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    This is, so far an untitled story that has been in my head for quite some time. It's been driving me CRAZY and so I finally had to put it down on paper. Once I started writing it kept growing and now it's at a decent good size. Yes, I know that I officially retired from fan fic, but this is more for me then anything else. Has my writing gotten any better, probably not and I apologize. Well, here goes. Enjoy if you can and leave any crits, harsh or good.

    This story is a continuation of my Rebirth Team Story. The prologue is my first first-person narrative in a LONG time, so I know it needs a lot of work. :redface2: 


    I was only sixteen years old when they came like fallen angels through the daytime sky bringing with them confusion and mystery. All of my life I had seen many Autobots and in fact at what point in my young life I was actually fearful of them, but these, these Autobots were different. Instantly they showed an attitude not found in any on Cybertron. An attitude mostly reserved for the Decepticons, or some rogue Autobots. Were these rogue Autobots? I asked myself three years ago. Were these Autobots for some reason or another kicked out of their respected units and sent here to Earth? Thinking about it now it was a ridiculous question to ask, but I didn’t know any better back than. Back then I was innocent, innocent in a way that seems distant to me now. It’s hard to imagine in just a few short years one can change so drastically, but that is what war really does to someone. And to think I thought the Autobots back where I came from was in a war, well they haven’t seen true war yet.

    Before leaving with the new Autobots I trained with them for several weeks and by training with them I began to wonder about the ones that walked on my Earth. Were they really war ready? Will they be able to handle battle at a mass scale? No, probably not. But these Autobots appeared to know what they were doing. Maybe it was because on their Cybertron they were forced to be branded for a cause none believed in. Or maybe it was just because where the new Autobots came from war was constant and if one did not know how to fight than one will surely die.

    In my time with new Autobots I learned and saw things that a human should not see or do. I have seen carnage so bad that sometimes I wonder if I had made the right decision. Maybe I didn‘t, but there was no turning back. I was commented to a new cause, a cause that left many dead or wounded. I myself was seriously wounded in battle once and barely survived. Should I have quit then? Maybe. But I didn’t and once I was healed I went right back into battle.

    Three years has truly changed me from a feisty teenager to the hardened war vet. What will my parents and my sister say when they see me for the first time in just a few short years? What will they say about the scar that runs down my face? The scar I received from a Decepticon by the name of Mirror Blade. What will they say about their son who no longer looked like the teenager they last saw, but a young man aged by war. Will they comment on my shaggy hair and five o’clock shadow? My sister definitely would, but then again she was still quite young and any changes confused her.

    Then there was my girlfriend. What will she say to me? I no longer had feelings for her, though I did think about her from time to time. Will she still have feelings for me? And will those feelings stay once she saw the look in my eyes, the look only men who have seen death carry. Will she run up to me when she sees me and try to embrace me? And what could I do then? Step to the side and let her run by me? Maybe then she will see that my feelings for her have changed. And if she ran off crying, what then? Sure I will look like the bad guy, but hopefully once they hear what I have gone through they will see why having a relationship really didn’t appeal to me anymore. At least not for awhile. No, I wouldn’t have any relationships as long as I fight along The Rebirth Team. After all I did have the rest of my life to look forward to.

    I took a deep breath at my thoughts, amazed at how much I have changed in the last few years. The Autobots at Ocean City will be amazed to see me like this, after all when I left I was annoying and a pest. Now, now I will be able to actually help especially with the suit that Perceptor made for the humans here on this Earth. It was far better than that cheap suit my father made for me. It wasn’t only the suit, but the ability I discovered a year ago. An ability that even surprised me when it came to the surface. Maybe it was the connection to the energon I had, but whatever it was with the suit amplifying it I was a force to be reckoned with.

    Then there was a question about my name. Many of the Autobots back at Ocean City will wonder why I had changed it, and if only they knew how stupid my original name was. And besides my old name was a name that seemed out of place in today’s time. Now I am simply known as Trent. A name simply picked out of a hat, but a name that works. Then there was the names that the Rebirth Team gave all the humans who acquired the suits, suits that aided in the battle against the Decepticons. There was ‘The Wolf’, a name given to the human because of the razor-sharp claws that came with his suit, ‘Junior’, mainly because the human was the youngest with a suit that still needed to be adjusted. Then there was me. With my new found ability, Perceptor instantly decided on developing a suit that amplified it. Beltline himself came up with the name, a name that fitted me just fine. ‘Surge’, for the ability to somehow electrify Cybertronians with energon. Though it still was cheesy, anything could be better than Kicker.

    After three years I’m finally going home, but was it really home to me? Sure it was at a time and it could become my home again, but did I really want that. Did I really want my father nagging me about finding energon? No, definitely not. Though I did miss him and mom and Sally, a part of me realized that I may never see them again and began to come to terms about the loneliness of not having a family.

    “Times sure have change.” I studied my black and purple suit, colors more affiliated with the Decepticons then the Autobots and realized that I had to go back, I had to close some doors I left open. “They may not understand.” A shake of the head. “No, they will never understand.”
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    Chapter 1: Four Years Earlier

    The forest seemed way too quite as the Rebirth Team patrolled the area, trying to find the Decepticon’s home base. Every bot knew they had to be close by, but any surveillance by fly over proved otherwise. Echo or Mimic couldn’t find any sign of them which got Sonicblaze worried enough to send a patrol out.

    “Any sign of them yet?” Asked Beltline as he stepped over a small boulder. “I mean, maybe they aren’t here, Sonicblaze.”

    Sonicblaze shook his head. “No, they have to be here.”

    “But Echo didn’t spot anything and he always spots...” He stopped as Sonicblaze held his fist high in the air then motioned for his team to get down. “What is it?”

    “There’s something ahead. There, see it.”

    Beltline indeed see the small holographic projector hidden in some bushes. “But why didn’t Echo not sense that?”

    “Don’t know, but let’s go check it out.”

    Sonicblaze led the team through the woods till they reached the projector where he ordered for Beltline to go ahead and disable it. Two members of the team had their weapons trained behind and around them, the remaining two had their weapons aimed at an invisible enemy that may sit just beyond the holographic barrier. As the projector went down all tensed up, ready for anything that may come their way. They were all surprised to see no Decepticons, instead what sat before them was a small space bridge.

    “What the slag, this makes no sense. Men, keep your optics open! It could be a trap!” Sonicblaze slowly stepped to the small space bridge and began to study it. “What do you make of this, Beltline?”

    Beltline knelt down, studied the bridge for several seconds then smiled. “I have no idea what is going on here, sir but this bridge is completed.”

    “You mean…”

    “Yes, sir. We can finally go home.”

    “Not so fast.”

    Beltline swiftly turned around to see Mirror Blade standing next to Sonicblaze, his sword at his commander’s throat. Slowly he placed his gun down onto the ground then raised his hands high in the air.

    “How did you get here?”

    Mirror Blade laughed. “Did you all wonder why Echo didn’t sense this?” He pointed to the bridge with his free hand as his other inched the blade closer to Sonicblaze’s neck. “I made sure he didn’t bother me again.”

    “What did you do to Echo?” Beltline took a step forward which caused the ex-Autobot to cut his blade into Sonicblaze’s neck. Quickly glancing at his commander’s optics Beltline saw no fear, in fact he saw nothing to show that Sonicblaze even cared that there was a blade to his neck. “Stop this, Mirror Blade! Stop it now!”

    The Decepticon chuckled then ran his blade quickly across Sonicblaze’s neck. And though it didn’t sever the head, it did make the commander go into instant stasis-lock. Before Sonicblaze could fall to the ground Mirror Blade took his gun out and shot several times into the fallen Autobot’s back.

    “No!” Beltline reached down for his gun as the other team members began firing at Mirror Blade. “Sonicblaze, hang on!”

    Mirror Blade slammed his hand on a control panel, turning the space bridge on without setting any coordinates. “Say good-bye to your leader.”

    Beltline helplessly watched as Mirror Blade threw their commander into the space bridge sending Sonicblaze to a place unknown. He didn’t even think twice as he ran to the bridge with the rest of the team, but before he got there he realized somebody had to stay behind and tell the rest of the team waiting back at the base.

    “Blade Runner, get back to base immediately! Tell the others we will be back with the commander!”

    Blade Runner nodded. “Got it! You all be careful and find Echo!”


    Ocean City was relatively calm for once which Hot Shot didn’t mind for one bit. It was nice to get a little break from fighting, though it was always short lived. Taking a deep breath he leaned against the railing over looking the vast Earth ocean, appreciating the calmness of the waves. Everything was so peaceful here, just wish it could stay that way.

    “Man, if only Cybertron was this beautiful.” His voice faded off as alarms began to sound. “Oh, what now.”

    “Hot Shot, we have an unidentified warp gate opening up!” Came Optimus Prime’s voice over the com-link. “Be careful, it might be the Decepticons.”

    “Got it!” Hot Shot scanned the sky till he made out a tiny disturbance in the air. “I spotted it! Everybody, let’s move out!”

    It didn’t take him long to run to the bridge where Inferno, Ironhide, and Kicker now stood their weapons aimed, or in Kicker’s case fists at the portal now opening up. Jetfire stayed stationary just above them, his arms crossed as he waited.

    “Here it comes men!” Shouted Hot Shot as he brought his gun up higher.

    The portal opened and as it did a large robotic body came flying through, but something was terribly wrong. The body appeared to be in free fall, not moving even though it was quickly picking up speed. Seeing that the being needed some much needed help Jetfire swooped in and caught it as several more came flying through.

    “It’s an Autobot! They’re all Autobots!” Jetfire yelled as he quickly landed on the bridge. “He needs to go in the tank, A.S.A.P!”

    Hot Shot nodded and turned to the other Autobots noticing all of them seemed a bit confused. Wonder why they would be so confused? Did they not know where they were at? As he stepped to greet them he noticed one thing that seemed out of place. The Autobots didn’t have the badge he wore, instead they wore something completely different, something he couldn’t believe he was seeing.

    “They’re not Autobots!” Kicker said for him. “I don’t know what they are, but that isn’t an Autobot or Decepticon logo. It’s both!”

    The small red robot held his hands high in the air. “We’re Autobots just like all of you.” He appeared very concerned as he stared Hot Shot right in the optics. “What are you all going to do to the commander?”

    “Give him an energon bath, what else?” Answered Ironhide.

    A slim, black robot stepped up to Ironhide and pointed a finger up at him. “And what the slag is that?”

    “Uhm, it’s where he’s soaked in a tank full of energon.”

    “Will that hurt the boss?” Asked the red bot to the black one.

    “No, idea. But what doesn’t kill him, will only make him stronger.”

    “At ease, gentleman.” Optimus Prime stepped through the ranks of Autobots to see the guests huddled together in a tight circle. “What are your all names?”

    The red one lowered his arms to his side, but he didn’t relax. “My name is Beltline, and these two are Mimic and Naito. The Autobot you hauled off is our commander, Sonicblaze. And by any chance have you all seen another Autobot with this badge?” When all present shook their heads Beltline shook his. “Very well, we won’t be staying for very long.”

    Signal Flare ran up to Optimus Prime then stopped when he saw the strangers. Ignoring them for now, he glanced up and shook his head at the leader. “Optimus, come here quick. You won’t believe this!”

    “Wait a second. Optimus? As in, Optimus Prime?” Questioned Beltline.

    “Yes, now excuse me, I need to see what’s going on.”

    Naito stepped up to Beltline a little confused himself. “What the slag is going on here? Where are we?”

    The only thing Beltline could do was shrug. “Don’t really know, but let’s see what’s going on.”

    The Rebirth Team followed Optimus through the complex till they reached an open space where a tank sat on one end and at the other a large table where Sonicblaze lay. There were several of the smaller robots surrounding him as though guarding something very valuable. Which meant they found out about the many compartments that riddled their way through Sonicblaze’s body.

    Optimus stepped up to Sonicblaze’s side then quickly turned back to Beltline. “What is he?”

    Beltline knew he had to tell him the truth, but not all of it. “He’s been mutated.”

    “Mutated, how?” Asked a large, white Autobot.

    “Experimented on.” Tired of all the questions Beltline sighed heavily then pointed at his commander. “Listen, can you all do anything to save him?”

    The red robot slowly nodded. “It’ll take time, but yeah he’ll live.” He took a deep breath as he turned back to Sonicblaze. “How many compartments does he have?”

    “Five or six, but it could be more. We’re all lucky he didn’t blow on us.” Naito quipped.

    The red Autobot appeared very worried. “What do you mean by that?”

    Naito smiled. “Just a little secret weapon.”

    “Very well. Let me show you where you all will be staying at.” Said Optimus as he walked out of the room.
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    Chapter 2

    Back at the Rebirth Base Miller leaned against the cave wall at the news. Now, what was going to happen? Without the commander and second-in-command the team was without a true leader. Course there was Blade Runner, but Miller could instantly tell that playing the role of leader was something the big bot did not want to do.

    “So, can you repeat again what happened, Blade Runner?”

    Blade Runner took a deep breath then shook his head. “Trace, we tried okay. Unfortunately when Mimic or Mirror Blade do their morphing thing their signals telling who they are, are shut down.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It’s a little trick that the Rebirth Team came up with to hide our presence from the enemy.” Blade Runner stepped up to Miller and showed him a button about the size of a human fist on his metallic chest. “Perceptor came up with the idea. You see, any bot can tell who you are by a signal created by the spark. This disguises it, so not only the team can tell who you are.”

    Miller nodded his head with a smile. “Stealth.”

    “Right. It actually has saved our lives on many occasions. Unfortunately it just might have killed Sonicblaze.”

    “Don’t think that way. Sonicblaze has been through hell already. He’s okay and so are the others.”


    It had been a full day since the new Autobots came and Kicker couldn‘t help but to think about who they really were. They seemed like no other Autobots he has ever met before. Their attitudes were quite, as though always in a deep thought and the way they carried themselves, it wasn’t quite cocky , more like confident. But what made them different from all the other Autobots he had known?

    He studied the strange Autobots from up on a balcony as they went through their self-defense drills amazed at their skills. Especially the one that calls himself Mimic. It seemed as though he had studied fighting since the day he was created. He also appeared much more powerful than the others as he easily flipped them over one by one as he practiced takedowns from an arm grab.

    Though he had heard footsteps behind him, Kicker never did turn around, but by judging the gate of the walk he instantly knew who it was. “Hey, Jetfire.”

    “They’re way too cocky, Kicker.”

    “No, not cocky, I say confident.” Kicker leaned against the railing and watched as the smallest Autobot, Beltline managed to get Mimic onto the ground with a leg sweep and a push from the shoulders. “They’re really good, Jetfire. Real good. But why would they train like that?”

    “Maybe on their universe the war is never ending.” Jetfire leaned against the railing next to Kicker and took a deep breath. “Their leader ain’t doing too good.”

    This time Kicker turned to look at Jetfire then quickly brought his attention back to the new Autobots. “Will he make it?”

    Jetfire shrugged his massive shoulders. “Inferno and the Omnicons are trying their best, but he suffered too much damage. Unfortunately we can’t transfer his spark.”

    Kicker turned to Jetfire very curious. “Why? I thought it was…”

    “It is, but not with that Sonicblaze bot. According to Inferno his spark has been mutated to accommodate the large amount of energon in his body.”

    “How much energon are we talking about here?”

    Jetfire pulled his attention away from the strange Autobots surprised at what Kicker just said. “You didn’t sense it?”

    “I sensed something, Jetfire, something very powerful, but it was just a feeling.”

    “Yeah, well this Sonicblaze bot is an actual walking power plant. He has enough energon in him to support Ironhide, Optimus Prime, and myself. And it could possibly be much, much more.” He turned back to the strange Autobots to see that the small red Autobot, named Beltline was nowhere in sight. “Hey, where did that small bot go to?”

    Kicker just ignored Jetfire’s last comment as his mind began to race about Sonicblaze. Why would he be created to store that much energon? What was the whole purpose behind it? What secret did he hold?

    “Why that much energon? What is the purpose behind it?” He said more to himself then to Jetfire. “There has too be a reason for it.” He pushed away from the railing and shook his head. “I’m going to check up on Sonicblaze.”


    The infirmary was very quite as Beltline walked in and he begun to wonder why it was so. Sure the usual sounds were there, like the beeping of a computer and the small buzz as it worked, but there weren’t any Autobots here except for his commander. Weren’t they suppose to be at war? And if so, where were the causalities?

    He stepped up to the capsule that held Sonicblaze and peered inside to see that nothing has changed. He had thought upon arriving at this new universe that these Autobot’s technology far surpassed what was found back home, but maybe the technology wasn’t all that great after all. Back home Sonicblaze would have been repaired, not placed in some tank to soak. In fact Red Alert would have had him repaired enough to be able to lead, but not to fight. How long will repairs take this way?

    “How is he?” Asked the young human named Kicker.

    “Repairs are slow this way. Why doesn’t your medic do anything else?”

    Kicker stepped to Beltline’s side and looked up. “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, why didn’t your medic repair him physically before he placed him into the tank? Is he not capable to do so?”

    “Inferno is capable, but the energon does most of the work.” He placed his hand on the tank, waited for a few seconds then pulled it off with a shake of his head. “I feel lots of power here, but I don’t sense it.”

    “What do you mean?”

    Kicker smirked. “Just a gift I have. You know, you don’t act like the others.”

    Beltline shrugged. “The others have been through a lot more than I have.” His voice trailed off as alarms began to ring. On instinct he quickly took his gun out then called for the rest of the team. “Mimic, Naito, come to the infirmary now! We have to protect Sonicblaze!”
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    This is the really bad chapter. Couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do here, so I just winged it. :redface2: 

    Chapter 3

    “He’s slowly waking up.”

    “Yes, soon we will know his name.”

    “And that badge…”

    “Hideous, just hideous.”

    “Will know…”

    “Yes, we will.”

    “I wonder what it means.”

    “Let’s hope he will talk.”

    Echo’s mind slowly began to come too as his systems went fully on-line. Though in darkness he knew right away that he was in unfamiliar territory by the smell alone. His unique smelling sensor told him the smell was definitely that of a Transformer, but something was very out of place. According o his sensors he was inside of a Transformer. And how could that be possible? Unless… No, it can’t be, it was just a legend after all. But what if it was really true? If that was the case then what had happened to him?

    “He should be fully awake.”

    “Yes, I wonder if he’s completely operational.”

    “Repairs did go well.”

    “Yes, that they did.”

    “Strange, he had no visual control.”

    “Strange indeed.”

    “How does a soldier fight without sight?”

    What was very strange was for him to hear five different voices, but only one source. One source? He began to think back on his training to become one of the few to join Sonicblaze’s elite team. Sonicblaze, unlike Optimus Prime made all of his soldiers study Cybertron’s history till their knowledge could even rival that of the elders. That way any soldier could be prepared to face any kind of challenge. It had actually proven to be very useful to the team on several different occasions and now was one of them.

    “You’re a Quintesson, aren’t you?” He asked the five voices.

    “It talks.”

    “And it knows what we are.”

    “But how? How does he know?”

    “Could he be working for Megatron?”

    “Yes, that has to be it.”

    “No, that’s not it at all.” He slowly stood up and turned to the Quintesson. “I will never work for Megatron.”

    “Then what is that badge?”

    “Yes, tell us, we need to know.”

    “This badge means nothing. What should I call you?” Echo demanded.

    “You can just call us…”



    While the Autobots of this universe battled it out with whatever was attacking them Beltline and the others stationed themselves around Sonicblaze. Whatever was attacking them may be after the commander. They learned, by hacking into their computers that the Decepticons on this universe were after one thing; a source of vast amounts of energon. And what better way to get that then an Autobot who could store energon in his very own body.

