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Do you guy's think that transformers should evolve and change with the times

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  1. Unicron the Chaos Bringer

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    Honestly, I'm really disappointed in the way in which hasbro decided to play it safe with a G1 spin off of off the bumblebee movie. I honestly see a lot of potential in the way in which transformers can handle it's designs, depictions of warfare, weaponry and characters within the franchise and how they have effectively restricted so much the writers, and designers can do by adopting G1 influenced designs.

    Don't get me wrong I don't hate on G1, and there are a ton of ideas which G1 introduced which are extremely important and influential to the franchise, but rehashing G1 over and over again isn't going to attract new members into the franchise. Many people, myself included have been drawn into the designs by the transformers movies, which to me, at least represent a portion of the creativity in which the transformers concept allows to it's designs. The movies themselves were shit, but I really saw a lot of potential in some of the designs to come out of the movie, especially the ways in which they redesigned optimus and bumblebee.

    The way in which transformers act as living weapons in the war, and the way that affects their psyche is also never explored, neither is any of the technology explored either, and the scope of the cybertronian war feels so small in a lot of series, such as prime, armada, and the like. The autobots often don't have any kind of strategy, or plan within the battles, nor do they have any kind of supporting arms like artillery or tanks. The decepticons are often shown to have air superiority, but nothing really comes of that as, they are often shot down quickly or the seekers are often shown to be incompetent at their job.

    The only thing which comes close is the invasion of earth in all hail megatron, but even that is kind of lackluster in certain aspects. Maybe it's just that I'm a military nerd, but the lack of all the different supporting arms, along with how fights just become laser lightshows despite the transformers themselves being living weapons kind of bothers me. There is often little to no strategy in fights, and stalemates in war often don't lead to technological developments during the war,

    I guess this is just a tired rant from someone who just wants more out of the franchise than just sex jokes, cannon fodder decepticons and the same tired formula repeated over and over again.
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  2. Windsweeper II

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    Aug 26, 2015
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    I am totally on board with what you want.
    I find it laughable that people claim Hasbro wants to be an entertainment company while they don't put any effort into creatively exploring their properties.
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