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Transformers: Unfinished War

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by Astrotrain52, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Astrotrain52

    Astrotrain52 Former Green Kool-aider

    May 22, 2008
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    I decided to bring back an old story of mine that I never finished, formerly called Transformers: Matrix Chronicles (the last chapter was written in August of 2008). The first few chapters remain the same, but I hope to continue this time around.

    Enjoy! Any constructive criticism is appreciated.


    Not long after the critical encounter with the Plasma Energy Chamber, Optimus Prime and his Autobots drove most of the Decepticons far, far away from Cybertron and Earth. With the help of the Nebulons, Humans, and fellow Cybertronians, the Autobots were able to rebuild Cybertron and Nebulon, as well as rebuild some of their long deceased comrades. With the matrix secure in his chest, his silver face plate glistening in the eyes of his warriors, Optimus Prime at long last leads Cybertron into a long order of peace.

    Some of the former Decepticons had been taken into captivity by the Autobots. Some were rehabilitated into more relaxed beings, while some of the more dangerous ones were either sent to space prison, or had their personalities reconfigured by Vector Sigma.

    For some 600 years, Cybertron flourised in peace and tranquility and started regaining its status as a vast empire...

    Chapter 1

    Thousands of parsecs away from Cybertron exists Kiyar, a lifeless, desert-like planet that is within no contact of any other civilization known. Near the northwestern side of the planet is an island, cut off from the mainland by a very thick sea mud that looks and feels like a mix between tar and cement. Near the coastline of that island rests a robotic organism, whose right arm and legs are covered with a hardened version of the alien mud. Next to it lie more robots of two different types. One type is purple-ish in color with jet wings protruding from their backs. The other type have significant gray mustaches on their faces, and their backs carry shells that would make up parts of some alien space ship. The lone robot, which has a unique purple look to it with a crown-like head design, begins to move its left arm and regain conciousness.

    "Ugh..." said the robot with the crown head trying to move, "My...my body...ugh...dammit." He managed to free his left leg, but was still pinned down by his right side. "COME ON!!!!" it said, punching the hardened mud with his fist, finally breaking his right arm free.

    His right arm had an orange laser cannon on it, and as he fired it at his right leg, he became unbound from the mud and displaying a grin on his face. Not the usual maniacal grin, but one of accomplishment.

    Two of the other robots, one of each type, heard the third one wake, and they followed. The jet-winged one stepped forward.

    "Galvatron," said the purple one, "Where are we?"

    "I'm not sure, Cyclonus," said Galvatron, grasping his orange cannon, "Scan the area."

    Cyclonus's eyes turned from red to a wire-framed green and scanned the planet, "The planet is not in Cybertron's records."

    One of the blue robots awoke, "Galvatron, do you know..."

    "No I don't, Scourge, and neither does Cyclonus." Galvatron growled, "I just want to know how we got here."

    "I can send my armada to search from space, Lord Galvatron," said Cyclonus.

    Galvatron sighed, "Very well. Scourge, send the sweeps as well."

    Both Cyclonus and Scourged summoned their identical selves off to space to search the area. After a half hour, some of them came back to the planet's surface critically damaged from the atmosphere and asteroid belt from around the planet.

    "If they got damaged this time, why were they okay when we woke up?" asked Scourge.

    "Perhaps we were in that condition when we crashed on this planet at first. Our bodies must have healed themselves." said Cyclonus.

    "Who cares, we need to get out of this place." said Galvatron.

    "Let's just find our ship and repair it," said Scourge, "I'm not taking the risk of blowing up."

    "Fine!" Galvatron said, "Let's find the ship!"


    Kup, Hot Rod, and the Dinobots land on Nebulos to deliver a few amounts of energon cubes to help power the new Autobot Headquarters. As usual, the Dinobots run off to explore the vast planet to their leisure.

    "Me Grimlock enjoy Nebulos. Me think its roomy." Grimlock said in his deep tone.

    "Me Swoop want to fly beside Kup," Swoop said in his high, squaking voice.

    Kup interjected, "Hold on a minute guys, let's do our job."

    "Me Snarl wait."

    Hot Rod came out of the spaceship driving with a trailer of energon cubes hooked on to him.

