Transformers: Year of Doom

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    This is a fanfic idea. Hopefully, it is not too bad. I might write some chapters.

    Story: Set in 2012 on Earth, Megatron aims to reactivate a ancient space bridge, to conquer Earth. The Autobots must stop him, however, things may not be as simple as they seem….

    -Optimus Prime
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: Modified red and blue Kenworth
    Weapons: Ion blasters, 2 swords, axe and a handgun
    Bio: The stoic commander. Optimus is a young commander, but don't underestimate him because of his age. He is one of the best commanders in the Autobot army, but there is a secret about him that not much people know about, not even the rest of Team Optimus know about.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: Yellow Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake with a black stripe.
    Weapons: Plasma cannon, knife and a submachine gun.
    Bio: Bumblebee is hotheaded and arrogant. He is the scout. Bumblebee grew up in the lower classes of Cybertron with his brother Cliffjumper. Bumblebee was eager to join the Autobot army for action in his life.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: Red Lamborghini Murcielago Superveloce
    Weapons: 2 arm swords, 2 handguns and a assault rifle.
    Bio: Sideswipe enjoys battle. He cares little for civillian casualties and doesn't show much regret, after all, war is very messy. Thankfully, he isn't as much as a sociopath as his brother Sunstreaker.
    Gender: Female
    Vehicle mode: White Modified Ducati 1098
    Weapons: 2 arm blades, 2 arm mounted guns and a submachine gun.
    Bio: Don't underestimate Arcee just because she is a fembot. She used to be a student of Mirage (who was the leader of a pack of assassins), but unfortunatley, Scorponork seemingly killed Mirage. Arcee usually tries to hide her fears.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: red Cadillac Escalade EXT
    Weapons: 2 arm mounted beam cannons/beam machine guns, a grenade launcher and a chainsaw-sword.
    Bio: Ironhide is Optimus' second in command and the team's weapon specialist. He shows extreme loyalty towards Optimus Prime, he even describes his loyalty as "his hurricane of loyalty.".
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: Yellow rescue Cadillac Escalade
    Weapons: Energon repair ray, pistol and 2 arm blades
    Bio: Ratchet is a experienced medic, capable of healing many kinds of wounds.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: Fire truck
    Weapons: Water gun/flamethrower, pistol, axe, assault rifle
    Bio: The pyro. Inferno both puts out and creates fires.

    Gender: Male
    Vehicle Mode: Cybertronian Tank and a Cybertronian Tank
    Weapons: Fusion Cannon with bayonet (Simillar to ROTF Megatron’s gun), handgun (looks like G1 Megatron), beam machine gun, 2 swords
    Bio: Megatron wants to rule the universe. Megatron used to be a figure to look up to, until he fell to his lust for power. Unlike other Megatrons, this Megatron is not as hammy.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: F-22 Raptor modified
    Weapons: Null Ray rifle, missiles and 2 swords
    Bio: Starscream wants Megatron’s respect, but Megatron has always ignored him and viewed Starscream as a disposable pawn. Starscream used to be an Autobot.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: B-2 Spirit Bomber
    Weapons: Assault rifle, repair ray, pistol and an axe.
    Cassettes: Ravage, Laserbeak and Frenzy
    Bio: Soundwave is very loyal towards Megatron and has 3 minions that take the form of cassettes stored in Soundwave’s chest. Soundwave usually forwards info to Megatron.
    Gender: Male
    Vehicle mode: F-22 Raptor
    Weapons: Null Ray rifle, missiles and 2 swords
    Bio: Ramjet is the treacherous second in command. He always looks for ways to overthrow Megatron.
    -Stunticon drones
    Gender: All male
    Vehicle mode: Customized purple Dodge Challenger RTs
    Weapons: Drones are all armed with different weapons, for example, snipers carry sniper rifles and gunners carry machine guns.
    Bio: Drones made to serve the Decepticon cause. They are all programmed to be loyal and kill one and one hundred will replace it (well, maybe not 100, but when they are killed, they are replaced. I just typed the "kill one and one hundred will replace it" just to reference Mass Effect 2.)

