastically.

    Inside the yellow car was Spike Witwicky, dressed in blue jeans, a blue T-Shirt with a white Autobot logo and brown hiking boots. In his hand was a small hand held blue and black digital recording device. His dark brown hair had now been cut to a neat look, and he was sporting a pair of dark sunglasses over his eyes.

    “Yeah, yeah…almost done. Don’t you guys keep a journal or some sort of record of what happened?� The young man laughingly says to the Transformer.

    “We do…but we keep it to ourselves and not blab it out for everyone else to hear. Your boring me to tears for Primus’s sake!�

    “Ah Bumblebee, switch off your audio receivers then…I’m doing this to keep a detailed account of my life.� Spike defensively rebukes. “Who knows…maybe one day they’ll make a book or a movie about it. Oh and did you hear? They’re asking permission to make toys out of you!�

    “Don’t remind me.� Bumblebee grumbles. “Humans…never seen such a species go crazy over something as stupid as chunks of plastic.�

    “Just like a bunch of transformable robots looking for Energon, huh? To each his own my friend…to each his own.� Spike laughs as he leans back in his driver seat; the car drives by on its own and doesn’t require him to move the wheel at all.

    As they ride over a small dirt hill, the mountainside home of the Autobot’s headquarters could be seen rising over the trail. The newly made road lead strait for the towering spire of rock, with a large constructed barrier of metal and wire giving it a noticeable buffer of the area around it. Just before Bumblebee got nearly half way near the main gate, two large plasma cannons popped out from either side of the road he was on and pointed over in his direction. The small Autobot vehicle came to a screeching halt as he noticed the weapons aiming right for him.

    “What the-?!� Bumblebee screamed.

    Spike wasn’t prepared for the sudden stop and wasn’t even properly restrained in the vehicle either. He quickly grabbed onto the car’s driver wheel for dear life as he rocked from the car coming to a rest.

    “Ow! What’s going on?!�

    Suddenly another roadway device opened up and a large holographic image of Prowl’s head appeared before them.

    “Identify please!�

    “Prowl?!� Bumblebee shouted at it. “Hey what gives?! It’s bad enough trying to keep stable on this road without you springing some weapons on me!�

    “Sorry Bumblebee� Prowl’s voice echoes in the air. “This is a new protocol I’ve decided to create in order to keep this place secure. We’ve had a lot of news crews, whackos and the likes trying to get up here. Hey Spike…how’s it going?�

    Spike just waves to the massive holo-image of Prowl as it smiles at him.

    “Ok Prowl just turn off the guns and let us in will ya?� Bumblebee says with frustration.

    “Sure thing.� Prowl states. “Just as soon as you give me your clearance number…Identify please.�

    “WHAT?!!� The little yellow Volkswagon shouts again.

    “Kidding…kidding! Just yanking your camshaft lil’ buddy.� He chuckles at him. “But seriously, learn your code cause the next time this thing is going to be on automatic.�

    “Yeah ok, whatever.� Bumblebee growls at him.

    The weapons fold back down into their hidden areas and the image of Prowl disappears. Bumblebee continues to drive through and heads past the large metal barriers that slide open an opening for him.

    “Security my bumpers. Nearly scares me half to death…I’ll kick his back side for it…� The Autobot mutters to himself.

    As they drive up the mountain and towards the Ark opening, Spike sits up and notices that they’re almost at the foot of it.

    “Hey B-man, just drop me off here will ya. I want walk the rest of the way.�

    “Sure thing Spike, I want to go say a special hello to Prowl anyway.� He says with an evil snicker.

    Spike gets out of the car as it comes to a stop and shuts the Autobot’s door afterwards.

    “Just remember…he’s supposed to be securing the Ark. So try not to be too hard on him.�

    “I can’t promise anything Spike…but gentle is the one thing I won’t after his little stunt.�

    The yellow Volkswagon peels his tires and zips down into the long hall into the embedded ship. Spike just shakes his head and tries to envision what might happen when Bumblebee gets a hold of Prowl. The thought makes him giggle and quietly laugh as he continues to walk in the vast Ark passageway. As he strolls along, a few Autobots come walking past him and greet him warmly.

    “Hey guys!� Spike smiles.

    “Oh, hi there Spike.� Huffer says raising his shining chrome hand.

    “Spike my man, what’s eating Bumblebee…he’s rushing down the way like a wild bot.� Jazz asks.

    “Uh…think he’s really itching to say hello to someone.�

    Suddenly a loud crashing noise is heard and the voices of the two Autobots, Bumblebee and Prowl, are screaming at one another. Spike shrugs his shoulders and smiles at the two Autobots laughing at the sound. The young man continues down the long hall and speaks into his digital recorder again as he remembers it’s still in his hand.

    “Uh…right. Where was I? Oh yeah…now that the Autobots are fully stocked and ready to begin construction of the new ship, Optimus Prime has been quietly in the main assembly room or bridge if you will, for sometime. He seemed somewhat pre-occupied after the U.N. meeting and has been watching news clips of all the times the Decepticons and his Autobots have battled. Wheeljack has also been acting rather odd, instead of focusing on designing a new ship; he seems to be sticking to newly constructed lab just outside the Ark. Maybe it’s just me…but I think these two have more pressing thoughts on their minds other then going home. Well, guess that’s all for today’s message…this is Spike signing off.�

    He shuts the device off and places it into his back pocket. Once he places it in, he finally arrives at the main large archway of the control bridge. Upon entering it, he notices Optimus Prime sitting at the large monitor of Telatran One and still scanning news images of the previous Autobot/Decepticon battle. His eyes, as bright blue and hauntingly glowing as they are, reflect the various images as it flickers off the screen. Each time the image stops, it focuses on the humans and of the captured moments of the large laser blast that sent the Decepticon ship into the ocean.

    “Telatran One…give me a new satellite shot of the human military instillation called Area 51 again.�

    “Affirmative.� The electronic dull male-sounding voice of the computer replies to the leader.

    The orbiting space satellite of human design activates and obeys the Autobot computer’s commands. It’s high-resolution camera zooms down at the location from above and shows Optimus Prime the layout of the place in great detail. The place almost looks deserted but still highly protected by various electrical fences and a few military guards. As the giant red robot stares from under his blue helmeted head, Spike walks up beside him and tries to snap Prime out of his gaze.

    “Nobody home in there huh?�

    Prime looks down beside his chair and sees the small human friend.

    “Hello Spike, no the place is still very active…just not on the surface. Telatran One can’t seem to penetrate their underground operations; we can’t even seem to go beyond this point on here. Archeville is up to something new…I just know it.�

    “So why didn’t you go in there and take him on?� Spike inquires. “It’s been four months and you haven’t even made a budge.�

    “I was rather hoping your own world governments would handle this. After all, this is your planet’s concern…not ours.�

    Spike folds his arms as he looks at the leader, “Oh really? Then I suppose your ‘concern’ didn’t interfere with your return flight home? Come on Optimus…you guys could have built your space ship at any given time and left here already. What’s the real reason, huh?�

    Prime looks around for a second to see if anyone else is in the room and then leans over to Spike as he explains.

    “Alright Spike, but just don’t spread this around…at least…not yet anyway. I have reason to believe that if we attempted such a thing, that Archeville would once again raise his weapon and try to sabotage our flight. After witnessing the destructive power of the laser they used on Megatron’s ship, my concern is for the safety for my men and perhaps your people as well. I’ve been waiting to see if he’ll open up the weapon again so I can have a better look at it. So far...nothing. I don’t even know if Archeville is still on the base grounds anymore…this secret he so intent on protecting…this Project N…I’ve got to discover what it is before he creates yet another horrible weapon, one that might be a danger to the lives of millions of people…Cybertronian and Earthmen alike.�

    “Well…I’ve got to hand it to the madman.� Spike says rubbing his head thinking about it. “He is pretty creative. He’s managed to even keep the military at bay for this long…and that kinda scares me.�

    “It scares me too Spike…� Prime says as he looks back at the monitor squinting. “There’s no telling of what is to come yet from this dangerous human.�
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    He started the new story! I thought it was ganna be a month before you started, but I'm glad to be wrong for a change. I love your first chapter JT! Keep up the goood work, and I know you will! :cool: 
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    I was going to take a rest for a month...but then I changed my mind. The chapters might get slow in the updates...I'm writing several other fan fic stories on top of for star wars, blade runner, doctor who, batman beyond and even helping a guy flesh out a star wars fan film he's keen on making very soon.

    So I'm pretty swamped! I'll do my best to statisfy everyone that seems so interested in every story I've written so far...but forgive me if the posts aren't as speedy or often as you'd like.

    Anyways I hope everyone will enjoy the story as it progresses...the best is yet to come. :)  :thumb :
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    will this one be as long as the other one
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    I beg your pardon? :inquisiti  What's a matter u? You no like to read?

    Believe it or not...that last story wasn't as long as you think it was. There are other fan fics on here and other sites that are twice the length of mine. If you mean if this one will be as involved or just as 'detailed'....then I'm not sure how to respond. A good story doesn't just get written on one page and then thats it...thats not a story...that's just a over descriptive summary.

    My Cybertron History mini-files were like that...and I got nothing but lip from the others about it.