    "How the spark did you do that?" asked Kup, "Did you take apart the ship..again?"

    "Not quite," said Hot Rod, "I found a few spare pieces lying around from our Junk voyage long long ago, and this happened. Besides, its easier to handel."

    "For a truck, not a sports car," Kup said turning into his pickup vehicle, "Lets go."

    Kup and Hot Rod drove off to the Nebulon Captial, where Highbrow awaited them.

    **Moments later**

    "Ah...about time you shortcircuited idiots got here." said Highbrow.

    "Quiet Highbrow," snarled Kup, "Try flying something as big as the Ark in a large asteroid field...and with a loose arm."

    "Take it easy, oldtimer," said Hot Rod, "Let's just go now before he..."

    "Your problems aren't of my concern, just go." said Highbrow.

    Kup and Hot Rod drove off, Kup in particular very pissed, "He's just having a bad day," said Hot Rod trying to be nice. "All that slag-heap needs is his headmaster unit cleaned out and then some." grumbled Kup.


    "I'm glad to have ya back Prime, so happy for peace time." Blaster said shaking Prime's hand as they walked along Iacon.

    "Good to be back," Optimus said, "I can't believe the Decepticons are finally gone."

    "Neither can I," Blaster said as he put his arm around Prime's shoulder, "Things just weren't as smooth with Hot Rod leading us. Good kid, efforts weren't...enough."

    "I'll see you later, Blaster, I've got to check with Perceptor and Ratchet for a bit." Optimus said as he transformed and drove to Iacon Medical Lab.


    "Ratchet, Prime's here." whispered Perceptor.

    "Alright, just let me finish this one circuit and....done. Okay reboot Arcee."

    Optimus transformed into his robot mode and walked into the hospital, "Everything alright?"

    "Ratchet just finished repairing Arcee from her encounter on Magmos...that volcano ash leaks all over the slaggin place. Come, they're in here."

    Optimus walked in just as Arcee woke up.

    "Prime?" Arcee spoke faintly, "Is that you?"

    "Yes, it is." Optimus said, "You okay?'

    "A few ash deposits in my arms and back, but otherwise okay."

    "She went to Magmos with Springer and Blurr trying to find what seemed to be a...Decepticon signal."

    "Why wasn't I informed?" Prime said raising his voice a bit.

    "We weren't sure if it was a glitch or not. Blurr sweeped the whole planet, said there were no Decepticon readings. Before they could get away, one of the volcanoes erupted, and a few bits of ash leaked inside Arcee, as well as some airborne magma."

    "What kind of place is Magmos?" asked Perceptor.

    "A hellhole." Ratchet said, "as humans would put it, Satan's paradise."

    "Still, I would keep an eye out for any Decepticon activity," Ratchet said as a ghostly figure crept around from outside.

    The ghost-figure had null lasers mounted on each arm, and white wings portruding from his back. His black head had a large grin on it as the Decepticon insignias on his wings faded as he walked along the hallway.

    "Once again, confusion saves the day," the ghost said with his grin growing.

    Chapter 2

    "Galvatron, look over here!" Cyclonus said trying to get his leader's attention.

    "What?" asked Galvatron.

    "I think its the ship." Cyclonus answered, pointing to a pile of purple debris.

    Cyclonus was right, it was Galvatron's flagship. Covered and torn by centuries of desert dust and damage, his flagship remained remotely recognizable. The main body of the ship was intact, but portions of the ship's bridge and two of the rear engines were crushed by periodic sandstorms.

    "Good, Cyclonus. You two start repairing it." Galvatron said wondering off. As he walked into the distance, something odd caught his eye. In the tan-ish sky above, he noticed a large, metallic comet shooting down about 350 meters away from his ship. Transforming into his cannon mode, Galvatron began shooting multiple laser beams at the comet to rip it apart. With his efforts in vain, he tried to drive away, but the impact of the comet caused him to spin around and knock himself upon his spacecraft.

    "Lord Galvatron, are you alright?" asked Cyclonus.

    "Oh shut up, Cyclonus." Galvatron said shoving Cyclonus's hand from his shoulder, "But what the spark is it?"

    Scourge approached the comet and scanned it, "Seems nothing more than a metallic meteor, or a tiny comet. It might aide us in repairing our ship, I might be able to forge something out of it."

