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    This next list shows a combination of the G1 timeline combined with the IDW comic book timeline. I know that their may be some errors in this timeline.Im just curious to see what fello transformer fans think. please comment so i can get feedback. thank you and enjoy. Information provided by Wikipedia,TF.WIKI.COM. thank you.

    The Transformers G1 Series/IDW time line
    The universe is born
    Primus, the god the transformers creates the world of Cybertron.
    12 million years ago
    The alien race called Quintessons establish themselves on the metallic planet of Cybertron. Seeking to create a race of slaves to serve them, the Quintessons use their technology to create biomechanical beasts known as Trans-Organics. They were a failure, and it is decided to mass produce robots for slaves instead. Forging their bodies in the fires of the Plasma Energy Chamber and imbuing them with intelligence using the mega computer Vector Sigma, the Qunitessons create two classes of robots: consumer goods and military hardware. With these robot creations performing all their labor for them, Quintesson culture grows progressively more decadent. Violent gladiatorial matches are even staged amongst the robots with losers smelted and their raw materials used to create new robots. At some point during this period, the consumer goods robots come into possession of the mysterious Matrix of Leadership. The origins of this talisman are unknown there is some suggestion it may be connected to Primacrons assistant, but it was passed from robot to robot through the years. Known holders during this time are Primon, Prima and Prime Nova. Eventually the consumer goods robots develop true sentience and rise up in rebellion against their Quintesson creators. This is the beginning of the first Cybertronian War.
    A rebel cell of consumer goods robots led by A3 and Beta turn the Quintesson slave brand into a symbol of freedom when they assult the Quintesson Hive City. Although they meet resistance in the force of the Quintessons gigantic Dark Guardian robots, A3 activates the coda remote device he has placed within his slave brand, deactivating the Dark Guardian and allowing the robots to take the city. From this victory the Quintesson line of dominoes begin to fall, until the aliens are eventually defeated, and are forced to flee Cybertron.
    Peace settles on Cybertron for a number of years, during wich the robots now called Cybertronians begin to rebuild their own society, explore and colonize various planets in the Miliky Way Galaxy. During this time the Matrix is held by Guardian Prime. At some point the Quintessons try to retake the planet of Cybertron but fail in the process. After the battle Cybertron returns to normal.
    9 million years ago
    A violent military group of robots, called the Decepticons, seek conquest and begin the Second Cybertronian War when they turn their aggression against the consumer goods, now called the Autobots, at the time led by Zeta Prime. A series of conflicts ensue, with both sides claiming victory at different points in time. Ultimately, never having been designed for combat, the Autobots realize the futility of attempting to match the Decepticons strength and firepower, and under the leadership of Sentinel Prime, they instead turn to stealth, reconstructing their bodies so that can transform into vehciles and machinery. With this new skill, the Autobots are ultimately able to win the war and rule Cybertron for many centuries. With the peace policed by the Guardian Robots reprogrammed vgersion of the Quintessons Dark Guardians, energy becomes plentiful and the planet shines with a healthy golden glow, denoting this period as the Golden Age of Cybertron.
    6 million years ago
    Eventually, however the Decepticons return and also develop transformation, and they couple the technology with robot mode flight powers to renew their aims for conquest. Thus it is that Megatron rises from ranks of Cybertronian society. Assembling a small group of like minded individuals, including Shockwave and Soundwave.
    For whatever reason, Megatrons actions are not made public knowledge and the Decepticons impressive flight powers make them objects of hero worship for the young Autobot dock worker, Orion Pax. However, Orion learns the folly of his ways when he is attacked by Megatron as part of a plan to steal the energon in Orions warehouse. Both Orion and his “girlfriend” Ariel are fatally wounded by Megatron but are rescued by time displaced Aerialbots and brought to Alpha Trion. The pair are the first subjects for Alpha Trions new method of reconstructing Autobots into truly battle-hardy configuration. Now becoming Optimus Prime and Elita One and later on given the Matrix of Leadership from Cybertrons Core and Alpha Trion, Optimus now becomes the new Autobot leader for the newly begun Third Cybertronian War. Around this time shortly before the war truly reignites the scientists Starscream and SkyFire depart Cybertron to explore the prehistoric planet Earth. Skyfire is swept away in a polar snow storm and separated from Starscream. After failing to locate his friend, Starscream returns to Cybertron, eventually abandoning his scientific pursuits, enrolling in the Cybertron War Academy and joining the Decepticons.
    The events from Exodus, Autocracy,War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, Exlies take place here. After the events from Exlies the Autobots return to Cybertron to begin again to relocate to a small blue green planet called Earth.
    After years of war, Cybertron's energy is drastically drained, necessitating an Autobot expedition to alien planets in search of new source of power. Optimus Prime and his best and brightest board a mighty spacecraft, but their plan is discovered by Megatron. A Decepticon assault on the Ark's launch bay leaves Prime and his crew believing Elita One and her team have been destroyed. The Autobots proceed to blast off, but they are followed and ambushed by the Decepticons aboard their own space cruiser. The ships are caught in the gravity of the nearby planet Earth and crash so violently that all the Transformers are knocked offline. A trio of Decepticons bail out of the Decepticon space cruiser in an escape pod before it crashes, and they spend the next four million years quietly active in the Demon Swamp, adopting insectoid alternate forms that will eventually lead to their being dubbed "Insecticons".
