Transformers : Universal Collision stop motion series trailer

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    So, anyone who knows my reviews has heard me mention, time-to-time, that I am working on a stop motion series. I wish to accomplish three things with this. 1. Present a compelling and unique story. 2. Show my, hopeful, evolution in this art form as subsequent episodes become available. 3. Use this as another means to demonstrate custom work and play value for the figures I review. Hopefully you join me on this journey and enjoy the series along the way. the PLAN is for 4 seasons of 13 episodes each. I will post one a week as I get a season completed, or near completion at least. Still, I thought now was a good time to offer the first trailer.
    Megatron's tyranny has brought about the end of the universe. Still not satisfied with that swath of destruction, he concocts a means by which he can transcend the barriers that separate realities! He craves new war and new opportunities to conquer! As universes collide a new brand of evil will rise. Can the Autobots stop him from plundering one reality after another?