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    Hey there!

    Just a quick update for those interested in the progress of TRU in Spain+ Portugal
    Up till now operations appear to be normal (retail and online levels), but indeed, the store is up for sale...e.g., 1 day ago news (Toys 'R' Us ficha a Rothschild para vender su negocio en EspaƱa y asegura que hay varias empresas interesadas -
    the article says, however, that there is significant interest and they have several potential buyers, so they expect that TRU will be sold in a few months...How this will impact the actual stores remains to be seen (fingers crossed!)

    Regarding Transformers: TRU was able to offer several 'difficult to find in Spain' releases, although it is true that they have severe competition from other well-known stores...Hopefully they will be able to continue operations and help us TF fans, providing us with extra resources in an otherwise greatly reduced TF market...
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