Transformers: 'Till All Are One

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    So this is more of an outline that an actual fic, but... I’ve been running this idea in my head off and on for a number of years, changing it up here and there based upon whatever toys I had at the time. It’s gone by a number of different names, but these days, I like to call it Transformers: ‘Till All Are One, because the title fits, and stealing from the comics’ titles seems to be a thing these days.

    Though there’d be a lot of guest stars, it would primary focus on two groups. The Autobots (Orion Pax, Kup, Perceptor, Springer, Blaster, Arcee, Blurr, and Hot Rod) and the Destrons (Megatron, Cyclonus, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Scourge, Crasher, and Slipstream).

    Millions of years ago, the planet Cybertron was a war-torn world, until one brave Autobot discovered the lost Matrix of Prima, the first Prime, and formed the Council of 13. This ushered in an era of peace. Cybertronians colonized many worlds throughout the universe, and their peacekeeping and exploration arm, the Autobots, were renowned throughout for their heroism. This is a universe where, if you’re being invaded, plagued by natural disasters, or even need a diplomat, you call in the Cybertronians. You’re happy when they show up.

    The greatest of these were brothers-in-arms, Orion Pax and Megatron.

    On a mission to protect an alien world from deadly invaders, Orion and Megatron lead their teams into battle, alongside other Autobots. During this conflict, Megatron is blasted into a chasm, seemingly lost. Orion and the others press on, but are stymied against the invaders. Fortunately, Megatron did not die, and makes his reappearance saving the others. The day is saved. But something about Megatron seems different… he’s colder, harder, more brutal. Orion writes it off as a temporary side effect of his near death experience.

    Later, Pax and Megatron’s teams are acting as security for a peace conference for another pair of alien species. But just because the peace agreement can be signed, Megatron kills both rulers, declaring that both were weak and unfit. His team stands with him and battles Pax’s’s team, until they make their escape.

    This would cover the first half of the series, with Pax’s pursuing Megatron’s, and both sides gaining new allies from other Autobot teams. One major conflict would see Pax alone, fighting Megatron’s specialized troops, the Combatrons and their combined form, before eventually being rescued by the Technobots. Other highlights would include Science Station Alpha (home to numerous scienecy Autobots like Jetfire and Wheeljack), the Wreckers (led by Ultra Magnus), and the Mayhems (led by Bludgeon).

    Another mission would see Pax’s team, having lost Megatron’s trail, responding to another distress call from an Autobot team, the Dynobots. On that planet, they would discover monstrous robotic creatures hunting them, and the remains of the Dynobots’ ship. They would eventually discover those creatures ARE the Dynobots, now the Dinobots, reformatted to survive this hostile world and its hostile creatures.

    Eventually, Pax and his side would capture Megatron and his followers, and bring Megatron to trial before the Council of Thirteen. Led by Sentinel Prime, with the rest made up of Star Saber, Victory Leo, Metalhawk, Fortress, the Minicon Sparkplug, Dail Atlas, Shockwave, Scorponok, Ratbat, Thunderwing, and the paired generals, Obsidian and Strika. Megatron would make an impassioned speech about the rightful peace of tyranny over the lesser species… and the Council would break over it, with Shockwave, Scorponok, Ratbat, Thunderwing, Obsidian, and Strika siding with him. Full conflict would escalate, and Sentinel Prime would be killed. Soon, it would seem as though the whole Cybertronian race has erupted in Civil War.

    Alpha Trion, however, would reveal what has happened to Megatron, by first telling the origin of their race. In the beginning, the Light Gods warred with the Dark God Unicron, until only one remained. The Light God Primus destroyed Unicron, scattering his essence to the cosmic winds. His energy mostly depleted, Primus transformed himself into a world, Cybertron. From that, he breathed life into 13 beings…

    Prima, keeper of the Matrix, and the first Prime.

    Liege Maximo, the Warrior

    Megatronus, the Gladiator

    Artemis, the Hunter

    Vector, Master of Time

    Micronus, the Explorer and first minicon

    Onyx, the first beast

    Nexus, the first combiner

    Amalgus, the first multi-changer

    Solus, the Maker

    Loci, father of the Titans

    Inquirius, the Seer

    …and Apha Trion himself.

    It was these 13 who began Cybertronian civilization. Primus had charged them with creating a new race to guard the universe in his place, and to that end, Solus crafted Vector Sigma, to which they each contributed a portion of their sparks, so that Cybertronians descended from each of them would be born.

    But even in destroying Unicron, some small part of his dark energies remained with Primus, and he passed these dark energies to Liege Maximo and Megatronus. It corrupted them, turned them against the others. They killed Solus and set the civilization of Cybertron to war. One by one, the Thirteen died or left Cybertron, until only Alpha Trion remained. Worse, the dark energies of Unicron had spread throughout the universe when he was destroyed, leaving little hidden pockets of corruption throughout it. To most beings, they were harmless. But to the 2/13th’s of the Cybertronian population descended from Liege Maximo and Megatronus… they were instantly corrupting, bringing out the very worst in them. And worse, acting like a virus, spreading one from host to any other receptive beings. Beings like Megatron and his followers. On that alien world, Megatron had plunged into a wellspring of this energy, and come out with his worst impulses and desires brought to the surface.

    And now, Alpha Trion declares, the Cybertronian race will need a new leader. He bestows the Matrix upon Orion Pax… transforming him into Optimus Prime.

    From here, the conflict only escalates, taking teams of Autobots and Destrons to the far corners of the galaxy, awakening the lost Titans Omega Supreme and Trypticon, encountering the sinister Quintessons and rescuing the wildboy Cybertronian Wheelie, finding the lost Autobot Colony of Junkion, the hidden school of Cyberninjas and the warriors Drift and Nightbird…

    Until the conflict finally reaches the planet that was directly below when Primus destroyed Unicron, the place that holds the bulk of his essence. A massive battle wages, with Optimus Prime taking on Megatron personally. Losing, he desperately reaches out to his brother in arms, his friend.

    For a moment, Megatron is himself again. But it matters little. Bringing so many Cybertronians who hold a part of him to this world has awakened Unicron. He drains the dark energy from the Destrons, freeing them, and transforming the world to his familiar form. The Cybertronians flee into space…

    But Megatron and Prime are trapped within. They battle to the core of Unicron, brothers in arms once more. There, they realize that they could destroy Unicron, but it would cost them their lives. Prime could open the Matrix, while Megatron holds off Unicron’s defenses…

    Instead, Megatron rips the Matrix from Prime, and hurls him from Unicron. Megatron knows that, however corrupted he was by Unicron, the impulses were still his, the plans for tyranny still his, his weapons that slaughtered many. There can be no forgiveness for him. He begs the universe, begs Primus, to let him have enough good left in him for this. He opens the Matrix… And sacrifices himself to destroy the Dark God…

    The universe is saved, but the reputation of the Cybertronians may have been irreparably damaged, the Matrix is seemingly gone, and Orion Pax has lost his brother…
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    Tasty !
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