    Sounds of several small robots could be heard coming down the hall straight towards them at a steady pace. Naito glanced at Beltline then held his rifle up, aiming it at the door to get himself prepared for anything that came his way. Mimic had his back against the wall next to the door, his kusara kamas out and crossed in front of him.

    Beltline listened very closely till the sounds got closer then held his right hand high in the air. “Get ready to fire!” He turned around to see the young human was now in a suit of some kind and appeared to be ready to fight. “Are you ready, Kicker?”

    “Don’t worry, these Terrorcons aren’t nothing. It’s their controller you really have to worry about.” Explained Kicker.

    Mimic peeked out the door then nodded. “All right, let’s destroy some Terrorcons!”

    Kicker watched as Mimic, in one quick fluid movement, stepped in front of the door and with just a few swipes with his blades managed to cut down four invading Terrorcons. This must have been the signal Beltline was waiting for.


    It was as though somebody had turned on a switch inside all of the new Autobots, a switch set to kill. Kicker had never seen anything like it before and it somewhat terrified him. He hadn’t even seen Decepticons act like this before. And what did that mean?

    “Beltline, they keep coming in!” Mimic hollered as he wiped his face of the oil that was being splashed everywhere. “Granted they’re much easier to kill then what we normally encounter.” He hit a Terrorcon with such force with his fist it instantly exploded. “Shame Sonicblaze ain’t ready yet.”

    Though terrified at the new Autobots Kicker somehow could not turn away at the carnage. Maybe it was the show of skill that made him relax a bit and take a step back to watch. It was so amazing to see them use everything they went through earlier in their training and to see it performed to near perfection. Wonder if he could get these Autobots to train him in their fighting arts.

    “Kicker, what do you think you’re doing?”

    Snapping out of his thoughts Kicker looked towards the door to see Ironhide with Hot Shot right behind him. “Don’t worry you guys, they have it covered here.”

    Hot Shot who was power linked with Inferno stepped in, amazed that only three Autobots not power linked could do so much damage. “Scorponok will be back, let’s just hope Megatron doesn’t show up soon.”

    Naito placed his rifle back into it’s compartment in his leg and brushed off his arms even though he wasn’t at all that dirty. “What were those things…” His voice drifted off as he cocked his head to the side. “What the slag happened to you?”

    “Oh, this?” Hot Shot swept his arms down his body then lifted them up. “Inferno, disengage!”

    Right before Naito’s optics Hot Shot and Inferno came apart from a technique that him and Mimic hated to do. And yet these two Autobots appeared to be having no problem at all. In fact they appeared to actually have fun with it. Did they feel any pain at all? And if not, why didn’t they? What did they have that him and Mimic didn’t?

    He slowly turned his head to see Mimic looking at him with the same look he must have on his face. These Autobots somehow managed to combine so fluidly and so painlessly into their ‘power linked’ states that it appeared any bot could do it. What were him and Mimic doing wrong?

    Inferno noticed the looks the two new Autobots gave each other but ignored them to check on Sonicblaze. “Hmm…he’s healing slower than I had first thought he would.”

    “Of course he would, you haven’t done anything.” Beltline stepped up to the medic, his gun still in his hand. “Why won’t you do something to help him?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “What do I mean? What do I slagging mean?” Beltline couldn’t believe the medic and nearly punched him right there, but restrained himself. “Why don’t you be the slagging medic that you’re fucking suppose to be! Repair him with your hands, not allow some fluid to do it for you!”

    Inferno bowed his head as though ashamed. “I’m…not a…medic. I am trained to help those in need on the battlefield, and your friend definitely needed some help.”

    “What the slag! You mean you’re not even a fucking medic?” Beltline took a deep breath then shook his head. “I better leave”

    Naito watched the little bot leave then had to let out a chuckle. “Well, you did it, you got Beltline so mad he even used human curses. That takes a lot of effort.”

    “I understand, but there is only so much I can do.”

    Mimic shook his head. “It’s what you’re not doing that got him all riled up.”

    Hot Shot allowed the new Autobots to leave before he stepped into the room. “What is the true outcome for this Autobot, Inferno?”

    “His injuries are too severe.” Inferno sighed heavily. “Maybe Beltline was right.”

    “Right about what?”

    Inferno turned back to the capsule and shook his head. “Hot Shot, get the Omnicons in here, we have surgery to do.”


    As he looked around him he realized that he had no other choice, but to ask for Optimus Prime’s help. He hated to ask him, especially after what had happened a few months ago, unfortunately he saw no other choice. It was only him, Trace, Inferno, Windcharger and the humans at the Rebirth base and neither one of them had any experience with a space bridge. Sonicblaze will be very upset with him for going to Optimus Prime, but hopefully he’ll understand.

    He took a deep breath then turned to Trace. “Trace, you and Windcharger stay here with Red Alert and the young humans. Miller, pack some things, you’re coming with me.”

    Miller was shocked. “Why me?”

    “Because we need somebody who can do some sneaking.” Blade Runner patted the human’s back. “Don’t worry, I got you’re back.”

    “Great.” Miller nodded his head and went to his living quarters.

    His living quarters, he had to laugh at calling the little tunnel his home. Unfortunately it might be his home for quite some time which depressed him. His life was now tied to these giant robots no matter if he liked it or not. Shame really, he was sort of looking forward to starting a family when he left the military. But who knows, maybe he could find a woman who didn’t mind giant robots. Humph…yeah, right.

    He flipped the tarp door to the side and stepped into his decent sized living space which still needed some furniture to actually make it feel a little homey. As of right now all he had was a cot, a small table and a chair. Hopefully in a few months he could get more furnishings for his place, but most of all he wanted to get a pet. It may sound foolish to some, but having a dog around might make the days go by a lot better for him.

    “Will I ever be able to live a normal life?” He sighed heavily as he began to roll up his bedroll. “Probably not. I just hope Buddy and Charlie will be able to.”

    “To do what?”

    He turned around to see Buddy leaning against the cave wall, his arms crossed and his face showing his curiosity.

    “Nothing. Is Blade Runner ready to go?”

    “Been ready for awhile.” Buddy went over and picked up Miller’s military bag, which was actually bought at a local flea market. “Need some help?”

    Miller shrugged. “Sure, you can pack some food.”

    “Some MREs?”

    “Yeah and some water too.” Miller stuffed some clothes into the bag then took it from Buddy. “I’ll meet you in the main hall.”

    He made his way down the small mine shaft wondering what will happen to him. Sure he had some military experience, but was it enough to fight along side machines that were built for war. Well, he will find out soon enough.

    Once he stepped into the main hall he saw Blade Runner in his automobile mode waiting for him at the entrance. At least by going with the robot he will be able to check up on Sparkplug who had decided to stay with Optimus Prime. Wonder why he trusted Optimus over Sonicblaze?

    Buddy ran up to Miller with a armful of MREs and two canteens of water. “Say hi to Sparkplug for me.”

    “Will do.” Miller took the MREs and stuffed them into his army bag then threw it into the passenger side of Blade Runner. “See ya around. Trace, Windcharger, watch over them for me.”

    Trace nodded. “Will do.”

    Miller got into Blade Runner then patted the steering wheel. “Let’s go.”


    Inferno pulled back from the table and wiped his face, a show of stress than anything else. It had been a long time since his last operation on a Cybertronian and he hoped he did his job well. Sonicblaze will be placed in energon for the rest of the repairs, but most of the critical injuries were repaired, all thanks to the help of the Omnicons.

    Skyblast sighed heavily as he prepared Sonicblaze for the energon tank. “I think we did a good job, Inferno.”

    “We better or this bot is dead.” Inferno helped Skyblast in putting the new Autobot in the tank then leaned against the operating table. “Something’s really different about him. His spark for one thing is like one have never seen before.”

    Skyblast nodded. “Sure is, probably to handle all of the energon in his body, which is quite a lot.”

    “But why would he have that much energon? What is the significance of it?”

    “Why do you want to know?”

    Inferno turned to see the youngest of the new Autobots standing at the door with his arms crossed. His face showed that he still didn’t approve of him or the Omnicons.

    “I just find it interesting, that’s all.” Inferno replied.

    “When will he wake up?”

    “Soon, we hope. Most of the critical injuries are repaired and only a few days in the energon tank should heal the rest.”

    Beltline nodded. “Good. I’ll be back to check on him later.”

    He left the infirmary and headed towards the Rebirth Team’s temporary quarters, which was actually a dock. As he approached the door Mimic saluted then allowed him in.

    “How’s the commander?”

    “I believe he’ll be fine, why don’t you check in an hour.”

    Mimic nodded. “Sure thing.” His attitude quickly changed as his optics focused on something behind Beltline. “We have company.”

    Turning around Beltline saw Kicker standing behind him, his hands in his coat pockets. “What do you want?”

    Kicker shrugged. “Just wanted to say hi, that’s all.”

    “What do you really want?”

    “What makes you think that I want something?”

    Mimic stepped in front of Beltline and crossed his arms. “Leave.” He glared down at Kicker till he finally left. “He’s very curious about us, Beltline.”

    Beltline nodded. “Yeah, we got to keep an eye out for him.”

    “Will do.”
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    Chapter 4

    Echo hated being in a new environment, especially one that was so quiet. Without much noise he could barely get the full image of his surroundings, but he did know this: he was in a cell of some kind.. He knew that by just walking around while rubbing his hands on the walls till he got shocked by what most likely was energon bars. And if he was in a cell then what did that mean?

    His head turned automatically as several footsteps echoed towards him, most of them instantly told him that many of the visitors were small and as far as he could tell only one set belonged to some bot that weighed much more than he did. And as the steps got closer he could tell that all but one spark was new to him. He couldn’t tell what those sparks were, but he wasn’t worried about them. He was more worried about the spark he knew all too well, a spark of a Decepticon.

    “What do you all want from me?” He called out knowing he may not get a straight answer. After several long seconds of silence he shook his head and sat down on the floor. “Very well then.”

    The Decepticon’s footsteps stopped in front of his cell as the sound of the bars turning off filled his audio receptors. “Here’s some energon.”

    He could hear something land at his feet and with the sound he quickly could see the shape of the Decepticon. In the brief moment he could tell the Decepticon definitely was big and appeared to have claws. He had never seen a Decepticon like that before and he began to wonder who it was. All the Decepticons he had met never did have claws.

    “What is your name?” Asked the Decepticon.

    “Echo.” He replied.


    Echo nodded as he reached out for the energon. “Nice to meet you.”

    “Eat up and save your energy. You belong to me now.”


    The Ark was relatively quiet as Blade Runner walked through with Miller sitting on his massive soldier and with a guard on each side of him. He thought the guards were a bit much, but the Autobots probably didn’t trust him after what had happened. Only if they knew about Mimic. He almost smiled at just thinking about the little spy that had been here more than twice.

    “So, why did you come back?” Sideswipe asked.

    Blade Runner shook his head. “Sorry, but you’ll find out soon enough.” He stopped so Miller could slide down his arm. “Go find Wheeljack, Miller and have him make a weapon for you.” Miller nodded and quickly ran off. “Let me see Prime, Sideswipe.”

    Sideswipe gave a quick nod and pointed down the hall. “Follow me.”

    Though he wore the unmodified Autobot badge on his chest it felt as though he was still a complete stranger to the other Autobots he passed along the way. Maybe it was a mistake to come back here.

    They stopped at a large door that most likely led to the control room or Prime’s private quarters. “Optimus is right through there.”

    Taking a deep breath Blade Runner went through the door and stopped as soon as the door closed behind him. He glanced around to see Jazz and Prowl standing on each side of the door, both looking ahead at Prime.

    “Come on in, Blade Runner.” Prime slowly stood from his desk and walked around to the front where he crossed his arms. “Where is the rest of your team?”

    “That’s why I came.” Blade Runner took a step towards the great Autobot commander. “Prime, something has happened.” He paused not believing what he was going to ask. “Prime, something has happened and we…we need your help.”

    Optimus Prime leaned back against the desk. “What happened?”

    Blade Runner couldn’t believe he was doing this and nearly walked out, but then he remembered Sonicblaze’s limp body going through that portal. “We got caught in an ambush. Sonicblaze was badly damaged and thrown into a space bridge. Mimic and Naito went in after him and have not yet returned. Echo is also missing.”


    “Yeah.” Blade Runner sighed heavily. “Mirror Blade disguised himself as Echo and when our team discovered the space bridge, he attacked us.”

    “Very well and you will need our help. How can we help?”

    Blade Runner shook his head. “Don’t be stupid Prime, we need Perceptor.”

    “I’m sorry, but…”

    “But what, Prime?” Blade Runner took a deep breath, calming himself down. “Prime, please. We need him to find the right coordinates. If it makes you feel any better you can have an escort come along.”

    Optimus Prime’s optics flickered towards Jazz then back to Blade Runner. “Very well. Jazz, be careful.”

    “Will do, Prime.”


    When most people slept one in particular was sneaking out of his room and to the docks. Kicker knew there was a curfew, but he has yet to be punished for disobeying it. And besides with everybody asleep he had the base to himself. Well, almost to himself.

    “Hey, Signal Flare.” He said as the Omnicon drone stepped up to him.

    “What are you doing out pass curfew?”

    Kicker shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep.”

    “Well okay, just be careful.”

    “Don’t worry I will.” Kicker laced his hands then placed them behind his head. “See ya’ around.”

    He followed the large corridor till it opened up to a vast entry way where he could now go four different directions. He took the corridor farthest to his left which will lead him directly to the new Autobots. Wonder what they were doing at this time of night? Most Autobots went into a sleep mode, but these Autobots were different. Most likely they were probably training or going over strategies.

    As he got closer to the door he brought his head up and was surprised to see Mimic guarding the door. Why have a guard at the door? What could they be hiding?

    “What are you doing here?” Mimic asked as he crossed his arms.

    Kicker shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep, so I decided to see what you all were up to.”

    Mimic sighed heavily and shook his head. “Sorry, you ain’t getting nothing out of us, so scram.”

    “Who said I was trying to get information? No, I’m here to ask you about your training.”

    “What about it?”

    “It’s different than what I had seen.”
    Mimic shifted his weight, already bored with the human’s questions. “What are you trying to say?”

    “I want to learn how to fight like you.”

    Mimic had to let out a chuckle. “You want to learn how to fight like us?”

    Kicker slowly gave Mimic a nod. “Yeah, yeah I do.”

    “I see.” Mimic gently knocked on the door in a rhythm that made it open. “Beltline, we have a little visitor.”

    Beltline stepped out and looked directly at Kicker. “What do you want?”

    “He wants to learn how to fight like us.” Replied Mimic for Kicker.

    “Really.” Beltline knelt down, studying Kicker. “Are you sure you’re ready?” Kicker was a little hesitant in his reply which made Beltline shake his head. “If you have to think about it, you’re not ready.”

    “I’m ready.” Kicker straightened his back. “Show me what you all got.”

    Beltline nodded, stood up, then turned to Mimic. “Get Naito to relieve you and then you will rest up, Mimic.” He then turned back to Kicker. “Follow me.”

    Kicker took a deep breath as he followed Beltline in the rarely used cargo bay. Instantly he could see a large table and on that table was a computer. Wonder why they needed the computer for?

    “Sit.” Beltline said, pointing to a human sized chair by the back wall. “Let me give you a quick history about us and then we will see if you still want to join up with the team.

    To start off let me tell you the name of the team was given to us by our elders right before we left to search for our Optimus Prime.”

    “Search? What do you mean by that?”

    “On our Cybertron a war broke out against the Decepticons, machines built for war and the Autobots, machines built as slaves. This war lasted for several vorns, a vorn is roughly around eighty of your years until energon was nearly depleted. The elders decided to get a group of Autobots together and when the elders did find energon on another planet they will send these Autobots out to search for it. Unfortunately when the time came the Decepticons got word about the mission and ambushed the ship. That is all that we know about that.

    Our team was short a bot, but that didn’t slow us down. Prime and the others were missing, there was nothing for us to do for them so we went and kept doing what we always did: special operations. Our team is trained to handle what other Autobots can’t. We study history that the Autobots forgot. We train for several hours to get not our mechanical bodies prepared, but our minds.

    We see carnage like no Autobot has ever seen before and you have to be prepared to become completely numb to it. The only bot or person you will ever care about is the team and yourself. There will be times where you must do missions and in that case your only concern is to get that mission done.” Beltline stopped pacing to squat in front of Kicker. “As a human your mind and body will be tested way over it’s endurance. There will be days where you can’t go on, when death sounds like a good a way out. Your body may get injured or scared so badly it may hurt to even move.” He leaned in close to Kicker, his face only inches away from the paling humans. “Are you prepared, Kicker? Prepared to sacrifice and dedicate the rest of your life to the team? If so, you will be asked to come with us once the portal is back open.”

    Kicker had no idea what to say to the speech that left his body feeling numb. Did he really want to do this? Did he really want to be part of a cause that he has no clue about? And if he did join up with these Autobots, what will Optimus say or his father? Will he be betraying them?

    Beltline pulled away obviously disappointed that Kicker didn’t respond quickly . “Leave now and don’t disturb us ever again.”

    “But…” Kicker glanced around Beltline to see Mimic sitting down on the ground, sharpening his blades oblivious to what was going on in front of him. Snapping his head back to Beltline Kicker knew the decision he was about to make will change his life forever. Will it be the right one or will he regret it for the rest of his life? Either way, he had to make a choice here and now.

    Kicker took a deep breath and gave a nod. “I’ll do it.”

    “Very well.” Beltline motioned for Mimic to come to his side. “Mimic, tomorrow at dawn run him through the basics.”

    “Dawn, but that’s only a few hours away.” Kicker checked his watch to make sure and shook his head. “That will only give me a few hours to sleep.”

    Beltline only shrugged as he went to the computer. “Be on time.”

    “And what happens if I’m late?”

    This time Mimic was the one to answer. “Trust me Kicker, you don’t want to know. But as a human he might be a little easier on you.”
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    Chapter 5

    The feeling was like no other he has felt before and it made him wonder what had happened to him. What was this feeling? It felt as though he was floating, his body not pressured by any gravity.

    “System eighty percent on-line.” His computer told him. “Audio receptors now on-line.”

    Though his audio receptors were on-line he didn’t hear anything, not one sound. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he hear?

    “Visual censors now on-line.”

    As always the static came first as his optics began to recalibrate. As images appeared he couldn’t make things out and had to wait for the image to clear before he could see what was really going on. And when he did he still couldn’t figure out what had happened to him. All he saw was pink, but what could possibly be pink?

    A loud click filled his audio receptors as the sound of liquid draining could be heard. Liquid, what kind of liquid was he in? Was it the cause for his immobility?

    “All right now, take it easy.”

    Sonicblaze quickly turned his head to the voice. “Who the slag are you? What did you do to me?”

    “My name is Inferno, and well, I guess you can say I saved your life.”
    Sonicblaze cocked his head, not believing what he was hearing. “Inferno, what…”

    “Hey there, commander, glad to see you’re okay.” Beltline interrupted Sonicblaze before he could began to question Inferno further. “Listen, a lot of funny things have been going on since you’ve been out.” The young Autobot laughed and shook his head. “Trust me though you may not want to know.”

    “I still would like to know, Beltline. How long have I been out?”

    Beltline began to help Inferno with detaching the wires from Sonicblaze’s body. “How are you feeling, boss?”

    Sonicblaze glanced at his second-in-command, glad to see a friendly face. “I’m okay. What’s is the liquid called?”

    “Believe it or not, it’s energon.” Beltline helped his commander to stand then patted his back. “Come, let me show you to the team’s quarters.”

    Though his body was still not quite ready his training allowed him to keep going though his body did not want to. Step by timid step he followed Beltline down several halls till they came upon a guarded door. He automatically saluted and Naito proudly saluted back.