    Shockwave begins planning operation Regenesis and begins distilling energon into a catalyst which he then launches at various planets, including prehistoric Earth.

    543 A.D.
    Four Decepticons, two Autobots, and one human travel back in time from 1985 via the mystical Dragon Mound. They become involved in a dispute between two knights and then return to their own time.
    The U.S. government launches an experimental spacecraft called Ghost 1 to see its capabilities in space. The crew of Ghost 1 encounters Autobots and Decepticons who are all looking for the Allspark that may save Cybertron.
    A volcanic eruption reactivates Teletraan I, the internal computer of the Ark. The Autobots and the Decepticons awaken, and, now outfitted with new alternate modes that enable them to hide amongst the vehicles and machinery of Earth, restart the Great War. The Autobots befriend Spike Witwicky and his father, Sparkplug, but despite the humans' aid, they are unable to stop the Decepticons from building a new space cruiser and stealing the energy needed to power it. A final act of sabotage by Autobot Mirage brings the Decepticons' cruiser crashing back to Earth, where it lands in the ocean. Although the Autobots intended to return to Cybertron, the revelation that the Decepticons have survived the crash forces them to stay and defend the planet. The Decepticons develop an intergalactic space bridge transportation system to send energy back to Cybertron, while the Autobots expand their ranks with the addition of the powerful Dinobots. The Decepticons unearth the frozen form of Skyfire, but he turns against his old friend Starscream and sides with the Autobots, helping to foil the Decepticons' plans to harness the power of the Earth's core.
    The Decepticons ally themselves with the human scientist Doctor Arkeville, using his mind-controlling hypno-chips to amass an army of human slaves. Simultaneously, the villains construct a huge space bridge to transport Cybertron itself into Earth's orbit, causing massive worldwide chaos, and put the human slaves to work gathering energy. At the eleventh hour, the Autobots are able to break the Decepticons' mind control and blast Cybertron out of Earth's orbit. The Insecticons resurface and form an uneasy alliance with the Decepticons.
    In 1985 the Autobots and Decepticons discover an island "lost world" that was populated by long-thought extinct animals from the Mesozoic era of Earth's history. Megatron's attempt to take the energy from the island causes a series of time portals to appear around the Earth. The planet is in danger of being torn apart until the Autobots return the island's energy. When the Decepticons create fake evidence so as to trick the humans into thinking that the Autobots are evil and the Decepticons are good, the Autobots are exiled from Earth. Of course, as soon as the Autobots are gone, the Decepticons reveal their true colors and take over, at least until the Autobots return to Earth and defeated them.
    After a space bridge accident, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Inferno, Perceptor, and several Decepticons, are transported to an alien planet where they are no bigger than toys. The Decepticons manage to escape back to Earth, but the Autobots have to return via a different means: a child's toy rocket that somehow can actually work. The five Autobots are captured by an alien gambler named Bosch, who paralyzes them, bar Smokescreen, and sells them to Lord Gyconi. Forced to find a way to rescue his friends, Smokescreen teams up with Bosch and a bounty hunter named Devcon to rescue the Autobots, who are forced to fight against giant, mutant animals. The Autobots later successfully manage to return to Earth.

    Megatron travels to the center of Cybertron and uses Vector Sigma to create the Stunticons. The Key to Optimus Prime and Alpha Trion, who have followed Megatron, also use Vector Sigma to create the Aerialbots, albeit at the cost of Alpha Trion merging with the computer. Sometime afterwards Starscream goes rogue on the Decepticons, travels to Cybertron, breaks into the Decepticon Detention Center, and releases the Combaticons as his own personal army. Things do not go as planned, and both Starscream and the Combaticons are banished from the Decepticon army. The Combaticons and Starscream promptly ditch each other and go their separate ways. The Combaticons decide to take over Cybertron, and actually win, successfully booting Shockwave out into space. Shockwave bumps into Starscream, and this is the beginning of a brief and unusual alliance that eventually escalates from Starscream and Shockwave to the Decepticons and Autobots as a whole, both sides recognizing the threat of the Combaticons. After the Combaticons are defeated, the alliance ends, and Megatron secretly has Bruticus reprogrammed to be loyal to him. Starscream is also allowed to rejoin the Decepticons.
    Soundwave investigates Bludgeon's activities on Earth and is deactivated when Bludgeon, after some of Shockwave's Regenesis ore — which he calls "Ultra-Energon" — triggers the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Ultra Magnus tracks the Decepticon criminal Scorponok to Nebulos, but despite damages, he escapes. Alpha Trion slowly begins cleaning Cybertron's atmosphere.
    The Earth Defense command is created. Skywatch is secretly creatated with out the Autobots or Decepticons knowledge.Approximate birth date of Daniel Witwicky. Astronuat John Criton conducts his experimental procedure for future deep space exploration projects and ends up in the Andromeda Galaxy (Farscape). Autobot City/Metroplex is built on Earth.
    The Decepticons successfully conquer Cybertron, forcing the Autobots to evacuate the planet for Earth.
