Transformers x Gilson Snowboards and Skis

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    just saw this add on Facebook: pretty sure i heard this mentioned yesterday that these were coming, but i don't believe any specifics (like brand) were mentioned: I am a big snowboarder for 30 years, and i've never heard of Gilson!!

    anyway, they are for sale now (only 35 pairs of each will be made!) and the graphics are pretty dope: TRANSFORMERS x Gilson (although the combo of Classic G1 box art/IDW art/Evergreen art is a bit weird.

    bummer is, i need a 159-161 Wide, 154 aint going to cut it :( 


    full blurb if you don't want to follow the link:

    35th Anniversary Collaboration
    The highly exclusive TRANSFORMERS x Gilson 35th Anniversary Collaboration will be revealed during the TRANSFORMERS panel on Thursday, July 18 at 2:00PM in room 23ABC. The artwork for these limited supply models are straight from the G1 TRANSFORMERS vaults in celebration of 35 years strong and each unit is certified with its own unique authenticated production number, which is assigned to your name at the point of purchase.

    Each snowboard and pair of skis are crafted from poplar hardwood and aerospace composites with Gilson’s award-winning design. Engineered for performance in all snow conditions, these snowboards and skis have been receiving rave reviews universally.

    Only 35 snowboards and 35 skis have been produced and will be available for fan purchase on this microsite beginning on July 18 at 2:00PM PST.
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    Hey @artiepants - one of the members of Gilson here. Glad you like the boards and thanks for posting.

    We can actually do a 160W for you - give us a shout to talk it through and we’d love to build one of these sick decks for you. Our number is 570-798-9102

    BTW - today is the last day for anyone to purchase these.