    So in short (Hmm...the only thing lengthy is this response), it might be just as long...perhaps longer. We'll just see won't we? :p  :D 
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    Deep below in the Pacific Ocean, where the light almost fades into the darkness of the vast, vacant waters of hull crushing depths, three streamline black looking submarine like crafts voyage through the pitch black murky water. The hulls looked modified with a dark purple structure running all along the sides of the ship. In between the cracks of where the metal parted in some areas was a strange dimming glow of neon like lights peering out of them. Silent and swiftly they planed through the water, only a faint hum could be heard from behind if one were to come near it at close range. These were vessels that no one could detect, not even from a high orbit above the Earth, for these where ghost submarines of a most un-natural design.

    Inside the leading submarine, sitting in the command bridge that looked more like something of a science fiction novel then an actual submarine vessel would have inside, was an old Caucasian man sipping on a cup of tea. The chair was black in leather, with a belt harness behind him that wasn’t being used; all around the chair were brass rails that separated his seat from the rest of the deck. His teacup was bone white china with a blue embroidered design on the sides and had a saucer to match as it was clutched in his other hand. The man was sporting black pants and a black turtle neck that gave him a very comfortable look, his dark navy blue jacket rest on the side arm of his chair as he leaned on it with his left elbow. The entire room was filled with strange looking computers, men dressed almost the same as he where running around and operating the various stations. A female African American officer was steering the helm of the submarine, she maneuvered the vessel with just a small chrome driver's wheel in her hands. She kept her eyes focused on the many electronic displays telling her of her distance, depth and speed of which the craft was moving.

    “We’re nearing the next targeted area Doctor Archeville.� The female pilot informed him.

    “Very good helm. Signal the fleet to reduce speed and begin the search immediately.� He commanded her as he placed his tea down on a small glass table in front of him. “And give me a direct link to A-51 headquarters…I want to speak with Mr. West.�

    “He’s already online sir…� She says back after checking the console. “He’s demanding to talk to you personally.�

    “On speakers Ms. Delmar.�

    A quick snap of electronic static and the voice of Mr. West can be heard in the room with absolute clarity.

    “West here Doctor. I’ve been trying to hail you for hours now.� He says with a worried tone.

    Archeville leans back in his chair and folds his hands together. “I know…we’ve been in deep waters and transmission has been unusually choppy at best. What is this urgent matter Mr. West?�

    “Sir, the Autobots are continually trying to use Telatran One to scan this base. We’ve been monitoring the signals for some time and we feel that they may eventually target us for an attack soon.�

    “Your worries are unfounded Commander West.� Archeville sighs. “They’ve had the chance to raid our facilities for four months now. I highly doubt they will attempt such an operation without the world’s permission. But since I have no more of my contacts in the government to tell me otherwise…you must prepare for any contingency.�

    “Yes sir.� West replies back. “I still can’t believe our organization was disassembled so quickly. They found every one of your plants across the globe in a matter of weeks. Are you certain that you can still remain safe in those waters out there? It’s possible they’re looking for you in just about every inch of the planet by now.�

    Archeville rises out of his chair and places his arms behind his back, the frustration of being a hunted man tightens his fists and makes him pace while he speaks to the nervous commander.

    “Yes, how dare they even attempt such a foolish thing. Curse them all…and curse those Autobots for helping them look for me. But we all know it was Chip Chase’s files that gave that stupid Senator my every contact. I should have never trusted General Pressman to oversee their destruction as he arrested the Chase boy. I should have handled that minor incident myself…but…what’s done is done. Speaking of Chip Chase…is he ready to give me more information on the Project or not?�

    “He’s been very forth coming in the data sir.� West announces with pride. “Your little threat to him seemed to increase his productivity ten fold.�

    “Excellent commander…excellent.� The doctor grins. “Now all we need to do is find the Decepticon wreckage and bring it all back to the base for study.�

    “How is it going if I may be so bold to ask?�

    The old man sat back in his chair and gave a sour face. “The ocean is a harsh mistress my dear Mr. West. It’s like there’s no trace of them anywhere on the bottom of this watery grave of theirs. I don’t understand how we cannot detect their signatures at all…let alone a single scrap from their vessel. We’re going to scan this area and then move to the lower depths of the ocean floor canyon. I’m afraid that contact will not be possible for some time. So, your orders are to protect the base at all costs and keep the secret of Project N with your very lives. Is that understood?�

    “Understood sir.� West acknowledges.

    “Oh and West…� Archeville adds. “You are now the leading head of operations of the base in my absence…you are to also take charge of Level 13. If something should go wrong…you must also carry out my other instructions for that other project. Clear?�

    “Yes sir.� The commander responds again. “I will follow your orders to the letter sir. Happy hunting…West out.�

    The commander’s voice snaps off and the sub becomes silent again. Archeville rubs his chin in thought as he wonders as to where the Decepticon’s debris field could be. The ocean is vast with many deep canyons and cracks that go beyond were no sub could travel. Even with modifications, they are stretching the safety limits of this vessel as it is, if they were to dive down too deep and to a point where they could not escape the crushing pressure…the mission and their lives could be over. But Archeville is determined to locate the wreckage and return with the alien robot technology he craves so much. Grabbing his tea again, he takes another sip from it and sits up in his chair.

    “Helm…give me a status report.� The old man commands.

    “All ships have scanned the area sir. No debris or signatures found.� She says glancing back at him.

    “Very well. Tell the fleet to move to the canyon location and prepare for crushing depth. Let’s be bold and see what lies in wait for us there.�

    “Aye sir.� She nods.

    The three dark stealth submarines speed up and travel together as they move to the gaping canyon floor that lies a few miles away from them. Still silent in their motion, the ships disappear like sharks into the blackness of the ocean deep.
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    Optimus Prime and Spike walk side by side as they leave the Ark and head outside as they stroll to a new destination. Spike seems to be almost jogging next to Prime rather than walking, the robot’s large legs give him great strides that many humans would find hard to keep up with. As the two step out beyond the ship, they notice Brawn and Windcharger standing together and snickering as they look down the rocky hill.

    “Look at that fool…I swear Cliffjumper is just itching to head back home and kill some ‘cons� Brawn snickers.

    “What’s going on here?� Optimus inquires.

    “Hey Optimus, Spike…� Windcharger nods to both of them. “Well we’re busy watching Cliffjumper show us his new weapon to defeat the Decepticons back home.�

    “HEADS UP!� Cliffjumper's voice echoes from the bottom of the hill.

    A large blast of energy comes streaking by their heads and strikes the side of the mountain where Cliffjumper’s target was. The debris falling causes Optimus to cover Spike from harm, Brawn and Windcharger shield their faces from the rock fragments that strike down at them. Brawn looks over to see if Spike is ok and looks over at smiling red the mini-Autobot as he runs up the hill with his massive gray weapon.

    “What are ya stupid or something!!� Brawn yells. “Why don’t you think before you fire a monstrosity like that?!�

    The Autobot leader stands up after covering Spike; the young man is unharmed but rattled by Cliffjumper’s blasting.

    “Cliffjumper! What in the name of Primus do you think you are doing?! You could have nearly killed Spike here!�

    “Oh…uh…sorry. Sorry Optimus…Sorry Spike.� Cliffjumper apologizes like a child being caught doing something wrong. “But I was only giving my new energon weapon a try…that’s all.�

    Prime walks over to him with anger and yanks the small robot’s weapon away.

    “Energon weapon?! Give me that thing…from now on you come to me for any new weapon you’d like to test out…preferably to ask for a more suited testing ground before using it! Is that understood soldier?!�

    “But…but Optimus…� The mini-robot stutters.

    Coming closer to his face, Prime stares him down and repeats his order. “I said…is that clear?!�

    “Yes.� Cliffjumper breathes defiantly.

    “Good.� The leader nods to him. “While I appreciate your enthusiasm for our return home, you must remember to think of the humans that tend to walk around the base of late. Especially Spike here.�

    “No harm done Prime.� Spike says as he steps in as and wipes off his clothes of dust. “But next time Cliffjumper…give me a call if you need to have someone help adjust the settings.�

    A quick wink from the young man gives Cliffjumper his smile back and laughs at Spike’s attempt of putting humor in a tense situation. Even Optimus Prime gives a little giggle as he soon shakes off his anger towards the trigger happy Autobot.

    “Yeah…you bet, Spike!� Cliffjumper cheerfully replies.

    “What are you using to power that thing anyway?� Spike inquires.

    Cliffjumper realizes Prime isn’t going to give him back the weapon as he soon tries to reach for it and watches the leader pull it away from his reach.

    “Oh…uh…right. Well, I was making this thing while in Wheeljack’s new laboratory…and well…since I saw a chunk of one of those ruby crystals from the Burma mines, I thought I’d test one out to see what it was like.�

    Prime’s eyes squinted at him with curiosity. “Wait a minute…how did you get your hands on a ruby crystal?�

    “Wheeljack has some. Not too big mind you…but ones that Ratchet managed to un-lodge out of Bumblebee and my chassis from the Burma explosion. He’s studying them right now.�

    Optimus stroked his manifold chin with his free hand and remembered the incident at the ruby mine of Burma. The Decepticons were very keen on collecting those rubies, for what he could only assume meant that they produced a source of energy. The mine’s destruction was very powerful and blast radius was unusually large for the amount of bombs Bumblebee and Cliffjumper used to stop the Decepticons. Now he had to go see Wheeljack to get an answer, as he began to walk away, he turned to Brawn and handed him Cliffjumper’s dangerous new toy.