    “Nice to see you again, boss.” Sonicblaze stuck out his hand allowing for Naito to shake it. “Come on in and meet our new teammate.”

    Curious Sonicblaze stepped in to see Mimic showing a young human some self-defense moves. “What the slag is going on here?”

    Mimic patted the human’s back then dismissed him. “Hey, Sonicblaze. That there is Kicker and he’s willing to sacrifice everything to join the team.”

    Kicker stopped in front of Sonicblaze and saluted. “Nice to see you’re doing very well, sir.”

    Sonicblaze watched the human leave then turned to Mimic. “How’s he doing?”

    Mimic shrugged. “Give him time, he’s still real young.”

    “Hmm…” Sonicblaze shook his head. “I don’t know. There are already three humans we have to deal with back at the base.”

    Mimic couldn’t argue with his boss on that point. “True.”

    Beltline patted Sonicblaze on the shoulder. “We need to talk.”

    Sonicblaze followed Beltline to the table wondering if his second-in-command could finally clear things up for him. “What the slag is going on here, Beltline?”

    “Let me explain.”

    And so Beltline did for several minutes, his commander listening very closely with only a few nods of his head to show his response. It seemed his team was doing quite well without him which had to be because of this bot right next to him. He almost smiled at remembering when Beltline was just a rookie on his first mission, the mission that horribly failed and left only the small bot the last survivor of a tragedy that could have been prevented. It’s funny how Beltline didn’t complain or even judge Sonicblaze for that day. To the small bot it seemed that day never did happen, but one can’t forget a day like that. Sonicblaze believes deep in his spark that was the day that made Beltline mature and realize things were not as predictable as the Autobots said they were.

    He raised his hand as Beltline just finished telling him about the space bridge. “Repeat that part, Beltline and see if you see what I see.”

    “Sure. Well, when you were shot, Mirror Blade threw you into the space bridge and Naito, Mimic and I went through to rescue you here. That was when we came here, through the sky.”

    Sonicblaze lifted his finger as he pulled away from the table. “The space bridge was only guarded by one lone Decepticon? That doesn’t seem right The bridge is always guarded by at least by five or more, unless they planed…” He slammed his fist onto the table. “It was a set up all along, the Decepticons wanted to get rid of us.” He shook his head. “How can I be so slagging stupid!”

    “Sonicblaze, sir you did nothing wrong. We’re all alive…”

    “What about Echo?”

    Beltline lowered his head. “We sent out several signals, but no response.”

    “He’s alive, don’t explain how I know, I just do.” Sonicblaze leaned against the table. “Okay, there is another part that seems really out of place. You said you came out of a portal here, but how can that be? A space bridge is always connected to another space bridge.” He rubbed his face in frustration. “Where is Perceptor when you need him?”
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    Chapter 6

    Two Days Later

    “Holy shit!” Miller ducked behind a large tree as the laser fire swept the area around the space bridge. “Whose fucking smart idea was this again!”

    Jazz skidded behind a tree in front of Miller, returning fire as he did so. “There’s too many of them!”

    Blade Runner shook his head. “I’ve been through much worse.” He peered around his tree and counted six. “Okay, maybe I really haven’t, but we need to get to that bridge.” With one flick of his wrist his com-link came up. “Trace, Windcharger start plan B, now!” He glanced over to see Perceptor amazingly calm behind a tree, his gun out and waiting to fire. “How you doing over there?”

    Perceptor nodded. “Not too bad, really.”

    “Start searching for them, Starscream and flush them out!” Megatron ordered.

    Blade Runner waited patiently for jets to race across the sky, instead he heard footsteps to his left and right. Great, their trying to flank us now. He took out his large energon sword and held it out in front of him waiting for the attack to began. He knew it would take several minutes for plan B to take place which meant that him and the small team will have to fight. He glanced behind him at Miller to see him waiting with his gun tucked against his shoulder as he scanned the area. Good, at least he was prepared.

    Starscream emerged out of the woods to Blade Runner’s right with his null-rays out and ready to fire. Luckily enough for Blade Runner the trees here were massive so his large bulk could almost fit behind one of them. In shifting his weight to his left he quickly spun around in time for fire to hit the tree.

    “You can’t stop us, Autobots!” Starscream sneered down at the human. “Why do you all work with the flesh bags?”

    Alarms went off in Blade Runner’s mechanical brain as Miller cursed very loud. He can’t let a human die, not for this.

    “Hey Starscream, over here!” He stepped out and rose to his full height and though his alt-mode was very similar to Sonicblaze’s, his frame wasn’t. One look at him he was very intimidating, his frame built to lift twice his weight made all the more intimidating by the large energon sword he carried. “Fight me, not him!”

    “With pleasure, Autobot!”

    Blade Runner spun the sword in his hands, reflecting nearly all the shots from Starscream. One landed on his shoulder, but thanks to training he was able to ignore the pain and get into a deep fighting stance. He then turned his body just slightly to allow Starscream the false hope that he had an opening to his spark. He waited patiently for the Decepticon to take the bait and as he waited he slowly shifted his weight around till his body was ready to lunge forward.

    “Stupid Autobot!” Starscream charged forward with his rifles up and firing.

    Blade Runner shifted his left foot a fraction of an inch then drove forward with all of his weight plunging the sword straight through Starscream. The Decepticon’s frustrated screams signaled for the others to appear.

    “Get back, or I’ll kill him!” Blade Runner lifted Starscream off the ground, causing the Decepticon to claw at the sword as he began to slide down the blade. “My sword gets wider at the handle, so if it slips any farther you’re friend here is dead, his spark sliced in half!”

    “Decepticons retreat!” Shouted Megatron from a distance.

    Starscream glanced down at Blade Runner his optics wide with fear. “You will live to see another day, Starscream.” With that Blade Runner lowered the sword, allowing the Decepticon to set his boots back on the ground. “Get out of here, Starscream.” With his left boot planted firmly on the Decepticon’s chest he pulled his sword free.

    Miller watched as the Decepticon staggered off then turned his attention back to Blade Runner. “Holy shit, you’re hit.”

    “No time, let’s get to the bridge.”

    Blade Runner turned the handle on his sword allowing for the blade to disappear then placed in it’s compartment on his left thigh. He took three careful steps to the bridge hoping the plan lured all of the Decepticons out and when he saw that it did he waved Preceptor forward.

    “The plan worked beautifully, Blade Runner.”

    “Yeah, well they’ll find out nobody is at their base and come rushing back here. Which means we only have about five Earth minutes, so get to it Perceptor.”

    Perceptor nodded then began to type away at the control panel as the rest stood guard. All of them were still pretty pumped up, but none more than the human. This was the human’s first fight with the Decepticons and to Blade Runner that garnered more respect towards the human race. Maybe they aren’t bad at fighting after all.

    “How’s it coming, Perceptor?”

    “It’s a little difficult.”

    Blade Runner shook his head. “You need to work faster, the Decepticons will be here in less then two minutes.”

    Perceptor took a deep breath and began to type another destination in. “Almost got it.”

    “Their here!” Jazz shouted as he lowered to one knee. “Megatron with five others!”

    Blade Runner cursed. “Quicker than I had thought. Perceptor…”

    “I’m trying. It would have helped if you got the access code too.”

    “Well, unfortunately I didn’t have to time to figure that one out.”

    Miller raised his gun, aiming it at the noise ahead of him. “We don’t have time to argue, here! They’re approaching fast from the west.”

    Finally the bridge came on and without even thinking things out each one went into the bridge alone hoping Perceptor got the coordinates right. If he didn’t, well all four of them were going to be in a lot trouble.


    Sonicblaze quickly jumped to his feet as the alarms began to ring throughout the city. He quickly turned to Beltline who looked up at the computer then down at Kicker, who in turn looked back at Sonicblaze. Though there had been numerous attacks since their arrival this was the first time the alarms rang at their quarters. What did that mean?

    The door opened allowing Mimic to step in with a shake of the head. “It’s Megatron.”

    Kicker swiftly grabbed his coat and ran to the door. “We need to help them.”

    “How bad can it get?” Asked Naito as he peered into the room from his post just outside the door.

    “Bad, real bad.” Kicker glanced around to see none of the Autobots were moving. “Well, what are we waiting for, let’s go!”

    Sonicblaze shook his head. “Not so fast, Kicker, we need to think this through.”

    Beltline nodded. “The boss is right. Megatron on this Earth may not be as violent, but he is still a Megatron.” He stood up then pointed to the computer screen. “According to the files these Decepticons aren’t all that smart, except say a select few, like Megatron and Starscream. Starscream is going to be a pain to get, especially with his warp technology.”

    “How did you know all that?” Asked a very surprised Kicker.

    Mimic laughed. “Didn’t you know, Beltline is a computer hacker.”

    “Yep, haven’t met a computer yet that I haven’t been able to hack into.”

    Kicker smiled. “Well, I bet that comes in handy.”

    Naito stepped into the room with Ironhide right behind him. “Got company.”

    “We need your guys help.” Ironhide tried to go farther into the room, but was stopped by Naito. “Kicker, what are you doing here?”

    “None of your business, Ironhide.” Kicker went up to the young Autobot and kicked him in the leg. “Get going, we’ll be out in a bit.”

    “We? What do you mean by we? Kicker, don’t tell me you’ve joined up with this group.”

    “And what if I have?”

    Ironhide got a pained look in his optics. “But why?”

    “Enough!” Sonicblaze stepped between the bickering friends. “Ironhide, leave now.”

    “Hey, you’re not the boss of me!”

    Sonicblaze’s fist tightened as he stared up at the young Autobot. “Leave.”

    Ironhide crossed his arms. “And what will you do to me if I don’t?”

    It took all of Sonicblaze’s effort to not punch Ironhide, instead he took a step towards him which made the younger Autobot flinch. “If you don’t, I’ll put you into your place and trust me you don’t want me to do that.”

    Ironhide audibly gulped, obviously a sound he had picked up from the humans since Cybertronians did not have saliva. “But Optimus said….”

    “Did you not hear me?” Sonicblaze shoved Ironhide so hard in the chest the young Autobot had no time to react and fell hard onto the ground. “I said, leave!”

    “What is wrong with you, man?” Ironhide clumsily got to his boots and stumbled backwards out the door.

    “You know you didn’t have to go there.”

    “Do you want to end up like him, Kicker?”

    Kicker shook his head and raised his hands in the air. “Sorry, sir.”

    “Hey guys, guys!” Beltline ran up to Sonicblaze, with a grin so huge it appeared to cover his whole face. “Guess whose here!”
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    Chapter 7

    The fall wasn’t the rough part it was the not knowing where he was that really made Blade Runner mad. Why the slag did he fall through the sky? Where was the other part of the space bridge? And where was here? All he saw around him was the ocean, but which ocean was it?

    “Blade Runner, we have Decepticons at two o’clock!” Shouted Miller as he began to fire.

    Swiftly turning around Blade Runner spotted the Decepticons attacking what looked like a base of some kind. Decepticons? He zoomed in to see that none looked familiar to him except maybe a jet that could pass as Starscream.

    “Those aren’t the Decepticons from around our area.” He glanced behind him to see Jazz picking himself up off the ground. “What do you think, Jazz?”

    Jazz shrugged. “Definitely seems too far out for me to understand.”

    Blade Runner slowly stood to his feet now feeling all the hits he had taken earlier. One glance behind him saw that the portal or whatever it was, was now closed. Now how in the slag do they go home?

    “Uhm…they’re coming here!” Explained Miller.

    “Megatron, come back here and fight!”

    Whipping his head around Blade Runner spotted a very tall, bulky robot running towards them. He cocked his head at the weirdness of the bots build. He appeared to have machines for boots and hands. And what was worse it almost seemed like it hampered his movements. Who was this Autobot? And why did he call that winged Decepticon, Megatron?

    The Decepticon crossed his arms and laughed. “We will be back, Prime. Oh, yes we will be back. Decepticons, retreat!”

    “What the fucking slag?” Blade Runner watched Megatron leave then turned to Prime. “Who are you? Where are we?”

    “Disengage!” Yelled the Autobot.

    Blade Runner watched in amazement as the bot called Prime flew into the air allowing what appeared to be a battle shell to fly off. Though more elaborate then Ultra Magnus’ suit the idea was the same: a power boost. But why did this Prime need a power boost? Did he not carry the Matrix of Leadership inside of him?

    “Hey you, I asked you a question. Who are you and where are we?” Demanded Blade Runner.

    “My name is Optimus Prime and you are at Ocean City.” He stepped up to Blade Runner and stuck out his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

    Blade Runner shook the hand not believing the Autobot in front of him was another Optimus Prime. “Have you all seen any other Autobots coming through here?”

    Optimus, Blade Runner decided to call him peered around him to look at Miller, Jazz, and Perceptor. “I see you all don’t wear the badge they do.” He then turned his attention back to Blade Runner. “Let me get some help for you.”

    “No, I want to…” He smiled when he saw Sonicblaze walking towards him looking as though he just stepped off the assembly line. “Never mind.” He pushed pass Optimus and saluted Sonicblaze. “Nice to see you all are doing good.”

    Sonicblaze nodded. “At ease.” He shook Blade Runner’s hand then pulled him in to give him a pat on the back. “I see you got Prime’s help.” His edgy voice showed his true feelings about seeing Jazz and Perceptor with one of his best men.

    “Had to. But don’t worry, Perceptor and Jazz learned quickly what it’s like to be a real soldier.” He smiled down at Beltline. “Can’t believe I’m happy to see a mini-bot.”

    Beltline pointed his finger up at Blade Runner. “I may be small, but I have power. Unlike most of those mini-bots.”

    “Well, we got a problem. Apparently the space bridge some how didn’t connect to another one. Perceptor is already working on why, so hopefully we shouldn’t be here very long.” His voice trailed off when he spotted the young human. “Whose that?”

    Sonicblaze pushed Kicker forward to meet Blade Runner. “His name is Kicker and he is another teammate. Miller, why don’t you talk to him about the culture back home.”

    Miller nodded. “Got it. Let’s go.”

    Optimus stepped up to Sonicblaze. “I see you will be going home soon.”

    “Yeah, we will. But I got a question for you. I saw some of your soldiers combining without any pain. How did you all manage to do that?”

    “A combination spark. Every Autobot is equipped with one, even me. Why do you ask?”

    Sonicblaze glanced back at Naito and Mimic to see them nodding their heads. “I have two friends that need help.” He turned back to Optimus. “I never ask for help, but I’m doing it this time for them. How do you all equip the spark?”

    “Omnicons. I’ll get everything set up for you.”

    “Thank you.” Sonicblaze turned back to his team, happy to see them finally relax a bit. “Perceptor, what do you think about the warp gate/space bridge? And please, put it in a language that we can understand.”

    Perceptor placed his hand under his chin and began to pace. “It’s a mystery indeed. What could have happened is the space bridge some how connected to one of their warp gates. If that’s the case, it’s actually quite amazing. Think of the possibilities.”

    “Is there anyway you could get us back home?” Asked Beltline with frustration.

    “I see why not with the right technology, but that means asking these Autobots for a lot of help Sonicblaze.”

    Sonicblaze sighed heavily. “I see no other choice. I read Kicker’s father is actually pretty good with our technology, or at least with the technology of these Autobots. See if you can get hold of him, Perceptor and get something started. Jazz, as of right now you’re part of the Rebirth Team which means you will train with us every day. Got it?” Jazz nodded. “Okay, here’s the plan. We help these Autobots out for the favor we are asking from them. Blade Runner, you go to the infirmary and get taken care of. Perceptor, go get one of the Autobots or even the Omnicons, those are the smaller robots walking around and have them take you to Kicker’s father.” Perceptor nodded then left with a salute which surprised Sonicblaze. “Uhm…okay. Anyway, Mimic and Naito, go and see how long it will take for the spark merge. Once both of you are equipped then you two will have to go through a refining phase. Jazz, that leaves you with me and Beltline. We’re going to show you some of what we do here in the Rebirth Team. Everybody‘s dismissed.”


    The human that had accompanied the other Autobots appeared only a little older then Kicker himself and yet he carried himself different than most humans he had met. Wonder why that was? Had he been with the Rebirth Team very long or was he pretty new like him?

    “So, is your name really Kicker?” Miller asked disturbing Kicker from his thoughts.

    Kicker nodded. “Yeah, what’s your first name?”

    “Joseph, but everybody calls me Miller, even the Autobots.” Miller leaned his gun against a railing then peered out over the ocean. “Sure is beautiful here.”

    “This ain’t nothing. There are many planets out there that can top this any day.”

    Miller turned to the teenager. “Planets? You’ve seen them?”

    Kicker sighed then he too leaned on the railing. “Yeah, I was forced by my father to find energon.” He glanced down at his hands then turned to Miller. “It’s a gift that I have.”

    “So, how old are you?”


    Miller nodded. “Okay, so you will need to be home schooled, we can do that. Listen, in the sixties kids like you are, for one are not dressed like that. Don’t worry, there’s Buddy and Charlie, they will be able to help you out getting the language down, the fashion down, and they will have to help you with a new name.”

    “What’s wrong with my name?”

    “Kicker? Well, for one it’s okay to have a nickname. In fact my cousin, Lester his nickname is Sparkplug. But if somebody asked you what your real name is and you say Kicker, well you’re going to get some strange looks.” Miller took a deep breath. “In fact you may not be able to have a life with us. I’m wanted by the government and the boys, well one could get sent off to die in a war.”

    “And what war is that?”

    Miller pushed off the railing and looked Kicker straight in the eyes. “It’s a war in Vietnam and trust me you will be hearing a lot about it when you come with us. In fact if you make your presence known they may draft you. No, we can’t let that happen. Guess you’ll be unknown until the war is done.”

    “But aren’t you guys already in a war with the Decepticons?”

    “The Decepticons on our planet aren’t careless like the ones here, they think things through before they do them. We only had a couple of major attacks and that was a few months back, but our world knows about both the Autobots and Decepticons and want to kill them both. So, they have to keep their location a secret or else there’s going to be an even bigger war than what is in South Vietnam right now.”

    Kicker turned to look at Miller. “Why do they want to kill the Autobots?”

    Miller pursed his lips then stared out at the ocean. “An incident that killed twenty soldiers and injuring dozens more.” He took a deep breath. “Sonicblaze didn’t want anybody to get hold of his ship, so he set it up to explode.”

    Kicker nearly had to sit down at this news. “But that’s not like an Autobot at all. Autobots have to always care about all living beings, friend or enemy.”

    “Sonicblaze is different.”

    “What have I done?” This time Kicker sat down on the ground and placed his head in his hands. “I thought I was joining up with something…damn!” He pounded the ground several times with his fist. “What did I do?”

    Miller knelt next to the kid. “You saw he was a soldier. All of those Autobots are soldiers. By joining up with them, you too will become trained for war.” He glanced around him at the massive structure realizing the kid was definitely sheltered here and may not have seen anything but a few scuffles here and there. “When you come back here, you will be more of a warrior than any of these bots are right now.”

    Kicker pulled his head up, his face showing his fear. “How bad are the Decepticons on your Earth?”

    “Do you really want to know?”

    “No, but…” Kicker paused then took a deep, uneasy breath. “I have to know what I will be dealing with.”

    Miller nodded. “Let’s just say this: The Decepticons on our Earth went to an oil rig, killed every man alive and left one standing. And you know why?” Kicker shook his head. “Megatron needed somebody to tell the story, somebody to tell people that the Decepticons really do mean business.”

    “What about your Prime?”

    “He’s a good guy. Believes that every living, breathing thing has a right to live. You can almost say he’s like John Wayne in a way.”


    Miller laughed and patted the young kid on the back. “You’ll see when we get back.”


