Trials of a Prime

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    years after the war, in the transformers earth city and when primes were not great leaders anymore, a civilian colonist turned prime must rise to the challenge to solve a series of sudden murders.

    Creation of ice inferno/snowstorm prime goes fully to Jackspicerchase on deviatntart, who I have permission from to use write about her character. A great artist who created the OC this is based on. Full credit goes to her and please check out her other works.

    Please comment/review-I love feedback

    The snow began to thicken on the city of New Cybertron, but that's just what Snowstorm Prime loved. She felt so out of her element in the city, and further so from her comfort zone in leadership. She savored the days like these, the rare moments where she could relax. The cold weather was barely registered on her thermometers, nothing like the storms she had back home. She headed out in her alt mode, a plowed pickup truck, and began helping the residents with clearing the snow from the street. Her plow helped clear the main roads, while she watched happily as other bots shoveled and scrapped to clear the entrances to their buildings and the public walk ways.

    This sort of work was her true purpose, her original job and, if she was being honest, her vise. She took comfort in the everyday work she once spent megacycles dedicated to. Those days, long ago, when she was just known as Ice Inferno; she longed for the far gone days as a nobody laborer, a cybertronian civilian on an alien world. Her daily grind gave her purpose, one that she knew well. That all changed when she was "chosen" by the matrix of leadership. The relic of primehood had been passed down from leader to leader for over a million steller cycles. At the start of that time, most knew its most prominent bearer optimus prime, commander of the autobots. In the many years of the great war, the matrix was passed between great leader to great leader. But after cybertron itself withered, the war ebbed into a long stalemate and finally to not but a weak ideological feud. Within that long span, the matrixes power, and the prominence of its bearers, diminished. None of its bearers in the last thousand steller cycles or so ever even found themselves reformatted by its presence.

    As the number of great leaders and warriors in the galaxy dwindled, the matrix passed continually from lesser soldiers, to bots of no standing or glory and even among ordinary bots and civilians; nobodies. Though many still valued the honor it represented, it no longer held the sway or greatness it once held over the masses. Those who were granted it were always treated with respect or given some social standing, but it rarely marked the makings of a great leader anymore. That was where Ice Inferno got the short end of the energon rod. A ship of traders arrived on her colony and one older bot of the crew was the current bearer of the matriz. either by its influence or knowing he was not long for this life, he chose to hand it over to her. Of its own accord it presented itself to Ice Inferno, and quite reluctantly, she accepted in unto herself. She felt no change in herself and continued her life like normal. When her colony diminished, they decided to leave and join the collective transformer refuge that had been founded on earth.

    When her ship arrived on earth in its native year of 2020, they found that the colony had been built from the remains of the battle worn fortress of autobot city. Now rebuilt and expanded into a true city, it also incorporated the deactivated base modes of titans Metroplex and trypticon. The majority of its population was made up of refugees from Paradron, Junk and the various scattered, unaligned colonies. There were actually a very small number autobots, and even fewer decepticons, living in the city; many had perished in the long war. That's when everything fell apart for her. Windblade, one of the representatives of the council that lead the city, greeted them and gave them a tour. Unfortunately, that lead them through the command center, and as they were shown it, it reacted to her, or rather the matrix's, presence and spurred a security crisis.

    That was where her life fell apart, in her eyes at least. She was from then on dubbed by the traditionalists as Snowstorm prime, a name which she didn't really like. She went on for sometime trying to fight the rename but eventually gave up. She was immediately welcomed, to some degree, by the civilians, as it had been years since a prime had been so prominent. Her friends and those that were like family to her grew distant; they never looked at her the same way again, which killed her. As indecision amongst the new council kept the city from fast advancement, they chose to make a change and, against protests, mainly her own, named her speaker of the council and de-facto leader of the whole colony. In her new role she was charged with protection and leadership of the city, acting as the final word amongst the council, ruling over and passing judgment over guilty parties and managing relations with the humans. It was all far too overwhelming for her and a terrible burden but she could not refuse or decline, not with so many looking to her for guidance. None had ever looked at her like they did.

    After a long hard day of work, which she truly enjoyed, she transformed and surveyed her handiwork. She was slightly taller than the average bot, and had a somewhat bulky frame, at least for a typical femme; she was built to withstand extreme conditions afterall. Her armor was mostly sky blue with white highlights and scattered light blue and red details. She had pointed audio receptors "ears" on each side of her helm and a red visor. Her plow split to sit on the front of each of her shoulders, which had given her some trouble with standard sized doors for as long as she could remember. She kicked a bit of the snow absentmindedly as she was lost in thought and contemplated going for a walk when she got a call.

    "snowstorm prime ma'am, we have a serious situation" jazz reported

    "what is it jazz?" she groaned, exasperated

    "we need you downtown in the fast lane, there…" he trailed off

    She felt concerned, jazz was skilled but rarely so serious; that was one of the main reasons she had named him head of the security force.

    "what is it jazz?"

    "prime, there's been a murder, actually, there's been two"

    She froze, unable and unsure how to act; such a serious occurrence had not happened in the time she was prime, and from her understanding, not for many years before that.

    "I'll…I'll be right there jazz. Send me the coordinates" she stammered out

    "will do prime. I've taken the liberty of bringing in the whole force to secure the area and keep to many bots from finding out"

    "good...that's good. Thank you jazz"

    As the line went dead, she found she was staggering blankly down the road rather than driving, completely overwhelmed. She never comprehended that she would have to ever deal with such a crisis. She knew she was not made to be a prime and now everyone else would see it to, with a double homicide occurring under her tenure of leadership. She imagined a mob marching on the command tower and demanding the matrix be ripped from her chest. She glanced over and saw a bot she recognized as being from her colony. He was window shopping with what looked to be a young female protoform. Since their exposure to human society, cybertronians had absorbed some of its more stable concepts, families being the most prominent. They looked so happy and at peace. She remembered than that those were the reasons she persisted in her role; to protect those that had put their trust in her. After the hard slap across the face she gave herself to get her out of her daze, she transformed and took off towards the crime scene.

    She arrived in less than 20 minutes, and saw how the security force had indeed blocked the area off. Luckily jazz was good at thinking on his feet that it had been done in a way that did not attract to much attention. The security force let her through and jazz lead her to the site of the crime. The security force was primarily made up of autobots and decepticons who were still looking to use their combat skills from the war. Some were just looking to still have some measure of power and though they were in an age of peace, there were always troubles that needed some force. The force was comprised of autobots chromia, cliffjumper, arcee, springer, powerglide, pipes, nightbeat, strongarm, sideswipe, sundtreaker and decepticons barricade, swift, rumble, frenzy, vortex, breakdown, snaptrap, demolishor and many colonists, as well as the new rookie officer megaplex. As they made their way, suddenly a commotion from behind started as two bots forced their way through the barricade. Snowstorm sighed as she saw who they were as they both rushed over to her.

    "drift, lancer, glad you could make it" she huffed

    "of course, my prime. Our duty is to ensure your protection" drift nodded

    Both bots had sworn themselves as her body guards when she became prime. Lancer was eager to please but otherwise professional, though drifts religious beliefs could be taxing at times. Both were bots that stuck to melee weapons so they had the look of the job down. Before they could proceed they were suddenly ambushed by the true bane of her leadership; the media. Blaster, an autobot and public broadcaster, aided by his mini-con partners and walking cameras eject and rewind, suddenly appeared in her way. They were also joined by the 3 bot form of reflector, a decepticon who had also found success in news broadcasting; his ability to be in 3 places at once also proved a benefit for his reporting. They ambushed her with questions and inquiries regarding the deaths. If any group were the most undermining to her as prime, though usually inadvertently, it was them. Thankfully, before she could get misquoted or lead in the wrong direction, jazz had them escorted away.

    "I got you prime. Please, the victims are right over here"

    As they walked, barricade made a move hit drift with his shoulder and the two shared a tense glare before moving along. She had taken notice that many decepticons, but most prominently barricade, showed disdain for drift. He must haver been an infamous autobot during the war. She was lead to the grisly sight of the two bodies, both with many deep gashes and wounds. Both were faded grey, indicating they were clearly deceased. Mixed energon from both bodies was splashed everywhere; Snowstorm didn't have to be a forensics expert to tell this was a sloppy butchering job.

    "do we know anything about the victims?" she asked

    "the big one is an autobot named bulkhead, the femme is a con called slipstream" jazz reported

    "so it was a faction feud then?" she asked

    "no, unfortunately. That is what we originally thought but after some examination, we found that the injuries on both bots match, and neither was capable of inflicting them" barricade reported

    "so we have two victims and a murderer on the loose"

    "yup, two factions and a 3rd party were involved here"

    "this just keeps getting better and better. Do you have any leads?"

    "here" barricade pointed

    They looked to see watery foot prints leading away from the scene but they dried up half way down an ally.

    "I want a full sweep of the area and investigation. Question and bring in any suspicious bots and follow any leads, understand. I will not have a killer loose in this city and threatening our citizens"

    "yes prime" they saluted

    Snowstorm and her body guards turned and left, escorted by some of the security force back to the command tower. As the rest of the team began the investigation and clean up, chromia and barricade met with jazz on his orders.

    "so sir, where should we start?"

    "I suggest we scope out the radicals on each side"

    As the prime and her escorts drove down the freshly plowed road, she looked to lancer.

    "please message the council members that I am calling an emergency meeting"
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    Snowstorm dodged and swung in a flurry of clumsy moves. In the year since her appointment, she had been convinced by her body guards to be trained in self-defense. Per them, a leader should know the ways of combat, if only as a point of experience. From hand-to-hand to ranged target practice and today was a session of close combat. She and her trainers each wielded an energy staff and they doubled down on their assault. As she grew aggravated and finally pushed back in her own offensive, she was suddenly halted as she received a message from Playback, a pardronian and the cities head of communication. As she went to answer she was struck in the face by a blow from drifts staff.

    "remember, an enemy is never going to give you a breather"

    "no, but a prime can order an execution" she scowled

    After receiving Playbacks report that the council was assembled, she and her bodyguards headed to the meeting chamber. The hall entrance was guarded by the decepticon blitzwing, who merely nodded to her as she entered but frowned at her autobot escorts with disdain. She took her seat at the large round table and nodded for the others to do the same. Politics was the part of her job she was the least comfortable with so she was glad she had the council members to fall back on. First was windblade, a friendly and idealistic femme who acted as the representative for the unaligned masses and colonists. The eager young Sandstorm sat as the elected speaker for the paradrons. Wreck-gar and Rum-maj , as the duel leaders of the junkions, represented their people. The autobots and decepticons also held seats among the council, represented by hot shot and obsidian respectively. The debating and arguing concerning the murders went on for some time, and as usual, she could hardly get a word in. Though none of the council was openly hostile towards her, she knew that collectively they would prefer she step aside more and allow them to once again handle state affairs. However, her pride would not allow her to. She needed a way to force them to properly acknowledge her as an equal. In her boredom, she pulled up images of bulkhead and slipstream on her console. In life she now saw that he was dominantly green in color and she was purple and teal in color. He was a laborer turned soldier turned laborer again after the war. She was a renowned seeker commander and tactician who remained unemployed while in the city.

    "prime, ma'am"

    She was jolted from her thoughts at the realization that the diminutive Tailgate was standing beside her with a data pad. She took it and saw a report on the murder investigation. Hinting on a course of action that may improve her standings, she cleared her voice to gain the council members' attention.

    "council members, due to the severity of this situation and the desire to see the issue resolved, I intend to head the investigation myself"

    The declaration earned a few gasps and at least one snicker.