    -Mitch Drake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Bio: Mitch lives in the town of Hammondfield, a town in California. He ends up meeting Arcee and Bumblebee, who become his best friends. Mitch doesn’t like putting his life at risk.
    Appearance: brown hair, green eyes.
    -Desmond Michaels
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Bio: Retired mercenary, Desmond used to work for a PMC called "Paladin Corp." and now works in a military surplus.
    Appearance: spiky brown hair, athletic build, tall, blue eyes.
    -Amanda Vasnev
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Bio: Amanda was born in Russia and moved to Hammondfield for an education. And like Mitch, Amanda cares deeply for others and tries her best to prevent them from being killed.
    Appearance: Tall, black hair and brown eyes.
    -Hikaru Takaki
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Hikaru usually isolates himself from others. He doesn’t smile a lot and is rather uncaring of the other humans who know of the Autobot’s existence. Some believe that deep inside him, he actually cares. Takaki can hack lots of stuff, heck, he even plays video games with unlimited ammo and unlimited health.
    Appearance: Black hair, tall, blue eyes.

    Unfortunatley, I can't draw, but you can draw some artwork of how you think my characters look like, feel free to present.
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    Author's note: Updates to the first post. Things have changed, and I've changed Rockfield's name to Hammondfield and it is now in the state of California.

    Chapter 1

    It was a normal day in Hammondfield High School, kids were in class, learning. But this normal day will soon lose it's "normal" status.
    Middle school and high school were going to Hammondfield muesem, a large muesem located in the countryside. Some parents were signing up to go with their kids. Other parents assigned guardians for their kids. Today, Amanda, Hikaru and Mitch were altogether, ready to leave. Their guardian for the day, Desmond Michaels arrived in his jeep. Desmond Michaels asked, "Are you guys Hikaru, Mitch and Amanda?"
    Amanda and Mitch answered, "Yes. And Hikaru is the guy in the white hoodie.".
    Desmond went out of the jeep. He was dressed in a short sleeve shirt and cargo pants. He looked like someone who was out of the military.
    Mitch's father knew Desmond very well. Desmond had worked with Mitch's father, a few years ago, while Mitch was with his uncle (since his mother divorced from his father), Mitch's dad was in the army, and Desmond was a hired mercenary. They fought together, side by side.
    But to Mitch, Desmond was just a guy who worked in a military surplus.
    Time to move.
    The 3 kids got into the jeep. Then the Jeep's engines roared to life, and soon, the jeep was out of the town, and into the countryside. Amanda said to Mitch, "I hope he doesn't crash. It wouldn't be nice if one of us dies."
    Hikaru said, "Ah Amanda. You know what? I don't really care if we crash or not."
    Mitch then mumbled, "Prick."
    As they were driving across the road, Desmond suddenly yelled, "What the hell?" and quickly stopped the car before it could crash into the...thing in front of them.
    But it wasn't some thing.
    It was a yellow robot, and seemed to be in some sort of fight with a purple robot. Mitch yelled, "Get us out of here!"
    But then, the jeep was picked up by a hand.
    The humans were now held hostage by a Decepticon drone. The drone pointed a gun at the jeep. Desmond said, "I wish brought my guns.". Mitch said, "Really? Is this how my life ends?".
    But their lives didn't end, suddenly, they were picked up by a white hand, which put them down safely on the ground. Then the drone was stabbed through the chest. A white female robot stood behind it's corpse. Hikaru said, "What the hell?".
    And then the other black robot was shot in the head from behind. As the other black robot was shot, a red robot was standing, with a assault rifle in his hand. Before anyone could say a single word, the yellow one transformed into a Mustang, the white one transformed into a Ducati and the red one transformed into a Lamborghini.
    Mitch said, "This is either a very bad dream, or I'm having a bad day."

    To be continued.

    A/N: The next chapters will be longer.
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    Chapter 2