    Getting back to the Rebirth Base was nothing for Windcharger. Realizing that the Decepticons could easily figure out where it was, was the main problem. He had to keep focused or he would screw up everything for the team. He spun around a tree then transformed, the momentum causing him to skid several feet before he stopped. Waiting at the entrance was Trace who leaned against the mountain’s side with her arms crossed.

    “Surprised to see you didn’t break down, Windcharger.”

    Windcharger shrugged. “Wasn’t nothing, really. Are the human’s packed?”

    She nodded. “Yeah, everything is packed into Red Alert. The Decepticons may find this place, especially if Soundwave had a little spy following you.”

    “Listen, I made sure that there was nobody behind me.”

    Trace smirked. “Are you sure about that? With your attention span the way it is, I’m surprised you made it this long. Oh, that’s right I forgot, you joined up with Prime.”

    “Enough Trace it’s in the past.” Windcharger glanced behind him then back at Trace. “Let’s get the human’s and head to the new location.”

    “We’ll you be able to cover our backs when we do?”

    Windcharger nodded. “You’ve got my word.”

    “Hmph, I like to see that happen.”


    Once the new Autobots dispersed Hot Shot disengaged from Inferno then began to hunt down Kicker. Something was wrong, and he needed to know now. For one, Ironhide was no where to be found, which was very odd since that young bot always tended to jump into action that he wasn’t prepared for. Another thing, Kicker wasn’t fighting along side the Autobots, he was with them. Why was he beginning to hang out with them?

    Walking around the perimeter of Ocean City he realized the amount of damage the last attack had caused. Most of the outlining walls were now pot-marked by plasma shots and what was worse, one wall was actually cracked. They will have to move soon. When he didn‘t know, but this place was no longer safe.

    After not finding Kicker outside he went in and began to walk around wondering what the rest of the new Autobots were doing. They seemed to stick to themselves which was very odd. Most Autobots were very sociable, but these Autobots appeared to not trust Hot Shot and the others. Why was that?

    Finally after searching high and low for the young human he finally found him talking with the other human near the corridor leading to the new Autobots. One look at the new human Hot Shot noticed that he dressed differently and acted differently than the ones on planet Earth. This human carried himself as though he had confidence in anything he tried to do. It was almost like this human was a soldier.

    “Hey, Hot Shot.” Kicker waved at him then turned his attention back to the other human.

    “Kicker, we need to talk.”

    Kicker took a deep breath then slowly stood up. “Sure, I’ll be back Miller.”

    Miller nodded. “Sure thing, I’ll be at the Rebirth’s headquarters.”

    Hot Shot watched as Miller walked away, carrying a gun very similar to what he carried except at a smaller scale. He was a soldier, a human that fought a long side the Autobots. Amazing, and he didn’t need a suit to help him either. But how was that possible?

    “What do you want, Hot Shot? If it’s about…”

    “Why are you hanging out with those Autobots?”

    Kicker shrugged. “They’re really good bots once you break through their shell.”

    Hot Shot stopped walking to look at Kicker. “What do they offer you that we don’t?”

    “Better training and they treat me as an equal.” Kicker sighed heavily. “Listen, I should get back.”

    “Will you be going with them?”

    Kicker slowly nodded his head. “Yeah, I made a promise.”

    Hot Shot watched the young human walk off already surprised at the change of attitude in Kicker. In just a few short days he had already matured enough to hold responsibility for his actions. What will happen if he stays with these Autobots? Will he change so much that he will appear as though he was a different person? Hot Shot nearly shook his head at the thought. Kicker, will never change no matter what he does go through, he will never change.


    Only one thing went through Windcharger’s mind as he walked the woods behind Trace and Red Alert and that was to keep focused on the objective. So far there didn’t seem to be any sign of Decepticon activity which made him wonder if Trace was just being paranoid. As the highest ranking officer left she had the right to move the team if the need arise, but was this going a little extreme?

    “How are things going back there, Windcharger?”

    Windcharger shrugged as he swept his gun back and forth. “Nothing yet.”

    “Well, keep your optics open, we’re almost there.”

    “Got it.”

    He was about to take a step forward when something moved to his right. Swinging his gun around he began to scan the area, but saw nothing. Maybe his optics were playing tricks on him. Taking another step the movement happened again, this time much closer to his position. He didn’t sense any Decepticons near-by which could only mean it was just a deer or another Earth animal.

    Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves he continued on his patrol, all the awhile keeping his optics on the team ahead. Nothing is going to happen. He kept telling himself over and over again. Nothing is going to happen.

    “Nothing is going to happen.” He told himself as he pressed forward, his nerves on edge.

    Without warning a black shadow came out of the trees to the left, tackling him hard to the ground. Instantly Windcharger began to pound the butt of his rifle against the attacker’s helmet as the attacker tried to pin him to the ground.

    “Poor little Windcharger.” The attacker lifted his shoulders up then grabbed hold of Windcharger’s gun. “Is that the best you can do?”

    “What do you want, Mirror Blade?”

    Mirror Blade chuckled. “I see that there are only two of you left from Sonicblaze’s team. Where are the others?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Windcharger gritted his teeth as Mirror Blade punched him several times in the face. “Why are you doing this?”

    Mirror Blade stood up, pulling Windcharger off the ground as he did so. “You’ll be coming with me.”

    Windcharger tried to pull away from Mirror Blade’s grip and almost succeeded when a sudden sharp pain made him gasp. Glancing down he saw the Decepticon had plunged a sword deep into his side. Though he had some training from Sonicblaze he still couldn’t stop the pain from taking over his whole body. He definitely should have paid more attention when the boss was talking about how to ignore pain.

    “With you they have no choice, but to come to the rescue.” Mirror Blade pulled the blade out then laughed. “But who knows they may find a corpse instead.”
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    Because of a server error, I'm having to post the chapters very small. You all get a two for one special today.

    Chapter 8

    Sonicblaze stared out in front of him at Jazz and Perceptor wondering if he could really trust these bots. Surely Jazz was here to escort them home, which meant that he will have to keep a very close optic on him. Then there was Blade Runner, a trusted soldier at one time, but as of right now Sonicblaze didn’t know if he could still trust him or not. Blade Runner had told him on several occasions since his arrival a few days ago that he had no choice but to go to Prime for help. But was that really true? Did he even try before going to that bot for help?

    He turned to face his long time comrade in arms and wondered if the old bot could be trusted. It was millions of vorns ago when they first met out on the battlefield and at that time friendships were quickly forged by violence. Nobody wanted to die alone especially in an environment where death came like shadows across the plains. Sonicblaze was one of those who didn’t want to die, but knew by his death the gift he carries will never be used against those that he cares about. On a day many million vorns ago he realized that death was the only way out for him. If only Blade Runner didn’t stop him from pulling that trigger. Only a few seconds away from death and the old bot had to get in the way. Course if Blade Runner didn’t then Beltline and the others may not be here today.

    “You okay, boss? You’re…uhm…hissing.” Sonicblaze turned to see Blade Runner standing next to him with his arms crossed. The older Autobot squatted down then patted the commander’s shoulder. “You need to settle down, Sonicblaze.”

    Sonicblaze took a few deep breaths then nodded. “Thanks.” He turned around to see if anybody else saw. “Why did you do it, Blade Runner?”

    “I had no choice. Neither of the bots back at the Rebirth Base had any experience with the space bridge or whatever the slag it is. If it makes you feel better, sir you can hit me a few times in the gut.”

    “No.” Sonicblaze shook his head. “You’re a good soldier, Blade Runner.”

    “Thank you, boss.” Blade Runner glanced around him at the bots sitting around the room prepping their weapons for a battle that may or may not come soon. “All of the soldiers under you are very good, Sonicblaze.”

    “Thank you, Blade Runner.” Sonicblaze gave the older Autobot a pat on the shoulder than slowly stood up. “I’m going to have a talk with Jazz.”

    Jazz was sitting by himself against a wall playing around with a computer that Beltline had given him to ease the boredom. This bot was suppose to be a special operations specialist, but he didn’t appear it or act it. What did he do anyway that was so special? Advise Prime on decisions and be his lackey?

    He sat down next to Jazz and took a glance at the computer. “What are you doing?”

    “Just surfing around to see what I could find out about their culture.” Jazz sighed heavily than pulled his attention away from the computer. “What I don’t get is the lack of culture here. Sure there’s music and movies, but it’s not the same as back home.”

    “Listen, Jazz, I want to know what you really do for Prime.”

    Jazz shrugged. “Well, back on Cybertron I led teams to do missions and such. Why?”

    “Just curious as to why you are labeled as a spy, when you do nothing of the sort.”

    “Well, I adapt pretty well to the culture and can blend in.”

    Sonicblaze sighed heavily then shook his head. “You have to do more then that. How often does Prime use your abilities?”

    “What abilities?”

    “Don’t be stupid, Jazz. You’re light and sound show.”

    Jazz shrugged. “Just whenever I feel it’s necessary to use it.”

    “How would you feel if I used you to your potential? Meaning, that little gift of yours will be used by me and for the team, and not just whenever it’s convenient.”

    “Sorry, but I’m with Optimus.” Jazz smiled. “He’s a good leader.”

    “Well, to let you know I’ll be keeping an optic out for you.” Sonicblaze’s tone caused the Autobot to quickly look around him, possibly to see if anybody else heard. “Believe me, if you do something I don’t like, you’ll be sent home in stasis lock.”

    Jazz slowly nodded. “Okay, don’t worry I won’t do anything.”

    When Sonicblaze left Jazz closed the computer down then glanced around the room to see that everybody seemed to be at ease. How can they with a leader that didn’t trust any of them? How did they do it? He slowly stood up his mind racing about what Sonicblaze had just said to him. Would he really do something to him? He shook his head at the thought, but what if it was true? Then if it was true he would have to be very careful, and hope that nothing happens, or else he may just get blamed for it.


    Getting the call from his father Kicker knew that something wasn’t right by the tone of his father’s voice. Most the time his father was perky, sometimes a little too perky. But on the phone earlier he seemed angered about something. Maybe he found out that he had joined the Rebirth Team. Well, of course he found out. Hot Shot and Ironhide would have told his father as soon as he arrived. And to think he was friend’s with them at one time. How could you trust somebody if they talked about you behind your back? And if his father did know, what would he say? Probably some nonsense about how he was needed here, then with the new Autobots. Then he will probably throw the family in for good measure.

    He took a deep breath then stepped into his father’s office to see him at a computer typing up some graphics. Looking around he saw he was alone with his father in the large room which could be a good or bad thing. Hopefully it was good, though he knew very well why his father called him in here.

    “Sit down, I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

    Kicker nodded. “What are you doing?”

    “Trying to help those new Autobots.” His father finished what he was working on and turned around. “Where were you born at Kicker?”

    Confused at where his father was trying to get at, Kicker just shrugged. “Here on Earth.”

    This Earth. Kicker, you belong here not with them.”

    “What do you mean by, ‘them’? Dad, they’re just like all the other Autobots.”

    His dad sighed heavily and stood up from his chair. “Kicker, their different. And honestly I don’t trust them.”

    “Why don’t you trust them? Dad, you have never met them before!” Kicker shook his head. “What has Hot Shot told you?”

    “That the new Autobots are unstable, especially their leader. Listen son, I don’t think you’re ready to do something like this. What will happen to you?” His father moved to the front of the desk and leaned against the edge. “Son, I worry about you…”

    “No you don’t!” Kicker smirked. “Dad, you don’t get it, do you? Those Autobots are capable of many things. I have never seen Autobots like them before. Dad, don’t worry about me. There are two more humans close to my age that are with the team. So, far Sonicblaze has excepted them and he will except me to.”

    “But what about the Autobots here? They need you more than those other Autobots do, that’s for sure. What about the energon research? How are we suppose to finish it if you leave? Sure, we have the Omnicons, but you, you son have a tremendous gift that can be used here, not there.”

    “Used for you, dad! Used for you!” Shouted Kicker. “Damn it, I’m getting tired of your games!”

    “Kicker!” His dad glanced at the door as though somebody might just walk in, then back at his son. “What has happened to you!”

    Kicker swallowed hard at his dad’s sudden outburst. “They’re my friends.” His voice was weak which made him take a deep breath and stand straighter. “They are my friends.” He said this time much stronger. “Don’t worry, I will come back.”

    His dad shook his head as his shoulders dropped. “Do as you want, but remember that you have family and friend’s here.”

    “I know.”

    Kicker stuffed his hands in his pockets, took one last look at his father than left the room. If he only knew that would be the last time he would see him before he departed for the other universe then just maybe he would have said something else. But as it stands he left the room to head for the life that he now knew would lead him to either his salvation or his destruction.


    Ten Days Later

    His hope of ever being rescued vanished when he over heard talks about torturing him and then dropping his dead body off at the Ark. Windcharger really didn’t like the idea, but what else could he do? He could barely move as it was due to the lack of energon and now pain from previous injuries made his body numb. What else could they do to him that they haven’t already? How much more was he going to take before he finally was allowed to slip into a long stasis lock that will eventually be his death? Right now death seemed the only option to the end the torment. Though young and inexperienced he knew that time was short for him and only Optimus Prime could help him now.

    “Hey, you still alive in there!” Shouted Mirror Blade. Windcharger didn’t move or speak, just laid there as still as he could. “Look’s like nobody’s coming after you. Pity, I was looking forward too a good fight.”

    The door opened revealing light of some kind too flood the small cell. Windcharger knew that Mirror Blade had to improvise on his choice of a prison due to the part that he, with reasons unknown had left the Decepticons. Because of this he had drained Windcharger of most of his energon then threw him into a pit. And if fully energized the small Autobot would have had no problem getting out of the hole. As it stands he barely had enough energy to make himself comfortable in the cramped space.

    “Climb out!” Mirror Blade squatted down and grabbed hold of Windcharger’s arm. “Come on, you ain’t that weak!”

    Windcharger reached up with his free hand, grabbed hold of some roots then very slowly pulled himself up with help from Mirror Blade.

    “Why are you doing this?”

    “You have information I want.” Mirror Blade threw the weakened Autobot to the ground then glanced around him for any sign of a visitor. “Where did your team go?” When Windcharger didn’t answer Mirror Blade shook his head. “Pity.”

    Mirror Blade took out his sword, adjusted the blade just right to be a dagger than knelt down next to the Autobot. He took hold of Windcharger’s left hand and very slowly began to cut into it. The little Autobot squirmed, but he didn’t talk.

    “You have definitely changed, Windcharger.” With one quick movement Mirror Blade severed Windcharger’s fingers from his hand. “You are a lot tougher then when I had last saw you. Pity really. That means I have to work a bit harder to break you.” Mirror Blade glanced down to see energon and oil dripping to the ground from the open wound. “Now, tell me again, what is your team up to?”


    The space bridge was nearing completion and with the project almost finished the morale of the Rebirth Team rose to a point where instead of fighting amongst each other there was laughter. Even Sonicblaze was enjoying a laugh or two from his men and enjoyed having the time off. Though they had to battle a few times there was no serious injuries and in fact the team used the battles as a way to practice and tune up their skills.

    What was surprising to Sonicblaze was the humans, Miller and Kicker. In the days after Blade Runner’s appearance the humans did a complete 180 and had proven themselves to be soldiers. Kicker still had a lot of work to be done, but given time he could be a force to be reckoned with. Now all they had to really worry about was the training on the younger humans left at the base. Hopefully they will be as exceptive as the ones here. And if not Sonicblaze will show them what happens if they don’t listen to him. But hopefully he wouldn’t need to do such a thing.

    Looking upon the team Sonicblaze saw something he hasn’t seen in vorns, his men totally at ease. Even himself haven’t felt the anger that usually made him wonder if he was going to kill more innocent lives. On this world it seemed the Decepticons had no control over him and he took pleasure in sending some of them scurrying away missing a limb or two. He had completely forgotten how it was like to attack a Decepticon all thanks to Megatron and he had to admit it felt pretty good. Shame when they get home he will never be able to fight a Decepticon again. That thought a lone made him clinch his fist.

    Beltline stepped up to Sonicblaze worried. “You okay, boss?”

    Sonicblaze nodded. “Yeah. When is the expected due date for the bridge?”

    “Well, the Omnicons have been working around the clock on it for several days now. It should be reaching completion very soon. Most likely within the next few days.” He turned his attention to Jazz who was learning self-defense moves from Mimic. “Do you think he’ll go back to Prime?”

    “Unfortunately, yes.” Sonicblaze crossed his arms. “He’s a very good soldier, always eager to learn new things. Shame Prime uses him as his own personal lackey.”

    Beltline shrugged. “Maybe we can convince him.”

    “No, we can try, but he has already made his future.” Sonicblaze looked up as alarms began to ring. “Looks like they need some help.”

    “Can’t wait to get home. No more daily attacks for awhile.” Beltline took out his gun and headed to the door. “Let’s see what’s going on.”

    On the top level Sonicblaze could see Hot Shot, Inferno and Ironhide running outside with their guns aimed and ready to fire. Ironhide appeared clumsy as he ran and Sonicblaze had to wonder if he was really ready for any type of real fighting. He appeared much younger than any of the other Autobots here which could mean he may not have the experience the others held.

    “Naito, provide long rifle support!” Ordered Sonicblaze as the sniper ran pass him. “Beltline, you stick with me. Blade Runner…” His voice trailed off as he caught something on his radar. “Anybody else sense that?”

    Beltline smiled. “It’s Echo!”

    Sonicblaze watched as the younger Autobot ran outside followed by Blade Runner and Mimic. As for him he took the news slowly trying to figure out how Echo came to be here. And if Echo was here, why hadn’t he tried to contact them yet? Taking out his rifle, Sonicblaze stepped through the door to see all of his men staring ahead of them, their weapons at their side.

    “Men, what are you doing! Get those weapons up, now!” He ordered.

    Mimic slowly turned his head then gestured in front of him. “Sonicblaze, we lost him.”

    Following Mimic’s hand Sonicblaze saw Echo, but something wasn’t right about him. Zooming in he saw with horror a Decepticon badge emblazoned on the black Autobot’s chest. But how could that be? He still carried the mark of Shockwave on his shoulder. How could he carry two badges?

    “What do we do?” Asked Beltline.

    Sonicblaze sighed heavily then shook his head. “Capture him alive. And as for the rest, kill them all.”

    Beltline nodded. “Got it.”

    Ironhide spun around not believing what he was hearing. “What are you trying to saying? That Decepticon was once part of your team?”

    “Yes.” Sonicblaze pushed pass Ironhide to get closer to Echo. “Echo, what happened?” The black Autobot raised his rifle and aimed it right at Sonicblaze. “Come on, Echo. I know you won’t do it.” The rifle began to shake, but Echo held his ground. “Echo, listen to me. I know you didn‘t start off as an Autobot. In fact you were built by Megatron to be the ultimate assassin. But remember what Megatron did to you. Surely you don’t want to go through that again.”

    Echo gave his old commander a smirk. “Die, Autobot!”

    “No, wait!” Beltline stepped up with a shake of his head. “Echo, you’re an Autobot!” Echo’s head tilted. “That’s right Echo, you are an Autobot!”

    Sonicblaze patted the young Autobot on the shoulder. “That’s enough Beltline.” He then turned his attention back to Echo. “Echo, do you seriously want to become one of them?”

    “Shut up, Autobot! Just shut up!” Echo’s hands began to shake violently. “I’ll kill you all!”

    This time Mimic was the one to step up. “Echo, I know you can fight it.”

    Echo grimaced as he dropped the gun to his side. “I…I…can’t.”

    “Yes, you can. Now, fight it Echo!”

    “Mimic…” Echo grabbed his head, his body now shaking with frustration. “I…please, help me.”