    "prime, that is not necessary " windblade argued

    "im afraid it is. As prime, protecting this city is my duty, and I shall see it through. My ah…personal agents have made a possible breakthrough and I shall follow up on it and investigate further. In my absence I name ah…" she looked to tailgate inquisitively

    "tailgate" the mini bot answered

    "tailgate, yes! one of my trusted agents, to sit in on any further council meetings to take notes for me. Please treat him with the same respect that you would me. Good day all"

    With that the prime quickly left, followed by her bodyguards. All eyes then turned to the nervous little white autobot, who shyly slid into the primes large seat and crossed his hands in a respectful manner.

    "sooooo, hi" he waved

    The trio drove down to the security force station where, per the report tailgate delivered, they had a suspect in custody. They made their way through the complex and met jazz. He was just as surprised as the council at her taking charge, but ever the friendly bot, he relented. She was however informed that their suspect had a solid alibi and was innocent. She was shown the large repulsive sight of the decepticon Spittor sitting in the interrogation room. They had found him apparently wet not far from the crime scene, and believed him to be the owner of the wet footprints. However, what he was covered in was in fact his natural slime, and witnesses were able to confirm his presence at a local store. Released from custody, he was led out, though snowstorm made a point to stop him.

    "spittor was it, I want to formally apologize for your trouble in this and assure you that this issue will be dealt with and you will have no further trouble. Please, have a nice day"

    Everyone stared blankly at here for a few moments as she pulled him into a hand shake.

    "aaaah…thank you prime…ah ma'am" he croaked in confusion

    He was led away by security staff while drift, lancer, barriacade and chromia all looked to the prime with surprise; jazz simple smiled and nodded. he then handed her a rag to wipe off the decepticons natural slime, in which her hand was now coated.

    "that was pretty decent of you prime but you didn't need to do that"

    "yes, I did" she smiled

    "so, where does the case go now?" lancer asked

    "unfortunately, at the moment the water is our only lead. The science guild has been brought in to do forensics on the bodies but until they get back to us with results we have little to go on" chromia reports

    "not quite, the water is a clear clue, if you stop and think about it, There are no easy access water sources in the city aside from the dam and river…" she hinted

    "and all the aquatic bots that hang there" jazz nodded

    "yes, our killer may very likely be one of them" drift declared

    "alright, we'll get the force down there to…" barricade started

    "no, no good or progress will come from marching down there in force. WE will head down there and see what we can find out. This investigation is still important but the security force still has its usual duties to see to"

    "are you sure it's safe?" chromia asked

    "that is why we are here" drift brandished his sword

    "pathetic as ever deadlock" barricade scowled, his words dripping with venom

    Drifts eyes flared and he tensed, looking as if he would pounce on the decepticon. jazz quickly put himself between them and broke it up firmly. As the trio turned to leave, jazz stopped snowstorm.

    "just so you know, I have known my fair share of primes, and you are more than livin' up to the title" he smiled

    "thanks jazz" she smiled back

    It took nearly an hour for them to reach the waterfront. As they waited for the security guard to secure them security passes to proceed, snowstorm looked to drift, who sat on crate, staring down with a solemn look. He held his sword so the point was in the ground and he twisted it slowly, digging at it with the tip. Wanting to finally learn more about the bot she had entrusted her safety to, she knelt down next to him.

    "decepticons really don't like you huh. did you cause them a lot of trouble during the war?" she asked

    He smirked and let out a sound of amusement, looking off into the distance like he was reminiscing.

    "I keep forgetting that you weren't there for the war. not out there with the rest of us. not knowing what everyone else knows"

    "which is?"

    "in the early years of the war...I was a decepticon"

    "wait...what. you must be joking"

    "never, not about this. I went by deadlock back then. I was a violent young punk swayed by megatron and his ideals. I worked close with barricade, I wouldn't call us fiends but, yeah, we were close. In my fervor for battle I wound up damaged and forgotten on the battle field. An...order of neutrals, warriors and scholars they were, found me, repaired me and taunt me their ways. I found a peace in their ideals and realized I had been living my life wrong. I cast aside my guns, took up the sword and swore my life to the autobots. Many, on both sides, would resent my choice, barricade included. I caused both sides much...trouble"

    "drift, primus, I didn't know"

    "ha, you're one of the few" he smiled

    They were interrupted by the old security guard returning with their passes and he pointed them down to the marina. The aquatic bots there were of various backgrounds, most of which was ignored due to their shared function. They all mostly congregated at the marina downstream from the massive city dam. They spoke to most of the bots there; autobots sea spray, high tide, paddles and broadside, decepticons tidal wave, the remaining 5 seacons, octopunch and the neutrals sharp edge, manta ray, claw jaw, depth charge and torca. The only unaccounted bot was the neutral nautica, who was confirmed as working at the science guild. The rarity of them straying from their usual element, as well as security cameras confirming it, lead them to another dead end.

    "hey, now that I think about it, riptide ain't here" broadside spoke up

    "yeah, he hasn't been seen in a while I think" manta ray realized

    "went into city in morning" tidal wave bellowed

    Further security footage confirmed it; the autobot hydrobot Riptide had indeed gone into the city that morning and not yet returned. After confirming he was known to hang out and at the bar "new Maccadams", they followed their next clue. They got to the bar eventually, though hit lots of traffic due to the big race today. Top racers knockout, mirage, blurr and override were going head to head in the finales of a new race circuit. She remembered seeing some of the the last race, where ransack, crumplezone and tracks were knocked out of the finals. The prime was happy the citizens could find enjoyment and entertainment but surprised a race would take place in such weather, though from the display screens they passed, the race track was in perfectly cleaned condition. That got her circuit sizzling as whoever was in charge of clearing snow from the roads they were own had clearly done a half ass job. As a hard worker from the moment she was sparked, nothing was more infuriating to her than slacking off. Worse was that it is essential work that needs to be completed for public safety. She suddenly kicked into her prime mode.

    "snowstorm prime to tailgate"

    "this is tailgate"

    "please pull the records for what workers were in charge of clearing snow from street G184. I want them identified and put on double shift for the next week, understood"

    "ahh..yes, yes ma'am"

    "prime out"

    "man, you can be scary when you mean business" lancer spoke up

    "no one shirks work in my city"

    They made it to the new bar, which was an exact recreation of the original on cybertron, and still run by maccadam himself. They trio made their way through the crowd, despite their notoriety; maccadam himself came from behind the counter to welcome the prime. He was an orange and silver bot with some blue highlights here and there; average in height but stout and with large, gauntlet like hands. His eyes were large like magnifying lenses and he always had a smile on his face. However, her body guards were forced to put themselves between them to keep on mission. Maccadam took on stern look, warning against trouble; his most longstanding and enforced rule that conflict be kept out of his establishment.

    They found riptide hunched over at the bar. A mostly dark blue and moody looking bot, his boat mode kibble was a dead giveaway.

    "riptide?" the prime asked

    "what!?" he jumped, clearly drunk

    The interrogation was short but tense and full of accusation, but maccadam himself confirmed that the bot had spent his whole day there drinking. Apparently, due to subpar intelligence tests, he was regected from joining the security force that morning. That technically still could have made him a prime suspect for the murders, but maccadam vouched for him, and though that meant little to the her, it did a great deal to many others. She couldn't argue much. Out of pride, and in no small part due to intoxication, riptide volunteered his aid to the prime, which she reluctantly accepted. Taking a break, snowstorm and the bar owner sat and talked amongst themselves over a drink.

    "I think it's very brave you taking this investigation on yourself" he smiled

    "thanks, just doing what I think I'm supposed to" she shrugged

    "well, I have known my share of primes, and you are certainly living up to the title" he nodded

    "why do bots keep saying that?" she muttered to herself

    "so, obviously this tragedy must be affecting a lot of bots"

    "I suppose, I never really considered that part of it" she admitted

    "I know it is me. I knew both bulkhead and slipstream well; they were so cute together"

    "what do you mean?"

    He looked blankly at her then took on a more serious expression.

    "you don't know, do you?"

    "know what?"

    He set down his drink and gestured for her to follow him to a back room for privacy. After she was ready he looked at her with a slightly calmer face.

    "I…think I know why they were killed"


    "Obviously I'm a bot that gets a lot of sorts and has a lot of information that flows through here and certain…"

    "maccadam, what is it?" she placed her hands on his shoulders

    "they…were in an inter-faction relationship"
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    "what did you say?" she asked in shock

    "they were an inter-faction couple. They are almost never seen, even in these days. Lots of judgment floats around. There is still plenty of animosity among the still loyal autobots and decepticons. They mostly kept it a secret, and I was one of the few privileged with the knowledge"

    "wow, I just, this means a lot. I mean it changes everything about this investigation. We may very well be looking at a hate crime. I can't believe this"

    "it can be a lot to handle. If it's a hate crime your dealing with, you may want to look to the diehards; the bots and cons who still hold pretty close to spark values from their sides of the war"

    "i…I'll do that. Thank you maccadam, thank you for everything"

    Snowstorm and her team, now including a sobering riptide, left to meet and update jazz on their investigation. Maccadam called his staff together; autobot roller and decepticons waspinator and spacewarp.

    "bots, I'm giving y'all the night off, but only so you can go out and gather some info. I want to give prime all the help she can get in her investigation. Them two were my friends to and I want whoever snuffed their sparks brought to justice to"

    Snowstorm returned to security HQ and revealed everything she had learned to jazz.

    " based on all this, it seems my initial intention to investigate the radicals"

    "the what?"

    "like maccadam told you, there are plenty of hardcore loyal bots and cons, plenty I imagine would have an issue with bulk and slipstreams relationship"

    "so how do we follow up on that?"

    "there is a place up town that a lot of the autobot war horses hang. Kup, elita-one, roadbuster, whirl, the wreckers and others of the like. Me and chromia can hit there and get some answers no problem. It's the cons that can be a handful. I would send barricade or one of the others, but I don't know how much they'll get"


    "well, I mean they are cops, and cons don't trust each other mu8ch under regular circumstances"

    "scrud, I guess I'll go then"

    "that…is not a very good idea. You have and all autobot escort. I might just end up with 4 more murders on my hands"

    "then…I'll go alone, I'm not an autobot after all"

    "that is an even worse idea. And you know drift and lancer aren't gonna go along with it. And as the head of security I can't just…"

    "yes you can, I'm asking you to. And not to pull rank here but I am a prime and that's an order"


    "jazz, you said I was acting like a prime. You fought with optimus, the greatest prime that ever lived. Did you ever tell him no, did he ever put his life on the line for justice?"

    "heh…all the time, and he would let absolutely nothing stand in his way of doing what was right" he smiled

    "and I can't either, as much I really don't want to go"

    They proceeded with their plans, with jazz, chromia, lancer and skids heading to the mid-north end to "little Iacon", while Prime drove for the far west part of the city, in the section built upon the remains of trypticon, where Prominent decepticon figure Soundblaster owned an establishment for the more loyal of the former decepticon forces. Barricade, who had been there before, gave her the password that would earn her entry. Jazz insisted she take weapon for protection, something she was unsure about. Regardless, as she transformed near the location, she indeed had an ion blaster affixed to her back. She found the plac easily; not very hard with a large stylized decepticon symbol on the front. She knocked on the large metal door and a after a few seconds, a small slot opened, through which two bright red optics stared down at her.