    1998 to 2001
    Years after the destruction of the second Ark. The military, led by General Hallo, recruit an unwilling Spike Witwicky to help them face a new menace - as satellite pictures show a reactivated Megatron destroying a South American rebel camp. Most of the Transformers lost in the Ark disaster have now been recovered by Lazarus, a former US Army officer who has developed a way to control the Transformers, and is now selling them as war machines to the highest bidder, using them to slaughter a group of oil workers as a demonstration. Using a small fragment of the Matrix of Leadership, given to him by Optimus Prime Spike is able to reactivate the one Transformer recovered by the military - Prime himself. Prime is reactivated, but Spike is angry and bitter towards him for his father's death because of their involvement in the war. Meanwhile Megatron and the Decepticons have broken free, killing Lazarus, and plan to use a technorganic virus to reformat Earth into a new Cybertron. Prime and the other reactivated Autobots confront their old foes, but are stopped when Hallo drops a massive bomb on all of them. The advancing virus takes the brunt of the blast, fuelling it further, and the Decepticons (joined by the defected Grimlock) escape. As the Autobots try to stop the virus Megatron unleashes Devastator on San Francisco in a mass slaughter. Prime and some of the other Autobots arrive in time to halt them, but when Superion is gunned down by Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker the Autobots are decimated by Devastator's strength. Prime takes out the giant combiner in a full-frontal assault, and Megatron takes the chance to cajole his greatest enemy into joining him.

    Meanwhile, Wheeljack and the rest of the reactivated Autobots try in vain to stop the spread of the virus, which is now fuelling itself, but are hindered by the Canadian military. Spike has been imprisoned by Hallo after discovering the truth - that Hallo was responsible for the destruction of the second Ark. After his attempts to create his own transforming robots had failed one of his subordinates developed a way to control the Transformers, so they sabotaged the Ark in order to gain the Transformers for themselves. Lazarus later went rogue and took most of the Transformers with him. Hallo now plans to obliterate his mistake by launching a nuclear missile at San Francisco. Spike escapes with help from one of Hallo's former employees, and Hallo is gunned down by the President and his aides. The nuclear missile has already been launched, however, back in San Francisco Prime refuses to join his foe, and is spared death when Megatron is distracted by heroic firefighters. The Autobots defeat their foes, but Superion is forced to sacrifice himself to stop the missile. In Canada, Wheeljack also manages to create a device to stop the virus, but sacrifices his own energy to power it. The Decepticons escape due to the distraction caused by the missile, but Grimlock refuses to rejoin the Autobots. Spike now rethinks his attitude towards the Autobots.
    A year after the events of the first series, the Autobots and Decepticons are drawn to the Arctic by a signal from a mysterious pod. As the two sides battle the pod opens to reveal Scourge, who tells the astonished Transformers that the war is over and Shockwave has united the planet. Shockwave himself then arrives with a bodyguard of Autobots and Decepticons, gunning down Scourge and arresting the Earthen Transformers as war criminals. After quelling any discontent with his new Triple Changers (and gunning down Megatron) the rest of the Transformers leave peacefully, but not before Prime leaves a team of Autobots on Earth just in case. After Starscream dumps Megatron in space after escaping from stasis the Autobots learn that Shockwave had indeed unified the planet, awarding power to an Autobot council while he remains in charge of the military, with Ultra Magnus as his second in command. Before the series started Cybertron had completely shut down before Scourge arrived to study the inhabitants. Reactivating Shockwave he saved him from the Sharkticons, only to be shot in the back in return. Shockwave used the secrets plundered from Scourge's body to create the Triple Changers and unify Cybertron. In the present, Shockwave is studying Alpha Trion for his access to Vector Sigma, and has Menasor reactivated as a distraction while he puts the final phase of his plan into operation. In the meantime Grimlock has located the rest of the Dinobots in the Arctic and is now returning to Cybertron with them. Prime, about to be forcibly shut down, is saved by Sandstorm and Broadside take him to see an Autobot resistance group led by Hot Rod, where he discovers that Shockwave has secretly been conditioning the population for a war of conquest. With Magnus taking out Menasor and the Dinobots battling the Guardian units Prime led an attack on Iacon itself. A doubting Magnus is shot by Shockwave, and he also takes the Matrix from Prime to access Vector Sigma. However he is stopped by Magnus, now having lost his damaged outer armour to reveal his inner robot - who looks exactly like a white Prime. It is revealed Magnus is in fact Prime's brother, and the two stop Shockwave as Starscream and his followers flee the planet. Grimlock arrives and saves both brothers from falling into the pit at the centre of Cybertron. Elsewhere Megatron's battered body is recovered by Wreck-Gar.
    Spike Witwicky oversees the construction of Autobot City when his friend Hot Rod, complained about the fact he was stuck on guard duty while the rest of the Autobots forces were fighting a rearguard action during the evacuation of Cybertron. Spike tries to cheer him up, assuring the young Autobot that his time is coming, and for now, just to enjoy the view of the future Autobot City. While Hot Rod rambled on about Optimus Prime bravely fighting off Decepticons single-handedly, Spike spotted Soundwave and his minions up to no good on the dig site, and Hot Rod sprang into action. The young Autobot prevented the Decepticons from stealing the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, and during the struggle, the Autobot artifact spoke to him with Spike's own words of encouragement.