    “Then come with us.”

    “No!” Shouted Scorponok. “Echo, finish them off!”

    Echo turned to the Decepticon then back at Sonicblaze, his face showing his desperation. “Please, help me.”

    Sonicblaze nodded as he brought his rifle up. Before he aimed it at Echo he set the setting to stun. After taking a few seconds to collect himself he aimed the barrel right at Echo’s chest. He looked his comrade right in the metallic visor as he pulled the trigger. The stun instantly placed Echo into a safe state of stasis lock.

    “Sorry to do that to you buddy.” Sonicblaze rested his rifle on his shoulder. “How’s the bridge coming along!”

    Hot Shot shook his head. “Not quite ready yet.”

    Blade Runner cursed then quickly picked up Echo. “I’m taking him inside and placing him into a cell.”

    “We don’t have any cells!” Hollered Ironhide as he began firing at the Predacons.

    Sonicblaze shook his head. “Just make sure he doesn’t do anything irrational.” He turned back to his soldiers then at Scorponok. “Why are you here, Scorponok? What do you want this time?”

    “I heard you have a new way to travel from universe to universe.” He crossed his arms as he watched the Predacons attack the helpless Autobots. “Tell me now and I will stop them and if not my friend Echo will awaken and destroy your base from the inside, out.”

    “He’s not your friend!” Shouted Beltline. “He will never help out the Decepticons, never!”

    Scorponok laughed. “He was already a Decepticon at one time. It just took a little bit of tweaking by Megatron to make it fully happen.”

    Sonicblaze was about to raise his rifle when an Omnicon ran to his side. “Not now.” He growled.

    “But the bridge, it’s up and functional. Hurry, there isn’t much time.”

    “Thank you.” Sonicblaze shot three times then raised his hand high into the air. “Rebirth Team retreat and head for the bridge!”


    The humans, Buddy and Charlie sat outside the large mountain wondering what Trace was up too. A few days ago she left them with Optimus Prime and hasn’t come back for them since then. On top of that Windcharger disappeared without a trace causing most Autobots to speculate where he went to. Most say he was kidnapped, and others say he just left and walked away from everything. Charlie knew Windcharger better than that and knew that it had to be the former reason for his disappearance. And is that where Trace went to?

    “Something’s not right.” Buddy said as took a drag on his cigarette. “Charlie, what do you make of this?”

    Charlie shrugged. “I have no clue. I hope Windcharger is okay.”

    Buddy flicked his cigarette butt on the ground and shook his head. “It’s been too long.”

    “What if he needs help?” Buddy glanced up as Sparkplug came walking up to them. “If he needs help then we should send somebody out there looking for him.”

    “Maybe that’s what Trace is doing.” Buddy nodded at Sparkplug who sat down in front of him. “What’s going on?”

    Sparkplug shrugged. “Well, nothing yet. It’s been really quite lately, even the military isn’t doing much. Which personally, has got me a little worried.”

    “Well, I like it.” Buddy took out another cigarette from the pack. “I mean, this is a vacation of sorts, so you should enjoy it.”

    “And does that mean you had to pick up smoking?” Asked Charlie as he waved the smoke away from his face.

    Buddy shrugged. “Seemed like a good thing to do. Besides I’ve smoked for awhile, I just quit when my dad found out.” He took a long drag then tilted his head up. “Do you think we will ever live normal lives again?”

    “Are you kidding?” Sparkplug let a laugh. “We’ll be lucky if this thing clears up in our lifetime.” The young man shook his head. “I hate to say it boys, but it looks like we are stuck with these robots, no matter if we like it or not.”

    Just then Sideswipe came sprinting out of the Ark followed by several more Autobots. Curious as to what was going on the men followed them till they reached the perimeter of the base. There they saw five Autobots with weapons out and trained in front of them.

    “There, look! It’s only one of them and his holding something!” Hollered Bumblebee, pointing up at the sky.

    Buddy glanced that way to see a black Decepticon flying towards the base, his arms full of something metallic. What could he be bringing the Autobots?

    “Don’t fire! I repeat, don’t fire!” Optimus went up to the perimeters edge to look up at the Decepticon. “What do you want, Mirror Blade?”

    “Got a little present for you, Prime!” Mirror Blade slowed then hovered just a few yards away from the Autobot’s position. “As they say on this planet, ‘Merry Christmas’.”

    “Windcharger!” Shouted Buddy as he saw the body fall to the ground. “No, what did you do to him!”

    But it was too late to get any answer from the Decepticon. Mirror Blade had quickly flown off before the body had a chance to hit the ground. When it did Ratchet and Wheeljack sprinted forward to check the young Autobot out. What they saw horrified them.

    Windcharger’s body was badly misshapen with limbs nearly pulled out of the sockets and his armor was badly cut up, with some pieces missing. The young Autobot didn’t even appear alive as the medic began to work on him seeing if anything could be done to salvage what was left.

    Ratchet cursed as he looked at Windcharger’s shattered optics. “Optimus, we need to get him to the ark, stat!”


    The medic glanced down to see Windcharger holding up a mangled hand. “Take it easy. Don’t talk, just save your energy.”

    “I…I didn’t say anything to him.” Windcharger’s hand dropped as the voice grew weaker. “I didn’t say anything.”

    “We’re losing him! Let’s go!”


    Through the bushes in front of her Trace could count four Decepticons, one being the notorious Soundwave. Lucky for her they haven’t discovered her position yet. Many times in the last few days she had thought she would be caught to only have them walk away just a few feet from her. And if she did get caught more than likely she will be slowly killed by torture. Just thinking about it made her nerve sensors shiver.

    She glanced through her rifle scope to see nothing has changed in the last few minutes. The Decepticons, as usual were lazily patrolling about, seemingly not afraid of any attacks. That worried Trace. What if Sonicblaze never did come back? What if her wait was for some false hope? If that was the case she was risking her life for nothing.

    “Megatron, there’s nothing to report.” Soundwave said somewhere to her right.

    She didn’t hear a reply which meant that the Decepticons were using com-links. That meant she will never know when Decepticon backup will arrive. That could definitely be a problem if Sonicblaze was to come through that space bridge right now. She will never know how many of those creeps will be arriving to kill her commander.

    She cursed silently at just thinking about what could happen. What would the Decepticons do if Sonicblaze went through unexpected?

    “Of course, Megatron. Starscream, go to the air and find Mirror Blade.” Said Soundwave.

    Why would they be looking for Mirror Blade? She questioned as she slowly raised her head to see the seeker taking off into the air. Let’s just hope her cover was good enough to hide her from Starscream’s optics.

    Very slowly she began to inch backwards, still on her abdomen, hoping the movement wouldn’t draw the Decepticons attention. She was close to getting away from the bushes when she noticed Soundwave’s attention divert quickly to the bridge.

    “Megatron, somebody’s coming through the bridge.”

    Soundwave, along with the rest of the Decepticons ran off towards the bridge, their weapons armed and ready. Soon many more will be coming.

    “About slagging time.” Trace reached down, turned on her com-link, then typed in a code hoping it was still active. “Red Alert, can you hear me?”

    “Where the slag are you?” Came Red Alert’s irritated reply. “Trace, Windcharger…”

    “Not now, Red Alert. Tell Optimus to come to these coordinates, now!”

    “Right. Trace, see you in a few.”


    At Ocean City Sonicblaze led his team through the main complex trying to keep up with the little Omnicon that was showing him the way. They were finally getting away from this cursed place, but was that really a good thing? The Decepticons here were fairly easy to take care of. In fact, a little too easy. Just the fact alone that he could now attack and possibly kill a Decepticon really appealed to Sonicblaze. For the first time since the mutation by Megatron he was able to take his frustrations out on something else beside his men.

    Going around a corner he dodged an Autobot then glanced behind him to see Jazz was easily keeping up with the sprint. Perceptor on the other hand was farther behind in the group along with Blade Runner. Wonder if that Optimus Prime lackey did have what it takes to join up with us? Unfortunately however Jazz had already made up his mind. But maybe, just maybe he might falter back at The Ark and will find it difficult to be with the other Autobots. After all he did spend a lot time with the Rebirth Team.

    “Sonicblaze, we’re almost there!” Beltline shouted.

    “Very good.” He skidded to a stop at a large metallic door. “Okay, men this is it! I will give you all orders once we get inside!”


    “This is it, Autobots!” Optimus Prime crossed his arms behind his back. “Our very own comrades need our help. Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Hound, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, and Ironhide you will be coming with me. Ratchet, can you leave the repairs to Wheeljack?”

    Ratchet slowly nodded. “Yes, Optimus, but why?”

    “By the way Trace describes things we will be needing a medic on sight.” Optimus nodded at the Autobots ready to go to into action. “Autobots, transform and roll out!”
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    Chapter 9

    Sonicblaze jogged into the massive room with his team following closely behind him. He instantly saw the active space bridge on the other side of the room which was being guarded by Hot Shot and Ironhide. He went to the bridge and then knelt down beside it with his gun resting on his knee.

    “Okay, men listen up! This is what we’re going to do! Blade Runner, Mimic you go in first. Don’t use guns, but your melee weapons to block the shots. Naito, Beltline you come in after them with guns ready. Jazz, you will keep the humans safe. Once your boots hit the Earth transform and get them out of there. Perceptor, you will take Echo through. Make sure he gets through in one piece.” He instantly saw the size difference and quickly shook his head. “Scratch that. Perceptor, you will go in with Naito and Beltline. I will take Echo through.” He slowly stood as he took out a small explosive energon pack from one of his many compartments. “Okay, team watch your spark and your head! Keep optics scanning at all times and don’t, I repeat don’t relax! Let’s go!”

    Sonicblaze stood by the bridge checking his team's weapons and then waving them through. Once Jazz was through with the humans he slapped the explosive charge on the rim hoping that Perceptor and Kicker’s dad was right. If not then they were in a lot of trouble. Glancing around him one more time he spotted Dr. Jones standing at the doorway, his face masked in shadows.

    “Don’t worry, we will take care of him!” He pushed a few buttons on his right forearm then stepped through the bridge hoping he will find himself back on Earth in 1966.


    The moment she spotted Blade Runner, Trace got up from her hiding place and began to fire her rifle. That drew some of the Decepticons attention towards her which was a good thing. That way the team members coming through didn’t have all that many enemies to worry about.

    Dodging a few shots she rolled to her right, firing as she did so. Soon she could see Beltline and Perceptor which meant that Sonicblaze was not too far behind.


    Kicker held onto Jazz’s shoulder as the bot stepped through the space bridge. Never had he experienced this kind of fear before. A fear that definitely had him wishing he was back at Ocean City, sitting in his room and not worrying about anything except for the next attack.

    “Kicker, don’t leave us!”

    “Yes, Kicker please don’t! We need you!”

    He lifted his head up when he heard the two voices wondering if it was Jazz or another Autobot following them. But the look on Jazz’s face showed that he either didn’t care or didn’t hear what was just said.

    “Jazz, did you hear that?”

    “Hear what, Kicker?”

    “Uhm…nothing. Never mind.”

    Jazz tightened his grip on the humans. “Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy landing!”


    Everything appeared chaotic by the time Optimus Prime rolled up to the sight of the space bridge with his team of Autobots. Speeding forward he ignited the boosters under his cab, which helped to catapult him into the air. With the extra boost he transformed quickly, his body still flying forward with the momentum. He swiftly reached behind him, grabbed his gun from his backpack then landed hard on his boots, the pistons creaking in his legs as he did so.

    “Sideswipe, Sunstreaker! I see an Autobot down, go get him out now!”

    “On it, Optimus!” Shouted Sideswipe as he ran forward with his gun firing.

    He quickly scanned around him, looking for Megatron and when he didn’t spot him he instantly knew that something wasn’t right. The Decepticon leader was always around at times like this. Where could he be?

    “Ironhide, something’s not right here.” Optimus scanned again this time spotting Sonicblaze’s and Jazz’s signals. “Keep an optic out, Ironhide!”

    “Will do, Prime.”


    The first image Kicker got of the new Earth was an injured Autobot just a few feet from the bridge. It took him awhile to realize it was Beltline who laid in the dirt, face down with energon and oil coming out of a deep wound in his chest. Quickly he glanced around him to see several new Decepticons fighting it out with Autobots and it appeared to him that the Decepticons were actually winning. But how could that be? The Autobots always won.

    “Hang on, I’ll get you all out of here!” Jazz roughly placed the humans on the ground so he could transform into his vehicle mode. “Get in now!”

    Stumbling to his feet Kicker ran to the white car where he dove in through the open door. Once he was in, Jazz sped off dodging Decepticon fire as he did so.

    “Shit, this doesn’t look good!” Miller stuck his upper-body out of the window, gun out and firing. “Make sure you dodge the trees, Jazz!”

    Jazz swerved around an Autobot. “Got it!”

    As Miller shot at the Decepticons Kicker just sat in the driver’s seat, his mind completely overwhelmed. Is this how it was going to be like every time the Autobots fight the Decepticons? It almost appeared as though it was a one-sided battle. Didn’t the Autobots here have upgrades like the ones back home?

    Then he saw him, an image that was more like a shadow. An Autobot like no other he has seen before. Kicker leaned closer to the window hoping he could get a better look at the mysterious Autobot with the large rifle. Though it was just a quick look Kicker knew deep down that Autobot had to be this world’s Optimus Prime.

    “That’s our Optimus Prime. You’ll get to meet him later.” Said Jazz as though he read Kicker’s mind.

    “His different.” Kicker glanced through the rear windshield to see Optimus Prime running towards the bridge. “Why does he seem different?”

    Miller pulled himself back into the vehicle. “What you babbling on about?”

    Kicker shook his head. “Nothing. It’s nothing.”


    With the extra weight on his shoulders Sonicblaze fell hard through the bridge. On top of that he landed terrible, dislocating his knee as he do so. Grimacing in pain he glanced around him hoping there was an Autobot near by that could help him with Echo. Once he saw that there was none he gritted his teeth and began to walk forward.


    Not too far away Megatron floated in the air with his arms crossed as he watched the battle take place underneath him. It’s a shame to know that at least one of his men wouldn’t make it to see the end of the day. But that was the cost in a war.

    He was about to call his men off when he spotted a faint signal on his sensors. Smirking, he uncrossed his arms and began his decent down to the ground.


    “Here let me take him off your shoulders.” Blade Runner ran up to Sonicblaze, grabbed Echo and easily threw him onto his massive shoulders. “You should get that knee checked out.”

    Sonicblaze glanced down to see this knee joint was popped forward and angled to the side. Taking a deep breath he grabbed his knee joint, and with one quick movement popped it back in place. His body registered the intense pain as he do so, but it quickly went away. He bent his knee a few times till he was satisfied that there wasn’t too much pain.

    He picked his rifle up, noticing right away that too of his team member’s were down. This battle has lasted long enough, it was time to leave.

    “Gather the wounded and let’s leave!” He quickly picked up a signal on his radar, a signal he really didn’t want to see. “Slag it! Let’s go now!”


    “Not so fast, Sonicwave.” Sonicblaze spun around to see Megatron standing a few yards behind him with a smirk on his face. “It’s been boring without you here to liven things up.”

    “How many times do I have to tell you, never call me Sonicwave!”

    The Decepticon leader chuckled. “You will always be Sonicwave to me.”

    “Sonicblaze, don’t let him get to you.” Said an Autobot to Sonicwave’s right. “Please, we’ve suffered enough. Just let him go.”

    Megatron laughed even more. “Oh, such concern you show, little Autobot.” He crossed his arms and shook his head. “The time isn’t right yet, Sonicwave.”

    “Any time is a good time!” The gray Autobot held his rifle up, the barrel straight at Megatron’s spark. “I’ll kill you, Megatron!”

    The Autobot to his right put his hand on the rifle’s barrel, trying to get his leader to lower it. When that didn’t work Megatron saw him form a fist at his side. How interesting. This Autobot lackey was willing to do anything to stop his commander from starting the phases that led to the attack. He crossed his arms and just watched as the Autobot slammed his fist into Sonicwave’s jaw with such force it most likely dislocated it.

    “It’s a pity that you have to do that.” Megatron sighed when his only chance to kill the Autobots crumbled to the ground. “Very well, I will be back.”


    Unfortunately for Naito he wasn’t built to carry a lot of weight which meant he had to drag the now unconscious leader back to safety. It was infuriating to him that Sonicblaze could be manipulated so easily. No wonder it was such a difficult task when fighting off the Decepticons.

    “Why do you have to make things so difficult, Sonicblaze?” He scanned his radar to see that everybody had left. “That’s just great. Leave me here alone to drag the commander. I don’t mind. It’s a good workout after all.”


    It was only a few minutes ride till they got to what Jazz called, ‘The Ark’. Inside Kicker weakly got out, his body shaking terribly from the fear and stress. He glanced around him to see Blade Runner hobbling in with Beltline on his shoulders. Then in came a red robot carrying Mimic’s still body. As one of the first Autobot’s through the bridge they sacrificed their bodies so others could arrive safely. Somehow that really amazed Kicker.

    A white robot came walking up to Blade Runner, his face downcast. “It’s Windcharger.”

    Blade Runner handed Beltline off to Ratchet and quickly followed the medic down the corridor towards the infirmary. Right behind him Kicker tried his best to follow, his curiosity high as too why Blade Runner would react like this.

    Finally after a few minutes of a hard run Kicker slowed down to a jog, trying desperately to catch his breath. It was another minute when he finally found where Blade Runner had went to. And in this room was three other humans, all about the same age as he was.

    He swallowed hard as he stepped into the infirmary wondering what had happened. He was about to ask the humans when he heard a loud bang from his right that made him jump.

    “Slag it!” Blade Runner punched the wall again. “Mirror Blade did this?”

    Trace walked in and lowered her rifle at the sight. “Oh, my Primus.”

    “You left him! You were suppose to watch him!” Blade Runner ran up to the female Autobot, his fist ready to make some serious damage to her face. “What the fucking slag happened to him!”

    “I…I don’t know.” Trace shook her head. “I had him cover our back while we moved the base…I….”

    Blade Runner lowered his fist. “Never, ever leave a man behind, unless you really have to!” He glanced back at what was left of Windcharger. “You should have went looking for him.”

    “I had no choice…”

    “Get out of my sight.” Growled Blade Runner.

    Trace slowly nodded. “Very well.”

    Kicker only had spent about forty minutes into this new world and already he wondered if he had made the right decision. Nothing so far seemed like what he had thought it would be. This world seem to hold too much anger and frustration.

    “So, you new here?” Asked a young teenager with glasses.

    “Yeah.” Kicker’s voice was shaking so bad he wondered if the teenager understood him.

    “Go, take a look at what will happen if you cross a Decepticon.” Said a large bulky man.

    He took a few deep breaths then walked up to the table where he could see a red robot. With the help of an Autobot he was lifted up to see what was left of this Autobot called Windcharger. And when he did he almost got sick.

    He quickly turned his head away. “Who would do this?”

    The bot holding him shook his head. “One very sadistic Decepticon.”

    “Oh, shit. What have I done?” Kicker fell to his knees his tearful eyes going back to the Autobot on the table. “Why did I come here?”
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    Go alphie! You sure can right a kickass fic. You Kickback, and Jetplaugue are the TFs fic masters of the world I swear! :D  :thumbs2: 
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    Wow, just realized that I made a slight oops when writing the character Echo. :redface2:  He has no optics, none. Instead he has a metal visor. So, I fixed it now.
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    Chapter 10

    It was dark, but not yet quite in the space around Sonicwave. He didn’t know where he was or what had happened to him to make him feel this weak. All he knew was the screams that echoed around him were laced with pain.

    Slowly he tried to get up, but quickly found out that not only was he weak, his body was riddled with pain. Pain? Why would he be feeling pain?