    "starscream is a bigger coward than a turbofox in a driller nest" she recited

    The red eyes narrowed to slits before the hatch slammed closed, then after a few moments of silence the door opened. She walked in slowely, he3r eyes having to adjust to the low lighting of the inside. It was primary a lounge and bar, at least in the main room that she walked into. Red and yellow optics followed her as she walked to the bar. From reports she had been given after taking office, she recognized many of the decpeticons. Sixshot, tankor and ramjet all sat at one table looking nasty. The massive blackout lurked behind, having been the doorman. Swindle and needlenose sat together at one table, while strika, mindwipe, Astraea and slugslinger sat at another. Astrotrain, dead end, flip sides, acid storm and spinister all sat spaced out at the bar. switchblade was slumped over, passed out on a sofa of sorts. Sitting alone acting like she owned the place was thunderblast and finally, at a table tucked in a corner were scorponok and blackarachnia, looking more shady then the rest.

    "well well, it appears our prime has paid us an honored visit" came a deep, synthesized voice

    She turned to see soundblaster appear from behind the bar; a boxy black and grey bot with a readless visor and mouth plate, reclined and bound in a levitating life support chair. She had heard that he had long been in this state. Astrotrain, massive as he was, hoped up to loyally move some chairs for the owner to get past. Waddling beside the chair was the malformed mini bot Igor, acting as his aid. Most of the spy masters' mini bot minions had either perished in the war or gone rogue.

    "it's good to finally meet you soundblaster. As a master of information I imagine you understand why I am here"

    "I do"

    "we don't answer to no prime" astrotrain scowled

    A chorus of growls and grunts of agreement rose from around the room.

    "show some respect, a prime she may be but she shows no more favoritism for the autobots than for us" soundblaster lectured

    "thank you, I do try to be mostly impartial, though if I'm being honest decpeticons do have a tenency to cause more trouble"

    "I can't quite argue that. Two of our associates were apprehended by the security force today on what I have been told are trumped up charges"

    "yeah, shatter and dropkick got slammed for trouble they didn't start"

    Snowstorm felt the room was turning against her and her first instinct was to just get out of there. However, she needed to earn their respect to get the info she needed. This felt like the hardest trial of her primehood so far, and she fought to put on a stern face.

    "if they were taken in then it's because they did something wrong. I don't interfere or tell the security force how to do their job and as they are made of autobots AND decepticons, I do trust them to act fairly to all bots. As a show of good faith, I will look into the case to ensure no all was done in fairness" she announced

    Astrotrain frowned in disdain, and all other eyes were on soundblaster. He looked sternly back at her, showing his usual lack of emotion to her words.

    "I consider that an acceptable response"

    "good. Tell me what you know about bulkhead and slipstream, together. I take it as ring leader of the local cons you knew"

    "Affirmative, there is nothing that I do not know"

    "go on"

    "I was well aware of their…collusion; I had no feelings or interest either way about it. I do know that many decepticons did consider it a betrayal on her part. There are some among us that may have the ability to act on it, but none that I am associated with. None of the bots here or connected with us were in involved. That is all I know"

    "really" she asked skeptically

    "you heard him, soundblaster don't lie, now get lost prime" astrotrain growled

    Soundblaster eyed astrotrain menacingly before turning back to the prime.

    "I'm afraid there is no other way I can assist you at this time. But slipstream was one of use, and I do want justice for who killed her. Shouls you need any additional help, you know where to find us. I suggest astrotrain go with you to assist in your investigation…"

    "what?!" the triple changer choked

    "…as a show of good faith in our prime, and as a means of settling your tab"

    "no...but…grrrr….ah fine"

    The pair left the establishment amid a symphony of cruel decepticon laughter at their comrades' fortunes. Snowstorm transformed and astrotrain went to his land based alt mode and they took off. They went only a few blocks when two bots pounced out to corner them.

    "back off con" drift growled

    He and riptide drew their weapons before snowstorm stpped in front of them.

    "stand down you two, astrotrain has…volunteered to aid in the investigation. He's part of team prime now"

    "I am not saying that" he growled

    "yeah me either, sounds lame" riptide added

    "well I like it and I'm using it"

    "well, we headed right here after jazz confirmed that got nothing from little iacon. Jazz just radioed us that the science guild had responded that they were done with their examination of the bodies. What next?"

    "tell jazz we will head to meet them. He can send lancer to meet us there and he and the others can return to the station"

    "will do prime"

    "huh, you're a bit more commanding then I thought you were. Im a little impressed" astrotrain admitted

    "thank you" she smiled

    The 4 bots rendezvoused with lancer at the new science academy. They were met by its head, perceptor, who brought them to meet with the rest of the guild members; fellow autobot brainstorm, decepticons deluge and oil slick, and neutrals proxima nautica and the mini-con Brains. Perceptor led them away to the examionation room where the greyed bodies of bulkhead and slipstream lay. Knowing what she did now, it was harder to look at the deactivated forms of the poor couple now.

    "After examination of the bodies, we have deduced that it was clearly an energy enhanced blade of unknown origin that was the cause of the fatal injuries. Also strange is that the pattern of the strikes and wounds indicate the attack was random and apparently rage fueled. It was not a strategic killing" he reported

    Astrotrain had spent many years fighting in the war; he'd seen lots of terrible things, done some himself, but he found a strange tinge of sympathy and sadness at it all.

    "thank you, is there anything else?"

    "well, we did notice some abnormalities in slipstream physiology, sugest…"

    Suddenly the diminutive autobot cosmos, who acted as a messenger and courier, burst in.

    "Snowstorm prime, jazz sends and urgent message for you to come to security central, there is an emergency!"

    "oh great. Tank you preceptor, let us know if you find out anything else"

    "of course prime" he frowned, disappointed about not finishing his report

    The team left quickly and headed to meet with jazz, though astrotrain switched to his flight mode and took off ahead of them. So many worries went through the primes mind on what else could be wrong. They arrived and were lead to a secluded room, but jazz and astrotrain met them at the door before they entered, a look of misery on formers face.

    "jazz, what's wrong?"

    "there's been another murder"
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    "please…don't tell me that" prime pleaded

    "well, it is" astrotrain answered with no attempt at tact

    Jazz chose not to show the body, for it was in a graphic state. Drift alone requested a closer look and was brought in by barricade. Even he was not prepared for the gruesome sight; poor nightbeats' chest was ripped open and his spark yanked out, and his head looked like it had been half wrenched from his torso.

    "what happened?" prime demanded

    "nightbeat is one of the best investigators ever. I decided to send him and trainee flareup to investigate by the south end. According to her, he got a lead and they were following it when she was struck from behind and knocked out. When she came to, nightbeat was real dead"

    "what was the lead?"

    "he didn't tell her, that wasn't really his style; he just kinda mutters and does everything in his head and expected everyone else to keep up"

    "how is she?"

    Jazz pointed over to where the emotional femme was sitting and being comforted by other officers. Snowstorm moved to go over to her but riptide stopped her and shook his head with a frown.

    "not the time prime, not the time"

    "Worse to is megaplex, who I sent on another lead in the mid-city, has gone missing. Signs of a struggle were found and we are following up but we fear the worst. Obviously he must have found something to"

    "oh primus, this is all going to the pit and there's nothing I can do. I'm failing as prime" she grimaced

    "I've seen worse" astrotrain managed a smirk

    Drift soon returned from the room, revealing from what he could see, a different method was used to kill nightbeat. Weather the killer did it intentionally or it was done by another were not clear. What was clear was that under the circumstances, it was no coincidence. Nightbeat was killed because he was close to discovering the identity or motive of the original murderer. The team spent hours at the station resting, comparing notes and theories. The prime, exhausted, watched the light snow fall as the day slipped into sunset. The first theory that was thrown out but rejected was that the humans were involved. Prime had limited the humans access to the city when she took office and save for special circumstances or select bots, the two species didn't fraternize much.

    The most prominent counter to that rule was the well-known autobots like bumblebee, Ratchet and a few others she couldn't remember, who had moved away from the city to live with the human family the autobots had worked with when they came to earth. Snowstorm couldn't really remember their name either, only that it was hard to pronounce. Outside of them, the primary transformers that lived away from the city were the exiles, usually called the earth bots. They were certain bots that had greater connections to earth. There were the dinobots, or rather the 3 members of the second generation of the warriors built; a group of wild warriors who were created on earth by the autobots. They proved less suitable in civilized society and now lived out of the autobots original ship base a few miles outside the city. Also living out of the same base were other bots created on earthn that gained free will but otherwise did not feel accepted by the greater cybertronian society. There was Nightbird, a human-made female ninja robot that was augmented and inducted by the decepticons that later gained sentience and Autobot X, a Frankenstein monster of spare autobot parts, which retained a replica of the mind of a human who had previously been bonded to it. Transmutate and Rampage were another duo; from the files prime read on her, she was an unstable bot, both in mind and power, who simply had too much difficulty adjusting to large crowds and areas. Rampage on the other hand was a mere murderous psychopath, with only his friendship with the gentle transmutate curbing his violent tendencies. Flamesnort was a beastly and long serving decepticon veteran stationed on earth for centuries and more than a bit senile. Also part of the group was the autobots jetfire and sky lynx; the former was bot of cybertrons distant past, a scientist and explorer, who had spent centuries entombed in stasis on earth. He felt a much closer connection to the human world than his own after being freed. Sky Lynx on the other hand was simply too big and awkwardly shaped of a bot, being dragonian is look, to properly coexist with other bots within the city. Upon thinking of the outsiders, snowstorm suddenly had an epiphany and ran back to the others.

    "I have it!" she shouted

    "have what?" lancer asked

    "According to perceptor, the first murders were perpetrated by a bladed weapon correct?"

    "sure prime, so?" jazz responded

    "and I assume you compiled a list of all registered bots with them?"

    "of course, but none met the qualifications of being the killer"

    "then we would perhaps be looking for unregistered bots, like the dinobots perhaps"

    "the dinbots wouldn't do this, aint their style"

    "maybe by your account but all options must be considered. From my point of view, they are rogue bots living off the grid and outside the law with unregistered weapons, including blades; even nightbird is known to wield swords"

    "huh, I still say it's bunk but if you insist we can follow up"

    "I intend to. Please radio the ark base and let them know we will be paying them a visit tomorrow but do not disclose the reason"

    "but their our autobots, friends, we should…"

    "that's an order, jazz"

    "yes prime" he relented

    Team Prime made for the ark the next day around noon, but hit a snag in another mild snow fall. The others found it cumbersome but as usual, it put the old ice inferno behind the prime at ease and content. She was surprised to come across another snow based bot on the road to the ark. Snowcat was a hardy decepticon but lacked the factions' signature ruthless nature. A bot of white and blue and mint highlights, not different from her own shades. He had a bright purple visor, a mouth plate and a breathing mask like apparatus over it. He had a pair of retractable skis from his legs ejected as he swerved down a snowy hill beside the road, yodeling all the way down.

    "yohohoh, how we doing today?" he cackled madly

    His comment seemed directed only to the other snow based bot. She transformed and smiled, laughing at the flabbergasting of his realization of who she was.

    "it's good to see another bot who can properly appreciate this kind of lovely weather" she said

    "it's what I'm built, or rebuilt for hahahah. Used to be a copter-bot but got reformatted into this, but I like this much better though"

    "That thing you're doing in the snow, it's very interesting, what is it"

    "I always just called it ice gliding, but the humans call it skiing. Either works"

    "I'd love to learn some time though I don't think I have the balance needed"

    "you'd be surprised"

    They were interrupted by drift clearing his voice and the others gesturing for them to continue. After exchanging a friendly goodbye they transformed and left snowcat behind. He watched them go but as he went to head back up the hill again, he spotted a dark figure sticking out in the clear snow. It was a bot and given their position, they appeared to have been following the caravan.