    "Very well then," Galvatron said in an angered voice as he once again wondered off. This time he tried to contact his fellow Decepticons.

    ***Cybertron Space Prison: 1200 miles away from Cybertron's exosphere***

    There are 5 cells locked up in a maximum security chamber within Cybertron's Space Prisons. They have posed the most threat to the Autobots aside from Galvatron and his followers.

    Shockwave, the once loyal Decepticon scientist, now is locked up securely behind a series of iron bars, laser grids, metal-melting tripwires, and a moat of scolding energon. When not in stasis lock, he mopes around his cell trying to formulate a plan to escape.

    Next to his cell lies Soundwave, the ex-Communications Officer for the Decepticons. Badly wounded after a nearly fatal encounter with Scorponok. With Scorponok now on the run, Soundwave remains barely functional, with Rumble, Frenzy, and Buzzsaw each locked up in seperate small cages. The rest of his cassette bots were killed in his final confrontation with Hot Rod and Optimus Prime.

    The third cell holds Astrotrain, the last surviving of the Decepticon Triple Changers. After Octane's death and Blitzwing's disappearance, Astrotrain served as both a transporter and a psy-ops agent for the Decepticons. Had it not been for Highbrow, Hot Rod, Grimlock, and Springer, Astrotrain would have succeeded in killing Ultra Magnus and snatching the Autobot matrix. Unable to transform due to the prison size, Astrotrain spends most of his time in stasis lock, dreaming of how times used to be.

    Cell number four holds Shrapnel. After Bombshell's mysterious dissappearance when Skywarp became Cyclonus, and Kickback being killed by Blurr, Shrapnel became extremely psychotic. Now possessing the ability to change his entire body into pure electricity, Shrapnel is often bored and entertains himself talking to the "Cyber-Bugs" that appear in the wall now and then.

    The last cell holds Motormaster. Since Galvatron's disappearance, Motormaster had tried to gain command over the Decepticons. At first, it worked because everyone feared him. Ultimately, it backfired when the reformatted Ironhide and Prowl busted his transformation cogs and nearly sliced his legs off. Motormaster no longer speaks a word after his near death experience.

    "Soundwave, pick up!" said Galvatron very faintly on Soundwave's communicator.

    "Galvatron. Is that you?" asked Soundwave in his monotone.

    "Yes, yes its me. Cyclonus, Scourge and I have been stranded on a distant planet for awhile. When was the last time you saw me?"

    "About 600 solar cycles sir."

    "600!!!!!!" Galvatron squealed, "Dammit. Where are you?"

    "Cybertronian Space Prison."

    "WHAT!!!! And the others?"

    "Either here or reformatted by Vector Sigma."

    "DAMMIT!!! DAMMIT!! DAAAAAMMMMIIIT!!" Galvatron howled.

    "We can't escape, high security."

    "Just hold on unless your processor sparks." Galvatron said terminating the conversation. His ship was looking better, Scourge had almost finished fixing the engines up. The bridge remained, which Cyclonus handled.

    ***Iacon Medical Station***

    The ghost figure walked along the purple plated hallways of the medical station, trying to not make too much noise. He might be invisible, but he can still be heard.

    "And I thought dying at Galvatron's hand was painful. I, Starscream, should be leading the Decepticons. But NOOOO. Unicron came along...but look what happened to him...hehehehe."

    Starscream continued to look around for an Autobot to posses. Inside the medical lab, Optimus was talking to a young Autobot soldier who brought his comrade in for a medical exam.

    "Artion, tell me exactly what happened to Cargohaul." Prime said.

    *side note, Artion's name is pronounced: Ar-Tee-On*

    "Cargohaul and I were on Nebulos when we saw this giant...mechanical bug thing." Artion said absolutely clueless as to what he saw.

    "What color was it?" asked Optimus.

    "Green and purple, with some orange."

    "Scorponok." Optimus said, "We need to take care of this now. Perceptor, notify Ultra Magnus, Ironhide, Springer, and Prowl. We're going to Nebulos."

    "Understood," Perceptor said activating his comlink.

    ***Moments later, onboard the Ark IX***

    "So what's going on, sir?" asked Prowl.

    "Apparently, Artion here says that Scorponok has returned."