    The Battle of Autobot City. Optimus Prime is killed, and Ultra Magnus becomes the new Autobot Commander. Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron by Unicron, kills Starscream, and attempts to enslave Unicron with the Matrix of Leadership. Unicron attacks Cybertron. Hot Rod opens the Matrix and destroys Unicron, allowing the Autobots to reclaim Cybertron. Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime, the new Autobot leader. The disappearance of Galvatron and the absence of other strong leaders such as Starscream and Shockwave causes the Decepticon Empire to disintegrate. The Quintessons enter the Great War as a wild card opposed to both factions. Cyclonus recovers Galvatron, who becomes Decepticon leader again. Trypticon and the Predacons appear. Starscream's ghost returns from the afterlife and tricks Unicron into giving him a body. Immediately afterwards an explosion set by the Autobots sends Unicron back into Cybertron's orbit. The newly resurrected Starscream was last seen tumbling out of control into the far reaches of space. Optimus Prime is restored to life in an attempt to end the Hate Plague. The Matrix of Leadership is reborn with new energy and knowledge. The Quintessons leave to go and rebuild a new home for themselves. Galvatron is affected by a bizzare cosmic event thus bringing back a reborn Megatron resulting in one Galvatron and one Megatron.
    Events from 2006 to 2012

    Starscream's Infiltration unit on Earth discovers Shockwave's Regenesis ore, dubbing it "Ore-13." Thunderwing is reactivated on Cybertron by Bludgeon using the "Ultra-Energon," and decimates Nebulos before returning to Cybertron and running out of fuel in front of Optimus Prime. Megatron arrives on Earth and blows a hole through Starscream for disloyalty. After the Thunderwing crisis, Optimus Prime travels to Earth, following Shockwave's and Bludgeon's records. Springer orders a costly mission to rescue the stranded and demented Kup. Ramjet arrives on earth. Megatron initiates a plan to increase political unrest on Earth using technology stolen from Doctor Doom. The Decepticons (except Ramjet) boost their powers by tapping into Spider-Man's superhuman abilities. Megatron's plan is thwarted by the Autobots and Avengers, helped in part by Ramjet's increasing disloyalty to Megatron.

    The Machination captures Sunstreaker, along with Hunter O'Nion. Hunter undergoes strange experimental surgery. Scorponok anticipates getting a new body. The Decepticons escalate tension between Brasnya and Russia. The Autobots intervene. The Ark-32 arrives with reinforcements. During the battle, Prime is nearly killed, and encounters the form of Nova Prime within infraspace. Ramjet initiates an ambitious plan to take control of the Decepticons. Ironhide, Ratchet, Jimmy and Verity investigate Sunstreaker's disappearance. Ironhide is severely damaged in the process and left behind. Excavation of Shockwave and the Dinobots continues, now under Skywatch supervision. Skywatch activates Ravage and Laserbeak. Megatron summons Sixshot to Earth. The Reapers follow. Megatron kills Ramjet before his plan can be carried out. Galvatron travels to Cybertron and defeats Hound's unit to retrieve Thunderwing's body, which he takes to Gorlam Prime. Wheelie's distress signal call is received...and apparently ignored. Optimus Prime meets with Omega Supreme to learn about Nova Prime. Monstructor attacks but is defeated and taken into Autobot custody. Prime returns to Earth.

    Blaster is found drifting in space and returned to the Autobot fold. Beachcomber is freed from Decepticon control. Banzaitron initiates an attack on the Autobot prison facility at Garrus-9. The Monstructor team escapes. Arcee is sent after them. The Decepticons reactivate Starscream to deal with an erratic Megatron. The Autobots' position is compromised so they move the Ark-19, but are shot down by Sixshot. They battle, but Sixshot is called back to deal with the threat of the Reapers. The Decepticons have replaced a likely candidate for President of the United States with a facsimile. He and a four-star general facsimile lose contact with the Decepticons but decide to proceed on their own and continue with Alpha-Scenario as planned. Wheeljack and Hot Rod attempt to rescue Ironhide but are attacked by Sunstreaker clones. With Hardhead's help, they defeat them and rescue Ironhide. Skywatch deploys Ravage and Laserbeak to find other Transformers, but their signal is blocked by Soundwave, still trapped in stereo mode.
    Hunter awakens at Machination headquarters and finds Sunstreaker's head. He undergoes the Headmaster process as Abraham Dante does the same with Scorponok. As a headmaster, he escapes the facility, but the Machination take Sunstreaker's real head.
    In the Dead Universe, Nova Prime orders Galvatron to Earth to deal with the Reapers, whom Sixshot has aligned with before he's shut down by Starscream. The other Decepticons engage the Reapers, losing the Battlechargers, before being covertly assisted by Galvatron, who returns to the Dead Universe with the body of Sixshot. The Autobots learn of the incident at Garrus-9 and leave Earth while Hot Rod and Sunstreaker remain. Skywatch is notified of the battle and prepares to deploy Grimlock.