    He glanced down at his body and in the dim light of the energon bars he could see that it had changed shape. He was now bulky and his limbs and torso had an odd angle to them. He even saw where some bot had actually welded some extra pieces to his armor.

    Very slowly he reached down and rubbed the seam right on his spark cavity, suddenly getting worried. Did someone tamper with his spark? And if so, what did they do?

    Some bot came walking up to his cell, his steps announcing his purpose. “So, I see you made it through the mutation just fine.”

    “Mutation?” His voice was weak. “What did you all do to me?”

    “Made you better.” The bot turned the bars off then with one hand picked Sonicwave off the floor. “Just a few more adjustments and you will be ready to be released.”

    “Who are you?” Sonicwave slowly lifted his head up to see the gray bot looking him straight in the optics. “Megatron?”

    The bot laughed. “Apparently Shockwave has done too good a job on the memory wiping. Well, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you remember all your time spent here.”

    He threw Sonicwave back into the cell and with his body weakened he could do nothing but take the fall. Grimacing he turned back to the bot wondering what would happen to him next.

    “What are you going to do with me?”

    With a chuckle the bot turned the bars back on. “Make you a better weapon.”

    “No!” Sonicblaze’s system jolted him from his nightmare. “Let go of me, Decepticon!”

    “Decepticon?” The bot dragging him dropped his boot then turned around. “Who you calling a Decepticon, sir?”

    Sonicblaze swiftly took out his rifle, aiming it directly at the black bot. “Leave me alone! I don’t want to kill them, I don’t!”

    Naito took a step back, his hands raised high. “Sir, it’s Naito. Just put the gun down.”

    The gun shook in the commander’s hands as his optics widened in surprise. “Oh, Primus.” He dropped his gun then fell to his knees. “Naito, what did I do?”

    “Nothing, sir. Trust me, I wouldn’t be here right now if you did.”

    Sonicblaze quickly looked up, surprised at what Naito just said. “You mean the wave wasn't triggered?”

    “Uhm…no.” Naito narrowed his optics at the commander. “What’s going on here.”

    “Nothing.” Sonicblaze slowly stood up then scanned the area. “Where is the rest of the team?”

    “Heading back to base.” Naito shook his head. “Listen to me, commander something is going on with you and I want to know what.”

    “You don’t need to know.”

    Naito stepped up to his commander, flipping up his visor as he did so. This way he could stare his leader straight in the optics. “Something’s not right with you and I want to know what it is.”

    “Nothing is wrong with me.” Sonicblaze shook his head. “Let’s just get back to the team.”

    “Not until we talk, Sonicblaze.”

    “You’re starting to cross the line, Naito.”

    Naito smirked. “Me? Sir, you’ve been crossing a line ever since you came back…”

    “Enough!” Sonicblaze’s shoulders were heaving with anger. “Enough.” He said more quietly. “You don’t need to know.”

    “I saw what happened when you tried to fire upon Starscream several months ago. And now you couldn’t shoot a Decepticon here? What did they do to you? Why can’t you harm any Decepticons except on the other world?”

    “Naito, I said enough!” Sonicblaze picked his rifle up off the ground then aimed it at Naito. “No more questions. You understand me!” When Naito didn’t answer he moved the barrel even closer to the bot’s spark. “Answer me!”

    Naito grabbed the barrel, holding it tight against his armor. “Go ahead, shoot me! But you won’t do it!” Naito shook his head. “No, I should say you can’t! You know what this badge did to us! Come on, kill me! Slag it, kill me now!”

    Sonicblaze quickly pulled his rifle away from Naito. “You know everything about that day several months ago?”

    “Yes, yes I do.” Naito’s optics showed the fear he didn’t want to show. “Sir, what in Primus’ name is going on?”

    “You don’t need to know that, nobody does. Trust me, if you found out about the secret that I have been carrying with me for several vorns you will kill me without a moments hesitation.” Sonicblaze’s optics softened. “In fact I would gladly give you my own rifle to do so.” He placed the weapon back in its compartment on his back then rubbed his aching jaw. “Let’s go. The team will need us.”


    One look into the dimly lit room Charlie saw something that he had only seen in movies. Without much light the Autobots inside looked more like monsters with their brightly glowing eyes and odd shaped bodies. It didn’t help at all that they were holding down Echo, who at the moment was still out cold. In way it looked to him like they were about to feast on their friend, though he knew far better than that. The image was just made from his imagination from all those sci-fi and horror movies he watched growing up.

    He took a deep breath then slowly stepped closer to the Autobots, instantly realizing that Echo now had the mark of a Decepticon on his chest. What had happened?

    “Is that a Decepticon badge?” He asked already knowing the question was stupid.

    Blade Runner slowly nodded. “Yeah, it is.”

    Blade Runner had returned to Echo after seeing what Mirror Blade had done to Windcharger, hoping that he could do something to change the fate of another Autobot.

    “But how can that be? He still carries the other symbol.”

    “I don’t know, Charlie.” The large Autobot shook Echo a few times and once satisfied that the much bigger bot was still in stasis-lock he took out a dagger. “Ironhide, come here and help me hold him still.”

    Ironhide knelt down and shook his head. “This isn’t the way to do it, lad.”

    “It’s the way that most of the team discovered that the badge Shockwave branded them with, won’t come off.” He began to cut into Echo’s chest causing the bot to squirm. “Hang in there Echo, just a little more.”

    “Lad, what do ya think you’ll accomplish with this? Once branded, a bot never comes back.”

    “You don’t know the Rebirth Team, do you Ironhide?” Blade Runner grabbed the edge of the badge with his fingertips and began to pull upwards. This caused Echo’s hand to quickly reach for his. “Ironhide, grab his arm!”

    “What are you doing to me, slagging Autobot!” Echo tried to reach for Blade Runner with his free arm, which was then quickly held down by Ironhide. “I will kill you all!”

    “Slag, he’s strong.” Grunted Blade Runner as he ripped the badge clean off the black Autobot’s armor. “Where the slag is Perceptor?”

    Ironhide grimaced as he fight the struggling Autobot. “Right about now? I say, reporting in with Prime.”

    Blade Runner nodded. “Sunstreaker, get Perceptor now!”


    “Why is my jaw dislocated?” Sonicblaze asked as he made his way towards the Ark.

    “It was me, sir.”

    “You punched me? Why?”

    “Megatron was trying to have you use that wave of yours. I had to do something to stop you from killing us.”

    Sonicblaze rubbed his jaw then nodded his head. “Thanks.” He sighed heavily as he spotted his team signals. “There at the Ark.”

    Naito shook his head. “Let’s just hope Prime don’t throw you back in the brig when we get back.”

    “I’m afraid he might. And if does, break me out.”


    Back at the Ark Optimus Prime stood just outside the room where Echo was in watching helplessly as Blade Runner and Perceptor wrestled with the bigger Autobot. He didn’t know what they had planned to do with Echo, but it wasn’t his concern, though he wished it was. He hated the tactics of the Rebirth Team, it almost reminded him of the Decepticons. Especially lately. Did Cybertron change that much since his departure several vorns ago?

    “Perceptor, is there anything you can do?” Shouted Blade Runner.

    Perceptor shook his head. “His spark has been tainted.” He turned to where Mimic was standing. “We need your help.”

    “Why me?”

    Blade Runner cursed. “Slag it, Mimic! Your spark was also tainted, remember?”

    Mimic shrugged. “I still fight off the urge to kill and destroy. Trust me, Echo will never be the same again.” He sighed heavily and knelt down next to his friend. “Fine. Echo, I know your in there. You have to fight off the Decepticon inside of you…” Echo’s leg kicked out, his boot landing right on Mimic’s side. “What the hell!”

    “Control your anger, we don’t need another bot on a rampage!”

    Optimus Prime even noticed that the team’s language is closely mimicking that of the human’s. Instead of using Cybertronian curses they were now throwing in Earth curses into their sentences. It was almost fascinating to Optimus to see an Autobot adapt so quickly to the environment around him.

    “Optimus, Sonicblaze is approaching from the west, with Naito What would you like for me to do?”

    Optimus Prime turned to Hound then back at Echo. “Let him in.”

    “But, Optimus…”

    “I know, he’s a risk. Right now though we have no choice.”


    In a room far away from the action Kicker sat on the floor, staring ahead of him at the blank wall. He couldn’t believe what had happened to that Autobot, it was the worse thing he has ever seen before. It seemed as though the Decepticon tried to actually skin him alive.

    Shivers raced down his back just thinking about the torture and how the young Autobot must have felt through it all. The Decepticons where he came from would never have done something like that. Is this how the ones here, on this world are? If so, then he truly made a mistake coming here.

    Light footsteps entered the room then stopped just a few feet from him. “He’s going to be okay. I’m actually more worried about Trace. Especially after Sonicblaze finds out what she did.”

    “Leave me alone, Miller.” Kicker said with frustration.

    Miller sighed heavily then sat down. “Listen, Kicker things are different around here. You have to grow up and realize that a war is going on. There will be causalities in a war. In fact you might have to kill someday. Did you not realize this when you decided to come with us?”

    “I never though it would be like this.” Kicker’s voice was low and showed his fear. “I…I never imagined a Decepticon doing that to an Autobot.”

    “Well, they do.” Miller shook his head. “Kicker, I know your young, but you have to mature fast to make it in this world. It isn’t at all like where you came from. The Decepticons here will kill without hesitation.” He shook his head when Kicker didn’t say anything. “Sulk here if you want, but things do need to be done.”

    With that Miller stood then left leaving Kicker to once again think about his decision. What would his father say about all this?

    “Probably would tell me that I made this decision and now I will have to learn to deal with it.” Kicker dropped his head. “Man, was I stupid.”


    Upon arriving at the Ark Sonicblaze felt something deep in his circuitry that told him to turn back around. Unfortunately he couldn’t leave his men behind and so he proceeded forward till he stepped inside the massive cargo entrance. Inside he saw pools of oil and energon on the massive floor telling him that this is where they sorted out the wounded. There were even the odd piece of armor here and there.

    He turned to see Naito squatting down to pick up what appeared to be a component to a missile launcher. “This is Beltline’s.”

    “A lot of bots were injured today. I’m glad that none were killed.”

    He said nothing else as he walked through the ship trying to find any sign of his men. After about ten minutes of searching he finally could here Blade Runner to his right. He followed the voice till he came upon Optimus Prime standing at a door way.

    Upon seeing the Autobot commander Sonicblaze quickly pushed pass him to see Blade Runner and Perceptor struggling with Echo. He could see where someone had ripped off Echo’s Decepticon badge, leaving him with a hole in his chest plate. At least Blade Runner took hold of the situation and now appeared to have finally gotten through to Echo. Though experience told him that the Autobot will never be the same again.

    Blade Runner turned his head, his body relaxing a bit at the sight of Sonicblaze. “Glad to see you made it, sir.”

    “Everything okay?”

    He shook his head. “I’m sorry to report that Windcharger is down, tortured by Mirror Blade. He will make it, sir, but he’ll definitely not be the same bot again.”

    “Did Trace say what happened?”

    This time the older Autobot’s shoulders slumped forward. “She left him.”

    “Was anybody in any immediate harm?” Sonicblaze asked, his temper rising.

    “At the time, yes. But she dropped the human’s here and went searching for you, not him.” Blade Runner quickly stood up as his commander quickly left the room on the hunt for Trace. “Sir, I already talked to her!”

    Sonicblaze stopped, his fist clinching tighter at his side. “She will have to pay for what she did.”


    It was quite in the woods, a welcoming sound after what had happened earlier in the day. Shame it was going to end as soon as Sonicblaze found out what she had done. Guilt had already stripped her of her pride and now her commander will soon humiliate her in front of the team. It only has been done to two of the Autobots in the team, Mimic and Naito and just seeing him berate them in a way that left them embarrassed and ashamed for months made her always keep a fair distance away from the commander. And now soon it would be her turn to endure the ridicule.

    She crossed her legs and waited, the wind lightly brushing against her metallic frame. Such a beautiful place, this Earth, shame it was marred now by the Decepticons. Hopefully with some help from Prime Megatron, with his little henchman will leave this wonderful world and help return it back to where it was. Now only if they can get rid of the pesky humans. But that’s a matter that she knows Prime will never touch.

    “I see you are waiting.”

    “You came quicker than I had thought.” She tried to keep her voice steady though fear of the unknown was making her regret ever waiting for the commander.

    “When I heard about Windcharger I had to come quickly.” Sonicblaze’s voice showed his anger. “Why did you leave him, Trace?” When she didn’t answer Sonicblaze grabbed her arm, yanking her up as he did so. “Come with me.”


    “Kicker, Rebirth meeting in the brig.” Miller stepped up to the teenager and when Kicker didn’t move he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up. “Soldier, listen to me! You will follow orders, no questions ask and no hesitation! You understand me!”

    Kicker stared up at Miller, dumbfounded at the sudden change in the man. “What’s your problem? I told you too leave me alone!”

    Miller released his grip on Kicker, shaking his head as he did so. “Fine, I’ll let Sonicblaze deal with you.”

    “What’s the big deal anyway? What is the team doing?”

    “Showing you what will happen if you disobey orders from Sonicblaze.”


    “But I had no choice, Sonicblaze!” Trace said trying desperately to prove her point to her stubborn leader. “What can I say, sir, that will make you believe that?”

    Kicker glanced around him to see that the entire team had been assembled in the small room, making a circle in which Trace and Sonicblaze stood. The look in Sonicblaze’s optics alone told him that he shouldn’t have come here. He didn’t know what was happening, but it couldn’t be good for Trace.

    “Nothing you say will make me believe you, Trace.” Growled Sonicblaze as he stepped closer to the female bot. “You left a man to die! How would you feel if I left you out there to die!”

    “But sir, I had no choice! He volunteered to watch my back so I could get those stupid humans to safety! What could I have done, sir!”

    “What the slag do you mean you had no choice!? He CHOSE to stay out there, to do what he could to make sure you got the hell out of there. He put his life on the line for you, and you had no choice? You left him out there by himself. You didn’t ask for help, you didn’t even try to go back for him, you just left him. You had a choice, and you made the wrong slagging one.

    You could have went back to rescue him, Trace. The humans were safe with Prime and as much as I hate saying this, you should have gotten help from him to find Windcharger.” He shook his head then waved to all the bots making the circle. “Would you have left any of them behind?” When Trace didn’t answer Sonicblaze inched even closer to her, causing her to flinch. “Answer me, now!”

    “No, I would not have, sir.” Her voice shook at the confession.

    “So, you saying you have a problem with Windcharger? Is that it?”

    Kicker could almost see the Autobot sniper shrinking in on herself as Sonicblaze bore into her with his questions. She must know that this was not going to end very happily for her.

    “So, you do have a problem with Windcharger…”

    “That’s not it, sir.”

    “Don’t you interrupt me, soldier! If you have a problem with Windcharger then you have a problem with the rest of the team! And since you have a problem with the team, I will have to ask you to leave until further notice.”

    “Sonicblaze, you can’t do that! You didn’t kick Naito and Mimic out for what they did!”

    “What they did was stupid, but it didn’t put another team member’s life at risk.” Sonicblaze shook his head in disgust. “I thought you were far better than that, Trace. Guess I was wrong.” He pointed to the door. “Now, leave and don’t make me have to do it for you.”

    Trace glanced around at the team, her optics searching for somebody that might stand up for her. Kicker saw the hope quickly diminish on her face as every last one of the team members turned their back on her. He couldn’t believe that Autobots would just turn their back on one of their own. It was so un-Autobot like. Wonder what Sonicblaze would do if one of the humans messed up?

    “Kicker, come in the center now!”

    Shocked he glanced around him to see that not one of the team members looked his way. Curious as to what Sonicblaze was going to say to him he wavered on going into the circle which made the commander’s optics flash with anger.

    “Get in here now!” Shouted Sonicblaze as pointed to where he stood.

    He swallowed hard then slowly made his way to Sonicblaze. “Yes, sir.”

    “Are those tears that I saw in your eyes when you came to the meeting?” Sonicblaze squatted down so he could be optic to eye with the human. “Answer me now, Kicker!”

    Kicker slowly nodded as he tried very hard not to flinch. “Yes..yes, sir it was.”

    “There is no crying here, soldier! Do you understand me! We are at war and there will be causalities! Not only will there be causalities, but you yourself may be in danger. You better shape up Kicker or you too will be kicked out!”

    “But where would I go?”

    “That’s not my problem, now is it?” Sonicblaze leaned in close to Kicker, his optics only a few inches away from the human’s face. “I’m keeping an optic on you, human.”

    Kicker swallowed hard at the tone in Sonicblaze’s voice. This Autobot was dead serious.

    He tried to control his shaking as he saluted. “Yes, sir.”

    Sonicblaze slowly stood back up. “Very well. Everybody, dismiss.”


    “But Prime, I know their deserters, but do you seriously want to do this?” Asked Ironhide as he walked beside the great Autobot leader who was heading to where the Rebirth Team was meeting. “Sonicblaze I could understand, but Windcharger?”

    “Sonicblaze, is an escaped criminal and Windcharger is an accomplice.”

    “You let them go, Prime.” Ironhide shook his head. “I didn’t except you…”

    Optimus Prime sighed heavily. “I didn’t think they would have come back.”

    “But you allowed them into the Ark today.”

    “I had no choice. Three of Sonicblaze’s team members are injured and one is now locked up in the brig.” He turned to Ironhide. “I’m sorry Ironhide. But he needs to know what he is doing is against all laws on Cybertron.”

    “And what if they aren’t? Prime, it’s been vorns since we left.”

    “Then hope is all lost. But I’m praying to Primus that it’s just the Rebirth Team.”


    Sonicblaze had to cool down before the worse was to happen to him and the Autobots. He was very surprised to see that the attack didn’t happen, though it should have with the trigger of past events. And that only meant that his body was keyed up for another attack. He didn’t feel any of the stages, but what if this was something new? If it was, it was definitely much scarier. It would mean no warning at all.

    He took several deep breaths trying desperately to try and cool himself down. He can’t allow for anything to happen especially in a place where several dozens of Autobots walked around. He had to get out of this place before he blew. Problem is, could he do it without bumping into a certain bot.

    He rounded a corner and find Optimus Prime walking in the other direction with Ironhide. Cursing he tried to walk pass the leader, but was stopped by his massive arm blocking his only way out.

    “Ironhide, let me talk to Sonicblaze, alone.”

    “I know what you want, Prime.” Sonicblaze tilted his head up to look Prime right in the optics. “Well, don’t worry once the wounded are repaired my team is out of here.”

    Optimus Prime shook his head. “I’m afraid I can’t allow you to leave, Sonicblaze.”

    “What is the reason now? Oh, wait let me guess. It’s about the little incident a few months back, correct?”

    “That is correct. Listen, you broke out of a holding cell with the help from Windcharger…”

    “Prime, if you take me in now you will seriously regret that you did.”

    “Then you must leave with your team. I don’t want any Autobots killed today.”

    “Very well.” Sonicblaze just noticed that he still hadn’t gotten his jaw repaired and his voice was very slurred. He shrugged it off. “My team will be leaving and we will take the wounded with us.”

    Prime slowly nodded. “And if we need you?”

    Sonicblaze shook his head. “We won’t be coming back.”
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    Sweet! Rebirth team is a rebel! Kickass chapter, I can't wait for the next!
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    Chapter 11

    After the meeting with Sonicblaze Trace found herself walking aimlessly around the Ark, trying to figure out what she should do now. She no longer had a team to go to and even if she was excepted back, would she go? After the way the team treated her today more than then likely not. The last teammate to be kicked out was back on Cybertron when Mirror Blade was caught torturing another Autobot. Mirror Blade then quickly turned his allegiance over to Megatron who he has been with since. But there was no way she could fight among the Decepticons. She didn’t have the spark for it. And that left Optimus Prime. If she went to him then she would be a traitor to Sonicblaze. But what other choice did she have? As of right now going to Prime is the only option that made sense to her. Though he may not utilize her abilities as often as Sonicblaze did, every team needed a sniper and as far as she knew, he didn’t have one. And if he did, not a good one.