    “Very well, I’m going to speak to Wheeljack about that, in the mean time no more fooling around guys, here…put this thing in storage and don’t let him use it again.�

    Brawn chuckled as he took hold of the weapon and shook his index finger at Cliffjumper with sarcasm. “Tsk, tsk…looks like you don’t get to play with this anymore.�

    Spike giggles as he watches the small robot’s reaction to Brawn taunting him and follows the Autobot leader walking away from the three mini-Autobots. Cliffjumper folded his arms in frustration and stuck out his lip in disappointment.

    As Spike and Prime came around the mountainside and to a newly cleared area at the base of it, the young man finally got to see Wheeljack’s new temporary lab that the Autobot’s created for him. It was made from the same metal as the ship, possibly from ripping down a few panels from inside the Ark and was about the size of a three-story building. The path was carved down around the mountain and leading straight to the doors of the massive structure. It was impressive to Spike to see such a unique building that probably wasn’t much more then a tool shack to the Autobots, but very cool to his eyes nevertheless. The two entered the lab as the massive orange metal doors slid open and instantly saw Wheeljack sitting over at a large computer with a laser scanner. The scanner was built into the Telatran One-like facsimile, as it pulsated a large green laser beam down to a ruby crystal fragment that sat inside of it.

    “Telatran One…link up with this computer and verify findings on exhibit Alpha Three One.� The relaxed looking white and gray colored Autobot said as sat in his chair.

    “Scanning object.� Telatran One spoke. “Verified…crystal is authentic, data shows a sixty five percent purity ratio within the crystal matrix.�

    Wheeljack rubs his chin as he listens to the information, not even noticing Optimus Prime and Spike standing just behind him.

    “I thought so…� He utters under his breath.

    “I thought you were supposed to be designing the new ship for our return home.� Optimus finally says to Wheeljack.

    The robot spins around quickly and rises out of his seat to salute the leader. Startled by his presence, the scientist Autobot stumbles on his words from the surprise.

    “Yes sir…I mean…no sir…I mean….�

    “At ease Wheeljack, I’m curious about what you’ve discovered so far. The rubies…are they capable of producing energy?� The leader asks him.

    Wheeljack relaxes again and takes the ruby out of the scanning port to show the leader.

    “Actually Optimus…this is no ordinary crystal. This is pure Energon Crystal…well…maybe not pure…but still the same kind that our ancestors use to mine for themselves long ago.�

    “Impossible.� Prime states in disbelief. “Raw Energon Crystals has long been mined out since the days of the Third Cybertronian war. Not to mention…only indigenous to our planet and other worlds around our system. You must be mistaken.�

    “I wish I were Optimus.� Wheeljack sighs as he places the ruby back into the scanner. “But this is a form of Energon. Probably a mutated variety…but it still has the same energy matrix needed to power our systems without conversion.�

    Spike looks at the two robots with great confusion, he almost feels that he’s being left out of the conversation and tries to join in.

    “Are you saying that there’s Cybertronian Energon Crystals here on Earth? That doesn’t make any sense...does it?�

    Wheeljack kneels down to him and explains. “I dunno. Quite frankly, I’m a bit puzzled by it myself. You see our ancestors always believed that Energon was the power core of our constructed planet, and that it was only used on our world and on those that were populated by other Transformers.�

    “But there are other myths Wheeljack.� Prime interrupts. “I remember hearing about the first Cybertronians telling the younger generations of other worlds with Energon cores. That the universe was created by the first spark of life and that Energon was the result of it’s beginning, thus creating new worlds out of the clusters of Crystal Energon and awaiting the time when all energy is formed back into the very spark from which it was dispersed from.�

    Wheeljack sits back in his chair and laughs at Prime’s theory. “I’ve heard that far fetched myth too. I never really believed in all that nonsense…after all I’m a scientist, I deal in facts, not the ramblings of old robots fabricated stories that have no merit to their theories.�

    “Then how do explain that ruby crystal then Wheeljack?� Spike points out to him. “I think Prime might have the most logical explanation of how it got here.�

    “Nuts to that Spike.� Wheeljack scoffs. “It’s more likely that this was a meteor chunk or a comet that hit the Earth millions of years ago. Energon Crystals are generally green in color, that’s the pure form they come in…this…I don’t know what this is. It’s similar in structure and in energy signature…but I highly doubt that it’s the Energon Crystal we all know.�

    Optimus Prime folds his arms together and gives a look of a robot deep in thought. His glowing faint blue eyes dim down a shade and narrow themselves as he ponders this puzzling revelation.

    “Another form of Energon? I wonder. Somehow I’m not so sure you’re theory is all that better either Wheeljack.�

    “Well…� The white robot scientist pauses as he rubs his domed head. “Geology really isn’t my specialty…that’s more along the lines of Perceptor’s field. It’s too bad he’s not rebuilt from the crash yet...I could use his input.�

    “That reminds me…� The leader says as Wheeljack add another thought to him. “How is the recovery of the others coming along? I know Ratchet has been busy with repairing the few that weren’t on the bridge….�

    Wheeljack sighs and leans back in his chair again looking tired. “They managed to borough through a few decks, so far we’ve recovered Blaster, Inferno, Red Alert and Steeljaw. The rest are really in need of repairs maybe even some new parts that we can’t manufacture here. And we found something else blocking our drilling efforts…�

    He stands up and walks over to a table that has a set of large bones laid out on top. He picks one up and shows it to both Prime and Spike, both eyeing them with interest.

    “What are those?� Prime asks.

    “Not sure� Wheeljack replies. “They might have once belonged to organic beings that were larger then the humans and other variety of life right now.�

    “Hey…� Spike realizes out loud. “Those might be the fossilized bones of dinosaurs.�

    “What are…dinosaurs Spike?� Optimus inquires.

    “Dinosaurs were giant lizard-like creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. They were wiped out by some big disaster long ago and might have been a link to our evolutionary chain…at least…that’s what some scientists believe.�

    “Huh.� Wheeljack utters in amazement. “I’ve got to admit they sound interesting. Maybe I’ll research those beings a bit more from Telatran One’s files…�

    “Well if you really want to study them, why not go to the nearest museum and have a look at the exhibits.� Spike smirks at him.

    “I’d like too…but…� Wheeljack snickers. “I’m afraid I might be the wrong size to fit into such a place, if you get my meaning.�

    Spike laughs as he realizes that the white robot is correct. “Oh ya…I almost forgot. Boy, hanging around with you guys so much I tend to forget you’re not able to go where most humans do. My bad Wheeljack.�

    “No Problem, Spike.� Wheeljack cheerfully replies.

    Optimus Prime rubs one of the bones sitting on the massive table, the bones almost shape the body of a T-rex dinosaur and makes him curious about how they might have died.

    “Millions of years ago huh? I hope we are not to blame for their destruction…I’d hate to think that our quest for energy resulted in their demise upon crashing on this planet.�

    “Hard to say Optimus…but then…if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have met Spike or any other human for that matter.� Wheeljack says to the concerned leader.

    Prime nods in agreement and looks down at Spike grinning at him. “Very true…fate it seems has thrust us together, those humans we call friends…and others…we’ve come to know as new enemies.�


    On the bridge of Archeville’s submarine, the old man stands in front of an electronic see-through map of the Pacific Ocean and studies one area in the middle. His finger taps a large region that simply shows a deep canyon and the estimated depth numbers displayed beside it. The crew behind him continues to do their jobs, steering, communicating with the other two subs behind them and scanning the deep waters for any sign of the Decepticon debris.

    “I don’t understand.� The old man grumbles. “The ship must have shattered to pieces during its impact with the surface water. The force of the impact alone should have crushed it’s hull like a tin can…and yet…nothing. I just don’t understand how this is possible.�

    Tapping the map one last time, the doctor wandered back to his command chair in the center and stood beside it deep in thought. Looking over to the female pilot, he raised his head and gave her a new order.

    “Helm! Bring us down the canyon…all the way if need be. If the ship managed to delve this far…then we need to investigate the rate of speed it took to travel down here.�

    The black woman looked around at him and nodded. “Aye sir. Should I inform the other subs of our new course?�

    “Yes Ms. Delmar, but instruct them to remain behind us in a single column. Just in case the bottom of this valley bottlenecks at the end.�

    “Aye Sir.�

    The specialized subs lowered down deeper into the dark waters, their shapes no longer visible to the naked eye, only a few lights along their hulls peer out of the darkness and give an eerie look as they descend. Suddenly, the black female notices a flashing icon on her right side display monitor. She studies the information as it warns her and she quickly turns around to Archeville with a delighted smile.

    “Sir! Something has been detected ahead! Read outs show a Decepticon signature!�

    The doctor sits in his chair grinning with pride. “Excellent! Well done helm…proceed to the coordinates and turn on the outer floodlights as soon as we reach the target.�

    Answering to his commands, the pilot eased the vessel down towards her sonar reading and turned on the outer camera as she simultaneously flicked on the high beams of the front running lights. Archeville perched himself on the edge of his seat as he activated a larger screen that sprung up from the floor and witnessed the lights piercing the darkness ahead of them. The deafening silence in the bridge gave an air of tension as the crew waited to see what lied in wait for them. The subs behind Archeville’s ship also turned on their outer lights and helped to increase the illumination and give the Project N leader a better view of the area they were approaching. Sea creatures that live in the deep murky depths of that level scattered out of the vessel’s way, it was like visiting another planet at the bottom of our own ocean as the various types of fish and predator would make any oceanographer jealous of the team’s discovery. But Archeville wasn’t interested in the life forms already inhabiting our own waters; it was only the Decepticons he craved. More importantly, he sought after the main prize he had wanted all along…Megatron.