    Cyclonus arrives on Cybertron and attacks Hound's crew as revenge for the devastation wrought by the war. His attack is interrupted by Ultra Magnus, and he is forced to retreat to Corata-Vaz. After activating the Nega-Core, Cyclonus is again set upon, and activates the Nega-core's guardian, Thunderwing. He is forced to return to the Dead Universe as his body has been in the "living" world too long. Optimus and his crew arrive at Garrus-9. They meet with Jetfire and Fortress Maximus and head back to the Ark-32. Nemesis Prime, Jhiaxus, Galvatron, Straxus and Grindcore cross over to begin their transition. Nightbeat and Hardhead travel to Gorlam Prime to investigate Nightbeat's missing memories, and they encounter a large group of Micromasters trying to impede their progress. The pair makes it to the Dead Universe portal and Jhiaxus takes control of Nightbeat, forcing Hardhead to kill him, and dive into the portal himself.
    Jetfire decides to use Pretender technology to enable Cloudburst, Landmine, Groundbreaker, and Waverider to survive the Benzuli Expanse. Optimus receives a transmission from Dealer, who says that he's been monitoring the current situation, and he thinks that all of the answers they seek lie in the Magnificence. Hot Rod agrees and both travel to Ki-Aleta, the planet where Hot Rod had hidden it earlier. Using the oracle, Hot Rod discovers that Dealer betrayed him, and sends the traitor to his death moments before he could do the same to him. The Magnificence later provides useful info to Ultra Magnus about the machinations of Nemesis Prime.
    Straxus and Grindcore mine energon in China. Spotlight: Doubledealer They are prevented doing this by Hound's team, primarily Sideswipe. Galvatron and Cyclonus attack the Mirror-Manifold, the ship of Cloudburst and crew. They are beamed out seconds before their ship explodes by the Technobots in the Nightbird, who present them with their own personal Pretender carapaces. Using these, they battle Galvatron and Cyclonus, defeating one and allowing the other to escape. Using their shells as temporary shields, they cross into the Dead Universe and manage to seal the gate to the Dead Universe. Nemesis Prime arrives on Garrus-9, and is faced by Optimus Prime. Optimus is attacked, using the Darkness. However, the Darkness reaches out to Optimus as a successor. Nemesis continues the attack but is blasted in the back by Galvatron and falls dead. The Darkness enters Optimus Prime. Galvatron offers Prime a choice: kill himself in the nearby Solar Pool, or willingly pass on the Darkness to him. Prime does both, passing on the Darkness and tossing Galvatron into the pool. Arcee manages to track down Jhiaxus on Gorlam Prime, and with some help from an undead Hardhead, defeats him. At some future point, the residents of Gorlam Prime evolve into fully mechanical beings and rename their planet Cybertron.

    Maximum Dinobots:
    Grimlock awakens in Skywatch's care, but he escapes and after refusing an offer to join forces with Scorponok, he and the other Dynobots end up fighting Sunstreaker clones in Fallon, Nevada in an event orchestrated by Scorponok and the Machination. Hot Rod takes on Scorponok and fails, while Sunstreaker and Hunter try to reclaim Sunstreaker's original head. The Dynobots are rescued by the Monsterbots, but begin to have misgivings about Grimlock's leadership, feelings which come to a head when it appears Sludge has died from a blast by Scorponok. Soundwave, Shockwave, Laserbeak and Ravage plot together and free themselves from Skywatch's control. Shockwave involves himself in the battle with Scorponok, and both are ultimately are defeated by Grimlock and the Dynobots. Ultra Magnus arrives to take them all into custody (including Grimlock but not the Dynobots). Hunter is reunited with Verity and Jimmy, who Ratchet managed to resuscitate after their battle with Sixshot.
    At some point after Gorlam Prime's transformation, the malevolent Dead Universe entity known as D-Void lures the entire population of the planet into his domain and devours their sparks. Galvatron frees himself from the solar pool, fully fused with the Darkness. He tracks down the now dying Dead Universe Transformers trapped on Gorlam Prime, Cyclonus and Scourge. Using his new powers, he revives Scourge, using him to create a personal guard in the form of the Sweeps. This takes place "years" after Galvatron's defeat but, judging from the presence of Autobot guards on Garrus-9, some time before the facility's Decepticon takeover during the Surge. They investigate the planet's missing inhabitants, and upon learning about D-Void's plans to destroy all Transformers, set out to raise an army to oppose it.

    All Hail Megatron:
    Megatron and Deluge recreate the Insecticons, with the many failed tests becoming the "Swarm". Perceptor cures Kup's madness using Pretender technology, but remakes Kup a puppet for Prowl at his insistence. Kup leads a team to rescue captured Autobots and receive assistance from former Decepticon Deadlock, now known as Drift. Kup forms a special unit and asks Drift to join. Perceptor is gravely injured. Hot Rod is attacked by a revived Bludgeon and the Monster Pretenders, and is rescued by Kup's unit. At the same time, Perceptor upgrades himself into a sniper. Ratchet separates Sunstreaker and Hunter, but Sunstreaker remains bitter about their experience together. Sunstreaker makes a deal with Starscream to help him take out Megatron in exchange for the Autobots abandoning Earth. Using Autobot access codes acquired from Sunstreaker, Megatron launches the Surge, an all-out attack on every major Autobot outpost. The Autobots on Earth are led into a Decepticon trap and are soundly defeated. Megatron takes the Matrix and exiles them to Cybertron. Optimus Prime is left in critical condition.