    She began walking to the command center hoping that Prime would be there. There was no way that she would go searching for him if he wasn‘t in the room. That just made a her look more weak in the optics of other Autobots. No, if he wasn’t in the room she would leave. Where she would go, she still didn’t know yet.

    At the large door to the control room she saw scorch marks from the time when Mirror Blade effected Teletran-1 with a virus. It was amazing to know that no Autobot was killed that day, though Beltline and a few others had come close to it. Even Prime himself was injured that day, trying to save Ironhide, Beltline and Bumblebee.

    “He saved Beltline.” She quietly said to herself. “He didn’t have to, but he did. Why? Beltline isn’t one of his Autobots.” She stopped walking to glance behind her. “I’m sorry Rebirth Team, but I have no choice.”

    Three Months Later

    It seemed as though time had suddenly stopped at the Rebirth Base where Kicker was learning how to live in the 1960’s. The Autobots haven’t battled the Decepticons in over two months which got a lot of them worried. For Kicker he still didn’t know that if these Decepticons were silent for awhile it usually means something bad was about to go down.

    Life was definitely interesting inside the base, especially with the culture that the youth had in this time. There was no rock music that he was use to, instead there was what his mother would call, ‘The Classics’. And the styles here were very simple. Jeans were folded at the bottom and a short-sleeve button down shirt with a white tee underneath finished the ensemble. And on his feet he wore black and white Converse shoes which took some getting use to since the shoe was mainly just cloth with just a small amount of padding for the sole. Gone went his old, trusty jacket. The materials it was made out of was definitely something these people haven’t seen quite yet.

    He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his denim jacket then walked outside where he could see many Autobots patrolling around. In just the first few weeks he was here he was told about the Autobot’s history and was surprised to hear the differences between the Autobots back home and the ones here. The ones here, at one time were built as slaves and the Decepticons as war machines. No, wonder the Decepticons appeared to have much more power, they actually did. Good thing Sonicblaze destroyed the space bridge, no telling what would have happened if one the Decepticons here were to find themselves back at Ocean City.

    He took a deep breath of the mountain air wishing it would always stay this peaceful. Almost reminded him of back home. Home, shame it wasn’t just a few states away. But in a way all of the human’s here at the base didn’t have a home to belong to. That was a bit reassuring to him, even though most of the teens and adults here were wanted criminals.

    He shook his head at just thinking of his new friends as criminals. In the last few months Buddy and Charlie have become almost like his best friends. Miller, however was more of a teacher to Kicker. He was the one who taught the teens the ways of being a soldier. It was definitely difficult training with him, but it’s rewarding in the end. And then there was Sparkplug, who appeared and disappeared often. As of right now he was back home trying to find another job on an oil rig while being a mechanic on the side.

    And now Kicker was here on a planet that he didn’t belong to. He would grow old on an Earth that he wasn’t even born on.

    “Damn.” He whispered to himself. “Never thought that would happen.”

    He walked a few steps then turned to his right where he saw Windcharger sitting by himself with his head down looking at his hands. Kicker never knew the Autobot before that day a few months back and wondered what he was like before the brutal torture that nearly took his life. What kind of bot was he? Was he always happy or always sad? It seems today that he was always thinking about something, maybe about what had happened to him. Nobody may never know, especially since he didn’t talk all that much.

    “Windcharger, I need to speak with you.”

    Sonicblaze appeared from around the mountain with his arms crossed and his face placid. In just a few months Kicker learned very quickly that Sonicblaze was a warrior, a robot that was built for war and not to be a slave. Because of this he was very different than Optimus Prime. He commanded his men strictly, never allowing any of them to slack off in their duties. Prime, was more relaxed, although Kicker knew very well from that day by the space bridge that he too could be a fierce warrior when the time came to it.

    Sonicblaze knelt down to the much smaller Autobot then glanced at Kicker. Quickly Kicker turned away from the Autobots to began his five mile daily hike.


    Windcharger never did want to talk about what had happened to him when he was a prisoner of Mirror Blade. He didn’t want to show his team how weak he really was. Here, next to him stood an Autobot who not only had a dislocated knee at the time of arriving back to this Earth, but also had to get his jaw rewired after a blow from Naito. This bot, his commander was a soldier. A bot who pushed all pain aside to accomplish his mission, no matter the cost to him. Never in a million vorns would I ever be that great of a soldier. Thought Windcharger, knowing he had let the team down on several occasions, including the one time that he was captured by Mirror Blade. Thanks to him the team was now short of one sniper.

    Sonicblaze slowly sat down next to the young bot, his mind knowing exactly how Windcharger must be feeling. “Listen, everybody on the team has been through what you had to endure. Well, except maybe for Blade Runner. He has a knack of getting himself out of danger.” He turned his head to look at Windcharger and wasn’t surprised at all to see the young bot looking away from him. “Windcharger, you’re not the only one that suffered that day. Think about Echo. He's confused as hell now all thanks to that world’s Megatron. Course that just makes two of our team members now that could easily turn on us.” His voice drifted when the realization hit him. “Huh, never thought of that before.”

    “What do you really want, Sonicblaze?” Windcharger's voice showed his frustration of being disturbed from his thoughts.

    The commander sighed heavily. “Use what you're feeling.”

    Windcharger held his hands up, obviously disappointed at what he saw. “I’m afraid my attack won’t work anymore.”

    “They may be new hands, but Ratchet and Wheeljack made sure that they can be magnetically charged whenever the times comes for it.” Sonicblaze stood up then patted the young bot on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”


    Back at the Ark things were just about the same, with Autobots walking or joking around from boredom so they could pass the time much quicker. One Autobot however found the lack of discipline a little worrisome. What if the Decepticons attacked now, would any of the Autobots here be ready? Most likely, no. Why didn’t Prime train his soldiers better? Why was he allowing them to slack off?

    “What am I saying? I use to be one of those bots.” Jazz stopped his pacing to sit down on a chair. “What the slag happened to me when I was with the Rebirth Team?” He stared at the floor wishing he could know the answer, to know why he was feeling this way. But the answer never came. “What did Sonicblaze do to me?”

    The door to his quarters opened with a hiss allowing his visitor to step right in. Judging by the gait and the weight of the footsteps it wasn’t Optimus Prime. More than likely it was his sparring partner, Sideswipe coming in to check on him after he missed today’s lesson. Since coming back Jazz has been very adamant on training with his hands and had actually become pretty good at protecting himself from any kind of hit. It surprised a lot of the Autobots to see him training this hard since he was usually known as the upbeat Autobot. Well, that was before his stint with the Rebirth Team. Now, he felt he had to train and train. And in a way he could see why Sonicblaze didn’t like Prime…

    “Are you all right, Jazz.” Sideswipe asked, interrupting Jazz’s thoughts.

    Jazz slowly nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

    Sideswipe shook his head. “No, you're not fine.” He sat down on a desk right across from Jazz. “Ever since you came back you’ve been acting real funny.” He leaned forward as though he was about to tell Jazz a secret. “Did you allow that Sonicblaze bot to get inside your mind? He does tend to do that.”

    “It isn’t that. In the short amount I spent with the Rebirth Team I learned so much. Much more than I ever did back on Cybertron.” Jazz shook his head. “Prime’s a great leader, but Sonicblaze treats you like the soldiers we have become. In a way that’s what all the Autobots need. All this slacking off is getting me wound up. I need to train harder, I need to learn things that only they can give me…”

    Sideswipe held up his hand. “Whoa, Jazz time out. Are you saying you will desert Prime over Sonicblaze?” He shook his head again. “That doesn’t sound like you man. What did they do to you?”

    “I don’t know.” Jazz was the one to shake his head this time. “I need to know though.”

    “Jazz, if you go to them you’ll look like a traitor to all the bots here. Hey man, your like one of the big bots. If you leave what kind of message is that going to send to all the younger Autobots?”

    “But Sideswipe I need to know what had happened to me. I need to know if I really belong with Prime or not.”

    “Okay, now you’re just talking nonsense.” Sideswipe stood up with a smile. “You’re Jazz, the bot with the amazing sound and light show. Prime’s right hand man. You belong with us, you always have.”

    Jazz sighed heavily then shook his head. “I need to know for sure.” He smiled at his long time friend. “Don’t worry, I’ll return.”


    Twenty minutes later at the very cramped Rebirth Base Sonicblaze sat down at his command chair wondering if this was really going to work out for his team. The place was extremely small, so small in fact that he had a team digging through rock and dirt to make a large underground base. Not only would it be more comfortable, but a lot safer. But could the team hold out till then? Most likely they would. They have been through much worse before.

    A light knock signaled a visitor and looking up he saw Blade Runner standing at the door, his large frame blocking out any light that would have come from the hallway.

    “Sir, can we talk?”

    “What about Blade Runner?”

    The older Autobot shrugged his shoulders. “I guess about the team.”

    Sonicblaze gave Blade Runner a curious look. “What’s going on?”

    Blade Runner stepped into the cramped control room then shrugged again. “Sir, why are we still called the Rebirth Team? Our name before Prime left was the Omnibots. That name gets far more respect then just The Rebirth Team.” He sighed. "And besides, we accomplished our mission. There is no reason to call us the 'Rebirth Team' anymore."

    Sonicblaze shook his head. “Unfortunately we now have humans in the mix. How can we call ourselves the Omnibots when the team is now mixed with those that don‘t have mechanical parts?”

    “But, sir, Perceptor is working on those suits for them. And it’s starting to look very promising.”

    “Has any of the humans volunteered to use them yet?”

    Blade Runner smiled. “Sure have, sir. Kicker or I should say Trent now, Miller and Charlie have both volunteered to test out the new suits. I think you will like them, sir.”

    “What will the suits have that will be useful for us?”

    “Well, the humans will be able to lift close to what a mini-bot can lift and the suits will be built to fly. As of right now one suit is being adapted with titanium claws. Razor sharp and strong enough to slice even through me.”

    “Very good.” Sonicblaze glanced at the door as Beltline stepped in. “Yes, what is it?”

    “Sir, we have company. It’s Jazz.”


    Kicker had made it three miles when he heard an engine revving up behind him. Turning he saw Beltline speeding towards him, kicking up grass as he did. When the Autobot got a few yards away he skidded to stop, but he didn’t transform.

    “Trent, get in now! Mimic is going to fight Jazz.”

    “What!” Kicker quickly got into the Mustang and barely got strapped in when Beltline sped off towards the Rebirth Base. “What’s going on?”

    “Jazz is wanting to join the team. To prove it he will have to fight Mimic.”

    “That’s suicide! That bot can smash Megatron’s head in with one punch!” Kicker shook his head not believing he was hearing this. “Will Jazz have to win to join?”

    “No. If he makes it after five minutes, he will be excepted.” Beltline avoided a large tree, nearly fish-tailing as he did so. “Sonicblaze is calling for the entire team to watch this.” Beltline seemed to have laughed. “Hey, if he makes it Sonicblaze is thinking about changing the team’s name back to it’s original call name.”

    “They had another name?”

    Beltline nodded his head inside it’s casing. “Yep, we were once called the Omnibots.”

    “That’s a little too similar to the Omnicons.” Kicker tilted his head. “Why that name?”

    “It’s fitting if you think about it. Our team is what you call here on earth, ‘The Jack-of-all-Trades’. Every bot under Sonicblaze has an ability unique only to them. With those abilities we function rather well.”

    Kicker nodded. “I see. And Jazz would bring what?”

    “Time will tell on that one, Trent.”


    The Rebirth Team stood all around Jazz, most with their arms crossed waiting for the fight to began. In front of him stood possibly the best hand-to-hand specialist he has ever known. And how was he supposed to survive five minutes without going into stasis-lock? Let’s just hope he still remembers what he was taught back on that other Earth.

    “Finally, Beltline and Trent are here.” Sonicblaze nodded at Mimic. “Rules are no weapons and cheating. This will be a fair fight, or at least as fair as we can get it.” He turned to Jazz. “If you don’t make it in five minutes we will send you back to Prime.” He held up his right hand then clinched it into a tight fist. “Began!”

    Mimic rotated his neck then cracked his knuckles. “Come on and try to hit me, Jazz.”

    Jazz tried to calm his nerves as he stared at the bot in front of him. He knew if he attempted a punch he would end up on the ground. But his kicks weren’t all that good. So, he had to go for a punch.

    Suddenly Mimic came rushing at him, his right arm raised above his head. Jazz tried desperately to move out of the way when he got tripped up by his own boots. He fell to the ground with a curse knowing all to well Mimic would take this as an opportunity to get the upper-hand.

    “You’re too slow!” Mimic jumped into the air, his fist coming down for a very powerful hit.

    Jazz was just able to roll out of way from a hit that would have instantly placed him stasis lock. As he rolled he quickly got to his boots, wondering what he should do now. He raised his hands to protect his face then rushed in hoping to punch Mimic straight in the nose. The much more experienced Autobot stepped to the side, his knee up and ready to slam right into Jazz’s abdominal area.

    The hit sent Jazz flying backwards where he tried desperately to land on his feet. He just about did it when he lost his balance and fell hard onto his back. Mimic was right there to slam his fist right into Jazz’s head, the force instantly shattering the blue visor over Jazz’s optics.

    “Come on! Show me some anger!”

    Jazz shook off the remnants of his visor then slowly stood up. “You want anger?”

    Mimic patted his chest. “Show me what you’re made of Jazz!”

    With a scream of rage Jazz rushed towards Mimic, his mind now clearer then it had been before. He saw Mimic moving his back boot ever so slightly, a signal that he was going to move yet again to the side. This time instead of running into the other Autobot Jazz quickly moved to the side, barely dodging Mimic’s counter-attack. As Mimic’s momentum took him forward Jazz kicked his feet out from underneath him.

    As he landed onto the ground Jazz jumped on top of the Autobot and began to pound his fists into the black helmet. He managed to get five good hits in before the much stronger Autobot threw him off. Before Jazz knew it his arm was in a painful arm bar. Quickly he glanced towards Mimic to see the Autobot had grabbed hold of his hand and then wrapped his legs around, twisting as he did.

    Grimacing in pain Jazz tried to move, tried desperately to get out of the arm bar. He could hear as the gears in his shoulder began to snap, but he couldn’t show no pain. Not here. He gritted his teeth as the shoulder finally gave out with a loud crack.

    “What, you’re not going to scream?” Mimic kicked Jazz away from him then slowly stood up. “Come on, you still have one good arm left.”

    Jazz held tightly onto his limp arm wondering what he should do now. He looked around him to see the whole Rebirth Team standing around him, waiting for his next move. He didn’t know how much time was remaining, but he knew it couldn’t be much. He had to make a move here and now if he was going to be excepted.

    “You come at me, Mimic!” Jazz called out, hoping the Autobot would fall for it.

    Mimic smirked. “Why not?”

    Mimic let out a scream as he ran towards Jazz and this time it was Jazz who lifted his leg up, catching Mimic square in the abdominal area. The Autobot flipped over from the hit and landed on his back giving Jazz a clear view of the face. Before Mimic could do anything Jazz slammed his fist hard into the bridge of the nose causing it to shatter.

    “Enough!” Sonicblaze ran in to grab Jazz by the shoulders, stopping him before he could through another hit. “Enough, Jazz!” He spun the Autobot around and nodded. “Now, it’s up to you to now except us with a salute.” Jazz straightened his shoulders and saluted to his new commander. “Your salute needs work, but we can easily fix that.” He turned around with a smile. “Welcome to the Omnibots.”
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    Jazz with the Rebirth- I mean Omnibots! :rock 
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    Not the best chapter. Sorry. :redface2: 

    Chapter 12

    “Does Prime know you left?” Mimic asked on the way to the make-shift infirmary.

    Jazz shook his head. “The only bot that knows is Sideswipe.”

    “You know that’s pretty risky.” Mimic stopped walking to look at Jazz. “You know by doing that you look like a traitor to Prime’s team.”

    “Yeah, I kinda figured that.” Jazz shook his head. “Didn’t know I had to fight you.”

    Mimic shrugged. “Most people fight Beltline, but Sonicblaze wanted to know what you were really made of.” He wiped the energon off his face with a smile. “And I’m quite surprised. I don’t think I’ll be smelling right for a few weeks because of that hit.”

    “And I don’t think my shoulder will ever be the same again.” Jazz glanced up to see a small building in front of the mountain. “Quite a small base you got here.”

    “Well, it ain’t like Prime’s shuttle, but it works all the same.” Mimic patted Jazz’s back. “And since you’re here, you’ll be helping us out with the digging.”


    Mimic nodded. “The Omnibots are going to have their own base and it’s all going to be underground. Safer that way.”

    “How big will it be?” Jazz stepped into the small infirmary where Red Alert was waiting to make repairs.

    “Definitely bigger than this place.” Mimic pushed pass Jazz to sit on top of one of the tables. “Sorry, buddy but you’re a rookie. You will always get repaired after everybody else.”

    Perceptor appeared in a door to the left and motioned for Jazz to follow him. Curious the new recruit followed the scientist into the room where he could see a suit laying on a small table. The suit appeared to be made for a human. And what did that mean?

    “I need to adjust your hardware a bit. It won’t hurt and it’ll only take a few nano-clicks.”

    Jazz still not knowing what was going to happen to him just nodded his head and with some help laid down on the other free table which was a lot smaller than the ones back at the Ark. It almost seemed as though the table was built to hold another suit.

    “Okay, this won’t hurt a bit.” Perceptor popped open a compartment in Jazz’s chest. “I see your Autobot signal still hasn’t been tampered with. That’s very good.” Perceptor smiled. “I’m going to make it to where with just one push of a button, you’ll be invisible to any type of sonar.”

    “Really? That explains a lot about the Rebir…I mean the Omnibots.” He glanced down to see Perceptor was already finished. “I see you’ve done this before.”

    “Countless times.” Perceptor closed the compartment then nodded his head. “You’re all set to go. You might need some more tuning up to fit in, but so far everything looks good.”

    “May I ask about the suit?”

    Perceptor turned to Jazz and smiled. “That is an invention of mine to help out the humans that will be fighting along side us. Quite clever actually. In fact I believe Miller will be testing that suit out at any time now.” Perceptor got a quizzical look on his face as he picked up a holographic pad. “Speaking of testing, I need to talk to Sonicblaze.”

    Jazz watched the medic, the scientist and Mimic leave without the former repairing him. “Do they always do this, Charlie?”

    The young human shrugged. “Guess they don’t like you very much.” He grabbed a tool kit and hopped onto the table. “Let me see that shoulder.”

    “You know how to rebuild a Cybertronian?”

    Charlie shrugged. “I’ve learned a few things by living with the Rebirth Team, I mean the Omnibots.” He began to tinker with Jazz’s shoulder then whistled. “Man, Mimic did a number on this joint.”

    “Well, he’s very good at fighting.” Jazz grimaced as Charlie pulled a few wires loose. “Do you like it here with the Omnibots?”

    “It’s okay.” Charlie began to work on the snapped joint. “Sorta wish I could go back to living a normal life.” He whistled. “This joint will have to be replaced. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do anything about it.”

    Jazz nodded. “That’s okay. Ratchet will be back, eventually.”

    “How about you? Why did you decide to come join the Omnibots, Jazz?”

    “Don’t really know, but I’m wondering now if I made a big mistake.”

