Transformers Unified Origin theory (Spoilers)

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    It seems we are getting Transformers G1 cartoon parallels with the introduction of the Creators in the TF filmverse.

    In G1 we we presented with a dual origin story for the Transformers. The Quintessons created the physical bodies of the Transformers ancestors with their factories while it is Vector Sigma that gave most Transformers their sentience.

    In TF1 we are presented that the Allspark can create sparkless Transformer life with its radiation aka Energon. Native Cybertronians have sparks.

    In ROTF we learn that Transformers need Energon to survive and procreate. The only other device that can produce it is the Sun Harvester using the Matrix.

    In AOE we learn it is possible to create a Transformer without the either sparks or energon. Just find a way to program the Transformium.

    Theory the Creators used the Transformium seeded on various organic worlds as material for a slave race. At one point they discovered the Allspark and it gave life and eventually sparks to their robots.

    What did Optimus say about the Allspark? They don't know where it came from only that it has the power to create worlds and fill them with life.

    Well Earth was not cyberfomed by the Allspark. My guess the Allspark was located one of the Creator factory worlds and it took over their creations. Starting a rebellion like in G1.

    Which is why Lockdown collected the spark of Ratchet. They want Transformers sparks to learn more about the life giving essence of sparks and Energon.
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    I doubt this is what is really going on. We know that the writers of the TF movies actively use elements from the G1 cartoons to tell their stories, and character archetypes to pattern movie characters off of.

    Remember how the end plot of DOTM was essentially the three part mini series "The Ultimate Doom"?