    Skyquake's Predators assault Garrus-9. Overlord arrives and takes over leadership from Skyquake. He captures the prison and begins turning it into an arena for his own amusement. Fortress Maximus is handed over to the prisoners. One year after Devastation: Overlord restores Shockwave to operational status. Sixshot raids an Autobot orbital base, looking for scientific information. The Throttlebots escape with it. Scrapper The Earth-based Decepticons, who have now bolstered their ranks with the Constructicons, Insecticons, Soundwave, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Laserbeak, cause rampant destruction in New York City and easily defeat a squad of attack aircraft. Colonel Daniel Witwicky is brought to New York to aid in its defense. Military troops move into Central Park and are wiped out singlehandedly by Frenzy. The Decepticons begin destroying routes out of the city, including Devastator destroying underground tunnels. Laserbeak broadcasts pictures to the helpless military top brass. Reports reach Colonel Witwicky that more cities have fallen, including Washington DC, and Air Force One is now lying in ruins on the Lincoln Memorial.
    As tensions rise amongst the Autobots, Kup's team crash lands on Cybertron. On Earth, Colonel Witwicky appoints a team lead by his son Spike to take out Megatron, but the team is killed by Ratbat and Spike is the only survivor. Bored, the Decepticons squabble while the Autobots decide to use their remaining energon to repair Prime. As the Autobots try to avoid the Swarm, Ironhide flies into a rage and beats Mirage senseless, thinking he was the one who betrayed the Autobots. The Autobots race away from the Swarm, but sharpshooter Perceptor is injured. Guilt ridden, Sunstreaker makes the ultimate sacrifice and detonates a bomb to blow up a bridge (and himself) to keep the Swarm away from the other Autobots. Just before he does so, he reveals to Ironhide that it was he who brokered the deal with Starscream that betrayed the Autobots. Upset with Megatron, Starscream plots with the Insecticons.
    Sarah and Bridge run into Spike, and are later joined by Charles, seeking revenge against Rumble for killing his son. With a weapon reverse-engineered from Shockwave, Spike brings Rumble down with the help of his new friends. On Cybertron, Optimus Prime is repaired, along with the remaining Autobots. Bombshell builds a space bridge and reveals that he helped hack into the Autobots' defenses using technology gained by dissecting Hunter O'Nion. Starscream teams up with the Insecticons and Constructicons to attack Megatron, but they are not successful. The Autobots on Cybertron are saved by the arrival of Omega Supreme and taken back to Earth. The Autobots arrive on Earth and battle the Decepticons. Prime defeats Megatron with some help from Spike. The Decepticons retreat but Thundercracker stays behind to dispose of the bomb. He succeeds but is blasted by Skywarp for his efforts. Sideswipe mercifully terminates the vegetative Hunter. Optimus Prime talks Ironhide out of retiring.
    Believing the Matrix to be purely symbolic and now devoid of any power it might have once held, Starscream prepares to dump it into space. When Shrapnel reminds him that the Autobots use it to choose their leaders, Starscream declares that with Megatron incapacitated, he will use the Matrix to lead the Decepticons to victory once more. The military begins hunting for rogue Transformers left behind. Spike defeats Ravage but is injured. Sparkplug is made head of Skywatch and recruits Spike to work for him. The Autobots are being hunted too, but Bumblebee breaks cover to save some humans and is injured for his efforts.

    Badly damaged by Skywarp, Thundercracker takes refuge in a ruined building and watches television to pass the time until he's rescued. As he studies human society, he has an epiphany in regards to his role in the war. With several Autobot outposts destroyed during the Surge, many Autobots take refuge on Earth. Humanity slowly repairs the damage caused by the invasion, but are enraged at the Cybertronians that remain on their planet. After witnessing a defenseless thrust executed by a group of police officers, Prowl decides that with their numbers so reduced by war, all Cybertronian life - even Decepticons - needs to be protected. Swindle gets in contact Skywatch via Spike and secretly sells them Cybertronian technology. Reverse-engineering Cybertronian tech, Skywatch develops weaponry and crash suits to capture and detain Transformers. Gears and Windcharger are amongst those captured.
    An Autobot spy in the DJD reports that the Decepticons have lost contact with Garrus-9 and DJD scouting parties do not return. Prowl authorizes Springer to assemble a new team of Wreckers. Their mission is twofold—to rescue any Autobot prisoners and to download data from the Aequitas supercomputer. Wheelie (still marooned) discovers a Decepticon shipwreck with surviving crewmembers Spectro and Spyglass (Viewfinder alas, didn't make it.) He saves an alien from them and in the process blows them and his escape ship to pieces. And so, he waits.