    “The Omnibots may appear a little rough, but you’ll get use to them.” Charlie checked his watch then stretched. “I’m going to get something to eat.”


    Sonicblaze glanced down at the holographic pad in his hands, grimacing at the results from the tests done on Beltline and Windcharger. Perceptor was right, their systems were way off.

    “And why did I wait so long to check?” Sonicblaze cursed. “Windcharger, Beltline come over here.”

    Beltline jogged up to Sonicblaze then saluted. “Yes, sir!”

    “Stand one hundred yards away from Windcharger. Windcharger, you stay here.”

    “What do you want me to do?” Asked Beltline.

    “Throw your spikes at Windcharger.”

    Windcharger quickly shook his head. “Sorry, I won’t do that, sir.”

    Sonicblaze patted the young bot’s shoulder. “It’s the only way, Windcharger.”

    The small bot slowly nodded his head. “Fine, I’ll do it.”


    After making himself a ham and cheese sandwich Charlie went outside to see what the Omnibots were up to. Omnibots. Wonder why the team decided to change their name? And why would they distant themselves from the Autobots? What did the Autobots ever do to Sonicblaze?

    “Oh, slag! You trying to kill me, Beltline!”

    Charlie went towards the yelling then stopped as he reached a decent size clearing, that was simply called: “The Test Site”. In the clearing stood Sonicblaze and Windcharger, both looking at a holographic pad. Windcharger nodded then motioned for Red Alert to come forward. Charlie watched as the medic did something to Windcharger’s forearms then he nodded at Sonicblaze.

    “We’re ready for the next test." Sonicblaze turned his attention to Beltline. "Beltline, let’s go.”

    Beltline nodded then raised his right hand. “You’ll get it this time, Windcharger!”

    Windcharger appeared nervous as he nodded his head. “Let’s do this!”

    Charlie watched as Beltline got into a fighting stance then shot out three spikes from a compartment in his forearm. The spikes came just a few feet away from Windcharger when, with just one motion of his hand they appeared to have just stopped in mid-air. He then did a circle motion with his hand, causing the spikes to turn other way. After he did this he pushed both his arms forward, sending the spikes back to Beltline.

    “Ah, slag!” Beltline dove to the ground, his hands behind his head. “I think it works now, Windcharger!"

    Sonicblaze nodded his approval. “Very good, Red Alert. Beltline, your next.”

    Beltline lifted his head up. “But sir, if things aren’t wired right then you know I’m done for. I really don’t want to die, especially not on a test.”

    “We have to see if it works.” Sonicblaze motioned for Beltline to come to him. “One time only, Beltline.”

    The small Autobot reluctantly nodded his head. “Very well. Let’s get this over with.”


    Mirror Blade hated being bored, hated not having anything to do. He didn’t understand why Megatron wanted to wait to attack the Autobots. What was the reason behind it? Right now the Decepticon’s power is just wasting away. He had to do something about it, but what could he do? He couldn’t just drive up to the Ark on his own, that would be too stupid. What could he do?

    “Damn it!” He pounded the metallic wall several times in anger. “Why does Megatron insist on doing nothing!”

    “I see somebody is very impatient.”

    “Starscream.” Mirror Blade didn’t face the other Decepticon, he didn’t want to show him that much respect. “What brings you here?”

    “Nothing in particular.” Starscream gave a loud audible sigh. “You know, Megatron is going to be furious when he finds out you dented his wall.”

    Mirror Blade spun around, his fist ready to slam into Starscream’s face. “Just leave me alone, Starscream. I swear if you even think about messing with me…”

    “You’ll do what?” Starscream sneered down at Mirror Blade. “If you even lay a finger on me I could…”

    “You?” Mirror Blade had a laugh at Starscream’s ego. “You might want to get your ego in check.”

    “Why you!” Starscream stepped up to Mirror Blade with a scowl and a raised fist. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that!”

    Mirror Blade chuckled. “I would love to see you try something, Starscream.” He laughed even harder when Starscream lowered his fist. “That’s what I thought.”

    He pushed pass Starscream and out the door, to where he didn’t now, but he had to get out of the base. He walked for two miles when he realized that he was very near to the Rebirth Team. Scanning around he spotted a human about five miles to his left. Humans. He scowled at the thought of them. What filth. What was their purpose anyway?


    Everybody was at the test site except for Kicker who decided to go ahead and finish his hike. He only had another mile to go before he will turn around and head back to base. He loved the hike he gets every week, it really helped him clear out his mind and figure out his thoughts. It also helped him to get away from everything, especially the rigorous training. He was quite surprised that no human has gotten seriously hurt in the last few months. Wonder when a human medic will join the team? Miller suggested it to Sonicblaze on several different occasions, but was always turned down. Wonder why that was? Why didn’t Sonicblaze trust humans?

    Kicker stopped walking to glance around at the woods around him amazed that he now lives in a beautiful place such as this. It’s a shame that most of his time was spent working out or studying the enemy. He would really love to ride a dirt bike through these woods some day. Hopefully the day will come when he will be able to do so.

    “Man, wish Highwire was here.” He stuffed his hands into his coat pockets. “Wish everybody was here.” His voice faded as heavy footsteps approached from behind. Curious to who it might be he began to turn around when he was roughly picked up by the collar of his coat. “Hey, put me down!” He tried to turn to see who the bot was that had him hanging from his coat, but could only see silver armor. “Sonicblaze, is that you? If it is, I have done nothing wrong!”

    “No, I’m not.” The voice was far more sinister then Kicker has ever heard before. “Are you from here, human?”

    “What?” Kicker began to wiggle out of his coat. “Who the hell are you?”

    The bot quickly wrapped his large hand around Kicker’s body to stop him from moving around then turned the teen to face him. Kicker’s jaw dropped when he saw the visor face of Mirror Blade. He has never seen Mimic’s brother up close before and was quite surprised to see the two brother’s looked nothing alike. But weren’t they created at the same time with a split spark? Why was Mirror Blade much thinner then Mimic?

    Mirror Blade sneered down at Kicker. “So, you’re a human.” He raised him higher till Kicker was right at optic level. “Filthy flesh bag.”

    “What are you going to do to me?”

    “I’ve studied the books that talk about how weak your species is and would like to see that myself.” Mirror Blade took a handle out from a compartment in his right thigh then pushed a button to release the energon blade. “Do you like pain?”

    Kicker stared at the glowing blade as it inched closer and closer to his face. He cringed as he desperately tried to move away from the blade knowing far too well that this bot was going to cut him no matter what.

    “Don’t flinch, it’ll only make it hurt worse.”

    As the blade touched his skin, Kicker screamed out from the searing hot pain. The blade felt like a red-hot iron as it sliced easily through his skin. He gritted his teeth hoping the pain would stop soon and when it didn’t he began to squirm.

    Mirror Blade laughed then pulled the blade away with one quick swipe causing Kicker to flinch. “So, you can handle some pain. Let’s see if you can handle it when I cut off one of your fingers.”

    “What!” Kicker began to struggle even harder against Mirror Blade’s grip. “Why are you doing this, you sick fuck!”

    “Because it’s fun.” Mirror Blade lowered his sword as a bright light raced through the sky, followed by a loud boom. “What the pit was that?”

    Kicker saw the light as it traced across the sky till another much more brighter light appeared and intercepted it. He then saw something fall through the sky at a very rapid pace. What the hell just happened?

    The Decepticon turned back to Kicker then shook his head. “Till next time.”

    He released Kicker allowing him to drop eight feet to the ground. The sudden drop caught Kicker completely by surprise and though he tried to roll as he fell he landed on his right side, jarring his knee as he did so. He grimaced then rolled over to his back to see Mirror Blade’s attention was diverted away from him.

    Very slowly Kicker reached inside his jacket to the pocket inside, then pushed a button signaling for help. He kept his eye on Mirror Blade hoping the Decepticon wouldn’t go back to try and torture him.

    Mirror Blade looked down at Kicker then squatted. “You should run.”

    Kicker slowly got to his feet to look the bot straight in his optics. “And what if I don’t?”

    “Then your really stupid.” Mirror Blade popped his neck then smiled down at Kicker. “It looks like your leg is hurt. Want me to injure it more?”

    Kicker quickly saw that he had no choice and began to run away from Mirror Blade, his knee screaming in pain as he did so. The sweat stung the open wound on his face causing him to slow his run. He didn’t know how much more he can take, but he had to get as far away as he could just in case Mirror Blade changed his mind.


    “Red Alert, take care of Beltline now! Mimic, find Kicker, see if he’s okay! Perceptor, Blade Runner follow me!”

    Sonicblaze transformed then sped off to where the object had crashed wondering what he would find. He also hoped they would get there before the Decepticons do.

    “Sonicblaze, Beltline is in some deep trouble! His system is crashing!”

    “Try your best to keep him alive, Red Alert! Perceptor, pull back and help out with Beltline. Echo, get your tailpipe over to the crash site, now!”

    “On it!” Replied Echo.

    Blade Runner pulled along side Sonicblaze. “What the hell just happened?”

    “I wish I knew, Blade Runner."

    “Sorry to interrupt, sir, but I found Trent.” Reported Mimic.

    “Is everything okay?”

    There was a long pause before Mimic answered back. “It appears he had encounter with Mirror Blade. He needs medical help as soon as possible.”

    “How bad is it really?” Asked a frustrated Sonicblaze.

    “A deep cut roughly four to five inches down his face, on his cheek with what looks like second or third degree burns. He really needs to see a doctor, sir.”

    Sonicblaze cursed. “We can’t have another human getting involved.”

    “But sir, this cut looks really bad.”

    “I’ll think about it. Right now I’ve got far more important stuff to worry about it.”


    Miller heard the conversation with Sonicblaze and Mimic not believing what was happening. A human life wasn’t something to just push aside till you had time. What was wrong with Sonicblaze?

    He ran into the base, went straight to his quarters then closed the door. Quickly he went to a cabinet where he had a CB radio set up ready to use. He then dug through a desk drawer till he found his friend’s call numbers.

    “Please be home, Randy.” He dialed in the numbers then pushed the button. “Doc, can you hear me? Doc, please answer.” He repeated himself for five more minutes when a knock came at his door. “Doc, answer me dammit! I know you’re there!”

    “Watch the language, kids might be hearing this.” Came Randy’s annoyed replied.

    “Randy, so glad to here your voice. Listen I need you to come to a location and you can’t tell anybody where it is at.”

    “Okay, sure, but the CB isn’t the safest way to do this.”

    “I have no choice, Randy. Now listen up…”


    “It burns!” Kicker tried desperately to move, but Mimic had him pinned by his large hand on the table. “Please, do something about it!”

    “I’m trying!” Mimic turned to Jazz. “Try again. We need Miller here, now!”

    “I’m coming!” Miller ran to the table with his medical kit. “Man, that’s a nasty cut. What caused it?”

    “Most likely my brother’s energon sword.”

    Miller took out some rubbing alcohol and sat next to Kicker on the table. “This will burn, but we have to clean the wound.”

    “Are you sure that’s safe?” Kicker glanced at the bottle in Miller’s hand then shook his head. “Just use water for now, please.” Begged the teenager.

    “Very well.” He took a canteen of water and began to pour it into the wound. “Your doing good Trent, hang in there.”

    Kicker gritted his teeth as his wound was cleaned out. “Am I going to be okay?”

    “Your sure are.” Miller glanced up at the Autobots around him then back at Kicker. “You’ll have a scar, but that could be a good thing. I heard ladies go crazy over stuff like that.”

    “Thanks Miller.” Kicker relaxed a bit. “I just hope Sonicblaze isn’t going to be too mad at me.”

    Miller glanced at Kicker with confusion on his face. “Why would he be mad?”

    “I was alone and not with the team, like I should be.” Kicker tried to reach for his wound, to feel for himself how bad it was when Miller gently pushed his hand down. “I just hope he won’t do something severe. I already have had enough with robots trying to torture me for today.”


    “Sir, it looks like a pod.” Blade Runner slowly stepped up to the smoking object, his rifle out in front of him. “There’s a green symbol on it. Looks kinda like an animal head.”

    Sonicblaze slowly stepped up to the object with his rifle out just waiting for something to pop out. And when it didn’t he turned to Blade Runner.

    “Open it up.”

    Blade Runner slowly nodded then knelt down next to the small object. “It’s roughly the size of a human or mini-bot.” He grabbed the edge of the lid and began to pull up. “Slag, it’s tight.” He placed his gun down next to his boots so he could use both hands to pry the lid open. “Here it comes!”

    Sonicblaze swiftly moved to Blade Runner’s right, ready to fire and when nothing happened he moved closer. That was when he saw the gorilla laying inside.

    “What in Primus’s name is that?” Blade Runner asked.

    “It’s a gorilla.” Sonicblaze knelt next to the pod very curious about what laid inside. “But, it’s not a gorilla.”

    “Looks to me to be a robot, sir.”

    Sonicblaze studied the creature more closely. “Looks like your right, Blade Runner. Let’s take it back to the base.”

    “Sir, the Autobots and the Decepticons might have seen what had happened.”

    “I know, that’s why we…” Sonicblaze cursed. “Here come the Decepticons now.” He raised his rifle then turned to Blade Runner and Echo. “Echo, go to the air! Blade Runner, get this thing back to base!”

    Blade Runner nodded. “And what are you going to do?”

    “Don’t worry about me, I’ve got it covered.”


    Jazz stared down at Kicker, not believing what had happened to him. The cut was bad, with the sides already beginning to blister from the burns. The burns themselves were hideous. No human skin should take on that deep color of red to almost black, it just looked so, dead. And then there was the swelling. It had gotten so bad that Kicker’s right eye was now only a slit. It’s really a shame that there wasn’t a human medic on the team to help ease his pain and to tend to his wound.

    Kicker glanced his way and held up his hand in a wave. “I would smile, but it hurts to much.”

    “You’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Jazz took a look at Miller to see the older human check his watch for the fifth time in just thirty minutes. “What’s the hurry?”

    “I’m expecting a friend at any minute.” Just then Red Alert and Perceptor barged into the room with the limp body of Beltline. Miller jumped down from the table and ran to Preceptor’s side. “What happened to him?”

    “When he uses his shoulder cannons he drives power from his main core.” Red Alert turned to Perceptor then back to Beltline. “Something happened, but I don’t know what. Whatever it was nearly killed him.”

    Perceptor shook his head. “His spark is fading fast.” He reached down, grabbed Beltline’s chest armor then lifted it up. “Here, give me those wires.”

    “But isn’t that dangerous?”

    “Do we have a choice!” Perceptor took a deep breath. “Sorry, please Red Alert, trust me on this.”

    “Right.” Red Alert nodded and with trembling hands placed the wires directly into Beltline’s spark. “You sure this is going to work?”

    “There is no other option.” Perceptor turned to a monitor then smiled. “Vitals are already stabilizing.”

    Red Alert visibly relaxed. “Jazz, I know your shoulder isn’t fixed yet, but Sonicblaze will need your help.” He turned around cursing as he did so. “Where the hell is Naito?”


    Naito was out doing surveillance when the distress call came over the units comm-link. Quickly he transformed and sped off towards Sonicblaze’s position hoping to get there before things turned real ugly. Problem was he was a good thirty minutes away and who knew what could happen in that time.

    “Where do you think you’re going, Autobot?”

    “Mirror Blade, long time no see. Why did you hurt, Kicker?”

    “Because, he is a useless flesh bag.”

    The sound of a jet’s engine filled the air around Naito which told him Mirror Blade switched alt-modes. But where was he at? He should be near-by, but Naito couldn’t see him. What the slag is going on?

    “Show yourself, Mirror Blade!” Naito raced around trees hoping to hear Mirror Blade’s wings clip the branches overhead. “You coward, show yourself, now!”

    “I have better things to do then to mess around with an Autobot.”

    “But yet you had time to try to torture a human?”

    “That was before the object fell to the sky. See ya’ around, Autobot!”


    Randy ‘Doc’ Harrison pulled his plane up to the mountain just as a giant robot came running out of the woods with something large in his hands. The robot was rather large, about as tall, maybe even taller then his plane from nose to tail. He had heard about these robots on television and had actually seen the destruction first hand, but never saw one up close. And finally seeing one only twenty feet away he was quite surprised at the similarities of humans and the robots. It appeared very human-like even with it’s obvious metallic frame. Amazing.

    “You don’t see that everyday.” He grabbed his medical bag and army duffel then hopped out of the plane just as a loud explosion shook the area. “What the hell was that?”

    “The Decepticons and Sonicblaze are going at!” Shouted Miller as he ran up to his army buddy. “Come, follow me. How did you get here so quick?”

    “Was checking out some land here for a ranch.” Randy followed Miller with obvious curiosity. “What the hell is going on here? And why did you use the CB? You know how fucking dangerous that is!”

    “Yes, but I really had no choice. You’ll see when we get to the infirmary.”

    “Miller, what has happened to you? You just disappeared.”

    “I had no choice, Randy.” They walked into a large entrance then headed down a very tall and wide corridor. “Listen, the government thinks I kidnapped Charlie and Buddy.” Miller stopped walking to look around, a curious look on his face. “Wonder where Buddy is at right now?”


    Hearing the pager going off inside his jacket Buddy began to run back to the base wondering what had happened to the team. It was a good thing he was only a few miles out, with a brisk jog he should be back to base in under nine minutes.


    “You’re too late, Megatron!” Sonicblaze smiled up at the floating Decepticon leader. “I even told Optimus Prime to stay away.”

    “What fell from the sky?” Soundwave asked in his deep, monotone voice.

    “Why should I tell you?” Sonicblaze turned around to see Jazz walking up with his rifle in his good hand. The bot did have it in him after all. “Echo, when I give the signal turn off all audio receptors.” Sonicblaze ordered over the team’s encrypted comm-link line. “Jazz…” Then he realized the new bot may not have been probably geared up yet and cursed. “Use that little trick of yours, Jazz.”

    Jazz got a quizzical look on his face. “What?”

    “Remember what we talked about.” Urged Sonicblaze, hoping to get the bot to remember.

    “Oh, right.” Jazz smiled. “Got it.”

    “What are you planning, filthy Autobot!” Raged Megatron.

    “This! Jazz, hit it!”


    “Systems at eighty-five percent.”

    He rolled his head around amazed that he was still moving after what had happened to him. What did happen to him anyway? He was about to do something, but what was it? He wished he could remember, but he didn’t even know where he was at at the moment.

    “Visuals on-line.”

    As his optics flashed on he could tell he was still in the pod, but he was also in a room. His vision was blurry as it tried to focus on the objects walking around, then he saw something, something that he never thought to see in his life time: an Autobot badge.

    “Hey, I think it’s awake!” Said a deep voice to his right.

    He turned his head to see what appeared to be an….Autobot? What the slag? Autobots didn‘t exist anymore, he was proof of that. What the slag just happened to him? Where was he? Better yet, what year was it?

    “Why hello.” A red Autobot appeared in his field of vision, smiling. “You took quite a beating, but your internal repairs is remarkable.” He glanced up at the other Autobot then nodded. “Can you talk?”

    “Where am I?”

    “Earth, 1968.”

    He would have bolted up right if he could on hearing the date. Nineteen-sixty-eight? But that means the Autobots awoke nearly twenty years earlier then they should have. How did this happen? And will it effect him and the Maximals back home?

    “Hey, it’s an ape.” A small creature hopped onto the table and peered inside the pod at him. “Trent, have you seen anything like this?”

    “No, I could say it was a Terrorcon, but the symbols don’t match up.”

    “I’m not a Terrorcon. I’m a Maximal.” He tried his best to stay awake even though his body was ready to go back into stasis for repairs. “I’m the future….I’m from…Cybertron. Name Optimus Primal.”