    "eh, you there, what you think you're doing?!" he stormed over for an answer

    "well, seeing a prime flirt is quite a traumatizing sight" riptide spoke up

    "I was not flirting; I just appreciate other bots who like extreme weather"

    "riiiight" lancer teased playfully

    "I did not get forced into this hunt to help a prime get a sparkmate" astrotrain groaned

    "one, it's not a hunt; two, if any bot says that again, as prime, I will throw you in a cell for the rest of your miserable life"

    There was only silence the rest of the drive to mount St. Hilary and the entrance to the ark base. Jetfire, acting as de-facto leader, was waiting at the entrance to welcome them. He stood even taller than astrotrain, by a bit at least, which threw them all off.

    "welcome snowstorm prime, we are honored by your visit"

    "it's a pleasure to see where it all began for the autobots here on earth. I am just here to do an inspection for myself, figured it would be good to do in my position; talk to and get to know the bots and the such" she bluffed

    "no problem at all, please come in"

    They entered up the ramp of the ark cargo bay due to most of the ship being lodged into the rock of the mountainside, in actuality a dormant volcano. They passed through the large cargo bay, then through the rest of the ship, with jetfire acting as a very willing tour guide. Though it was all fascinating, it was far from what the prime was interested in. Finally they took an elevator up to a long hallway that opened into the command room, where the others residents were gathered. Nightbird sat alone on an old console, brooding; transmutate and X stood together beside an old conference table. Rampage stood in the shadows in the corner of the room, menacing and repellant in appearance. Flamesnort, who looked like a massive machnaical reptile, was curled up in the corner in oblivious recharge. But the true target of snowstorms investigation were standing grouped together to the left of the room; the dinobots; they were large, a bit bigger than astrotrain but clearly stronger. As she remembered, there had been an original trio of dinobots constructed, and then a secondary trio of reserve dinobots. The original group had perished in a forgotten battle during the war, the remaining three remained aligned with the autbots until the wars end before striking out on their own. She had read their stats and profiles the previous night, making it easy to recognize them. There was large and famously bad tempered snarl, who had become the de-facto head of the trio after the death of the legendary Grimlock. There was also the more friendly swoop and silent and reserved Slash. They certainly did live up to their reputation, looking like a real tough bunch; snarl and swoop stood taller than the prime, though slash was a deal shorter than them and even her. Surprising though was a min-con sized bot wearing a decepticon symbol standing over by the sleeping flamesnort.

    "you know most of the bots here already, and this here is nickel; she moved in with us not to long ago" jetfire spoke up

    "hm, small prime" snarl growled, unimpressed

    The other two dinobots made varying noises of agreement.

    "I'm sorry to spoil this visit but the reason we are here is that we are investigating a murder" snowstorm spoke up

    "wow, right to the point, nice" astrotrain smirked

    That comment got the rooms full attention. Some of the exiles eyes turned to ramapage instinctively, given his history. He shook his head, denying credit; he was always open about his atrocities, if he had done it, he would have admitted it.

    "wait, what! Then why come here, are you actually saying we are suspect?" jetfire said defensively

    "not all of you, and not officially" drift tried to make peace

    "the two murders were committed by an unknown assailant using a bladed weapon. All users within the city have been investigated and cleared. However, we do have 4 blade wielders here that needed to be checked"

    Snarl stomped forward to within a few feet of the prime and glared down at her.

    "you want my sword" he growled

    Team prime stepped forward defensively but a hand gesture from snowstorm told them to stand back. The other ark bots likewise moved forward and tensed in case of a fight. She glared right back up at him intently. The last two days had really tested her qualifications as a prime and she was daring to believe she may actually be one. She was not going to let her resolve melt away now, not after the deaths and everything she was giving to this city and its people; and if she was gonna have to get trashed by a moody dinobot for them, then she would.

    "turn over your sword for inspection, now" she said in firm strong voice

    Snarl continued to stare down, unmoving for almost a minute before her drew the sword menacingly. All eyes darted about nervously; hands were ready on triggers and weapon handles. He brought the sword over his head to strike, but instead twirled the handle is his hands and leaned downward and slowly handed it to her.

    "stubborn, snarl like that" he growled

    "I bet"

    The sword was scanned and compared, as were swoops, slashs and nighbirds blades; all came up as negative matches to the wounds of the deceased. All bots were also confirmed as being within the perimeter of the mountain at the time of the murders. With another dead end hit, goodbyes were exchanged and team prime headed out. Snarl however stopped her at the ship exit.

    "wait, snarl want you to know, of all primes he seen…"

    "yeah yeah, living up to the title, I've heard it"

    "actually, wanna say you smallest of primes he know"


    "but pretty tough too"

    "thanks, take care of things here ok"

    She transformed and led her team back toward the city. Snarl, joined by jetfire, watched as they winded around the mountain road. With only the slightest glance over his shoulder, snarl could detect nightbird hiding in the shadows, as she usually did.

    "follow her" jetfire ordered
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    At had been nearly a month since the murder of bulkhead and slipstream. Since primes visit to the ark, no further leads had presented themselves. Though investigation continued, the case had hit a regrettable dead end. Under the circumstances, snowstorm had been forced to return to her post and usual duties as life in the city returned to relative normal.

    Nightbird, who had been tasked with following the prime, had, unknown to all, vanished after her first week of the task, having been seized by two unknown assailants in the shadows in which she usually took solace. Astrotrain and riptide had both chosen to remain as part of primes entourage, the former out of boredom and the latter for lack of better career options.

    The prime had, in her failure to find justice for the dead, fell into an even more disheartened embrace of her position. She rarely attended the council meetings and when she did, she paid little attention. The most resent one she had barely kept her attention to hear the latest population reports. According to the most recent census, the City was occupied by roughly 6'000 colonists, 130 autoboots, 102 decepticons and was estimated to have between 150-200 unregistered or illegal bots flying under the radar.

    She no longer took part in her training exercises. She could no longer even take solitude in labor any longer, even as the city was gripped in an intense winter. For a time she thought only of the investigation and what may have been missed or overlooked. When nothing could be deuced, depression began to set in the prime. The only fact that seemed out of the ordinary but otherwise unimportant was perceptors diagnosis that slipstream was in fact a clone. His autopsy revealed that she was in fact a clone sparked from the CNA and diagnostics of the decepticon starscream. She imagined that was one of the details she had left before hearing after nightbeats death.

    An occasion soon arose that snowstorm could not avoid and needed to put on her best face for; as prime she was expected to make and appearance. She arrived at the mid-town function hall with her entourage. As an added safety percussion, given recent events, the council had added their special security detail to watch over the occasion. As such, the triplechangers Quickswitch and Sixknight acted as guards at the halls entrance. Through the door, they met the large beats bot Grimwing, who acted as the usher and directed them in. One other factor the cybetronians had learned from the humans was the act of creating a ceremony and celebration built around the union of two beings. The humans knew this as a marriage, while in transformer society is was known as making one your Conjunx Endura. They were attending the ceremony to commemorate the union of Firestar and Flareup. The latter was much younger and had been the subordinate and trainee of the former during the war.

    Prime looked over a program that detailed the pairs Conjunx Ritus, four acts of affection and mutual kindness which typically cement the bond between the two individuals and precede the actual partnership. The four acts were also described; firestar rescuing the rookie firestar during a battle, her taking flareup as her squad trainee, flareup saving a critically wounded firestar by donating her energon and a moment of passion when the two opened their spark chambers to each other. The affection and tenderness of the whole affair gave snowstorm some piece of mind and something to finally be happy about. She walked about and mingled, nodding to some who noticed her and made small talk with others. She took note of the other council members scattered about, as they did her. Conjunx Enduras were still not a very common things so such an occasion was a celebrated one. Other similarly bonded couples were also in attendance for support; the popular autobot couple of chromedome and rewind, the duo of the colonist lightbright and decepticon sparkstalker an autobot downshift and the refuge joyride. She remembered also hearing while at the security HQ that barricade and swift, both decepticons, were in a relationship and considering the ceremony.

    Pyra Magna, a colonist and a figure well known in the religious circles, acted as the officiator of the rites and ceremony itself. Snowstorm enjoyed it all until it reminded her of bulkhead and slipstream. Would they have done the same; had their own happy and celebrated day. No one would know now; that future was stolen from them, and she failed to avenge them. Falling into her depression again, she planned to slip away unnoticed during the after party. before she could she was interrupted by someone calling her name.


    "good to see you ice inferno" the aged femme said

    She was shocked to see Tempora, the elder, leader and her mentor from her home colony. She maintained a detached tone and look. Snowstorm frowned, sensing atension between that had existed since she took office.

    "tempora, it is so very good to see you. You a fresh light in dark time"

    "politics not what you thought" she said dismissively

    Despite it not being her choice to become a leader, tempora always seemed to hold snowstorm becoming prime against her like it was. She seemed somehow disappointed in her for some reason. Seeing as the conversation would be no less awkward or uncomfortable as those with her other former friends and family, she quickly excused herself. Giving her entourage the slip, she left the party. She walked the street with nothing but her failures, responsibilities and insecurities to keep her company. Her concerns were not helped by witnessing a crowd flock to the speeches of the vagrant Quillfire. The squat, spiked bot was a notorious anarchist who often spouted his anti-establishment rhetoric to those willing and even unwilling to listen. The fact that he was currently denouncing her failed leadership was not a spirit lifter. Seeking someway to alleviate her mood, she made for the city's grand archive. The front desk was currently manned by a hovering diagnostic drone, and she realized she could not recall what bot was the head of the archive.

    "welcome to the little cybertron grand archive, where knowledge is but the click of a button away" the drone recited with courtesy and artificial happiness.

    "hm, hi. Not sure exactly what I want to read" she said aloud

    "may I suggest some of our most popular readings; "Me and Optimus Prime", "Curse You Megatron: The Tragic Life of a Mistreated Seeker", "Ancient Cybetronin History", "The Necronimicon Unicronus", "Quintessons and How to Protect Your Family From Them", "Best Recipes for Cesium salami", "Earth Germs"…"

    "uh…cloning" she interrupted

    Slipstream had again popped into her mind and she thought to investigate the subject a bit to alleviate her boredom. The drone led her to a kiosk and away after he activated it for her. Various articles and descriptions on the science and history of the subject popped up on the screen which she scanned through. It was not fairly common but had seen its fair use during the war for a multitude of reasons; troop building, experimentation, genuine science and other various causes. When she came to the part that described bots that had experience in the field, she realized she recognized two; the decepticons blackarachina and scorponok. Recalling that she had seen them at soundblasters place, and that they seemed even sketchier than the standard cons. Finding it more than a coincidence, she thought it may be worth looking into. Leaving and heading off for the decepticon bar, she chose not to contact the others, wanting them to enjoy the party. She arrived and gained entrance again with the password. This time the various cons that were there paid her less attention; blackout even gave her a respectful nod. She had made a few other brief visits during the investigation and was considered a regular. She sat at the bar beside her drinking buddy sky-byte though realized he was passed out drunk on the counter top. She waited for soundblaster to come out, though it took a long time, very unusual for the owner and bartender. He seemed shocked and caught off guard when he saw her there.

    "prime, what are you doing here?"

    "I actually had some questions about a pair of your patrons"

    He composed himself and inquisited who she referred to.

    "blackarachnia and scorponok"

    "hm, an ambiguous pair. I admit they are decepticons that I do not know much about. They appear very rarae,ly and are not open about their affairs. If I'm being honest I do not consider them trustworthy bots. What is your interest in them?

    "I discovered that the pair had a history of work in the field of cloning"

    "I see, I take it you know about slipstream then?"

    "I do, and you do as well?"

    "I was there when she was created, and no, neither scorponok nor blackarachnia were part of her genesis"

    "and how did you feel about her?"

    "I have no real opinion either way regarding clones. I was far from supportive of having another starscream in the universe, but she did prove to be a more valuable decepticon and to possess her own personality, independent from his. I valued her as a comrade"

    Soundwave took pause and appeared to be in deep thought. He gestured for her to follow him to a back room. She saw a large tarp covering something and grew nervous when she noticed spats of energon.