    “There!� He rose out of his chair in excitement. “There it is!!�

    On the large viewer in front of him came the image of a massive sized Decepticon emblem, it was still in good condition and proudly displayed on the side of the huge ship’s hull. The subs were still rather small compared to the sheer size to which the vessel was built, Cybertronians never seem to build anything small scale, but perhaps to them, this is economy sized as it gets. The doctor raised his fists in joy as he gave a cry of delight, a small jump up and down signaled his enthusiasm of the discovery and sight of it made the crew relax for the time being.

    “What now sir?� The pilot asked him.

    “Time for all things to come to those who wait.� He replied in a cryptic manner. “Move us closer to its hull and prepare the boarding team. I will join them in the expedition and lead the mission.�

    A tanned looking gentleman came over to him and gave a voice of concern. “Sir, I strongly recommend you re-consider that. If anything should go wrong we might not be able to secure your safety.�

    “Calm yourself Lieutenant Becker.� Archeville demanded. “These robots are deactivated from the crash. The speed and pressure alone would have surely switched off their systems like an electromagnetic pulse. That is why we took our time lowering the subs deeper into the ocean depths, to allow their structures to ease into each level of pressure. Now stop your fussing and take command in my leave. Megatron…at long last…is mine!�

    The old man cackles away like a lunatic and hurries down to meet with the boarding party. In a special airlock room, six crewmen suit up in special futuristic looking space suits and clasp their helmets on tight. The suits are obviously designed to shield them from the crushing pressure of the water’s depth, oxygen tanks and special unmarked canisters attached to their backs are there to prevent them from being killed by the deadly level of the ocean. Archeville soon joins them as he steps through the door and seals up the inner room. He gabs one of the suits awaiting him and chuckles like a child on Christmas morning, as he cannot wait to step inside the silent alien craft.

    “History gentlemen…history will be made!� He giggles to them as he finishes up putting on his pressure suit. “The greatest technology in the universe will be ours at long last…and not even those cursed Autobots will be able to stop me now!�

    The sub finally attaches to the side of the Decepticon’s ship and creates a vacuum seal around the area doorway where the boarding party will step out. The quick clanging of metal and the sound of the tight rubber seal forming around the hull, gives Archeville the signal to begin opening the large door in front of them all. With a simple nod to the two men waiting by the controls, they press a button on either side and the panel slides up slowly to reveal the Decepticon’s ship hull before them. The next two officers step up to the wet metal and begin using a large laser cutting device that both have to hold up as it makes the slice. Making a circular path, the cutter manages to melt the metal with relative ease and soon creates a hole big enough for them to all to step through. With the final pass of the laser, the chunk of hot steel crashes down to the floor and the smoke from the hot metal fills the room their in. Archeville rubs his hands greedily and walks towards the entrance they just created. Peering in with his head, the doctor switches on his over head light that’s built into the helmet and observes the inside of the giant vessel.

    “This is what I have waited for all my life.� The old man grins. “Destiny is mine at last…I, doctor Emmett Archeville, am now to become the greatest scientist in the history of mankind…and the next ruler of the world!�

    As he takes his steps into the alien ship, he continues to laugh like a madman at his own evil intent, the rest of his men follow closely behind him and all are carrying large black weapons that are nearly the length of their arms. The echo of Archeville’s laugh travels down the corridors of the ship and creates an almost frightening sound that would send chill down anyone’s spine.
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    A new chapter is coming soon...I swear. Been very busy (trying to make a living ya know!)...but hope you're all still keen on seeing what happens next...
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    The darkness inside the Decepticon shuttle was spooky and made many of the men nervous as the carefully took each step as they walked behind Archeville. The old scientist wasn’t afraid to lead the team in front; his powerful light on his helmet shone down the corridor and revealed nothing that would be considered frightening to him. In fact, the entire way was clear with no sign of the evil robots lying about. Noticing this fact, Archeville came to a stop and moved his headlight around to make sure he wasn’t missing the obvious.

    “Funny…they should be lying on the ground just as they were in the Ark.� He mumbles to himself.

    One of the six officers came up beside him and spoke with a nervous pitch. “Sh-sh-shouldn’t we keep moving sir? I mean…what if…what if they have an automatic defense system that’s still active. We might get killed by a random laser or something like that?�

    “Don’t be stupid boy.� The doctor snaps back at him in a gruff voice. “It must be obvious that they were either on the bridge or the cargo bay when it went down. There’s no defense system on this ship, they wouldn’t have the energy or the parts to spare to create one. This vessel’s sole purpose was to take them home with a large cargo. Now stop your idiotic questions and tell the others to keep moving towards the bridge.�

    “Yes Sir…uh…where is that by the way?� The confused man asked.

    Archeville rolls his eyes and turns around to lead the way. “I should have come by myself. Follow me children…and do keep up.�

    As the old man continues to take lead, the others group up in a tight formation behind him. The echoing of their footsteps makes them all twitch around with their weapons poised and ready to fire on anything that moves. Turning down yet another dark corridor, the men all point their headlights down the way and notice the large Decepticon insignia on the door at the very end. Archeville gives a cheerful smirk and rubs his hands greedily.

    “Ah…there it is. So much trouble the Autobots have caused me to get to this point…but their failure to prevent me from this defining moment was worth it. Without them to stop me this time...I will finally win. Megatron…and all his secrets within his brain…are now…MINE!�

    Continuing to chortle at his scheming thoughts, he now walks proudly towards the door with absolute fearlessness. The guards behind him try to keep up the pace and seem surprised that this old man has such youthful vigor to out step the likes of them. But before they can even get half way to the large door, a sudden low growl sounds out towards them from the darkness behind. All of them stop dead in their tracks and turn around to see the direction of the noise.

    “W-w-what the hell was that?� The middle soldier says in a trembling voice.

    “Might be the ship…� The other solder says standing beside him. “Pressure could be slowly distorting the metal…or…or something like that.�

    Archeville looks into the darkness with his helmet light and peers with curious eyes.

    “No…Metal wouldn’t make that sound if it was being crushed. Maybe the subs are too close to the hull…scratching it even…�

    He brings up his arm communicator that’s built into the suit and taps a green button on its display.

    “Sub Alpha One…this is Archeville. Report your status…over.�

    Outside in the dark, forbidding waters, the commander of Archeville’s sub answers back as he sits in the old man’s command chair.

    “This is Alpha One, Sir. We’re still attached to the side and Sub Beta Two is continuing to explore the forward section of the ship and Sub Omega Three is heading down to the stern of it. Why is there a problem? Over.�

    “Contact Beta Two and Omega Three and see if they are cruising too close to the ship’s hull. We’re picking up a noise down here and I want to be certain that they are not damaging the vessel.� The old man’s voice responds on the crackling speaker.

    “Rodger that sir.� The commander replies. “Helm, hail Beta and Omega, tell them to give Archeville a status report on his com-link.�

    Down near the front of the resting Decepticon ship, the second submarine glides smoothly over the top of the massive metal ship and keeps shifting it’s lights as it scans everywhere around it. Through the communication link up they send their report directly to the doctor in response.

    “This is Beta sir…we’re well above the ship and not even near the hull.� The deep male voice says to him.

    In almost the same height and cruising speed, the third sub is also scanning with its lights and delivering the Project N leader the same sort of report.

    “Omega here sir…we’re not even touching the ship per your request. I don’t know where you’re getting the sound from.� The female voice also informs him.

    As Archeville gave a short sigh of relief for brief moment, the woman commander spoke again as she continued to speak to the old man.

    “No…wait. I do see something…what…what the hell is that?�

    “What do you see commander?� Archeville demanded.

    “Oh…oh my god!� She screamed.

    As the third sub continued to hover over the stern of the ship, a massive streak of green light struck through the human vessel and spliced it in half. The energy blast was so intense that it caused the entire submarine to implode into a huge round mess of fire, bubbles and crumpling metallic debris. The shock wave of the explosion rocked the Alpha sub out of it’s lock on the ship and tore away from the side. The sirens inside of it were blaring all over as the crew scrambled to their stations to see what had happened. Archeville could hear the events echoing deep within the bowls of the Decepticon ship and screamed at his sub commanders.

    “What is happening?! Alpha! Beta! Give me a report damnit!!�

    Trying to stabilize itself from the quake, the beta sub turned around ninety degrees and started heading back towards the Alpha submarine.

    “Sir, this is Beta…Omega no longer appears on our sonar…they’ve…they’ve been totally blown away by…oh…OH SHIT!�

    Once again, another green streak of light rips into the second sub and punches a hole right through it. The blast hurls debris out into the murky depths and some human bodies can be seen coming out from the forcible blast. The commander is heard screaming over the airwaves and soon ends as the vessel explodes in a manner similar to the previous sub. Archeville’s eyes grow wide with panic as he hears the sound of his men dying on his communicator. The guards standing beside him close their eyes in fear as they too are overcome by the deadly screams that soon become silent.

    “This…this can’t be happening…what…what is going on?� The old man stutters in shock. “Alpha…Alpha…report! REPORT DAMN YOU!!�

    The last human submarine soon controls its chaotic spin and the crew regains their positions after being thrown around. The commander sits in his chair once again and looks on the monitors as they switch on. Each camera flicks on every angle around the sub as it tries to see their attackers and Lieutenant Becker keeps a vigil eye while trying to keep pressure on his bleeding forehead.