    It was a Saturday morning in Hammondfield, a day after Hikaru, Desmond, Mitch and Amanda encountered the Transformers. Apparently, the other day when they finally got the muesem, people wondered why Desmond's car was beat up, so Mitch lied to the teacher and told the teacher that someone crashed into them.
    Now Amanda, Hikaru and Mitch were visting Desmond's house, which was near Mitch's house.
    Desmond's house had 2 levels and a garage. Inside the garage, Desmond owned a jeep and a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. In his home, Desmond has a plasma, a XBOX360, a computer a kitchen, a bed, a sofa, 2 bathrooms, a laundry, a dresser and a gun cabinet. Most of his stuff was bought with the money he earned during his mercenary years. The 3 kids were going to Desmond's home to chat about the robots they encouterned. Hikaru said, "I believe those robots are prototype weapons, and that we are actually in the middile of a wa-."
    Then Mitch interrupted, "No, they look a little too advanced to be prototype weapons, they were able to transform! I believe alien organisms have invaded our planet."
    Amanda said, "Well, I dunno, but it seems the end of the world is near."
    Desmond then stated, "Hey, I see 3 vehicles outside the window, same vehicles from yesterday. A Mustang Super Snake, a Lamborghini Murcielago Superveloce nad a Ducati."
    Then that was when Mitch's cellphone started to ring. Mitch then spoke through his cellphone, "Who are you."
    A female voice answered, "You see the bike outside? That's me. Come with me, you have crossed paths with us, and because of that, our enemies might be targeting you since they target anyone who has had interaction with our kind."
    Mitch then asked, "Wait...How do you know my phone number?"
    The voice replied, "That is unimportant for now, come with me. I'm the white bike, the 2 sports cars near me are my allies, bring your friends and go."
    Mitch said, "Fine." and then ended the call.
    The 4 humans then exited the house. Mitch got on the bike while Hikaru and Desmond enetered the Mustang, and Amanda entered the Lamborghini.
    After driving a few kilometers, they stopped at a mountain. Then metallic doors started to open from the mountain's walls and the vehicles entered a base.
    Inside the base were 4 robots looking at the humans. Mitch disembarked from the bike, Amanda got out of the Lamborghini and Hikaru and Desmond got out of the Mustang. The 3 vehicles then transformed into large robots. As the humans looked around them, a red and blue robot said, "My name is Optimus Prime, I am the leader of this team. We are sentient robot organisms from the world of Cybertron. Our war with the Decepticons has spread to your planet. We are the Autobots, we aim to defeat the Decepticons. I am not the leader of every Autobot, just the leader of this team."
    Mitch said, "I'm Mitch Drake."
    Desmond said, "My name is Desmond Michaels."
    Amanda popped up and said, "My name is Amanda Vasnev!"
    Hikaru leaned on a wall and said, "Name's Hikaru Takaki."
    Optimus then said, "I think you deserve to learn the names of my teammates. The white bike is Arcee, our medic is Ratchet."
    A white robot working on something said, "I'm busy."
    Optimus then continued, "Our weapons specialist is Ironhide and our pyro technician is Inferno."
    Ironhide said, "I'm Ironhide, the guy next to me is Inferno." Inferno then yelled, "I love to burn Decepticons!"
    The red Lambo said, "Name's Sideswipe, the yellow guy is Bumblebee."
    Mitch then asked, "Wait, how did you guys know my phone number?"
    Arcee replied, "Well, when we saw you the other day, I took a picture of you, then we used the internet and found your social networking profiles. From there, we learned your phone number. We did the same with Desmond, Amanda and Hikaru. But we only contacted you."
    Optimus then said, "It's not safe, I'm assigning Bumblebee and Arcee to guard you all at once."
    Amanda then said, "Well, me, Mitch and Hikaru are all living near eachother, so, I guess it could work."
    Desmond then said, "I'm rejoining Paladin Corp. If you need any backup Prime, then we could provide assitance."
    Then, a elevator's doors opened and 2 men dressed in business suits arrived.
    Prime said, "The bald man is Mr. Morrison, he is part of a UN group called Section 51 that works with the Autobots."
    Mr Morrison said in a Australian accent, "G'day. So, these are the humans that you've encountered."
    Then a black haired British man said, "Desmond, good to see you."
    Desmond said to the man, "Hey there Clarkson, haven't seen you since I quit Paladin Corp."
    Clarkson, the British man said, "Desmond, we are working with Section 51, care to rejoin?"
    Desmond then started thinking in his mind. He then answered, "Yeah, I'm returning to Paladin Corp."
    Clarkson smiled and said, "Good, your assignment is to provide law enforcement in the area. But that's not all, another objective is too detect if there any Decepticons."
    Meanwhile, Morrison said to Optimus, "So, you've provided Autobot guardians. Good. But Mr. Michaels is returning to Paladin Corp. to do some stuff, however his missions will take place in Hammondfield."

    Megatron said, "It seems the Autobots have human companions now eh? Hmm..." then he steepled his fingers.
    He was planning...