    "dark designs appear to be afoot and I fear they are all interconnected"

    Igor took hold of the tarp and handed it to soundblaster and with a jerk of his arm he pulled it aside. Snowstorm gaped in horror at the scattered and mutilated remains of a black and green bot. Had sounblaster killed the bot and looked for her aid in hiding it or clearing any charge against him. She instinctively began reaching for her ion cannon when he spoke up.

    "this was lockdown. He was a renowned mercenary and bounty hunter and one of the most skilled and deadly bots in the galaxy. My associates found him like this last night. I know no bot alive today that could overcome him like this"

    As she relaxed and examined the body, she took note of some features such as the hook appendage, a trait famously related to him that she knew of. She had no idea he was even in the city, recalling the earlier report of illegal bots present in the city.

    "do you have any theories?" she asked

    "unfortunately yes. He had arrived in the city over a year ago delivering apparently sensitive cargo on a job he had been hired for. Sideways, another decepticon he was close with, mentioned he had recently returned with more cargo for the one who originally hired him and was connected to the first cargo apparently"

    "what was this cargo he was delivering?"

    "He did not mention but it was implied to be of great importance"

    "and did he mention who he was hired by?"

    "yes. Flamewar"

    "I am not familiar with them"

    "be glad you are not. I am a bot famous for my loyalty, and even I would have to call flamewar a fanatic. She was stealthy, intelligent and skilled, but also murderous, obsessive and zealously loyal to megatron. I believe in her own twisted way she may have even loved him"

    "and this worries you?"

    "yes. I had no idea flamewar was even still functioning, more so on earth at all. That is a rather egregious gap in information by my standards"

    "and her involvement in all this is your hypothesis?"

    "it is unmistakable. She held such blind devotion to even the most ludicrous or severe of megatrons beliefs and took his death and the degrading of the war, lets shall we say, badly"

    "and you didn't?"

    "I…moved on, accepted it in my own way. I hold the decepticon ideals and what megatron stood for in my spark still, but life still goes on. Regardless, the death of an inter faction couple seems very in character for her as well"

    "so we may at last have our culprit, we just have to find her, and whatever lockdown retrieved for her must obviously be sigbnificant enough that she was willing to kill him to keep it secret"

    "indeed. It would seem some pieces are finally coming together"

    "thank you soundblaster"

    She left the bar and made to meet with jazz and the others and move to investigate the new lead. She rounded a corner when she was tackled from behind. She rolled along the ground and her and frenzied shout as she looked up. She saw that her attacker was a bot of grey and light blue; the wings and cockpit clearly indicated he was a flyer. He looked, mad, unhinged; he had a crazed look about him to the point of not even looking focused. In his hand he clutched sword tightly. She then recognized him as megaplex, the rookie officer that had gone missing. Before she could react or say anything he pounced on her, struggling and snarling madly as he scratched and banged at her armor. She got hold of her weapon but he was so close she could not use. Gaining brief movement in the midst of his frenzied assault, she got her legs up and kicked him away. He recovered quickly and charged at her again, snarling and with his bade posed for a stabbing strike. Aiming, she instinctively fired three shots into the attacker without thinking. The blasts echoed on forever in the quite city. All three shots pierced through his torso and with the momentum of his charge he fell hard, face first to the pavement. He lay there, unmoving and leaking energon. She felt overwhelmed, and was in utter shock; she was losing energon as well from his assault. She radioed for aid but in her daze couldn't recall who she called or what exactly she said. She began to black out, only remembering seeing the eyes of weary civilians investigating and the blurry image of soundblaster, blackout and sky-byte rushing to her aid before losing consciousness.
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    It had been a week since the death of megaplex and the city had returned to normal. Snowstorm had mostly recovered from her injuries and suffered through the trials of her new celebrity status, now hailed as prime and as the bot who took down the murderer. She had endured the emotional stress of the attack, compounded with the many parades, interviews and speeches the past week had condemned her to. The case regarding the murders had been officially closed, as megaplexs blade was confirmed to be the one that killed bulkhead and slipstream, and there was not much else to say about the matter. Though in the primes mind there were still questions nagging. If it was simply megaplex conducting he murders, then what of flamewar, and lockdown and all the other factors. She shared none of her concerns with jazz or her allies but knew they mattered. So much evidence pointed to a larger conspiracy, and yet when she was drawing ever closer to a conclusion, and insane culprit simply appears and ends it all. She was no detective but she knew there was more to it. Somehow she could feel it, maybe through the matrix or her own intuition but she knew this was not over.

    She was interrupted from her thoughts when the light green colored pardronian nurse motioned that she was clear to leave. The thanked her and left, happy that this would be the last of her medical follow ups for the time being. She grunted as she went to leave, he shoulder blows again casuing her to briefly jam in the doorway. She had suffered some injuries in the attack, though the worst of it had been a bad blow to the head and trauma to her arm, which had just come out of its support sling. Having dismissed her support staff and finding surprising peace from the "adoring" public, she went for a walk to clear her head. She did not to drive, as transforming still made her arm hurt. She walked for some, alternating between admiring the everyday life other bots could enjoy and returning to her grave suspicions.

    "hey watch it lady, this is work zone!" a voice growled

    She jumped back at the shock of the short green and purple bot in front of her. She looked and realized she was indeed at the border of a work zone. A large number of constructicons were building what looked to her like a new habitation complex. The city was sure expanding if they still needed more hab suits. The constructions, she remembered were originally a decepticon sub-group, but had since grown into a master work force for the city. It had recruited many a talented autobots and colonists into its fold, all of which had be repainted with the groups signature green and purple color scheme.

    "I said move along lady, nobody messes with dirtboss' projects" the squat fork lift lectured

    She witnessed with awe as the primary group combined into their famous gestalt mode, Devastator. It was her first time seeing a combiner in person and the second hand account did not describe their magnificence justly. The prime watched as the massive bot lifted an entire section of levels up onto the already constructed section of the building. Content, she moved along with a smile at the sight, happy to see bots united in building, working towards progress. She was ever grateful she had been far away from the centuries of death, destruction and war their race had degraded itself to.

    "snowstorm prime, please some in" her comm came alive

    "this is prime, what is it perceptor?"

    "please come to the science guild immediately, I have an urgent matter to discuss with you"

    "oh primus what now" she worried

    She pushed aside the pain and transformed to hurry along, thankful that it wasn't rush hour. It was unlike the autobot scientist to sound so alarmed; she figured it must have been important. She arrived and was led into a laboratory where perceptor, barinstorm, proxima and barins all stood with concerned faces. She was shocked to see that on the examination table at the rooms center was the lifeless body of megablex. Seeing the bot who had killed so many and tried to do the same to her, and who she had herself offlines, sent an uncomfortable chill through her spark.

    "what is this?" she demenaded

    "prime, upon examination of megaplex, we have made grave discovery; he too is a clone" perceptor reproted


    "not one so advanced and developed as slipstream or others but a clone all the same" proxima added

    "we believe his madness may have stemmed from his cloning process being…lets say in adiquite or incomplete" brains spoke up

    "However, that is not the most disturbing part. The part is the source of his data"

    "what is the source of his data"

    "megatron" perceptor said flatly

    "what did you say?"

    "yes. Of course you know megatron was the decepticon warlord, and he perished during the war"

    "not completely at least" brains shrugged

    "yes, well, by all indications, megaplex is undoubtedly a clone of megatron. All our examinations confirm the presence of his data, schematics and CNA. He even bears a shell program, megaplex likely being a false personality likely overshadowing the copy of the original"

    Snowstorm was in awe and horror, she had to sit down. Names like optimus prime and megatron were like legends now. To bots like her they seemed so far and gone to be at times thought as but stories, never sure if they were real.

    "do you have any more good news for me? Maybe that the high council are all pretenders, or maybe the god of chaos unicron is hiding in the earth. Hm?"

    "no, nothing like that. Those are just absurd" perceptor shrugged

    "however, megapex did seem to have high amount of condensation in his circuits" brainstorm added


    "indeed, he must have been hiding out somewhere with a lot of moisture" proxima said

    "ok, thank you, all of you. I will take this into consideration and see what to do next. Please ensure this imformation is kept secret and the "remains" are extremely secured.

    After they all agreed she left, still in bit of a daze after such a bombshell. From an unseen position, three bots watched her intently from the shadows, interested in her sudden mood change. All these things just kept running through her mind, fractuired and broken, when suddenly she remembered one thing soundblaster had said to her when he told her of flamewar.

    "and she was zealously loyal to megatron" his synthesized voice echoed in her processor.

    She froze and gaped at the air; with that, she understood. Everything made sense and she finally saw the big picture what it was. To confirm her suspicions she quickly opened public records, which as prime she had full access to, and scrolled for what she was looking for. She finally found exactly what she was looking for.

    "YES! This is snowstorm prime, all members of team prime, head for the river immediately. Meet me en-route on route G2-92"

    She transformed and sped off full speed through the city. Roughly ten minutes from the river, drift, lancer, atrotrain and riptide converged to form around her as the moved on. She had already informed them of the discoveries she had made and soundblasters, so they had most of the same information she had, she just had to put it together for them.

    "whats this all about prime?" drift asked

    "we're about the bring in the ones really responsible for these murders"

    "what, but you already…" astrotrain started

    "megaplex was a clone, perceptor just confirmed it. He was defective clone of megatron. He may have done the killing but he was just mad dog. If we want justice, we gotta bring down the bots who set him loose"

    "who?" riptide asked

    The group then breached the last city block where it opened to the river's edge and transformed. Further down river to their left was the marina where the aquatic bots resided.

    "I'm sorry, we don't get it prime" lancer frowned

    She turned to them with a wide grin, proud to have worked it all out herself.

    "don't you see, it all fits together now, it's all been one big machination. Flamewar snuck into the city undetected and set up shop and hired lockdown to deliver her megatrons samples to clone. She created megaplex with scorponok and blackarachnia, both having experience in the field. Then, when megaplex apparently started going haywire, they decided to try again. They rehired lockdown and he delivered them something, maybe more samples or equipment. To ensure their mission remained secret, they killed him or set megaplex to do it. And when I appeared to be learning to much, they set him on me, and whether I died or he did, their trail would likely be lost."

    "Wow, heavy, very heavy" riptide gaped

    "this is astounding prime" drift praised

    "errr! wrong. We still haven't caught flamewar, and why are we here anyway?" astrotrain grimaced

    "because our first clue was correct, the watery foot prints at the first murders. Megaplexs autopsy even confirmed he was near water to a great degree"

    The others looked on confused, as they had already checked the river. The prime smiled confidently, and slowly turned her head in silence to look up river. The others looked right, following her gaze and saw her implication; the dam. A large facility and completely empty and automated save for a few maintenance workers. Prime led them as they walked, following the walk way along the river. Snowstorm caught sight of cliffjumper on patrol nearby and flagged him down. She ordered him back to security force base to have the force ready itself for a possible confrontation. She was annoyed to be told that jazz was off duty, visiting the other autoboot vets, but knew either barricade or chromia would ensure her order were followed and sent the small red bot off. She then pulled up the public record she had earlier accessed to show the others.

    "the head of maintenance for the dam was formerly Treadbolt…" she started

    Pulled up on her screen was the bot, a large and bulky yellow and black femme.

    "she went missing about a year ago, and this bot here, calling herself flame, instantly applied for her position"

    Another image popped up on her data pad, that of flame, and with another click, a decepticon registration image of flamewar appeared beside it. It was beyond obvious that they were the same bot, but as flame she had used an electronic paint job to appear mostly yellow. Her primary paint job war primarily black with red highlight and flame details.