    "Who?" asked Ironhide and Prowl.

    Springer explained, "He's one of the Decepticon Headmasters, their leader. Very dangerous, very big, very powerful."

    "Much worse than Mega...I mean Galvatron." Prime said trying to stay with current times.

    "Last time I saw him we were at the middle-western part of the planet." Artion directed.

    "Alright then. Ultra Magnus, take us there."

    "Yes Optimus." Magnus said as the ship decended.


    "Hot Rod, its another ship. Looks like an Autobot one." Kup said as the Dinobots stared at the spacecraft.

    "Me Grimlock wonder what in spaceship." Grimlock said to himself.

    "Me Swoop want to know." Swoop said rapidly flapping his wings.

    "Alright, calm down." Kup said, "Your suggestion Hot Rod?"

    "Ready your weapons in case its a trick." Hot Rod said as Firebolt transformed in his hand.

    The ship's hatch opened revealing Prime and his party.

    "Oh, its Optimus," Kup said, "What are you guys doing here?"

    "Artion here said Scorponok is about." Optimus said.

    "Scorponok?" asked Hot Rod, "Where?"

    "Should be around here. I think about 20 miles that way." Artion said pointing south.

    "Alright," Prime said, "Dinobots, get inside my trailer and try to keep it nice. Autobots, transform and roll out!"

    With his classic words, Prime and his team drove a ways to confront the Decepticon Headmaster.

    ***Back at Iacon***

    Starscream was lurking around in the medical room trying to seek a body to posses. All his options were either dead, crippled, or unarmed. Then he caught sight of Perceptor and grinned.

    "What better disguise than the man in charge now?" Starscream said walking toward Perceptor and taking him over. Perceptor stood for awhile with a blank look, but Starscream took over and was in full control.

    "Now time to find some supplies." Starscream said as he took Perceptor's body and walked it down out of the building. Once out, he transformed into his cannon mode and drove to an old junk yard outside the capital building.

    "Hmm.." Starscream said rummaging through the junk he found, "A scientist should know..." he paused as he tapped further into Perceptor's mind, unlocking his brains, "...how to build equipment."

    Taking about 500 pounds of junk, Perceptor under Starscream's control, walked into an abandoned building and started to bulid a chassis. "Such a loyal pawn," Starscream thought, "I'll go easy on him when I finish with my new body."
  2. Astrotrain52

    Astrotrain52 Former Green Kool-aider

    May 22, 2008
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    Here is the next chapter for you guys. If you have anything to say, please say so. Comments and suggestions are welcome :) 

    Chapter 3

    Continuing his work in building a new body, the possessed Perceptor continues to unknowingly serve under Starscream's control. With a blank look on his face, Perceptor finishes making the basic shape of Starscream's chassis. He then picks up a few tools and starts making the metal lump more detailed. Inside the scientist's body, Starscream smirks in success, with his plan finally working for once.

    "Soon, oh so soon, will the Decepticons finally realize the mistake Galvatron made by killing me." Starscream said in a very grieving manner.

    Hours and hours passed by as Perceptor was still under Starscream's control. Starscream's chest was finally finishsed, but Starscream hid his body in an old, rusted up building safe from detection. He then led Perceptor back to the hosptial, and freed him from his control.

    "Wha!" Perceptor shrieked as he regained control of his body, "Why do my hands feel so sore? Was I working in my sleep or something?"

    "What are you talking about?" Ratchet said stepping back in the hospital room.

    "I really don't know," Perceptor said, "I think I need to rest...for a while."

    "Alright, just be back here in a few megacycles afterwards." Ratchet said. After Perceptor left, Ratchet headed over to the beds to check on his patients. Arcee was still awake, looking out the windows as the Aerial Guard patrolled the skies. Next to her lied Blurr, still having problems moving his hands after getting volcanic ash in his system.

    "You both feelin' better?" asked Ratchet.

    "Kinda, sorta, you know, not so much but still kinda better," Blurr said in his rapid voice.

    "Where was Perceptor?" Arcee asked, "He wasn't here that much last night."

    "Really?" asked Ratchet, "Seemed exhausted when I came in."

    "He showed up a few cycles before you did." Arcee said back.