    Two years after All Hail Megatron:
    Breakdown attacks a power station in search of energon, but is captured by Skywatch. When they threaten lethal force, Prowl transforms to defend but is captured as well. Wheeljack creates a device to counter Skywatch's immobilizers and fits the remaining Autobots with them. Hot Rod leads a rescue operation for Prowl but Ironhide is killed while escaping. Depressed, Optimus Prime resigns as Autobot leader and surrenders to Skywatch. Thundercracker is rescued by a rag-tag team of Decepticons led by Swindle. Hot Rod decides to leave Earth and a group of Autobots join him. They are attacked by Swindle's Decepticons, but decide to join forces instead in an effort to leave the planet. Bumblebee is elected Autobot leader.
    And there was much rejoicing Eight months after Agent 113's report: The Wreckers arrive at Garrus-9 and begin their assault. They suffer casualties but are able to download the required data from the Aequitas. Unfortunately, Overlord had ordered the death of all Autobot prisoners upon the Wreckers' arrival. Overlord is captured and the remaining Decepticons scatter, glad to be free of Overlord's oppression. Ultra Magnus arrives on Earth to investigate the death of Ironhide and surrender of Optimus Prime. Afraid of being arrested by Magnus, Hoist, Tracks, Beachcomber and Blurr leave to join Hot Rod but all except Blurr are captured by Skywatch and used as leverage by Spike for Optimus Prime to talk. Magnus leaves to find Hot Rod.
    Bumblebee makes a deal with Colonel Gordon Horiuchi who promises the Autobots protection from Skywatch if they capture Decepticons, but at the price of being immobilized if they disobey. They rebel after being ordered to capture other Autobots starting with Blurr. After Bumblebee's immobilizing badge is damaged, he locates the creator of the badges and personally destroys them, defeating Skywarp and proving his worth as leader of the Autobots in the process. As Hot Rod's group begin construction of a spaceship, Swindle butters him up by calling him "Rodimus Prime" and convinces him to rescue Breakdown from Skywatch. Ultra Magnus shows up and tries to arrest Swindle, but Rodimus defends his ally. Ultra Magnus takes several Autobots from Bumblebee's group with him to help him detain Swindle and the rebellious Rodimus. Breakdown is saved, and Swindle applies combiner technology to him and the other Stunticons. When Ultra Magnus's team arrives, Swindle betrays Rodimus and unleashes Menasor to kill the Autobots.
    Witnessing the battle, Spike releases Optimus Prime to battle Menasor. The combiner is defeated, and Spike comes to the conclusion that the Autobots are not part of the problem. A new alliance between Skywatch and Bumblebee's Autobots is forged, while Rodimus steals Ultra Magnus's spaceship and strikes off on his own. A slowly recovering Megatron reflects on what went wrong with the invasion on Earth and how Starscream has only led the Decepticons to ruin as his troops scavenge for fuel on a desolate asteroid base. Soundwave and Shockwave revive Megatron in a new body equipped with space bridge technology. His old body is used to create replicas of his old gun mode, which contain small pieces of the Decepticon leader's consciousness. Rodimus arrives at the Decepticons' asteroid base, intending to retrieve the Matrix. He succeeds in stealing it back from Starscream, but is confronted by the newly upgraded Megatron who blasts him and the Matrix into space.With the threat of Starscream holding the Matrix gone, Megatron retakes control of the Decepticons. He sends the Megatron guns to Earth, where they quickly spread amongst unsuspecting humans with anti-Transformer sentiments. Spike hunts down and kills Scrapper, attempting to prevent Devastator from ever being formed again.
    Looking to rid Cybertron of the remaining Swarm members, Alpha Trion creates a copy of the one Autobot most suited for the job. The confused duplicate lacks all of Ironhide's memories from the war, but does his job well. He also recovers Sunstreaker, having survived his sacrifice years earlier. Alpha Trion and Metroplex take off for parts unknown, leaving Ironhide and Sunstreaker on the planet to finish off the Swarm. As Rodimus floats through space, the Matrix bonds with him, saving his life. He crashes on the planet LV-118, where he meets Wheelie. Together with him and the alien Garnak, Rodimus steals a ship and heads to Cybertron. Galvatron and his men discover a block of ice in space, unaware that it contains a zombie virus brought from another dimension. Some of the crew is infected and the ship crash-lands on Earth, where the Autobots pitch in and manage to warp Britt and her virus through time and space to the dawn of the Dead Universe. The Autobots refuse to join Galvatron's army. Galvatron takes his army to Cybertron, declaring it his first line of defense against D-Void. Rodimus also arrives on the planet where he meets Ironhide and Sunstreaker and learns of Galvatron's presence. The assorted Autobots leave Cybertron to warn Optimus Prime.
    Four months later the North Korean leader Kim Jong Du strikes a deal with three of the Combaticons, providing them with energon in exchange for their services. Under his orders, the Combaticons attack South Korea, prompting the United States government to declare the employment of Cybertronians equivalent to the use of weapons of mass destruction. Skywatch and the Autobots move out to defeat the Combaticons. To keep the public from learning that the US also employs Cybertronians, the Autobots remain in their vehicle modes throughout the battle, and are easily defeated.