    “This…this is Becker sir. I…I can’t see anything. Beta and Omega are gone…the ship is on full alert…we’re taking on water….�

    Then the man’s face goes completely pale and his eyes gaze at the screen in total shock.

    “What? What is it Becker?!� Archeville is heard screaming over the speakers. “For the love of god man! What do you see?�

    “Decepticons!� The man utters in a doomed voice.

    As the sub gets a blast from the deadly green energy blast, a booming male-sounding robotic laugh can be heard as it strikes into the ship and sends it into a deadly fate as the other subs encountered.

    “Welcome to your end…Humans!�

    The team inside the Decepticon ship hears the voice just as the last submarine cuts out from communication and gives a terrified look at each other.

    “Screw this man!� One of the younger soldiers utters loudly. “I didn’t come all this way to die!�

    The kid bolts down the dark corridor and drops his weapon.

    “Get back here coward!!� Archeville shouts at him in anger.

    As the young man disappears into the void, a sudden blood-curling scream from him echoes out as the sound of something sharp rips into him. The others back away slowly and aim their guns at the darkness.

    “Jason? JASON!� The lead soldier shouts out in panic.

    “This…this isn’t possible…they…they can’t be alive! They can’t be alive...they can’t…they can’t….� Archeville utters over and over again.

    The men fire their weapons furiously in fear, point in all directions, in every dark corner, they bombard the ship with their weapons powerful laser fire. As they continue to blast away, the entire ship lights up and soon the darkness inside becomes as bright as day. The men stop firing as the notice the ship is fully powered again and see their friend at the end of the corridor lying in a pool of blood.

    “So humans…� Starscream’s voice echoes through the air. “You thought you could come hear and try to steal our technology?�

    His laughter booms though the corridor loudly as the thought strikes his mind.

    “Fools! No one…but, NO ONE…dares to steal from a Decepticon! Now you must pay….�

    Stepping out from one of the hidden passages at the end of the hallway, Starscream and Ravage reveal themselves to the frightened group huddled together at the opposite end.

    “With your deaths!� The Decepticon commander finishes speaking.

    Ravage growls, his eyes light up a beaming red glow and begins to charge towards them with his mouth wide open. Archeville snaps out of his scared stupor and takes charge of the terrified commandos.

    “Just don’t stand there like idiots! Open Fire!!�

    The men scream out in anger as they obey his command and strike at the rushing black robotic cat with everything they’ve got. The damage was very effective as the energy shots manage to cripple the black cat as it gets flung back from the hits. Starscream shakes his fist in anger at the humans and aims both his arm cannons at the men.

    “Bah! Ravage…you weakling! I’ll do this myself! DIE HUMANS! DIE!!!�

    Starscream’s lasers strike all around the men and explode in large bursts of fire; they all dive for cover and try to hide behind the various struts along the corridor. They return fire at the Decepticon with equal force and try to protect Archeville as much as possible. The doctor himself hides behind one of the soldiers firing, but gazes back at the large door with the symbol on it.

    “If I could just get into that room…he’ll be all mine…then they’d have to obey my will alone!�

    The soldier looks over his shoulder at Archeville and gives him a curious glance.

    “Are you nuts, doc?! I think it’s pretty obvious they’re not dead!�

    “Megatron is mine…he’s mine…I’m so close…I…I can’t stop now!!� The madman howls in a crazed tone.

    As Starscream continues to fire, Soundwave, Rumble and even Thundercracker run up to aid in the commander’s attack against the few remaining humans. One by one the team beings to dwindle down, some loosing limbs, some burn to death and the last one trying to protect Archeville gets his head sliced off as Soundwave takes out a large dual blade shaped like a round disc and thrusts it right into the metal strut the man was trying to stay protected behind. With no one left to protect Archeville, the old man takes the weapon of his dead soldier’s hand and aims it at the group of Decepticons closing in on him.

    “I won’t be denied! I’m destined to be the ruler of the world! Do you hear me? Nothing can stop me now…not even you!�

    He fires the gun rapidly at the evil robotic group and laughs in full insanity, tears stream down his cheeks as he loses his mind from the onslaught of death around him, it was now apparent that Archeville was no longer in his right mind. The Decepticons shielded themselves from his volley of weapon fire, but Starscream stood his ground and opened up his right side arm panel. A group of rockets rolled out from under it and he took aim at the pathetic doctor trying to strike them down.

    “I’ve had enough of this….�

    Only launching one rocket from his arm, it blasted down the hallway and straight for the old man. Stopping in wild shooting, Archeville saw the bomb heading his way and gave his last word.


    The rocket struck just in front of him and caused him to be blown back at the door he had so wanted to get into. The blast had torn off his arm burned his body and now lay bleeding to death on the ground just at the base of the door. Starscream walked over and held his gun down to the dying man’s head and smirked at him.

    “Proud of yourself little man? Time to put this animal out of its misery.�

    Suddenly the large door opened and Megatron, the tall, silver-polished leader stood there with his arm cannon pointed at the air commander’s head.

    “STARSCREAM! I told you that this one was to be unharmed!�

    The jet commander gulped as he came face to face with the leader’s massive black cannon.

    “I…I wasn’t really going to kill him Megatron…honest. I was just waiting for you to enter this very moment…heh-heh-heh!�

    Megatron’s red eyes flashed in anger and pushed his cannon even further at the cowering Decepticon.

    “You fool. I need him alive and fully functional for questioning…now look what you’ve done! I warn you Starscream…and this will be the only time…if he so much as dies within the next few moments…you die with him!�

    “NO, PLEASE MEGATRON!� Starscreams begs. “I’ll fix him…I’ll repair his wounds!�

    “You’d better Starscream!� Megatron barks at him. “And be quick to learn how…This creature is losing vital fluids as we speak, if he isn’t tended to quickly then his frail brain will cease to function!�

    Starscream nods at the evil leader and reaches down to pick Archeville up. As the badly broken and dying old man is raised up to eye level with Megatron, the leader gazes down at him and smiles.

    “Welcome to our home…Doctor Archeville.�

    The evil robot laughs hysterically as the old man stares at him with blood shot eyes and a fractured skull. It is the last image he sees of the Decepticon as he soon blacks out in to a coma.
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    I'm workin' on the next chap as we speak...been real busy lately. Hopefully I'll have it by this weekend.
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    As the Archeville tries to awaken, he has moments where he opens his eyes and sees Starscream studying him with a massive electronic microscope. The old man feels strange, as if his body has lost all of its senses, he can’t feel the coldness of the table or even smell the air he must be inhaling. The only sense he does have is his hearing. He can faintly hear the moans and painful woes of human voices in the room. Perhaps he wasn’t the only prisoner of the Deceptions; perhaps more of his crew was spared he thought. But why would they be in such pain? Just what was this Deception doing to them all? His eyes slowly closed again as the jet commander looked down at him and pressed a button just out of his eye range.

    “Now, now Doctor…we must get our rest. It will be a busy day for you…especially during your interrogation.” The evil Decepticon chuckled.

    As Starscream touched the button, Archeville’s eyes closed into darkness again, sending him back into a deep sleep. The only thing running through the poor man’s mind at the time was, ‘Dear god…what is he doing to me?’ As his mind drifted into comatose state again, he began to envision the most pivotal time of his life. He saw himself as a young man being recruited into the Nazi youth core and becoming known as the wiz kid for his inventive creations. He helped to forge new rocket propulsion, new biological agents, and even helped a group of German scientists work on the nuclear fusion formula. Hitler had thrusted the young Archeville to the top ranks of his army and even made him one of his personal advisors that he kept with him at all times. In flashback memory he could recall many moments of frustration with the dictator. They would quarrel about fuel reserves and placement of soldiers around the world. Hitler’s idea of ruling the world was now becoming Archeville’s only ambition as well, but when it came to instructing the easily aggressive leader with his thoughts on how to proceed, it was hard for him to get Hitler to focus on how to achieve this task without having one his usual temper tantrums about doing things his way. Archeville was sick of losing because of Hitler’s madness, his strange facination with the occult and constant paranoia was getting in the way of the Nazi's victory. So while Berlin was getting bombed from above and the rest of them buried deep below in a bunker, Archeville decided that it was time to put an end to this losing war. Picking up his Lugar, he shot anyone that blocked his way towards Hitler’s main room; he barged in on the dictator and his mistress Eva Braun and wasted no time with killing the both of them.

    “I’ll take this world for my own…no matter how long it takes.” He said to the dead leader’s face staring back up at him.

    He remembers the U.S. soldiers picking him up soon after and taking him to a detention camp where they questioned him for hours upon hours. The top military brass had known of his work for sometime and clearly didn’t want to kill him, in fact he wasn’t surprised at all that they brought him back to the United States and placed him in a secret base where he could continue his scientific work. He remembers giving the Americans advice on how to perfect the nuclear bomb and a possible engine design for new planes that could “jet” across the sky in half the time. The war was over, but he was forgotten, the military had burned any knowledge about him and even went as far as to even remove his fingerprints. Now he was their special scientist that could give them everything they’d hope for. Archeville had always found it amusing that while they tried to use him, he in turn was using all of them to get to his ambition. Sitting in a comfortable cell in a military base was his closing memory; his dream like flashback soon began to melt away as he started to feel consciousness coming back again. The days of his youth made him smile, it seemed so long ago to the old man, but the dream of someday ruling the world was a life long ambition that never truly died.