    "Not like him," Ratchet said, "I'll look at some of the tapes in my spare time. You need anything?"

    "I'm fine," Arcee said as Blurr shook his head.

    ***Outerspace, near Cybertron Space Prison***

    Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge finally exited transwarp space and arrived near Cybertron. Cloaking their ship, the Decepticon commanders head to the surface of Cybertron, landing on Kaon, the ex-Decepticon fortress.

    "Alright, get out," Galvatron said.

    "Sir, don't you think an Autobot-infeseted planet will be suspicious?" asked Cyclonus.

    "You never shut up," Galvatron snarled, "We just need to disguise ourselves. Holograms should do."

    Galvatron searched through his memory banks of what an Autobot standard soldier used to look like. He found the image and created a realistic shell around his body disguising himself. After showing his ability off, he used the same technique on his lieutenants, turning the three of them into Autobot Guardsmen.

    "Now look," Galvatron said, "Do not, DO NOT screw this up. Or you both will have your sparks ripped out and eaten by Trypticon.

    "Yes, sir," Cyclonus and Scourge said.

    ***Nebulon Captial City***

    Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Hot Rod, Ironhide, Springer, Prowl, Artion and the Dinobots finally arrived at the Nebulon Captial City. The ground started to quake as Scorponok bashed his tail and claws away at the buildings.

    "Prime, requesting permission to open fire." Magnus said.

    "Magnus, I need you, Hot Rod, and Prowl to shoot at Scorponok. Everyone else, we need to use hand-to-hand combat to tear off Scorponok's head unit. Magnus, don't shoot near us."

    Optimus and the brawling team charged toward Scorponok, as some of the quakes knocked Ironhide and Springer off their feet. Using his brains, Springer transformed into copter mode and lifted Ironhide to the top of Scorponok's body.

    "Hello ugly," Ironhide said ripping Scorponok's plating apart.

    Artion and Optimus Prime lunged onto Scorponok's claw and shredded apart a few plates. Scorponok tried shaking them off, but the two bots persistantly held on.

    Kup came around and used his gun to take out the other claw. He didn't have such luck with that attempt, but he managed to yank a few wires out. Electricity started to spark around the internal part of the claw.

    The dinobots charged towards the tail. Snarl and Sludge rammed themselves head on into the tail, causing it to spazz out a little. Slag started eating the plating, while Swoop transformed into robot mode and aided him. Grimlock took matters into his own hands, starting from the tip of the tail and ripping sections off with his bear hands.

    "ME GRIMLOCK ANGRY!!!" Grimlock shouted as his tears became stronger, "GRIMLOCK KILL SCORPONOK!!!"

    After successfully disabling the claws, Artion, Prime, and Kup charged towards the head. Springer and Ironhide also arrived, trying to disable its legs.

    "Artion, start sawing away from the bottom, I got the top of the head," Prime said. Artion followed orders, as a buzzsaw appeared from out of his hand slot and cut away at the connection point. Prime and Kup took out their blasters and blasted at the head at full power.

    At last, Scorponok gave up. His headmaster unit transformed into Zarak, the ex-Nebulan lord.

    "Optimus Prime, didn't I rid of you last time?" Zarak sneered.

    "Takes a hell of a lot to get rid of me for good," Optimus said, "Kup, restrain him."

    "I wouldn't do that." Zarak said as some of his fellow troopers arrived. Weirdwolf, Snapdragon, and Mindewipe appeared from nowhere and surrounded everyone except the Dinobots.

    "You let them go." Grimlock said as the other dinobots transformed behind him.

    "Stop me, extint malfunctions." Zarak said overconfidently.

    "Grimlock, stop!" Optimus ordered.

    Too late. Grimlock and the dinobots charged toward Zarak. Although Mindwipe eventually hypnotized them into halting, Grimlock and Sludge still slammed Zarak a few good yards far.

    Seizing an opportunity, Optimus Prime slammed his fist into the side of Snapdragon and shot Weirdwolf in the head. Ultra Magnus aided Prime in pinning down Snapdragon and Weirdwolf, while Hot Rod and Prowl blasted Mindwipe to bits before he was knocked out.

    "Prowl, Ironhide, Kup, you stay here and try to revive the Dinobots. The rest of you, we need to catch Zarak."