Transformers: universal domination

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    but first a little bit of background, i started this fic idea since early 2006, and i had at least 60 pages (with small font) already when i lost the document when the computer back then died...yeah more or less thats why im just now, 11 years later trying to write it again

    while the concept evolved quickly to use movie styled designs(as soon as they started showing the first concepts for the then upcoming 2007 live action movie) the original designs were something more in between the original rid(2001) and cybertron

    OK here it goes, sorry if my writing style doesnt make any sense, i kinda suck ad writing but i really need to have this fic written somewhere it cant be lost again...or at least not as easily

    (also, nope this isnt placed in any previously established continuity rather is its own but of course will feature most of the more prominent characters, also it is exposition heavy ...yeah i suck at writing novels and such XD)

    also, you ppl can speculate as much as you want as i continue to write

    but i think it is very obvious who i am talking about at the beginning

    transformers: universal domination - chapter 1 - the ancient beings

    there is a legend that tells the story of a being with the power to destroy the universe, a titan born from the very essence of the creation, whose soul was trapped into a mechanical planet as its prison, but they didnt know it was actually only a half of a greater being, imprisoned the same, on the other side of the cosmos, but unlike its destructive half, it wasnt bent into chaos, instead wanted to create, to give life, but several failed attempts happened before it could succeed at giving life, to a new being, created from the very same metal its prison was made of, and the energy from his own soul, create 12 humanoid beings, 6 males and 6 females...each one unique from each other, made from what he learnt from the races he saw while traveling the cosmos before being imprisoned, and the mistakes he mad trying to create life, also was able to create cybernetic forms that would fulfill the role of plants and animals, as its first attempts were focused on creating a fully developed creatures, the last 2 were very simple

    so it spoke to the 12: i am Primus, your creator, and i give you a planet to habit and to conquer, energy to take from its plants to its animals, and a home, as your purpose is to prosper and create a civilization of your own, for now own you exist as the beginning of a new race, i welcome you-its voice was both powerful and gentle, and it gave them further instruction of how to start their newly given life

    red and blue young cybertronian-you know all that are just myths right old man?-

    old cybertronian- and thats why they are disappearing, youngs these days just dont pay attention to the elderly anymore-says with a sad face-

    young-, woah, look at the time,dont worry, i will hear more of your stories another day, today i will enlist to the elite guard(note: i originally planed just them to be a regular police/guard group but sure the animated name works better XD), maybe you can tell me one of your old stories from when you were in the guards, for now, i gotta go, bye-

    old-good luck orion pax, even if you dont believe, im sure primus has something great waiting for you
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    sounds familiar so far
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