    "with unlimited access to such a large and unmanned facility, it would indeed make for a perfect hiding spot for her operation" drift admitted

    As they approached the damn, they were accosted by one of its security guards. He was a large, bulky green decepticon with a large dump truck alt mode. His stubby head looked tiny on his massive fame. The bot was questioned, since he could have very likely been in on the conspiracy, and dismissed while they investigated. While grouchy and a bit standoffish, he didn't seem suspicious; in fact, if he were polite it would have been more suspicious. It was amusing when they found his name was long haul, and that he had history of grief due confusion with him and the notable constructicon of the same name. The team made their way to a utility entrance to the dam and used caution in investigating the facility. The first large room they inspected appeared to simply house the main components and workings of the dam, but lancer soon found an access tunnel to another facility. Making their way down the corridor with stealth, they found it opened into another large chamber. The ground level was clearly a base and extensive laboratory, while above appeared to be countless shelves holding hundreds of stasis pods. Seeing no movement or activity, they moved further in. They eyed the various, displays notes and equipment about the room as they moved through it; it certainly had the makings of a cloning operation.

    "holy slag!" riptide shouted while still trying to keep a hushed tone.

    They others came around a corner to what he was looking at. There lay the corpses of blackarachnia and scorponok, both decapitated and impaled through the spark. A pool of their mixed energon spread from the bodies and ran about the near area.

    "by primus" drift gawked

    "obviously flamewar didn't want anyone to know what she was doing" snowstorm frowned

    "oh I wouldn't quite say that" came a foreign voice

    They all whirled around, weapons at the ready, searching for its source. It was a male voice so it wasn't flamewar, but then who. Astrotrain alone felt like it sounded familiar. They moved as unit, coming around a corner to what look like odd piece of equipment on pedestal. Under which, in a clear containment unit, was a contained spark. Suddenly a large single yellow light appeared in the center of the "equipment".

    "greetings" it said

    They all yelled and jumped back at its suddenly coming to life. Astrotrain recovered first and stepped forward, recognizing what he was seeing.



    Perplexed, the others came to look closer. The "equipment" was in fact a disembodied head, simple and featureless; it was purple and rectangle in shape, with grey audio receptors on its sides and a blank, black visage save for the single yellow optic. It became clear upon inspection that the spark below was his own, persevered and connected to the head to allow communication.

    "shockwave, I thought you got fried during the war" astrotrain questioned

    "as did I. I regained consciousness in this place a couple weeks ago. I was informed by my host that the explosion that supposedly killed me destroyed most of my body and rendered me in stasis lock. I was apparently recovered by autobot forces, who locked my husk in a high security storage facility to be forgotten. They learned of this facility and enlisted the aid of lockdown to infiltrate it and recover my remains"

    "for what purpose?" prime grew weary

    "my scientific expertise of course. Apparently the decepticons currently occupying the floor there had failed at whatever their task was. Once I had been returned to semi operational order and regained my senses, they were promptly disposed oooooooof…."

    Shockwave trailed off as his voice fizzled down and his eye shrunk and shut off. Below, a stasis field activated around his spark, rendering him unconscious and inactive.

    "he talks to much" a female voice came from behind.

    The group spun around, weapons ready and trained on their target, the holder of shockwave and megaplexs collars and the mastermind of their troubles; flamewar.
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    There stood flamewar, a massive crossbow blaster in one hand in in the other, the controller with which she had deactivated shockwave. She bore a passive sneer on her face with the slightest hint of a sadistic smirk; a clear sign of her mental state not running on all cylinders. More surprising was that she was flanked by the decepticons shatter and dropkick, both with weapons trained on them. When the prime had first met with soundblaster, she agreed to ensure the duo got fare treatment after getting arrested. As it turned out, they had been caught red handed in the act of running weapons. They escaped custody and after a fire fight managed to slip away and remain under the radar. Far from entertained or in a mood for a battle, astrotrain suddenly brought his two blasters to bare and fired two full power shots. Flamewar barely flinched as the shots struck their marks on her enforcers, sending them flying backwards like rag dolls. Both landed in heaps on the floor near the rear wall, smoking and deactivated. It was clear that a battle was to come but now the gauntlet had been cast. Flamewar simply glanced at the fallen warriors, turned back and stood there smirking, as if victory was already hers.

    “it matters not, none of this, none of you, and none of them. The decepticons ultimate victory is destined to come”

    “I don’t think so crazy. I, snowstorm prime, leader and protector of this city and its people, am placing you under arrest; we’re shutting down your little experiment before it goes any further” the prime threatened

    “ooooh, “prime” is it, pfft. But my dear, it has already come so far already”

    She smiled sadistically and raised her arms upwards in a horrifying gesture. They all soon realized the terrible truth; all those hundreds of stasis pods above were more failed clones, a legion of megaplex.

    “me and those fools spent a lot of time attempting to perfect our…process, but every one was a failure. 386 total failed attempts to revive the great megatron. The megaplex you knew of was the most recent and successful, for a time that is. That iteration failed when, between my teachings and part of his shell program failing, he lashed out and killed that filthy degenerate couple”

    “their names were bulkhead and slipstream” prime glared with fury

    “I care not, they died and they deserved to die. From there, despite our efforts, his shell program and sanity began to deteriorate like all the rest. We extracted him from his deep cover in the security force, but when that fool autobot detective caught our trail, I offlined him myself. I realized my associates were ill equipped for the task I desired. The fools even sealed their own fate by being the ones to tell me of shockwaves post-war condition. After I got that worthless bounty hunter to get his remains, I figured as many loose ends had to be tied up as possible. I terminated him in a way to look like the clone had done it then sent him after you to end the last threat. Yet sadly here you are. That failure couldn’t even succeed at his final task. Ah well, the next will be better, he will be perfect; he will be megatron”

    “I wonder how many time she’s said that” riptide whispered to lancer

    “with a master scientist like shockwave here, I’m sure the process will be perfected in no time. However, to achive that task in privacy and move on to the future, I realize now how the past must be utterly destroyed; wipe clean the slate. You will all die, horribly, and this city will burn and from its ashes, the new decepticon empire will be reborn”

    “and how you think you’re gonna pull that off alone?” astrotrain mocked

    She pressed another button on her remote and dropped it and her weapon. She stood with a sadistic smiled and raised her arms again. The massive room was suddenly filled with alarms and warning beeps, the clanging of hundreds of pod latches unsealing. From the many pods above the mad and feral clones began to drop to the floor in every direction, snarling and yelling incoherently.

    “slag, fall back, run, get out!” snowstorm ordered

    They took flight for the exit, the only thing they could hear beyond the thundering of the clone horde was flamewars maniacal laughter.

    “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” she cried out

    “jazz, come in jazz!”

    “I’m here prime, what…”

    “get all forces to the river front now. Every armed bot you can, the city is about to be under siege!”

    She terminated the call, not waiting to hear his questions or objections. He had his orders and he would follow them; after all, she needed both hands to fire on the approaching clones. Luckily, jazz was still meeting with the other autobots in “little iacon” and it took little convincing for his old friends, war forged old autobots looking for a good fight, to join him. Team prime alternated between running and firing to keep the clones at bay. By the time they reached the end of the utility tunnel they had only taken down about 20 of the abominations, each one having thick armor. They rushed out and shut the large metal door and rushed away knowing it would be easily breached in seconds.

    Unfortunately that was when long haul made his return, scolding the group for their apparently unruly behavior. In the midst of their shouts for him to get clear the wall around the utility entrance shattered, spilling the frenzied clones onto the ground. In shock, long haul backed away as he was beset by some of the recovering clones. He activated missile launchers in arms and opened fire, blasting a group and madly bashing the ones that got to close to him. There were however to many and he was soon overwhelmed. Panicked as they assaulted his armor, long haul stumbled backwards, falling over the guard rail. He, and the three clones still clinging to him, fell over the edge along the water spewing from the dam into the river below, his fate unknown.

    The group continued to back up and fire continuously as the clones advanced, their blind fury apparently only overshadowed by their madness. Suddenly prime caught site of shadows overhead; three figures had leapt from one of the nearby building and entered the fray. Cutting down the clones around them, they bought team prime some time.

    “this is snowstorm prime to playback”

    “playback here prime, how may i…”

    “I am issuing a priority one alert on the city. I want the city locked down and all citizens advised to remain indoors or reach emergency bulkers. Broadcast it now, on all frequencies”

    “as you command” he responded

    Indeed playback sent out the signal and the city went into its emergency protocols.

    “prime, what is the meaning of this, why is the city going into lockdown?” windblade demanded over the comm

    “the city is in danger, I cannot explain now, remain in command center”

    She suddenly cut the call and radioed another call to the command center.

    “tailgate, blitzwing, lock down the command center now and protect the council at all costs, prime out”

    As she finished, she could finally see who their aid had come from; it was spittor, snowcat and nightbird. Spittor, after being inspired by the primes previous kindness to him, had chosen to watch her back from a distance. Had recruited the other two bots to aid him based on snowcats meeting with her and nightbirds task by jetfire. Nightbird had in fact, moments ago, sent a request to her fellow earth bots for aid with the crisis. Team prime and their new allies backed from the horde, growing larger and larger as more spilled from the dam. Their backs to the city, they were all that stood between the city and its possible destruction. Suddenly a wave of fire spontaneously erupted to the left, erupted the clones on the far right flank and through it burst the three dinobots. They smashed, clawed and bashed the clones before them before transforming and entering a mad melee. Streaking above providing cover wire was jetfire in his shuttle mode. Scores of the clones, still capable of transformation, took to their jet modes and rose up to accost him.

    “security force attacks!” a voice shouted

    Behind team prime, the security forces, as well as jazz and the autobot war horses had arrived. On jazz’s orders, they formed into a solid firing line along the edge of the city limit. They opened fire with everything they had to bring down violent mass of clones. The clones advanced, attempting to swarm and terminate all the adversaries that had risen against them. Some would come to close or breach the foreing line and be forced to be dealt with hand to hand, at which they were at their most dangerous. As the clones bore down more and threatened to overwhelm the security forces, they were suddenly joined. Looking to his left, jazz saw that a new party had arrived to join the protective wall for the city; a mob of decepticons, led by sounblaster. Still as prominent at his trade, the decepticon officer had intercepted the primes communications and rallied as many of his comarades to fight. From behind the armed forces, blaster, reflector and other media broadcasters had congregated to broadcast the battle.

    The combined strength of the security force, autobots and decepticons proved to be the needed drive to turn the tide, and the clones began to dwindle in number. Soundblaster, to the shock of many, joined the fray personally. With the click of a button, he had reformed his life support chair into a massive battle armor that wrapped around his damaged body. He charged forward alone, crushing and blasting every clone that crossed his path. On her request, the expanded team prime pushed through the clones, making their way back towards the dam. She had realized that with all this happening, flamewar could easily slip away; she could hide and start this all again. She would not let that happen, not let her city or people be at risk again. The aquatic bots, having seen the raging battle, had made their way up the river to add their own firepower. From the safety of the water they rained death up into the skies, taking out the airborne clones, their flaming and broken bodies raining onto the battle field.

    Flamewar, confident in her victory, had come to watch the slaughter from the dams top. She now stood scowling, fuming in her hatred at the utter failure of her plans. She turned to take her leave and collect shockwave and the needed materials to start again from a more secure location.

    “perhaps the depths of trypticons husk will prove an ideal home” she thought

    As she turned away she heard a furious battle cry as she saw snowstorm charge her. As far more battle hardened and skilled as flamewar was, the weight of the bulkier femme tackling her was more than she could handle. Both went over the edge and tumbled along the slanted side of the damn until they hit the ground back down on the courtyard.

