Transformers WFC2 Create Mode Ideas

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    I already posted this thread back in January, but with discussion about WFC2 firing up and alot of suggestions being made for a deeper create mode, I figured now would be a good time to revive it.

    Basically, imagine that you have a base model for each class, all of which transform in a simplistic, G1 esque fashion. Using the Scientist class as an example, picture the standard Decepticon model as resembling Starscream, his transformation being as simple as his chest cockpit folds up over his head (though some cockpit designs sit on your upper back in robot mode), his arms tuck into his sides, his legs fold up into his chest to form the undercarriage, and finally the wings flip back to complete the transformation. To make those basic transformations more interesting, you can choose the acrobatics used when changing form. Whilst the mechanics remain the same, you can have your character perform a barrel roll, a somersault, a backflip or even a breakdance (which would look funny for a tank?) as they transform to name just a few of the animations, further adding to your custom characters personality.

    By keeping the mechanics of transformation simple, you open up a wide range of options to start customising with. You have four areas on your Transformer you can customize - head, torso, arms and legs, and Soldiers and Scientists also have a 'special' area (lulz) covering their respective wings, cockpits and turrets - its simply a case of choosing from say, 5-6 different parts for each region you want to change, then mixing and matching them to create your character.

    After you've built them, you can individually colour them by area (colours are no longer restricted by faction, and you still have your HUD to tell you who your enemies are in multiplayer), and each area is broken up into four sections, all of which can be seperately coloured, so if you want a transformer with a red upper body and blue lower, or black body with white head, or a camo green tank with luminous pink turret, or some hideous technicolour monstrosity to blind your enemies online, then you can have them!


    Apologies for my limited artistic skills, but the above pic shows how even following such a simplistic and modular system as I've described, its possible to create large numbers of instantly recognisable characters - I honestly reckon that with a little imagination, there are very, very few characters from any TF continuity you couldn't represent in some fashion.

    It would certainly be a far more deep, enjoyable and rewarding experience than just recolouring the in game bots from a woefully limited palette...