    “Where…where am I?” He starts to speak in a raspy voice as he opens his eyes again.

    “Ahhh…you’re awake at long last Doctor.” The smug sounding voice of Megatron echoes from the darkness.

    The entire room seems eerily dark; a lone spotlight is shining down on Archeville as he tires to move. His arms and legs feel pinned down as he realizes he’s sitting in some sort of chair and fully restrained. He also notices a very odd feeling about himself, something isn’t quite right about his arm or his head, a sudden wave of dread fills his eyes as he remembers Starscream previously hovering over him doing god knows what to body. Again he begins struggling to bring his arm up and starts whimpering like a frightened child.

    “What…what have you done to me?!” He cries out as he continues to struggle free.

    “Patience Archeville…” Megatron’s voice says coyly. “If you need to have a look at Starscreams fine handy work…then all you had to do is ask for a reflective surface to see.”

    A giant, well-polished flat piece of metal drops down in front of the man and now he can clearly see what horrors have been done to him. Gazing into the mirror like metal, the Doctor gasps at what he sees. The top of his head is now covered in some sort of metal with a pair of small white blinking lights sticking out like a pair of small horns. On the front of the metal skullcap is the Decepticon logo and a few smaller built in red and green LED lights that seem to turn on and off every time his eyes move. Looking at his right arm, he now sees that it too is completely made of metal. A robotic prosthetic arm that looks like it goes right up to his shoulder blade. The hand is claw like in appearance and has more of those red and green lights running up and down the arm. Every time he moves it he can hear the gears turning and the hydraulics pumping as he tires to flex. The man totally breaks down and begins sobbing at the terrible thing he has now become.

    “That’s gratitude for you.” Starscream’s voice now speaks from the dark as well. “You could at least say ‘thank you’ for saving your life.”

    “I’m a Freak!” Archeville screams. “A monstrosity! You should have killed me rather then leave me to look like this!”

    Megatron now steps out of the shadows and stands into some of the light reflecting off of the floor. But this was not a floor Archeville was on; it was a small table that had a chair placed in the center of it. Only the upper half of Megatron could be seen as the rest of him was obscured by the where the tables end stopped. Folding his arms over and smirking, Megatron’s eyes glowed in the soft light like a demon.

    “Perhaps I can arrange that afterwards Doctor…but for right now…I need you alive. Your tiny organic brain has information that I want…can you take a guess at what I mean?”

    “The Autobots? I’ll tell you everything I know about them…” He says with some nervous giggling.

    Megatron’s face instantly scowls at him and thrusts his fist on the table causing it to quake from his forceful blow. Archeville screams in agony as the tremor and echo of it snaps the man violently.

    “Don’t play games with me human!!” Megatron barks. “You know what I’m talking about! Project N…tell me everything about that secret of yours or I’ll let Starscream take you and use you for his personal test subject!”

    Archeville’s eyes tremble in a fear they’ve never known, he remembers hearing the sounds of other humans groaning and crying out while he was being worked on by the Decepticon jet commander. It must have been whatever survivors were left of his sub crew, those that not been killed by the crushing depth of the ocean and of the wounded soldiers of his boarding party. These evil robots have a cruelty that would send a shiver down any beings spine, worst then anything he’s ever done during his time as a Nazi soldier.

    “Project N?” Archeville says with a frightened curiosity. “You…you know its name?”

    Megatron chortles lightly and grins again. “Soundwave is very skilled in resurrecting information…especially when he has the data tracks of that of Telatran One. Every electronic file or data from around this planet is now at our fingertips. That Project N of yours is more widely known then you think.”

    Leaning into the table and bringing his face closer to the terrified man, Megatron squints his red eyes at him and brings his tone into a more serious nature.

    “That cannon you used to shoot at us…it must be part of it somehow. The technology is well beyond your limited intelligence to produce, so you must have incorporated with your own useless junk. Confess its secret to me human…and maybe I’ll be gracious enough to let you live.”

    Archeville was scared of the Decepticon leader, as he looked deep into those pulsating red eyes of his.

    “And…and what of my crew? Will you let them live if I tell you?”

    “There’s no point in worrying about them…” Starscream chuckles as he now steps into some visible light as well. “It took all of their lives to save yours, Doctor. Where do you think I got most of the extra parts from?”

    As the jet commander laughs at that fact, Archeville nearly became sick from the thought of his crew being diced and having their parts inside of him.

    “My God…” He said in disgust.

    “Come now Doctor.” Megatron smiled. “I would have thought a man like you would have been used to seeing death is such a manner?”

    “What…what do you mean by that?” Archeville gauntly stated.

    “We managed to uncover your detailed history…you and a group of warriors called Nazis almost had this planet in the palm of your hands. Had it not been the failing of but one man, Earth would now be yours. It could still be yours…if you cooperate.” Megatron smirks at him.

    Peaking his interest, Archeville’s mind once again focuses on his one hunger that Megatron has now dangled in front of him.

    “You would help me? To take over this planet…” Archeville begins to grin in his madness again, but suddenly his grin dies down as he thinks of the consequences. “But…what would I have to give back in return? Something tells me there is a price to pay for this union.”

    Starscream leans in this time and tempts him further. “What does it matter what the price will be? Think of it Doctor…you would be the sole ruler of this miserable planet! The human race would be yours to command…just as you’ve always dreamed of.”

    Megatron stokes his chin as he awaits Archeville’s reply. He can see the man is working the scenario in his head and now returning to that twisted evil smile of his.

    “Well…what shall it be Doctor Archeville? Kill you now or help you take this world for your very own?” Megatron asked of him.

    Raising his head up and giving a more relaxed look in his eyes, the old man stared at the silver metal being and calmly gave his answer.

    “I can’t tell you what Project N is…but if your offer to help me is genuine…then I’ll gladly show you where it is.”

    Megatron and Starscream smile at one another as they see their temptation worked on him.

    “Very good Doctor…very good. With the Deceptions help…you shall rule this world.” The evil robot leader smiles as he gives a simple giggle at the man caving to his will.
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    Haven't heard any feedback for awhile (course I haven't posted anything for awhile either...), but just curious to see what most of you think of it so far. I'm trying to update as much as I can...but having a busy work life tends to slow one down. Sorry if this doesn't get done as fast as you'd all like...I'm doing my best to stay on top of it.

    I might have more sometime this week or possibly this next weekend...we'll see.
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    No worries, I haven't updated my own fic in a while, but I do intend to... Most likely this week. We can't just live, breathe and eat Transformers after all. :lol 

    So far I've liked what I've seen, at least your explanation as to how and why Archeville looks like his Cartoon self makes a lot more sense then him just showing up like that. :D 

    Keep up the good work, I eagerly anticipate the next installment, whenver that may be.
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    Walking into the Autobot Ark, Optimus Prime and Spike continue to talk as they venture down the long corridor as they head for the medical bay level.

    “I hope you get permission soon Prime. The U.N. is taking forever to reach a decision to let you go to Area 51 and expose Archeville’s private army.” Spike says as he breathes heavily trying to keep pace with Optimus Prime’s long steps.

    “Indeed Spike. You humans seem to have a knack for having lengthy discussions and arguments about taking any sort of action.”

    Spike smirks as he looks up at the leader and breathes out in disappointment.

    “Yeah…sucks to be human sometimes. We should be more like the Autobots…give all the facts and do what’s right. Seems to be the best way anyone should decide. Still…never know what might trigger something next without letting everyone share their views and fears.”

    “Fear should never hold anyone back from doing what’s right, Spike.” Optimus says as he stops mid-way and looks down at him. “Archeville is a danger to both your people and mine…the sooner he is brought to justice to pay for his crimes, the better we will all be. No offense Spike…but I want to go home and finish this Cybertronian war once and for all. If that means going in to grab him without your government’s permission, then so be it. I want to live in peace on my own planet…and never again have to worry about who may or may not be trying to destroy the universe.”

    “Sounds like a plan. Anyone back home worth sharing the moment with once it’s all over?”

    Prime gives a somber sigh and continues to walk down the corridor.

    “There was someone…but Megatron even managed to take her away from me too.”

    Spike didn’t bother to ask Prime anything about it; the melancholy response he gave was a clear indication that he had lost that special someone in his life. It reminded him about the time he lost his mother, he felt as if the whole world had been destroyed and now his life was empty. No doubt his dad had the same feelings or worst. One day Spike will have to make up for the time he spent apart from his father, the rift between them since her passing has made the men lose too many years together. If it hadn’t been for these ‘Transformers’ showing up when they did, chances are that both of them would still be emotionally apart from one another. Instead of telling Optimus of how sorry he was to hear of the loss…he simply kept up with the pace of the metal being’s stride and kept him company.

    Just before they reach the main command center, Prime turns to a secondary door adjacent to it. The dual sliding doors open and shows the large room that occupies Ratchets repair bay for the Autobots. Spike and Prime enter inside as the doors quickly close behind them. Ratchet can be seen attaching a limb to an Autobot with white and red markings.

    “Well Ratchet? Is this group repaired yet?” Prime asks.

    “Just about Optimus…” The medical Autobot replies and then looks at his patient. “Easy does it Red Alert…just a few clicks…and…there we go.”