    “prime?!” drift shouted from above

    Both taking a moment to recover, they rose and glared at each other. Having lost her blaster, flamewar unsheathed blades in her wrists and attacked. Snowstorm was not that fast or skilled and could barely dodge the blade swipes. She received multiple cuts and slashes in her armor but managed to evade any mortal strikes. Managing to get hold of her gun from her back, she brought it about and clubbed the enemy bot hard across the head with it. With the decepticon dazed, prime kicked her in the dissection to put some distance between them. Regaining her senses, flamewar looked up to see the prime with her gun trained on her.

    “you don’t have the bolts for it” she sneered

    “try me” she responded

    “kill me then, but the decepticon dream does not end with me, I have ensured to that” the decepticon smiled

    “the decepticons can have their dreams, and so can the autobots and all the other bots here. That’s what this city is; a dream made real, one of equality. But bots like you just want to tear it down for some outdated rhetoric. The universe has evolved, and there’s no room for bots like you anymore”

    “hm, then do it” she sneered

    The prime tensed as if to fire then relaxed her grip.

    “I’m not like you, I’m not a killer”

    Snowstorm stood aside and before she could respond, flamewar saw a massive fist from behind the prime barrel right at her. Striking her right in the face, she was flung backwards into the dam wall hard. Cracking at her impact, remained imbedded in it for a few seconds before falling to ground uncountious as bits of concrete and medal fall around her. Snowstorm turned to the assaulter and smiled.

    “thank you soundblaster”

    “my pleasure” he said flatly

    And with that, the city was silent; the last of the megaplex clones had been terminated and the battle was won. It was far from an easy victory and they had suffered casualties of their own; springer, pipes, cliffjumper, Dust Up, vortex and some of the colonist officers had been killed in the battle. Among the civilian autobots and decepticons they had lost kup, whirl, star saber, roadbuster, tankor, dirge, thrust, slugslinger and diabla. With the battles end the many groups broke apart; the aquatic bots returned to their own territory, as did jetfire and the dinobots. Nightbird declined rejoining them, as she and her new teammates had been offered to join team prime. Prime put in the call to end the lock down and soon emergency and labor crews were on the scene. All bots worked to dispose of the clones, repair the damage and gets things back to normal. The autobots and decepticons added their help to the efforts, which did prime spark good to see them all working together towards one goal. Just like what she said to flamewar; that was the dream this city represented. The news crews of course made their way to get the scoop on all that had happened. Still not brave enough to face them, she pushed the spotlight to her team, who enjoyed the attention and publicity.

    With the moment of piece, she walked along the edge of the walk way overlooking the river. With the inclusion of its new members, she intends to reform team prime act as a special operation unit to deal with more serious threats posed to the city. She never believed war to be necessary but the trials she has faced in these last few weeks had proven that one must always have a strong sword as well as shield.

    “did I really do it, did this really work out. Is this what it feels like to be...a prime” she thought
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    With the crisis averted, and justice found, the city returned to ordinary life, but somehow better. A new comradery and unity seemed to exist amongst the populace now, and it warmed prime to the spark whenever she saw examples of it. She saw a massive decepticon defend two young protoforms from a falling billboard, a couple colonists help and old autobot with some heavy packages, and she even heard whispers of another autobot/decepticon couple having formed, though she did not know who. Even autobots like bumblebee, ratchet, road rage, hound, skids and others who were well known and had chosen to live with the humans had come to aid in reconstruction of the city. On theirs and the councils advice, snowstorm had chosen to reopen relations with the humans and allow them access to the city again. She realized that as refugees on their works, she had no right to refuse their aid and companionship.

    Snowstorm was nervous, as now, a few weeks after the dam battle, a celebration and honoring of her was to take place. To take her mind off of it, she chose to visit and inspect the new prison facility. Unlike the incarceration cells of the security force, this was unfortunately the first permanent detention center in the city. At present it had 9 inmates: there was of coarse flamewar, who remained in solitary confinement. Shatter and dropkick, who had survived the dam battle, had also been repaired and locked up. Decepticons steeljaw, scatterspike and ramjet, as well as neutral beast-bot terrorsaur and mini-con despensor were also discovered to be collaborators of flamewars. Unfortunately the final inmate was long haul, who had been pulled up from the river floor and revealed as another conspirator. By virtue of purged security video and his own confession, he had aided flamewar in securing the dam as a base. On her orders, he had persued an romance with the maintenance officer treadbolt, and passed what info she had gained to flamewar. Though he did not aid or want it, as he had developed real feelings for the autobot, flamewar murdered treadbolt to secure her position and he reluctantly dumped her frame in the river. He then posed as the security guard of the dam to ward off intruders. He admitted he had no idea of her horrific agenda, thinking she was just looking to remain off the grid. He believed the many megaplexs he saw were a single bot associated with her. Despite his supposedly sad story, he was still an accomplice and prime had him imprisoned all the same.

    As no evidence, that could be found, pointed to shockwave having contributed to flamewar’s operations yet, prime chose not to hold any charges on him. Though he had an infamous past, he would be allowed a chance at a clean start in the city like all autobots and decepticons. As the science guild, who had been giving the task of disposing or recycling the clones, were best quipped for it, she had shockwave turned over to them. She was fairly confident that they would take good care of him. The dam and lab had been fully stripped and under constant guard. Paranoid about what may also been hidden, she insisted that routine checks for anything further secrets in the facility be conducted.

    She had returned to the command center and waited in an empty hall to be called out to the stage in front of the building. She felt ridiculous looking, as additional paint applications had been added to her armor for the occasion, per the request of pyra magna and other religious members. The markings were apparently invocative of the past primes and considered sacred and hallowed; how could she have refused under the circumstances. The crowd, she was told, was practically the entire city pollution, which she found shocking. Tailgate and the decepticon scrapmetal finished prepping her on the proceedings6 before rushing out to wait to give her the exit signal. Lost in her thoughts, the introduction speeches by windblade and jazz sounded like distant mumbling. She did not also register the approach of another robot from the other end of the hallway until they were right upon her.

    “greetings prime” the bot spoke cordially

    Startled, she jumped back; the bot before her was purple and black and, being few heads taller, looked down at her. She then realized by his face, or lack thereof, that it was shockwave, rebuilt by the science guild. They, or he, had obviously got in an interesting design with his reconstruction. From his files, his original frame was boxy and standard, with one hand and one weapon/laser tool appendage. This new bot before her had a far more foreign and repellant visage. He was thin and lanky, and both hands bore three long pointed digits. He had chosen to still bear his decepticon symbol, which was imprinted proudly on his chest. His head was now stretched longer but still bore no features save for the single red optic peering at her and his audio receptors where no long and curved like horns. If one was seeking an appearance of a bot to not trust on first fight, this was it.

    “I see you have noticed my reformatted form. I find it quite appealing don’t you”

    Somehow every word he spoke to her seemed to have some sort of condescending tone.

    “yes, very efficient” she managed a smile

    “I wanted to thank you personally for granting my pardon prime”

    “not at all, you were at the time more prisoner of flamewar after all”

    “of course”

    “damn, with a face like that I can’t read this bot at all” the though to herself

    “will you be remaining with the science guild? I’m sure with your talents you would be welcome”

    “I do not believe we share the same interests. I believe I will pursue my own itinerary for the time being”

    “which would be?”

    “ah ah, spoilers” he chirped

    Realizing the bot may very well be looking to start more trouble and had been playing her, she readied to threaten him right back when she heard the sound of applause and saw tailgate waving her down.

    “I’ll leave you to your celebrations, until next we meet, prime”

    With that he turned and walked down the hall, but turned back to her before vanishing into the darkness.

    “try to smile prime, this is your day after all. Do try to enjoy it”

    His words were full of mockery and a hint of menace. Before she knew it he was gone.

    “that is definitely a bot I have to keep and optic on” she thought aloud

    Remembering it was her que, she ran out and froze as, to her awe, the wide street before her, full of bots of all makes, erupted in thunderous applause. She waved awkwardly, caught off guard by the overwhelming reaction. She looked down to see those of her colony at the front row, per her request. She had worried that it would be received badly by them, thinking it her way of rubbing her success in their faces. Beyond her wildest expectation, they cheered as well. The bots she thought she had lost; former friends, family, coworkers and people of her home, who meant the most to her, supporting her. Even tempora bore genuine smile and waved to her, which she happily returned. To the primes left on stage were the council members, and to her right team prime. Flanking the podium were jazz and windblade and for a moment she thought she was meant to step forth. She stopped herself, remembering there would first be a guest speaker to honor her. Not knowing how it was, she was surprised to see soundblaster ascend the stage on his chair and move to its center. Unable to reach the microphone from his support chair, he simply used his natural abilities to amplify his voice to a similarly amplified tone.

    “bots of new cyberttron; autobots, decepticons, colonists, neutrals and all in between. I have been a decepticon for a long time. I fought optimus prime many a time, and he is considered the greatest prime to have lived. We have been forced to accept one who did not deserve the honor of being a prime; a nobody from nowhere, who had never held a blaster or given an order. She was without the worst bot to lead this refuge…”

    “what the slag, this is what honoring is to a decepticon!” she thought and scowled

    “…and, I believe we may all be the better for it. Optimus prime and others like him were great commanders who commanded respect from their soldiers. We now have prime who has proven herself a leader and who has instead earned ours. Not since the early years of the golden age of cybertron have I seen a prime unite so many varying bots as now. For a better and brighter future, it is clear that it is snowstorm prime who shall guide us there”

    Once again the city erupted into applause that shook the earth and sky. Soundblaster moved aside and bid the prime to approach. Nervous but overwhelmed with emotion, she walked forward, returning the smiles jazz and windblade gave her as she passed them. Reaching the front, she reach out and exchanged a heartfelt handshake with soundblaster, who moved back to join the others. She was unsure of what to say, what could be said following a speech like that.

    “thank you, thank you so much. Thank you to my team, to the council, and to all of you, for trusting in me even when I didn’t trust myself. I truly don’t know if being a prime is in my programming but if that means leading and protecting this amazing city and all of you on this beautiful world, than like the many primes before me, I accept that burden and honor with all that I am…”

    Having read a certain phrase that had apparently been used as arallying cry by past primes, she figured she might as well try it.

    “till all are one!”

    Again, louder and harder than ever the people cheered. She waved, unable to hide the big smile on her face. The celebration eventually wound down and the other bots on stage came together to conversate. Jazz came up to shake her hand.

    “nice touch” he smiled

    “Affirmative” soundblaster added

    Choosing to let old grudges die and the future be embraced, the two bots, likely the highest ranking remaining from each side, shook hands, in their minds effectively ending the war. The peace and unity did endure in the coming weeks and life continued as it once was. Snowstorm prime however now had embraced her role fully and whole-sparkedly. She sat with the council again, fully attentive and presiding over the proceedings. However, she did excuse herself, almost by instinct, upon seeing out the window that snow had begun to again fall on the city. The council suddenly realized that once again sitting the primes seat was an eager looking tailgate.

    Dismissing team prime for the day, she went outside to meet her new charges. Two annoyed looking bots waited at the head where the city’s main road met the command center. One was Mudflap, a tall, rebellious blue crane bot; he had history of being an autobot, then a decepticon and finally a rogue. The other was Skipjack, a red, sociopathic decepticon bulldozer. He had a peculiar body build, hunched and with a repulsive head on a long neck; his treads extended past his arms and hung like whips. Rather than legs, his lower half tapered into a single spring-like limb, which he balanced on when standing and bounced on to move. Both now laborers, they were the city workers that she had previously sentenced to additional shifts due to their subpar performances. She had chosen to take both under her command when she partook in the labor.