    Bumblebee meets with Thundercracker, who is now only interested in watching TV, and convinces him to help them. Cosmos hacks the spy satellites above Korea, allowing the Autobots to fight in robot mode. Backed up by these resources, the Autobots defeat the Combaticons. As the Autobots are attacked by the Predacons, who have a similar contract with China, Skywatch agent Sandra breaks the encryption on one of the satellites. The secret alliance between Skywatch and the Autobots is revealed to the world, and Russia attempts to nuke the Transformers, though Cosmos saves them. The energon factories in North Korea and China are destroyed, ending the threat from the Combaticons and Predacons. One week later, Bumblebee tries to calm down a large group of rioting humans, but fails and is grievously injured by Joe Gladki, a concerned family man corrupted by Megatron's influence within the gun he has purchased.Simultaneously, Megatron's Decepticons return to Earth, attacking the Autobot-Skywatch base and freeing the Decepticon captives within. The plane carrying Optimus Prime, Spike Witwicky and the rest of the Korea team is shot down over the Pacific Ocean. Ultra Magnus takes charge and has the base evacuated, He and his troops attempt to regroup, but are defeated by Megatron himself. Meanwhile, Starscream tries and fails to convince Thundercracker to return to the Decepticons.
    Two days after they were shot down, Optimus Prime's team emerge from the oceans alive. Prime confronts Megatron, who is holding Magnus hostage, and causes him to flee by injuring Soundwave. Jazz is forced to kill a human in order to save his comrades, furthering Autobot distrust among human civilians.After another meeting with Prime, Megatron surrenders himself so that he can watch from the inside as the Autobots are crushed by the humans they protect.

    Six weeks later Rodimus and his crew arrive on Earth, return the Matrix to Optimus Prime and tell him about Galvatron's invasion of Cybertron. Taking most of the Autobots and Megatron with him, Prime leaves Earth on Omega Supreme. Bumblebee, Prowl and a few others remain behind to investigate Megatron's claims that Spike murdered Scrapper.En route to Cybertron, Optimus Prime must choose life imprisonment or execution for Megatron's punishment in anticipation of his future trial. He tries to talk to his nemesis, but is only goaded into torturing him.When he asks Megatron what he would choose, Megatron chooses death. Four months later on Earth Prowl continues investigating Spike by following him around.While investigating the site of Scrapper's death, he is attacked by Brawl, but defeating and interrogating yields nothing about his motives. The Autobots bring in Sandra, who enlightens them on Spike's past. Spike shamelessly admits to killing Scrapper, but Prowl's fair share of questionable actions makes him unsure on what to do about it. During an attempted arrest of anti-Autobot pundit Ben Simpson, the Autobots learn that he was a facsimile created by Swindle. Under interrogation, Swindle reveals that he had been selling weapons to Skywatch via Spike for years. The alliance between Skywatch and the Autobots is shattered and Spike becomes an international fugitive.
    Cyclonus and the Sweeps take over Kimia Facility. The Autobots arrive on Cybertron, where Optimus Prime again declines to join Galvatron's army, causing Galvatron to responds with violence.In order to reach Cybertron's core, Galvatron uses Kimia to fire on the planet's surface until the facility is destroyed from within. As the Autobots fight Galvatron's army, Megatron escapes from captivity and powers himself up using his Megatron-guns. Megatron uses the space bridge technology in his body to summon his Decepticon army to Cybertron. D-Void, acting through Galvatron's Heart of Darkness, mind-controls them into combining with Galvatron's troops to form the "Deceptigod". While Megatron fights and defeats the Deceptigod, Galvatron reaches Vector Sigma and inserts the Heart of Darkness into it, hoping this will stop D-Void from entering the universe when in truth it does the opposite. Optimus Prime stops D-Void from turning Cybertron into a portal to the Dead Universe by opening the Matrix of Leadership into the planet's core, emptying the artifact completely. Megatron goes missing. The cleansing of Vector Sigma "resets" Cybertron to a living, primordial state, and the planet sends out a signal telling all Cybertronians in space to come home.

    Three weeks after the rebirth of Cybertron
    Optimus Prime, having been inadvertently time-jumped three weeks forward, reappears and finds a Cybertron he doesn't recognise, and a shanty-town Iacon full of Transformers he doesn't recognise. He is soon informed of the situation by the Autobots, including the capture of the Decepticons and their subsequent implantation with I/D chips and the return of thousands of Cybertronian refugees - dubbed "NAILs" by Prowl. Ultimately, he departs the planet, leaving the empty Matrix halves to Bumblebee and Rodimus respectively, who are split on whether to stay or go. Alpha Trion said there'd be days like this... Rodimus' followers set off aboard the Lost Light to find the mythical Knights of Cybertron, but a quantum jump malfunction causes it to be sent to a random point in space. The Transformers on Cybertron believe it to be destroyed. To restore order on Cybertron, Bumblebee gathers the help of Metalhawk as representative for the returning refugees called NAILs. Horri-Bull gets killed for beating up Zetca and refusing to back down.
    Back on Earth the relations between Humans and Cybertronians have settled to a peaceful relationship. A Cybertronian/Autobot Embassy has been established with the help of Skywatch. Spike has been put into questioning of his actions with Scraper. He was to serve 1 year in prison and be relased with retirement from the U.S. Government and Skywatch. Skywatch now works with several Autobots to defened Earth against Decepticons,terrorists, hostile extraterrestrials etc.

    Events from Robots in Disguise and More than Meets The Eye take place here 2011/2012
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