    The arm snaps on and gears can be heard guiding it into place. Red Alert sits up on the metal table and jars his fixed arm around.

    “Good as new! Thanks Ratchet.”

    “Next time just relax…You shouldn’t be moving about when Telatran One is trying to reset your transformation cog.”

    The red and white robot gets off the repair table and gives Ratchet a worried look.

    “I…I know…I was just…I don’t like having to change my transformation. I got nervous I guess.”

    Laughing out loud at the other side of the room, stood Inferno, Steeljaw and Blaster. Inferno, a large deep red robot with white attachments on his hand and a ladder on the back of him, gave anyone the notion that he might be part of a firefighter crew. Spike could make out the fire department symbols on his cab-like body frame and some of the gear he had attached to him looked to be part of what anyone would see on a fire truck.

    “Nervous?!” The southern sounding fire truck Autobot laughed. “Shoot, Red Alert…you whipped around so much your darn arm came swingin’ off!”

    “I couldn’t help it Inferno!” The red and white robot shouted in panic. “I wasn’t sure it was safe! Who knows how bad Telatran One was damaged…it could have turned me into something…un-natural.”

    “D’oooh go on now…you know T-1 wouldn’t do that. Besides they fixed the computer a long time ago. Ain’t that right Ratchet?”

    Ratchet nods and begins wiping down the table.

    “That’s right…Wheeljack patched it as good as he could.”

    Red Alert stared at the medical Autobot blankly. “As good as he could?? Why does that make me even more nervous?”

    Prime walked up to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

    “Take our word for it Red Alert…you’re fine. Just because you’re in new form doesn’t mean you’ve changed inside. Judging from your usual personality…I can safely say that much is certain.”

    The robot gave the leader a smile and nodded with satisfaction. Inferno shook his head at his friend, he found it hard to believe that this was the robot in charge of any crisis operation; he’s full of paranoid thoughts and a constant worrier. Still, in those moments of dire crisis, he is calm, collected and knows how to organize the rescue team to their full potential.

    “Yeah Red, just chill out and go with the flow.” Blaster now adds.

    The colorful orange, red and yellow robot stands tall next to Inferno, his chest is almost like Soundwave’s in that it too has a plate that could open up to storage Mini-disk transformers as well. The polished chrome details in his face and the smirk on his face give him the look of a robot that has an ego to match it.

    “Good to see you once again Blaster.” Prime says as he acknowledges his presence in the room. “I trust your happy with the new form Telatran One has assigned to you.”

    “Its all that Prime! Check me out…I’m the ultra cool, hizzle fa-shizzle that’s gonna totally bam out the ‘cons with my def noise man!” Blaster squeals out in joy as he models himself.

    Prime blankly stares at the weird speaking Autobot, “Are your logic chips functioning? What in the world are you going on about?”

    “Oh...uh...” Blaster stammers. “Sorry Prime…guess T-1 loaded me up with human lingo and current music trends. Just trying to tell you I’m…uh…fine with the new look.”

    “Next time…just give me the non-human expressive answers. Your still a soldier so give me answers like one…save the rest of that nonsense for those that know how to translate it.”

    Blaster notices Prime giving a faint wink and giggles at his reaction. He raises his hand up in salute and gives him the proper reply he expects.

    “Yes Sir, Optimus Sir!”

    Steeljaw comes up to Spike and eyes him carefully. The golden looking transformer is almost designed like a lion, its mane is razored like a spiked blade on top and his fangs jut out like a saber-toothed tiger. The low growling noise nearly startles Spike as he looks at the golden cat creature circling around him and touching him every now and then with his claw-like paws.

    “H-h-hey there…n-n-nice kitty…” Spike nervously says to it.

    “Oh don’t mind Steeljaw there…” Blaster says as he walks over to pet the golden cat. “He’s just curious about your species. I must admit…you humans are a fragile bunch. But I dig your music and culture, much more colorful then any other I’ve ever seen.”

    “Thanks…I think.” Spike blinks unsure about how to take that.

    Steeljaw wags his metallic cat-like tail as Blaster pats him on the back and opens up his chest plate.

    “Ok Steeljaw, time to flip back and take some z’s”

    The cat gives a low growl and transforms into a gold version of a Mini-disk, which then slides into Blaster’s open chest and closes up as soon as it sits inside. Spike watches in amazement as the sound and look of them transforming never ceases to amaze him.

    “Blaster, I want you, Red Alert and Inferno to report to Jazz for a debriefing…” Prime soon speaks to him with authority. “I want all of you to be up to speed on what’s been happening in the last four months and of the humans who have been trying to prevent our launch for home.”

    Blaster scratches his dome-like head. “Preventing? Man who’d prevent us from doing anything?! We’re far more advance then them Prime…”

    Optimus interrupts the communications officer and raises his hand. “Just…go and listen to Jazz will you? As I said, he’ll fill you in on what’s been going on. There are complicated matters stirring about this so just be patient and listen.”

    Red Alert salutes the leader and nods. “Don’t worry Optimus Prime, we’ll be sure to get all the facts and report back to you as soon as possible.”

    “And one more thing…” Prime adds. “There is to be no wandering off of this base while we are here, we maybe good friends with many of the humans for now, but all that could change with some of them after our new mission. Jazz will tell you what you need to know, how to proceed and so on. Don’t take any of this likely….I want you all to remember that this is the human’s planet and not ours. Our next objective after the Earth mission will be to return to Cybertron, to build a shuttle and blast for home…to whatever awaits us there.”

    Blaster rubs his chin in thought and looks down at Spike.

    “Sounds serious, bub. This Earth mission…whatever it is must be very dangerous if Prime is concerned.”

    “You have no idea Blaster…you just have no idea.”
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    Damn man!

    You need to update sooner!
    I swear you have me on a leche with this story!

    Great chap! Love how you introduced Blaster! :dj  :rock  :cool: 

    Keep it comin' ;) 
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    As I'll have to forgive my late entries. I'm trying to write when and if I can at all some days....I have a job that tends to eat up my time lately and well...its never easy to come home after a hard days work and try to write a story when you'd rather be sleeping. But like I said...I'm trying to get updates when I can. So hang in there all...I'm trying, I'm reaaaally trying! :cry  :D 
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    Thats what you get when you write a kickass story. A bunch of fans who won't leave you alone! :p 
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    Back again...with a new update! (bout time huh?) :rolleyes2 


    A few hours later, Optimus Prime, Spike and a few other Autobot members stand around the large monitor inside the central control room as they listen to the report of a familiar female human friend.

    “So what’s the verdict Carly?” Prime says as he folds his arms. “Will your world governments support our strike against Archeville and his secret base?”

    The huge face of the beautiful blonde woman stares back at them all and gives a sigh of regret.

    “They have no answer Prime. None are willing to make a move without some sort of official army presence there. The only problem is…which of their armies to send in. The United States is firm on handling this as an ‘internal problem’…but other countries feel they need to send in their own just to make sure. It’s a mess here in the U.N. Optimus, I’m trying my best to settle this all.”

    Prime unfolds his arms and gives her a nod of reassurance. “You’re the best one we could send as our diplomat Carly. I know this isn’t what you had in mind when you agreed to join the Autobots as a liaison…but I feel you are the most qualified to do this task on our behalf.”

    “Hang in there, Carly.” Spike says with a smile. “I believe in you…”

    Carly smiles as she sees Spike again, “Thank you Spike. It’s good to see you’re doing well after all this time. Hopefully when all this is settled you and I can have that date we’ve been putting off. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about that, Mr. Witwicky.”

    Spike nearly blushes after hearing her admit that for all the others to hear. Bumblebee happened to be standing next to him as she uttered that and started to mimic a ‘kissy face’ at the embarrassed young man. Spike cleared his throat as he tried to change the subject.

    “So…ah…Do we get permission to storm the place or not Carly?”

    The woman sighed and shook her head. “No. The answer is no. Even though I brought Mirage with me to explain why the Autobots had to do this so soon…it just didn’t do the trick. Sorry Prime.”

    “I see.” The large leader breathed out as he lowered his eyes. “So they’re reluctant to do anything and let this madman get away unpunished.”

    “I wish things had gone as you’d hope Optimus. I really do. You know…after listening to all these politicians and nation leaders…it makes me wish that you were the one in charge of the planet.” Carly said to him with of pride. “I trust your leadership more then any here I’ve met so far.”

    Prime walked over to the screen and looked up at the large face of Carly staring back.

    “Kind of you to say Carly. But this is your planet and not mine. Your governments are going to have to come together soon or there will be no peace found. Trust me…the last thing you want to see is a dead planet hanging in space with only hate standing between you and all that you value most in life.”

    Carly sighed again and fluttered her eyes at the leader. “Still…it would have been nice to have a leader like you. Too bad you’re not human. Anyways, I should be getting back to the meeting. Mirage has been showing off his disappearing trick to the council and I think all the attention is getting to his ego.”

    Cliffjumper standing in the small crowd behind Prime snickered at the thought. “What a show off. I think that blast from Megatron sent a power surge to that thick head of his.”

    Carly laughed at the comment and gave a last smile to them all. “Probably Cliffjumper…probably. Anyways, take care for now guys. Sorry to give the bad news, but whatever you decide you get my full support. Bye Spike! Carly out.”

    As the image of her cut out and the monitor switched off, Optimus Prime stood there in silence as he stroked his manifold deep in thought. Bumblebee once again mocked Spike as he lowered himself down to the human’s head level and teased him of Carly’s last words.