    “alright bots, let’s get in a good hard days work”

    The two looked at each other with apprehension but, not wanting to argue with the prime, transformed and started into their duty. Content, snowstorm turned to look at the monument that she had personally commissioned be erected in the command center court yard. At its base were inscribed the names of all the bots who gave their sparks in the battle with the megaplex clones. Above was erected a large sculpture of slipstream and bulkhead, hand in hand and both bearing their faction logos. It represented the unity this city would forever more be founded on. She smiled and kicked the snow playfully, ready to do some work, the kind that gave the old Ice Inferno in her peace.

    The End, for now.

    That’s it for now, big thanks to Jackspicerchase on deviatntart whose OC Inspired me to wright this fic. I do have a basic outline for a sequel about “you know who” causing mayhem but I’ll wait to see how this is received first. Thanks for reading and please comment and review.
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    It has been over a year since the crisis of the cloning conspiracy and flamewars imprisonment. In the wake of a long stretch of peace and harmony in new cybertron, a new threat appears to be rearing its head. Only a few days ago, a mysterious message was broadcast to the city, supposedly by megatron himself by all indications. Spouting the age old rhetoric of peace through tyranny and equality through force, it was a call to arms of reforming the decepticons. The council, weary of what this may incite, convened an emergency session.

    “what we know is that the signal is of unknown origin and is Cleary intended to invoke megatrons image” windblade reported

    “playback has reported that the communication network was not hacked or compromised, and that the broadcast was from a strong, outside signal” sandstorm added

    “lickety split, away we go” wreck-gar smiled

    “indeedy dee, something wicked this way comes” rum-maj agreed

    And we are sure sounblaster was not involved? All of this seems very clearly like his work” hotshot accused

    “as is supposed to be. It is too obvious that it would be him. It is meant to mislead us” obsidian countered

    “agreed, I have already spoken with soundblaster, and he is not responsible. He has given me his word which, as a friend, I take. He has declared that he will not answer the call and had sought to dissuade other decepticons” snowstorm prime spoke up

    “aaaand” hot shot prodded

    “and many did. He provided me a list of those he knew of”

    Prime projected the list provided at the center of the round council table. Lugnut, strika, mindwipe, ratbat, astaea, underbite, Straxus, nitro zeus, sideways, runabout, runamuck, brawl, mohawk, scourge, bludgeon, and multiple vehicons troopers were reported as having left to join the cause. More were possibly also gone, as well as some of the more impressionable colonists had reportedly answered as well.

    “apparently blitzwing had also left us to join as well” windblade reported

    “a shame, he was a trusted ally” obsidian sighed

    “im sure” hot shot hissed


    “I find it off that such a high ranking commander in the decepticons isn’t jumping at the chance to retake his position, and is that not your partners name on that list” the autobot accused

    Snowstorm did not want to see the cities leaders fall to infighting, but hot shot raised a valid point under the circumstances; could obsidian be trusted or was he just keeping tabs on them. The decepticon appeared enraged by the accusation before it subsided and he sighed.

    “of myself and strika, I was always the more practical and she the more passionate. She found it harder to adjust without conflict, and I im not surprised she would act on such an opportunity. I find the current situation ideal and enduring, unlike the self-defeating ways the decepticons once followed”

    That was enough for the council and they moved on.

    “I have no doubt at all that shockwave is involved in this. He clearly had sinister motives when last we met and despite my best efforts I have been unable to keep surveillance on him”

    “the man behind the mask be the king of the castle” wreck gar commented

    “So you think shockwave fabricated this image of megatron to recruit troops?” windblade asked

    “that would appear to be the case”

    The meeting was soon interrupted by the report that the city detention center had been attacked. Dismissing the meeting, prime mobilized her team and headed out. The council members left one by one and obsidian, in deep through, hovered down a hallway. He suddenly thought he saw a familiar form down the hall which promptly disappeared around a corner. Suspicious and curious, he moved to follow, eventually arriving at a closed utility room. Weary, he ensured his arm mounted missile launchers were at the ready and entered. As soon as he was clear of the door it suddenly shut and the room was dark save for the moon light through the large window along the outer wall. He suddenly felt pain overtake him as he was tazed, his body falling limp to the ground as his circuits sizzled. Looking up, he saw two shadows standing over him. As his optics adjusted to the lighting, he recognized the attackers; one was scourge, a blue, bearded space craft and renounced hunter. The other was Straxus, his colors were a dark blue that looked almost black with red highlights. He also bore his signature axe weapon in hand.

    “Governor Straxus, to what do I owe the pleasure?” he groaned

    He was silenced by hard kick to his midsection by the cruel bot.

    “you disappoint us general. You have disrupted megatrons plan”

    “megatron is gone, and as much as you fanatics want, he isn’t coming back”

    “not so dead in fact, I assure you”

    “what plan?”

    “you, a supposedly loyal soldier, were meant to rise with the others, and I would step forward and take your seat on the council”

    “not happening”

    “not yet, but soon. We had such high hopes for such an esteemed commander”

    Straxus raised his axe to strike the downed bot when his head suddenly erupted in flame and shattered, blasted from behind. His lifeless body fell to the floor and the two remaining decepticons turned to look at the now open door. Illuminated by the hall lights was hot shot, who activated his flame throwers and belched flame at scourge. The decepticon threw himself through the window to escape, transforming and taking off into the night sky. Hot shot ran to help obsidian up.

    “how did you know?”

    “I followed you because I didn’t trust you, but I do now”

    In less than a few hours, after obsidian had been repaired, the council convened again to discuss the crisis. The attack on the detention facility had been a jail break initiated by the decepicons. Flamewar and the other prisoners had all been freed, save long haul, who, unwilling to join in the escape, had died in the chaos. Guards armorhide, crosshairs and devcon had perished in the attack. Prime had taken the death of devcon, a renowned neutral mercenary and trader, hard, as he had become a friend to her. A secret she hid down deep was that she had a bit of a crush on the suave rogue, who had visited her home colony few times on business.

    At the decepticon bar, soundblaster sat moping. All his work to try to unite the decepticons had been seemingly destroyed. Despite his warning, many of them had run off to join a news hopeless cause. His business had suffered to, no robbed of many of his regular patrons. He of course had regular visits from some of the remaining decepticons, like the fat tankor and spinister who sat at the bar now. Even the bots of other affiliations like sky-byte and trailbreaker. Beast bots and fellow patrons snapper and break had just left with the autobot drunkard, who had begun frequenting the bar after being banned from the autobot one. With blackout off for the night his only other companions were crankcase, igor and buzzsaw. As he readied to begin closing up he was alerted by a squawk from buzzsaw; the mechanical condor had caught something he didn’t like. An alert on his support chair and he looked to see that some of his exterior security cameras had been taken out. From a hidden one in front of the building he saw a group of shadowed bots making for the front door.

    “I knew this would come sooner or later” he lamented in his thoughts

    He issued a telepathic command to buzzsaw to hide in the rafters and record what transpires and take it to snowstorm prime, to which it obeyed. Soundblaster hoped what the mini-con bird catches will be enough for her, and for her safety in what is to come, for he may not see it. There were three long, loud bangs at the door, which raddled and alerted the other two cons present. Seeing no point in drawing things out needlessly, he clicked a button on his chair and remotely opened the door. Though he could not quite make out the form of the bot standing there, the single optic glowing the darkness was all the information he needed.

    “come in shockwave, though I did not take you for a drinker”

    “cute” the cyclops quipped back

    Shockwave marched through the door followed by strika, lugnut, flamewar and blitzwing. Soundwave could register a 6th bot lingering just outside the door in the shadows. Shockwave turned his optic to the two patrons, who shrunk under his gaze.

    “traitors…and witnesses, unfortunate” he thought aloud.

    The 5 bots appeared threatening but made no attempt at violence, appearing to just be enforcers or an escort. Through the door appeared the one who the followed, and to soundblasters chock, appeared to be megatron. The bot, a familiar grey and metallic blue in color, stood roughly the same size as the larger bots of the room. He obviously was a flyer, evidenced by the wings on his back and cockpit on his chest. The squared bucket helmet was the prominent and familiar characteristic.

    “impossible, you are not megatron”

    “I am megatron reborn; stronger, faster, tougher and better in every way”

    Soundblaster examined the bot, looking over every detail and in deep thought.

    “so, you finished the project, this nothing but another mere clone” he turned to shockwave

    Soundblaster was suddenly seized and hoisted out of his chair my the new megatron, the bots grip tightening around his neck.

    “I am not a clone, I am everything megatron was, perfected; the decepticon ideals and power given form. I am the future”

    The other decepticons all chuckled at the show of force and declaration. Soundblaster knew what was to come and that there was no going back for him or walking away from this confrontation. He more than any bot, was one who stuck to his beliefs and convictions without waiver. Those may have changed over the centuries, but he had not.

    “you are only a shadow. This city is the future, and snowstorm prime will destroy yo…”

    The room filled with the horrid augmentation of synthetic misery of soundblasters voice as he cried out, megatron having shoved his free arm through the disabled bots display screen chest. Only blitzwing looked away from the cruel site as the other cheered. Megatron felt around and seized the decepticons spark core in his hand.

    “any last words traitor?”

    Soundblaster said nothing, merely staring firmly into the clones eyes, unnerving the attacker. Clenching the spark, he drew the black bot closer to whisper to him.

    “this city, this world, the universe will burn in my hand like your spark, and I shall kill your new prime myself, traitor”

    With a sudden crunch and a singing synthetic scream it was over. The now greying body of soundblaster dropped to the floor, dead. Before anyone could react, crankcase came running out from the back room after hearing the commotion. Seeing the scene, no words were exchanged as he opened fire on the attackers, and was soon joined by tankor and spinister. The others took cover but quickly overwhelmed and gunned down the traitorous cons. Flamewar took sadistic glee in targeting igor, whose small body shattered to pieces from the impact of her blast. Megatron silently turned and made for the door, followed by the others. Just outside the door, megatron stopped, apparently caught in thought.

    “mighty megatron, shall I burn down and destroy this filthy traitor refuge?” flamewar requested

    “and destroy the bodies, of course not. Destroyed this place is a warning, but standing, it is a reminded”

    With no more words, the decepticons marched off and vanished into the night, their mission accomplished. To his anguish, buzzsaws mission was also complete and he reluctantly left his dead master to deliver the message to prime. The yellow and black bird arrived at the council chamber in the midst of meeting. Though they could not understand him, it was clear he had importatnt news. With soundblaster not answering her calls, snowstorm was forced to call the only other bot in the city who was compatible with cassette mini-cons, blaster. She was not enthusiastic about inviting a bot of the press into a sensitive situation but they needed answers. He was summoned and arrived, and predictable sought exclusive information for his broadcasts.

    “we will deal with that later, can you please play back whatever buzzsaw needs to show us”

    “right on” she smiled

    Accepting the decepticon into his chest case, he transformed and jacked into the port for the view screen. All present were forced to bear witness to the horrible footage, with snowstorm especially thrown into despair over the loss of soundblaster, a confident and close friend. Blaster transformed and remained silent while buzzsaw ejected and flew over to land on the primes shoulder, comforting her in the grief he knew they shared. Their shock and worry was suddenly compounded with sound like thunder as the building, the very city began to shake. They moved to look out the window, and as the thundering and shaking continued, they saw a faraway part of the city suddenly enveloped in smoke and fire. They saw the silhouette of building breaking apart and falling and a huge mass raise from the ground; trypticon. The remains of the dead titan, on which part of the city was built, raised into the sky in base form and vanished into the darkness, leaving only chaos in its wake.
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