    “Bye Spike! Kiss Kiss! Awwww…are we someone’s special man?”

    “Knock it off bolt brain!” Spike grumbled at him and shoved his face away. “We’re…just good friends for now. You know…friends.”

    Jazz came up behind him and joined in on the playful mocking.

    “Oooh…friends. Friends that like to go out and eat dates…hmmm?”

    Spike turned around and corrected his misinterpretation of what she meant.

    “Not dates that you eat. A date…a…time for two people to go out and have fun. With dinner…and…and a movie…maybe.”

    Bumblebee giggled again, “And maybe more…right? Hm? Huh? Ooooh yeah, Spike and Carly gonna get it on!”

    “Oh shut up B-man…” Spike bemoans in irritation. “What do you guys know about courtship anyways? You’re robots…it’s not like you could love someone.”

    “That’s where you’re wrong Spike.” Prime suddenly speaks as he hears the conversation.

    Walking over to him and looking down at the small human, Optimus lowers his eyes at him and gives a serious gaze.

    “Love is at the very core of our being. We Cybertronians are not beyond such emotions you know…many of us, at one time or another, had special relationships with our female counterparts. Many died before we could even get the chance to bond with them one last time.”

    Spike could see that the leader was thinking of that very someone he was talking about and quickly softened his tone as he realised it hurt the leader to hear his harsh comment.

    “Sorry Prime. I…I didn’t know there was any female transforming robots. I didn’t even know you guys could…you know…have those types of relationships.”

    Blaster standing at the back of the room soon raised his voice so that Spike and the others could hear what he had to say.

    “We’re more complicated then you think Spike my man. You see…we aren’t what you might call a ‘sterile’ race of beings. Heck, if we were just as bland as the ‘cons…man our planet would have died out a long before we even stepped off the assembly line!”

    Spike gave some thought to Blaster’s comments and looked back up at Optimus still looking down at him.

    “Hmm. I guess love really does conquer all…even in emotional robotic beings such as yourselves. It must be the one truth that binds the universe as a whole.”

    “Love is a word Spike.” Prime now says with wisdom. “It’s the emotion or feeling if you will that gives us the strength and the reason for existing at all. Our spark began with that feeling…it’s what fuels us all to aspire to something more then what we are.”

    Spike smirks and gives a simple phrase. “Love is all you need.”

    The leader raises his head and looks at all of the Autobots standing around him.

    “Well…enough of this deep discussion. The time to act is now.”

    Huffer and Hound look at one another with a curious look.

    “Act? Uh…Prime…didn’t you hear Carly?” Huffer points out.

    “Yeah. You heard what she said, the humans won’t allow us to storm the base.” Hound adds.

    Prime breathes in and flashes his eyes. “The humans might have said no…and by all rights we shouldn’t interfere. But we don’t have the luxury to sit around for days, months or even years to wait for their collective agreement to proceed. Cybertron needs us home…I will not and cannot allow this corrupt human to keep us pegged down on this planet for his own amusement.”

    Hound shakes his head in disagreement, “I dunno bout this Optimus. If we go charging in there…well…well we might just lose the trust the humans have given us so freely. There must be another way.”

    “We’ve got to my friend.” Prime says to him. “I know it goes against what I’ve preached to you all while we are here…but I’m tired of being bullied around by people with agendas. Megatron, Archeville…who or what will be next? No. This has got to stop…”

    “Hound has a point, Prime.” Spike speaks up. “If you do this…some of my people might pull out of the treaty you signed with them. They may see this unauthorized attack as a prelude to war…maybe even think of you as no better then the Decepticons.”

    Blaster snickers at the limited choices they have. “Man…do nothing and we’re as good as permanent residence on this rock. Do something and we risk alienating an entire planet that welcomed us with open arms. Looks like I awoke in the wrong place and in the wrong time.”

    Prime turned away from them and looked at his fist in frustration. “So…this is what the vision was talking to me about. I would have to choose between worlds. So little options…if only there was one clear answer before me.”

    Cliffjumper’s eye rose as he heard the leader mumble, “Uh…what the heck are you talking about? What vision?”

    Prime snapped out of his train of thought and spun around to explain.

    “When I was damaged after Sherman Dam…I had…a…a vision. As if the Matrix was telling me of something…some unforeseen danger.”

    “Like what?” Huffer demanded to know.

    Optimus looked at him and shook his head. “I…I don’t know. Whatever the vision was about…it was clear that I had both worlds to worry about now. Almost like our destinies where connected and that the fate of both worlds now lies with us…or with me. I just don’t know how to interpret it.”

    Spike rubs his chin as he listens and gives his thought.

    “Maybe this is about Project N? Maybe whatever secrets Archeville is hiding will end up harming this world and yours in some manner? If that’s the case…then perhaps you’re right to charge in there and stop him before it gets out of hand.”

    Prime gives a delighted look at Spike as he shares in the concern. “Exactly. We saw the types of weapons that man built, Primus only knows what’s in store for us all next. I think he’s held on to those secrets long enough…time to show the world what he’s been up too and put that project out of commission for good.”

    “All right!” Blaster screams. “I’ve been itching to do some major ass kickin’...let’s saddle up the posse and slam on the tunes for battle! Yeow!”

    Huffer shakes his head at Blaster as he turns on his radio receiver and begins dancing to the Earth style hip-hop music.

    “I think the first thing we should do is bury his sorry butt back in that chunk of rock we sprang him from.”
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    Meanwhile, deep within the ocean inside the Decepticon’s ship, Megatron walks through one of the many corridors and soon has Starscream joining him from behind.

    “I want to talk to you Megatron!” Starscream shouts in his irritating whiney voice.

    Megatron sighs at the sound of the air commander and never stops in his walking pace.

    “What is it now? Not enough light in your lab? No comfortable seating for that pompous posterior of yours?”

    “Archeville.” Starscream utters as he finally catches up with him. “I don’t trust that human.”

    “Is that all you’re concerned with? BAH! Don’t waste my time with such insignificant matters!”

    Starscream quickly steps in front of the Decepticon leader and manages to stop him in his tracks. The grey jet transformer lowers his red glowing eyes at Megatron and holds his hand against the leader’s silvery chest.

    “We should kill this human, why are you keeping him alive? Why not just use Soundwave to draw out the memories from this creature and toss him out of an airlock?”

    Megatron looks down at the commander’s hand in anger and looks back up at him as if to stay ‘get that hand off of me’. Starscream could read that thought in his eyes and quickly drew his hand away with a smirk.

    “There is much that Soundwave couldn’t get out of this tiny human’s brain.” Megatron growls at him. “I intend to use this creature as a means of locating this Project N he seems so hell-bent on protecting. If we drain his memories too fast, he may keel over before he gives us the location or give us other useless memories that serve no purpose to our goals.”

    Starscream scowled at his answer. “You’re keeping this fleshling?! I thought you’d rather stamp out inferior life forms rather then taking advice from them! You’ve changed Megatron…you’ve become soft some how, a sign of weakness in leadership.”

    “Careful Starscream!” The leader snaps at the brash officer. “Be very careful of what you say next! If I were you…I’d not dwell on the matter any further! I don’t need to explain my every thought to the likes of you or anyone else on this ship for that matter. Just do as you are told and obey my orders without question!”

    Leaning in to his face and staring him down, the silver polished leader pointed at Starscream’s chest this time and tapped him forcefully.

    “Never forget that I am the leader, Starscream. I am! Not you. So continue to challenge my authority and I will have you tossed out the air lock and make that human your replacement.”

    The air commander trembled at the raised voice of his superior and gave a nervous laugh that trailed off as he tried to back away from him.

    “I…I didn’t mean it like that Mighty Megatron. I…I just don’t trust the human is all I’m saying. That’s all.”

    Megatron eases down from his anger and folds his arms as he stares at the cowering Decepticon.

    “I don’t trust this human either. I don’t trust any of these weak flesh creatures…but for now, I shall give him the luxury of thinking he is worth something to me. I want to discover what this Project N is and anything else Archeville is hiding from us. The technology is not of their own design and I want to know why and how they got their scheming little hands on it. Once we have the secrets of this project…the Doctor will more then likely out live his usefulness to me. Then Starscream…then you may do with him what you will. Is that satisfactory?”

    Bowing to the leader and giving a delighted chuckle, Starscream agrees with his plans.

    “Very much Megatron. That’s all I needed to hear.”

    Unimpressed with the jet commander, Megatron pushes him out of his path and continues to walk down the corridor to a door sliding open as he approaches. Turning back to look at Starscream one last time, the Decepticon commander tapped his fingers on the side of the archway and scowled.

    “One more thing Starscream. Have the Constructicons report to me in one hour…I have a few tasks for them to perform. Now go and keep an eye on our…guest. See to it that he gets new clothes to wear…these humans seem to have humility when it comes to their naked forms. Now go do it…and never bother me with this trivial concern again!”

    Megatron steps through the door and shuts back loudly. Starscream lowers his eyes and clutches his fist in anger.

    “Just you wait and see Megatron. I’ll be leader in no time at all…and then we’ll see who gets thrown out of an air lock on that day!”

    Starscream slowly starts to giggle and then continues to burst into laughing as he thinks of that fateful day of when he will rise to command the Decepticons and becoming the ruler of Cybertron.
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    i was just wondering because i liked your last story and wanted this one to be as long or longer great work :thumbs2: