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Transformers: Through Time

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by Cyberstoned, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Because I got bored.

    The brilliant array of colored lights that flashed in their optics were far too bright, blinding in fact.

    Brilliant blue hues with clouds, then red with lightning, then other colors flashed over their optics, not even registering to the three of what exactly it was that they were seeing before it disappeared again.

    What appeared to be Earthly lightning danced over their bodies in playful arcs, causing constant jolts of rather unpleasant pain on each part of their bodies that it hit successfully with pain receptors.

    The buzzing and high pitched whines and sounds they experienced made the Ark’s engines seem quiet, and that was saying something.

    They wanted so bad to shut off their audio receptors, but they couldn’t move or turn on/off processes, which made this all the more agonizing. They hadn’t been strapped down in any such way, but the trip they were taking immobilized them somehow as they traveled.

    No one told them that there was this much anguish involved. Wheeljack should have been more specific about ‘travel discomfort’.


    No one knew it was possible, or that it even worked, for that matter. This machine they had fallen into was a last ditch effort by the engineer to fix the world they had currently lived in, and no one even trusted it would work except Wheeljack, who had designed the machine. The trip wasn’t as long as once thought as the 3 tolerated the horrendous trip, which was also absurdly cold and hot at the same time. They hadn’t even wanted to go! But here they were. It was all Sunstreaker and Hot Rod’s fault. For once, Sideswipe wasn't to blame for this one.


    Everything went silent and sudden darkness surrounded the three mechs for a short time before the world came into view as their optics adjusted from the bright lights, focusing more to be more efficient for night travel. They hadn’t ever been here before. At least how it looked now, because it was absolutely beautiful, something they hadn’t seen for decades. It looked something close to what they remembered when they first arrived in Mexico. The dark purple and black sky was blanketed with glittering stars and planets, where they were used to clouds of poisons and gases from weapons of the Decepticon mass destruction kind. There were no signs of war anywhere. It was so peaceful here, something that tugged at their sparks in its harmony. It was the quietest they had ever seen the place. Wait, where were they, anyways?

    They kinda figured where the destination was supposed to end up, because of Wheeljack’s ramblings about the silly contraption, but knowing old Wheeljack’s devices, this one probably had a hell of a glitch up its sleeve that it refused to let shine until things just couldn’t get any more inconvenient or complicated.


    Year 2032

    It had been Wheeljack’s greatest invention yet, and the Engineer beamed about how it worked. It was built using lasers and cameras along with about 900 terabytes of hard drives and other computer hardware along with the weapon that had been gutted for its use. Standing at about 30 foot tall, it was the funkiest looking contraption the humans had ever laid their eyes upon, or even the Cybertronians’, 

    who’s optics were, for lack of a better word, bewildered. It was silver, looking something like a rocket mixed with parts from a space shuttle, but Wheeljack swore it would work and it was the answer to their problems.

    No one wanted to test the theory, or was brave enough, however, knowing Wheeljack’s ability to make explosives from the silliest and smallest of things like wires and a little can. He still had a hard time explaining to the humans how, with a little energon and a lot of luck, you could produce an explosive that would blow the side of a mountain.

    Now, here it sat, in the corner of his lab, the thing had been switched off when Optimus had deemed it too dangerous to try, others saying it was silly to even attempt fate like that.

    He was proud of his invention, but no one else was. Sure, they were in awe about the whole idea, but it was quickly shot down when he offered that someone could try and use it. There were a couple of problems with it that let the Autobot leader uncomfortable with the idea of actually putting it to use. There had been no way to get it back if it was used, therefore, whoever was unfortunate enough to have been sent if it was allowed, was never able to return.


    “What the frag has gotten into you, you maniacal inventor!?” Came a bellowed voice, known to all as Ratchet. The mechs who he wasn’t yelling at now either perked in curiousness, or cringed, feeling bad for whoever was incurring the mech’s wrath.

    The other mech flinched from the booming voice, taking a step back slightly and his optics shuttering from the outburst. He hadn’t told anyone what had happened until the three came up missing the next day.

    “It wasn’t even known to work, Wheeljack! That was so irresponsible of you!” he continued before Wheeljack could defend himself.

    “But Ratchet-” Wheeljack started in defense, trying to tell the old medic that it wasn’t even his fault in the first place.

    “No buts, Wheeljack!” Ratchet countered, infuriated.

    “It was built as our only and last ditch hope,” Wheeljack protested, assured that the twins made it safely along with the other hot headed young mech, “Where’s Optimus? If I am going to get yelled at, I rather it by him than you, Hatchet,” Wheeljack sneered and shook his head.

    They made it, he hoped.

    They had to of...

    They were their only hope now from the world they now lived in. The only hope to fix things and make them right, the Autobots and the humans who remained alive now remained in the hands of the three craziest mechs that Prime had ever had the opportunity to enroll into the forces.

    He wasn’t 100 sure why it had to be those three bumbling over energized aft-heads. Why couldn’t it have been some of the more responsible mechs like Prowl or Hound? No, it had to be the twins and that other young one, Hot Rod.


    Drat… The engineer cursed himself over and over again as Ratchet came down on him hard. He didn’t look the CMO in the optics, his dignity already scarred.

    The machine was now the best course of action, however. The Autobots were almost completely wiped out, along with the humans that managed to escape with their lives when the invasion happened. It had been a few days after the Allspark had been formally found by Bumblebee, and even the Autobots were getting the upper hand until the events at Mission City sent them in a downward spiral of despair.

    “I should weld your aft to the rafters for this, ‘Jack,” Ratchet snarled.

    “What is going on in here?” Came another voice. The regal voice was pronounce, deep and overall soothing, yet demanded respect, except if he was angered. Ratchet glared at Optimus as he showed himself inside the doors to Wheeljack’s lab, almost making Optimus want to cringe. It wasn’t wise to anger one who knew more about how you functioned than you did yourself.

    “Ratchet, you haven’t seen the twins have you?” He asked, curious why Ratchet was so angry, determined to find out, he wanted to know where the younger ones were more so at the moment, when they didn’t arrive for the morning duty, “Hot Rod is missing also.”

    “Why don’t you ask your great Engineer here, Prime,” Ratchet glared and threw his hands up, fed up with Wheeljack, stomping past Optimus, leaving quickly, nearly stepping on William and Sam as he made a beeline for his med bay.

    “Wonder what’s gotten into him?” Sam asked, pointing as the med bay doors hissed shut and clicked, locking.

    “Probably the twins,” Will replied, knowing the duo were one of the reasons for the CMO’s constant pissy moods.

    Wheeljack stood there, his optics never leaving the ground as Optimus put his hands on his hips, assessing the situation, also noticing the Engineer’s prized missile-traveling mechanism was gone, rumbling before he spoke, “What was Ratchet’s fuss?”

    “I... I guess it will be our only hope now, Optimus. I-I felt it was safe enough not to destroy,” Wheeljack almost felt like a fool stumbling over his words like a sparkling caught with his hands in the high grade, “I hadn’t even turned it on before Hot Rod started it up by landing inside and hitting the controls from a healthy push from Sunstreaker,” Wheeljack started, clearing his own aft, “at the same time, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe both ended up in there with Hot Rod and they…” he sighed, coming to the conclusion there was no way out of this one, “They activated it,” His voice trailed as he pointed weakly to where Optimus noticed the thing missing.

    “Oh Primus,” Optimus pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head, “So… they are gone?” the leader himself being at a loss for words.

    “Y-yes, sir,” Wheeljack’s optics still did not meet his Commander’s. Another 3 sets of footsteps came down the corridor in the silence that filled Wheeljack’s lab. Optimus hadn’t said anything, still deciding what in the world he was going to say, or better yet, do.


    “Optimus,” came a female’s voice. He had come to know her as Heather Grule. She was one of the head operators of the human resistance, lead by William, Sam, and Mikaela the only ones who knew more about the Autobots and what was going on than so many others. With her stood Justin, her 

    second in command and some US government politician who had managed to escape the wrath of Megatron and his goonies, “Optimus,” She said a second time, trying to catch his attention, this time the giant looked down to her, a slightly agitated glare met her eyes, showing his own disproval of Wheeljack’s predicament, “Yes, Heather?”

    “Another refugee, Commander,” She said gently, addressing him by his formal rank rather than name, “I swear we find them all time now. Is there somewhere he can stay until we get him a more permanent place with the others?”

    Optimus nodded, giving the politician a look before looking back at Wheeljack, who hadn’t as much as let air from his intakes. Heather saw the look on the Prime’s face and slowly backed out of the room, realizing something was going on that she knew had to spell trouble for the inventor, taking the un-named politician with her, “I will get you a place to stay, come with me,” She tugged on the man’s arm, “There will be a few things you’ll need to go over with the Autobots and their Medic, along with our council, and you will be set up with quarters. I will take you to Ratchet now.”


    Meanwhile, as the shuffling dissipated, Optimus still remained silent for the longest time. It seemed like an eternity to the engineer, “Wheeljack, how sure are you that your contraption even worked?” He asked, having a thousand questions, but starting off slowly, “How are you sure it didn’t kill them?”

    “Very sure, sir,” Wheeljack said optimistically, “it’s why I hadn’t dismantled it to use it for parts.” He paused, “It would have fried I think if it hadn’t worked, and they would have not gone anywhere.” The inventor spoke casually, “Perceptor can also tell you the specs and what would happen should it not work.”

    “We are already low on forces, Wheeljack,” Optimus let out a sound that could only be related to a human sigh, “I hope for all of our futures and their lives that it did work.”

    “If it worked correctly, they should be in Tranquility, Nevada, 2007, Earth month May, day 21st.” Wheeljack said lowly.

    “If it worked correctly, let’s just hope they can fix this before it gets any worse. Let’s hope their sparklingness doesn’t get in the way of duty.” Optimus grumbled before shaking his head, still finding this episode to be almost unbelievable.

    A loud alarm rang them from their talk and they both looked towards the door with worried optics, waiting for what was to come next. This particular alarm only sounded trouble.


    Today… 2007

    When the world materialized and the ringing stopped in their audio receptors, they were surrounded with Desert Mountains and no real vegetation. It was night and not a human or Cybertronian in sight. Oh, what had Wheeljack done to them now?

    “Where are we?” Sunstreaker asked, looking around as he nonchalantly wiped himself off.

    “I hope Earth.” Sideswipe answered quickly, also standing and scouring the area for life, only finding the minute creatures that existed out here in this rainless area.
    “Hook up to the net, Sides, find out what happened,” The cool voice came from the darkness.

    “Primus, Sunstreaker!” Sideswipe said quickly, ignoring Hot Rod for a second, nearly jumping, causing his brother to jerk when he heard him, “It’s all your fault we are here anyways!”

    “Sides, you don’t have to be so loud,” Sunstreaker grumbled, folding his arms over his chest, “And it isn’t just my fault, if you want to blame anyone, blame both me and Hot Rod.” He glared at Hot Rod again before looking down as he also tried to assess the situation at hand.

    “Slag, we better hope Wheeljack’s great invention worked this time,” Sideswipe mumbled, knowing well what the contraption did, but not if it was actually going to work.

    “Besides, we aren’t fried, so,” he said as he searched out a signal, finding one, he hooked into the satellites and radio waves, finding them to be on the familiar planet, onto the internet and got the day, time and year, “It is Earth, but,” he stopped a moment, “how is 25 years in the past?”

    “What?!” Sunny about choked on his words, astounded, “25 years, Sides?” the twin growled, huffing, “In the past?”

    “You know that stupid thing wasn’t even supposed or allowed to work, what are we to do now?” Sideswipe asked, his attention going from the internet to the two in the dark night with him.

    “You know, if this is in the past,” Hot Rod started, being the last to stand, “it’s probably before Megatron’s reign.”

    “If that is the case, maybe we can help?” Sideswipe thought out loud, causing the two to look at him suspiciously.

    “Help… how exactly?” Sunstreaker drawled with a voice of disbelief, wrinkling his nose at his brother.

    “Well, if Megatron isn’t ruling, maybe we can intervene and stop him before he does!” the astro-second younger brother said with a glint in his eye.

    “Look it up, you remember the date all this went to Pit. They are here, they have to be here.” Hot Rod sounded enthusiastic, but deep down he wanted to hide.

    “We need to find them, Hot Rod. We need to warn them. Maybe we can save our future-” Sideswipe said before his brother cut him off, finishing his sentence.

    “And the future of the world,”

    The three stood in the middle of the desert and looked around quietly, mapping their possible area, landing them definitely in the USA, but somewhere in the Mohave Desert, which was a rather large span, “Hot Rod, can you tell where the base is from where we are?”

    “No, slag it, some of my other functions were knocked offline from that stupid trip. Can you?”

    “I wasn’t ever good at this sort of thing, besides, there is no base yet, I bet. It’s all probably still so new.” Sunstreaker complained, pulling up files and such until he got a basic idea, “We are definitely in the Mohave Desert. I would say somewhere in or near Nevada.”

    “You do realize how big the Mohave Desert is, right?” Hot Rod growled, slightly irritated at the mere thought of being lost in a desert.

    “I think we can get better answers if we find Tranquility, Nevada,” Sideswipe assumed, “where all this started.”

    “What we need to do is find Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee!”

    “Sure, let’s just walk right up to them and tell them we are from the future! Sure, they’ll buy that. Why don't we tell them their world is gonna end while we are at it?”

    “Bumblebee will know us,”

    “But we have no insignias, nor do we even have Autobot signatures anymore,” Hot Rod argued, trying also to think of how to get to the others.

    “How can they forget us, Hot Rod? We are the best known twins on Cybertron!” Sideswipe said smugly.

    “You speak like it’s a good thing, Sides,” Hot Rod groaned, shaking his head slightly.

    “Well it is if you’re one of us,” Sideswipe smirked, “we are infamous. Ratchet will know us with or without our insignias or signatures!”

    “We need to get to the meeting point, I think. We will have a better chance on being believed,” Hot Rod blinked, trying to remember that place, “where Mikaela and Sam met Optimus for the first time.”

    “Let’s head there, then, ok?” Sunstreaker said gruffly, looking around curiously as to which direction to go, even though his internal compass told him that he was looking north.

    Sideswipe still wasn’t happy about what had happened to get them here in the first place, being stuck in the past was not on their agenda today, or at least his, and Sunstreaker had been preoccupied with talking to Hot Rod before he felt himself going sideways to the ground, his brother bowling on top of him, holding him down, “This is what you get for arguing with Hot Rod, Sunny!”

    “Frag it, you two, would you please focus?”

    “Well aren’t we just the quintessence of leadership all of the sudden,” Sideswipe grumbled from his perch on his brother’s chest.

    “Cool it, Sides, we don’t have time for this!” Hot Rod hissed as he looked around once more, his optics narrowing as he noticed a road in the distance, “I am sure we can find our way. We can drive until we find a city, then we can map it to Tranquility, slag-tard.” Hot Rod chimed as he transformed into his alt mode, the twins following suit, also turning into their respective alt forms which were all futuristic cars to this time, and they all knew this wouldn’t fly in their current time. They had to find respective current time vehicles.

    “Let’s go save the world,” Sunstreaker said with a terse intone as he started his engine.
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    A Glimpse into the Future

    In the future, things had turned out for the worst for the Autobots and Mankind. And this is why...


    There had been an epic fight between 2 great leaders, and Megatron had gotten the upper hand when Sam had faltered, losing the Allspark to the Silver menace, who then proclaimed the planet as his. Sam still felt guilty, even after all of the years. Now a man in his prime, he often had nightmares of the days after, their escape and that horrific day when he had lost the Allspark to the Decepticons. It hadn’t been his fault, however. He laid back on the makeshift couch, staring at the ceiling. Thinking randomly, wondering how things would have been if Optimus had beaten Megatron into submission, and back to that day that always hurt him, but he constantly went over it, wondering where he went wrong and caused the Autobots to fall. Optimus told him time and time again that it wasn’t his fault, but Sam just couldn’t accept it.

    He flipped to his side, his eyes meeting the lazy, dark optics of Bumblebee, who seemed unusually solemn lately. He sighed, watching as Bumblebee recharged, thinking about life on Cybertron. He often wondered what it was like. He had only seen what Optimus had shown him so long ago, so he only could base the life there off of such images. His eyes became heavy as he started to drift, his mind going back to the day at Mission City.



    The flail came down, only a few feet from him, forcing him to lose his grip on the statue he clung to with his life, the Allspark in his left hand. He remembered falling, barely missing the blades of a helicopter, at first thought to of been one of the Blackhawks sent to get him. He knew this was the end. No human fell from this height to the ground and survived. He hadn’t hit the ground, however. He had been caught, his body falling into what he could figure as a small vehicle, but the vehicle kept going and was going up, the canopy coming down, threatening to take his legs with it. The Decepticon didn’t care, he had the child in his cockpit and he veered upwards, causing Sam to fall backwards with the G-forces Starscream forced him to endure as he shot straight up, alerting Megatron to his prized catch.

    Sam heard the weird language, the deep Cybertronian tongue that came from Starscream as he relayed to Megatron that he had him.

    “Oh god, oh god, no!” Sam yelled as he fought to right himself in the trap, “No, no, no ,no!” he cried out as his eyes went up to see the sky around him and nothing more, “Shit, shit, shit, shit!” he cried.

    “Quiet, human!” Starscream growled, his voice a higher pitch than he had used with his mother tongue.

    “Wha-? Where am I?” Sam asked, trying to right himself, feeling no ground beneath him.

    “In my cockpit,” Starscream said with a hint of amusement, “tell me, have you ever flown before?” the jet teased as he continued his flight away from an Autobot and he circled the city where he tilted his wing to let Sam witness Optimus and Megatron going hand to hand. An evil cackle escaping him as Sam lurched, watching Optimus get shot at by Megatron’s huge cannon.

    “Optimus,” He whispered, guilt screaming at him, he looked around the cockpit, the Allspark still held tightly in his grasp. This was a jet. Of course it had controls! He frantically started grabbing for any switch or control he could get his hands on, the jet protested loudly as he had to correct for every move that Sam made to get him to let him go, “Stop it, fleshbag, or I will take you to space and open my cockpit!” the F-22 threatened as he overcorrected, barrel rolling a few times and diving before shutting off all of the controls in his cockpit. Sam’s vision blurred as his world was spun around like that and when the jet finally corrected, he swallowed hard to keep anything that threatened to come up, down.

    Why had he done that again?

    “Lemme go! LEMME GO!” Sam screamed, watching as Megatron was getting the upper hand of the mighty Optimus, he started kicking wildly at the interior of the jet, hoping that one of his kicks would miraculously cause the jet to plummet to Earth.

    “Never, fleshy. I do believe Megatron wanted you as his personal pet for all the pit you and those Autoscum put us through!”

    Sam’s eyes darted as he wondered how to get out of the jet’s cockpit. He remembered the jet coming down closer to the ground, when he felt the jet’s body suddenly drop, and loud clanging made Sam look around frantically, looking for what had caused the jet to drop like he did, hearing the afterburners kick on higher to compensate for the extra weight. Cybertronian words, both from Ironhide and Starscream filled Sam’s ears as he looked to see a giant black body on the back of Starscream, holding on to a wing and a tail rudder.

    Ironhide had latched onto the unsuspecting Starscream and held on for dear life as the jet struggled under his weight, boosters going to full, and Sam had to cover his ears as the jet cried out in Cybertronian loudly when Ironhide’s right arm aimed and shot at his boosters, causing him to lose control. Sam also heard Ironhide climbing up on the debilitated jet and the cockpit crashed open, glass shattering, Ironhide called something to Sam, which he couldn’t understand in all the wind, engines and crackling of metal and failing electronics, grabbing him and jumping to the ground below.

    Safety, or so he thought. Ironhide leaped from the falling Decepticon, but was tackled by Blackout, and the shock caused him to drop Sam, luckily for the boy, it hadn’t been that much of a fall. Sam watched the Allspark fall to the ground without him and scurried his weak and tired body after it. He was too late, however, as he saw Megatron’s claws reach down and grab for it, missing the boy. Sam knew there was no way to get the artifact back when Megatron looked down on him and he hurriedly scattered, leaving the Decepticon to look for him only a few more seconds before being shot at by the military.

    -end flashback-


    The Matrix couldn’t even stop the evil reign that the silver leader had brought. Megatron had claimed human slaves to do his work for him and used the Allspark to his advantage, bringing life to the many vehicles that he so chose, choosing military for their firepower and common vehicles to spy on and hunt down any remaining Autobots or eradicate unsuspecting humans.

    Optimus had been thought to of been killed in that battle, but later had been found by other humans, who managed to get the body hidden long enough for it to be put into the proper hands. The Autobot commander realized what had happened, and was thankful that the humans made sure that the Matrix of Leadership remained a secret from Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons. He was also thankful that Ratchet was his CMO. The best Medic of the Autobot forces, if not all of Cybertron, for he had been salvaged and fixed by the grumpy medic, who had narrowly escaped with Mikaela, Sam, Maggie and Jazz.

    William, Sarah and Annabelle had been with Ironhide shortly after the events, and they had also managed to escape with Bumblebee, who trailed behind the two larger mechs, or was far out ahead of them, scouting for Decepticons as they headed south to where they now hid in Mexico, in a massive volcano.


    The Ark had been flown by about 5 mechs when had Megatron learned of the incoming Starship, sending his forces to immediately decommission it. When they had thought the ship had been as good as destroyed, the Decepticons left the ship to fall to Earth, crashing into said volcano, but it survived, knocking a few of the Autobot passengers offline on impact, and that’s when it sent out an automatic shield. The Ark had been shot down, true, but was not unsalvageable, and proved to be a big means of survival with its cloaking device.

    A few other Autobots had arrived on Earth after the Starship’s fall. They had helped to gather forces to bring a resistance against Lord Megatron after the Ark’s crash. Some of which included the Autobot Seekers, who Optimus had dubbed the ‘Arialbots’ because of their ability to fly, and two others, one was larger than any bot put together and the other was Jetfire, who had explained to Prime about the new flying recruits from Cybertron. These guys would prove essential.

    Sky Lynx was in the shape of something that more resembled a dragon. He had no alt forms that seemed big enough for him to change into unless it was something similar to a Space Shuttle. This form could prove useful for exiting and re-entry of the planet they now inhabited and decided to use the shape to his advantage, often times staying in space to recon, because the only other Cybertronian who could do this was Blast Off, and he hadn’t been accounted for yet. Skyfire, however, was with the Arialbots, and served as a means of easy communications with Sky Lynx when he was orbiting the planet.


    Megatron hadn’t been able to find them in all this time because of the Ark’s abilities to shield itself from being seen by any means, being infrared or naked eye. It was a special defense system designed into the machine before it was ever sent for it’s first flight. Probably not with these exact circumstances, but it served a great purpose.

    There were a few other humans with them, some friends, others family, and then the stragglers, including Sec Def Keller, who really had no rank anymore now that the United States had been dubbed Decepticon main territory, and renamed New Kaon of Earth after the President had been assassinated by some of the incoming Decepticons, namely Shockwave.

    Even though they were highly outnumbered, the Autobots all still fought for the freedom of the humans and now themselves. The humans who were still alive still sought refuge from the evil tyrant ruler, booking ass to Mexico where it was rumored that Autobots had, in fact, existed, but most of the time, Megatron had them killed by his forces before they could escape, tormenting others that weren’t killed. He hated the way others had brought up the fact that Optimus had survived, or even that there were more Autobots alive.

    Now, 25 years later, the Decepticons ruled the planet. The Autobots were only about 80 at most left in numbers against well over a few thousand Decepticons, who were now filtering down to Mexico and up to Canada. They were no match anymore. The Allspark continued to provide Megatron with drones and sentient followers as much as he wanted now. First Cybertron, now Earth, next – the Galaxy the humans called The Milky Way, or so Megatron figured.
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    Jan 21, 2009
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    What Really Happened

    The city bustled with life for the time of night that it was, as the three extra cars that didn’t belong made their way through traffic, using their true-to-life holograms in their driver’s seats as not to be detected.

    They knew the history well and also knew that the humans, when first seeing a Cybertronian life-form, usually screamed. Transformers were big. Well at least some, but still, seeing something not of this planet would scare the hell out of even the most believer. It was comical to come back here and see how life was before the Allspark was found and before Megatron took over. They listened to radio stations that they hadn’t heard in years.

    Hot Rod’s stereo blared a recent song by Tribal Ink called Refugee. He found it quite interesting to listen to, while the twins had something that resembled Hip Hop or dance music, which he didn’t quite like so much.

    All three knew that no one except Sector Seven even knew of their existence in the first place, but there was no need to show themselves. They might use this to their advantage. All of them knew where the Allspark had been located, and that Megatron was at Hoover Dam. So technically, Optimus didn’t even need Sam’s glasses, and Sunny made a mental note of that. There was no way they would interfere in Bumblebee and Sam’s uniting, because Sam was one of the best humans they had, aside from Robert Epps, Glenn Whitman, Maggie, William Lennox and his family, Mikaela and a few others that made refuge with the Autobots.

    The wipers on the windshield of the red Lamborghini continued on their rhythm, constant, but not intermittent even though there was not a cloud in the sky. Not only was he getting looks from the other two Autobots, but he was also getting funny looks, and sometimes smirks from the humans that happened to see or pass them on the highway. Sideswipe pretended that what he was doing was completely normal, and gave questioning looks to the humans when they would point, he would shrug. The other two Autobots were less than impressed and rather perplexed about what Sides was doing, but neither were sure if they even wanted to know why Sideswipe had them on in the first place. That was until Sunstreaker finally got annoyed enough with his logic processors and the fact his brother was using them, “Sideswipe, dare I ask why you insist on using your wipers?”

    “I’m Keeping them tuned, Sunny,” Sideswipe answered nonchalantly before grumbling, “This is getting boring, I still don’t know why it had to be us.” Sideswipe was indeed getting bored. The three had been on the streets for days, and moved their ways slowly to Tranquility’s vicinity.

    Sunstreaker wasn’t sure to laugh or to transform and pounce on his brother. He twitched in annoyance, which happened to make him swerve slightly because of his tire, “Would you stop, already with that?” Sunstreaker hissed, “We are here, you can drop it now.”

    “Well it was yours and Hot Rod’s stupidity that got us into this mess in the first place,” Side’s commented suddenly as he mulled over the fact he was stuck here until they found a way back, still rather livid he was even here, “why can't it get us out of it?” He got a rumble and a few clicks and trills for a response. He hadn’t expected anything more.

    “If I throw a stick, will you leave?”Sunstreaker grumbled, obviously unimpressed with his brother’s way of showing his displeasure, Of course he didn’t mean it, and the wave that he sent his brother told him that he was venting with his colorful vocabulary.

    “You remember Wheeljack mentioning messing with the time line?” Hot Rod interrupted the two’s quarreling.

    “Yeah, so?” Sunstreaker snapped from his small talk with Sideswipe.

    “He said we could mess up the time continuum. We are already screwing it up even being here. Primus, who knows what will happen when Prime sees us.” Hot Rod was mostly talking to himself, but using his vocals to perhaps prompt conversation.

    “Then we can’t interfere, can we?” Sunstreaker asked moving a little faster in pace of the Red Jaguar XJ220 , coming up to its side, he got a good look at himself in the reflection and smirked internally.

    “We have to. I just don’t know how,” Hot Rod replied, gliding through traffic with fluid movement.

    “Well since we already messed it up, maybe it won’t hurt no matter what we do in our favor.” Sideswipe came up nearly touching his brother’s rear bumper.

    “We will be in Tranquility by nightfall. We will have to keep an eye out for Barricade and Frenzy too.” Hot Rod said.

    “Those two will be just as easy to deal with as they were before,” Sunstreaker said with annoyance, goosing his throttle to move ahead of Hot Rod and pass him.

    “No more glitch pills for you, crab-ass!” Sideswipe called to his brother.

    “You hang around Miles too much,” was Sunstreaker’s dry reply, “… I hear voices, Sides.”

    “Got a glitch in your processor?”

    “And they don’t like you.” Sunstreaker’s cool and collected reply made Hot Rod swerve from laughing so hard at the twins as they commented back and forth. Having the two around wasn’t always a bad thing, for sometimes they got downright comical with their sarcasm, something that apparently wasn’t only on Earth, because they knew what it was a long time beforehand.

    “You!” Sides said with a darkened intone, “Off my planet!” He recoiled at his brother, doing his best to rile him up.

    “Your planet? Who died and left you boss?” was the dry reply.

    “Earth is full,” Sides deadpanned, “go home.”

    “Ordinarily you are insane, brother,” Sunstreaker sneered, “but you do have lucid moments when you are only stupid. That surprises me.”

    Why did the slagger have to be such a killjoy, anyways? “And they say I am the evil twin,” Sides said with mock annoyance as he glanced at Hot Rod who was still finding it difficult to stay on the road. He had also fallen back a bit from the fits of laughter.

    “What are you laughing at, you slagger?”

    “You two!” Hot Rod chuckled, “You guys are funny.”

    Sunstreaker growled at Hot Rod and Sideswipe chuckled at his brother’s annoyance, earning him a threatening growl himself, but this only made him laugh harder.


    “Should we contact Bumblebee?” Sides asked, moving behind Hot Rod as the Jaguar XJ220 passed Sunstreaker because of a car in the lane next to them.

    “I’m not sure. Remember, we had them until Mission City, so maybe we shouldn’t interfere at all until then.” The Jaguar XJ220 slid his way around another car, the young man in the passenger seat of the car nearly drooling as he looked up at him with the Hologram and grinned before speeding off in front as the twins came up his rear. The kid was nearly melting into a puddle of goo at the sight of the Lamborghinis, “I forgot what it was like to look this good,” Sunstreaker said smugly.

    The three tore down the highway, speeding up yet watching for police. They remembered how cops were actually useful for a time, but they also needed to watch for Barricade. It would suck for the Decepticon to find them and burst their chances of saving the world.


    “Hot Rod, I got Bumblebee on my long range.” Sunstreaker said while the three sat in a parking lot, watching, waiting, “He hasn’t pinged me, so I guess we are still undetectable.”

    “Where is he?”

    “Near the Witwicky residence,”

    “Do you think he has made contact yet?”

    “We should go find out, no?”

    “Let’s,” Sides beamed, “this parking lot is making me feel cramped!”

    Three whining engines roared to life and the three cars pulled out of the area, headed further out of town, to where Sunstreaker had identified him. It didn’t take long to get to the Junk yard where they found Bumblebee standing and sending his signal, “Good, Optimus will be here soon.”


    They heard scuffling and the 6 optics settled on a running Sam, they about barreled over when he started recording his experience and about how his car stood up. They could definitely pick on him now. It was bad enough they had heard about it, but this time they witnessed it. It would make such a good weapon to pick on the poor fragger later on. All three ducked out of the way when they saw the police find Sam, and couldn’t hold in their laughter when they heard him claim that someone stole his car.

    “Wow, I never thought it was this funny!” Sideswipe laughed almost silently.

    “He never told it like this!” Sunstreaker giggled.

    Hot Rod kneeled back slightly, looking down, then at the twins then back to Sam again. He seemed to be the only one with wisdom in him. Granted, he had his streaks of being a punk and not listening, but he still felt he had to be the more responsible here. He felt that the twins were his responsibility. Why, he had no idea, because he wasn’t much older than them, maybe a few vorns. He couldn’t ever figure out this alternate programming that surfaced itself when he was in the front line. It was as if it was an override, and if it was, he could never find out why, no matter how much he searched. He never spoke of it to anyone. Some would find it perhaps a good quality, others might find it offensive. Then again, he was here now, not 25 years into the future. The twins’ laughing snapped him back to reality as he assessed the situation. Tonight would not be the night for contact.


    Hot Rod, Sunny and Sides had pinpointed Sam’s house, and were all parked not far from it. It was unusual to find cars this exotic parked on this road, so they were not surprised to get a few hawkers or ever be touched by people who admired the cars.

    So much for being inconspicuous. Sunstreaker groused to himself, yet taking in all the eyes that laid on him.

    /Hey, did Wheeljack say how to get back?/ Sideswipe asked, killing the silence on the bots’ internal link.

    /Back? Back where? To the future?/


    /Sides/ Sunstreaker had thought his brother knew. He let out what sounded like a grunt and a sigh, /we can’t get back./

    /What? What do you mean ‘we can’t get back’, Sunny?”/

    Sunstreaker could slightly feel his brother’s agitation, he really didn’t know, /The thing was designed to send, but not return. We are stuck here./

    Silence on the twins’ spark shared internal link.

    /Sideswipe, I thought you knew./ Sunstreaker could feel the pang of dread from his brother.

    /...Uh, no. I kinda missed that class./

    /Fine thing to-/

    /Shh! Bee’s coming back!/ Hot Rod interrupted, seeing Bee pulling into the driveway of the Witwicky house. They then, a few minutes later watched as Sam took off on a … girl’s bike? They could hardly believe what they were seeing. How was it so hard to introduce yourself? They watched Bee following Sam.

    “Let’s follow them,”

    “Yeah, sure.” Sideswipe answered as his engine started.

    /Sides, don’t worry about it, we are alive, that’s all that matters, worry about the now./ Hot Rod said before pulling out just out of Bee’s range, but well within their own.


    Wheeljack and Ratchet had come up with a way to make all of the Autobot’s scanner range farther, so had been altered as a means to detect Decepticons further away than the Decepticons could themselves. This gave them a big chance to escape and not be killed. It also apparently made it really easy to follow Bee as he followed Sam. It was quite funny to watch. Bee never made an attempt to run over Sam, and Sam still yelled and pedaled on, trying to get away from who he had deemed ‘Satan’s Camaro’.


    They lost Bumblebee in the mess of cars through the city and decided to back off anyways. Their new hide and seek spot was located lined up in an alleyway. All three of them backed in with immaculate timing, making it appear as if it was performed that way. People watched as each ‘driver’ simulated getting out of his car and they all gathered around Sunny’s shimmering hood, where they watched, sensed but did not move. Even when they saw Barricade move by them, which made them all freeze suddenly.

    “You know, having cars like that in allies like this is not wise,” came a voice. Sunstreaker, Sideswipe and Hot Rod all looked up from their conversation to the person standing there. He was about 6 foot tall and had longer blond hair.

    “We are pretty sure we have enough protection,” Sunstreaker piped to counter the comment.

    “Got a few guns to stop people from stealing those?”

    “Could say that,” Sunstreaker replied, grinning at the young man.

    “What are a group of guys like you doing here anyways?”

    “Recon, why? What’s it to you?” The young man grimaced at the attitude the guy with the yellow windbreaker was giving him.

    “Just curious,” Eyes went from the yellow Lamborghini, and it’s apparent owner, “There is a reason you’re getting such looks at your cars.” The man smiled as his eyes trailed down the red Jaguar, not missing the skirt or the carbon-fiber double wing that graced the back of the car.

    “Listen, is there something you need? You’re intruding.” Sunstreaker folded his arms over his chest. The young man gave him a glance, then looked back to the car, hurt apparent on his face, “I uh… I will go then, I am sorry.”

    “Wait,” Hot Rod shook his head and put his hand up for the man, shooting a glare at Sunstreaker, “Streaker, ya can’t always be so mean to people! Haven’t you learned anything in all the time we’ve been here?”

    Sunstreaker grumbled.

    /You forget he doesn’t know you yet, Sunny./ Hot Rod sent over the internal link to the yellow brother. Sunstreaker gave the young man a questioning look. The young man waved to them all as he left, “I’ll be seeing you around,” and he disappeared behind the wall.

    How true that was, just he didn’t know it yet.
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    Life Goes On

    The day for Mission City finally came, and the three from the future were watching closely. They had been on the highway following the Autobots and the Decepticons, and witnessed when Bonecrusher and Optimus went off the side of the bridge and landed a few hundred feet down on the ground. They watched as Barricade made himself disappear and followed Bee and the others from far behind, hoping they wouldn’t get noticed. It was in Mission City that they realized what had happened. They saw how Sam had gotten caught on top of a really high building. The Autobots running to help him, and they heard the unmistakable zap of a spark being killed. They could never forget it, no matter how many times they had done it to Decepticons. The three were parked in an alleyway, watching the others fight.

    They saw how Ratchet moved like they’d never seen as he buzz cut Brawl with his normally sub-spaced saw, and Jazz had attacked Brawl also. They worked together with awesome determination. How bad they wanted to jump in, but they couldn’t. Only when the timing was right, and the timing came up on them quickly as they saw Megatron with Sam at the top of a building.

    “Is it fear or courage that compels you, boy?” Megatron’s voice was deep and deadly. Sam held on for dear life, and Starscream was standing atop one of the buildings, along with Blackout as he transformed and took a perch, “Give me the Allspark and you may live to be my pet!” Sam struggled to hold on, defiant against the 55 foot talk giant. That was when Sunstreaker transformed and made a run for Starscream, clawing his way to the jet, causing him to leap from his perch with the extra weight, boosting himself so he didn’t hit the ground. That gave Optimus time to go in and catch Sam.

    That was the intervene that got the Autobots success.


    “Sam, if I cannot defeat Megatron, you must push the cube into my chest,” Hot Rod heard his leader, but was shocked by what was going on, “I will sacrifice myself to destroy it.” Was another string of words from his leader as he watched Megatron and Prime face off again. They saw Blackout come down and transform, stalking his way slowly to the fight between the leaders, his rotor in his right hand spinning wildly. He planned to jump Optimus to help his leader. That’s around the time the shot came from the small human named William. They watched him slide under the tall mech and put him out of his misery with a couple sabot rounds.

    “Get behind me,” Optimus ordered the child. It was around that time when Sam ended up under Megatron’s falling body. He was struggling like mad to get to Sam, even though he had been nearly destroyed by the humans and Prime himself. Ratchet had gone to retrieve Jazz, and Hot Rod watched with astonishment as Sam looked up at the towering mech over him and reached up with the cube. Remembering what Prime had told him, Sam figured the same was for the other leader and pushed the cube towards Megatron’s chest, causing it to disappear slowly, and the leader jumped up, fearful and hurting, he cried out in Cybertronian. What a way to die, thought Sideswipe as he watched with Hot Rod, but worried for his brother, as he could sense him in a way, and it scared him to be facing off with the Air Commander and leader of the Seekers. They were both tough. Hell, tough wasn’t the word, but going against Starscream? One hit from that Null Ray and Sunstreaker would be done for, if not barely alive.

    Sideswipe and Hot Rod watched as Prime told Sam how he owned him his life and how he swore to protect them and how the humans had become good comrades of the others. The fight was over. Except Sunstreaker was still missing. Barricade was nowhere to be found. It was then that Ironhide had noticed two other spark signatures, but neither were Decepticon or Autobot. He snorted then looked at Optimus, “There is someone else here, beware,” He said and moved slowly and quietly towards the other signatures. The two hadn’t noticed the advancing Ironhide until one of them suddenly went into the air, being held by his wing. Hot Rod spun his tires madly, and went to unfold, but stopped in surprise, “What is this!?” Ironhide growled, seeing the other one make a break for it, at least a few feet, before transforming, preparing to tell the others and try to get Ironhide from ripping Hot Rod to shreds.

    “No! No, no! Ironhide, don’t!” Sideswipe called out as he started to unfold.

    “What is your designation, your rank?!” Ironhide growled at the one who hung from his hands.

    “I-it’s me, Hot Rod!” the car called out, hoping that Ironhide wouldn’t decide to use his form as target practice, he heard the cannon wind up, preparing to fire, “Impossible! They are on Cybertron, or somewhere not in this part of the galaxy.”

    “Wrong! We are from the future!”

    Prime had also gotten curious as to who and what Ironhide had. The red twin stood up, nearly begging Ironhide not to fire at Hot Rod, who still dangled like a helpless car. But he knew better. Fighting would get him fired at, but hanging here like he was, was his best bet.

    “What, might I ask, is going on here?” Prime came, still carrying the body of his fallen soldier.

    “Jazz?” They all three asked, looking at their leader and the one in his hands, “How come we didn’t hear of this one?”

    “He didn’t die in our future,” Sideswipe reminded the red Jaguar that still looked goofy being held by the great Ironhide.

    Ironhide doubtedly held tight to Hot Rod, not letting him go, nor lowering his great weapon, “You lie, fragger, you can’t be Hot Rod,”

    “But he is!” the red twin spoke.

    “Impossible, none of you, in fact have Autobot signatures!”

    “Optimus had Ratchet remove them because we had to hide from Megatron,”


    “The future, we told you!” Sideswipe tried to reason again, “We come from a time when Megatron ruled earth.” Hot Rod suddenly spoke, sullen in his voice. Sam was in the tow truck that hauled Bee to where the interest at hand was on the two unknown Cybertronians that were trying to reason with the newly victorious Autobots. William and his team followed, Bee was looking towards Ironhide, who still had the Jaguar in his hand, “Hot Rod?”

    “Yes! Yes, for Primus’ sake! It’s me!” Hot Rod boasted, getting a firm shake from Ironhide who grunted, “I don’t believe you. You might as well be Decepticons trying to infiltrate us! Exile them to the Moon!”

    “Ironhide, give them a break, they don’t even have insignias.”

    “That’s right, we don’t! Put me down you heap of trash!”

    “Such words from a young one who dangles in my grasp,”

    “If you only knew…” Hot Rod’s voice went to a whisper as his body began to form and reform, until his body was nor formed more into a mech than a car, but he was beside himself when he saw he was still in Ironhide's grasp, only by what others had called a ‘scruff bar’ or for him, the part he used as a spoiler.

    “Why don’t you believe us, Ironhide? Thought you and Ratchet, of all of them would recognize the jet judo.”

    “I still think you’re infiltrators.” The weapon specialist grumbled.

    “If you are really who you say you are, then why do you not have signatures? Why do you not have insignias?” Prime suddenly asked, looking up from the torn form of Jazz.

    “Because, sir, we had to hide from Megatron. We come from a time when Megatron rules Earth. A time when man and Autobot alike are killed,” Hot Rod did his best to explain in as short as he could as to what he and the twins came from, “When we are forced to live in Mexico in retreat from his forces because he got his hands on the Allspark, and nearly killed you.” Hot Rod was forced to take your place as Rodimus Prime.” Sideswipe started to explain also, joining in with Hot Rod, but was cut off by Optimus, “Then there is no matter now,” Prime said, “the Allspark is destroyed, so why do you not return to your time?”

    “We… can’t, Optimus.” Sides’ shoulders slumped, “Wheeljack made it to get us here, not to get us back.” It was then that Sideswipe suddenly let out a shrill and alarming tone and went down hard, going offline immediately. This was a cause for great concern. Obviously something had happened to him. They heard an explosion not far from them and saw an F-22 bolt straight for the skies, disappearing. Whatever had happened, it wasn’t good. This was all the proof that Optimus needed that the three very well may be who they said they are. They would have to ask more about this when things are settled. Especially with Hot Rod.


    Sideswipe onlined a few seconds later and moved to stand, oddly he seemed weakened, “Sunstreaker…” His voice was pleading, as if he’d known something happened to his brother.

    “Sunstreaker!?” He cried out again, bolting to where the fading signature drew him, the others followed quickly behind him.

    “Primus, Sunstreaker, answer me!” He cried out again, going into hysterics, ignoring everyone and everything around him as he moved through the mess of a city and the people who took pictures and video of him. When he was clear of debris, he transformed and hunted, finding that his brother was a few miles away from him. A trip on a jet can get you somewhere, and fast. He managed his way there and his spark sank when he looked upon a yellowish colored mess under a shitload of dirt and blackened by blaster or some other fire, “Oh, Sunstreaker,” The red bot when to his knees, sulking when he neared him. He could not feel him. He could always feel his brother’s presence, but not now. Even while recharging, there was the slight hint of Sunstreaker there, but now, nothing but darkness.

    Back at the gathering, Ironhide held Hot Rod up higher, “Rodimus, huh?”

    “Was, Ironhide, let me down, I feel like a sparkling,” Hot Rod had his arms folded across his chest and had the most disgruntled look on his face.

    “You are a sparkling, at least where I am concerned.”

    “Let me down so I can find Sideswipe, him and his brother are my charges since we got here,” It wasn’t a question, but more of a demand. Ironhide glimpsed at Prime who nodded and Ironhide dropped Hot Rod from where he was hung and the bot ran off, the others ensuing, including Sam and Mikaela who still hauled Bee.

    When they got to the wreckage, Ratchet was the first to transform and go to the body of the brother. He almost leapt at the red one to get him off of his brother, “Sideswipe! Get off so I can get to him!”

    Ratchet’s words went unheard as Sideswipe clung to his brother, rocking as a human would holding their dying mate or sibling, even as Ironhide and Ratchet both pulled the young warrior with all their might, finally, as they plucked him free, he went to crawl back to Sunstreaker who lay still. A little too still, actually. Ratchet leaned over the yellow brother as Sideswipe fought to get to him, “Sunstreaker, c’mon!” he cried, but Sunstreaker didn’t move. Ratchet pushed everyone else back, including the curious humans as he worked zealously to get to the spark chamber of the yellow brother. He was using all types of different instruments that his hands and other parts sub-spaced normally. The neon CMO looked distressed as he worked on Sunstreaker. This was not good.

    “No Sunny, please, no, no, no!” Sideswipe cried out again, before collapsing to his knees again in defeat. He knew Ratchet was the best Medic in their world and now here, “Ratchet, don’t let him die! I can’t feel him!”

    “Sides, shut your trap and let him work!” Ironhide groused as he held onto one arm of the red brother, thwaping him upside the head.

    Hot Rod was not far off, watching, stricken from the sudden problem, “Shit, shit, shit, shit,” he whispered to himself. He hardly ever used Cybertronian curse words anymore, he had been around humans far too long, “Sides,” He said softly, “Sides, come here.” He called. Sideswipe looked at Hot Rod, but didn’t move from his spot, as if his body stopped working. He gave Hot Rod a pitiful look, then looked back to where his brother lie and Ratchet worked. Hot Rod decided to go to him instead.

    “’Ratch, is he gonna be ok?” Prime asked, sullenly.

    “I could tell you more if you guys would shut your mouths and let me work!” he groaned, moving Sunstreaker around, he was working quickly, another sign that was not good, he parted his chest plates, revealing his spark casing, which was sputtering and spitting energon and sparking as if it were on it’s last leg, “I need to get him out of here if I am to work on him,” He looked around, but got no sign of anything that would work, “He can’t remain here or his spark will extinguish.”

    “Hold on,” Came a voice. It was one of Lennox’ men, he was burly looking, and a little heavier than the others, and bald, “We can use a Semi to haul him while you work,”

    “I wish Ultra Magnus was here now,” Hot Rod looked down, he had moved to the red twin and had a hand on his shoulder. If there was anyone Sideswipe would allow to touch him at this particular time it was Hot Rod.

    “If you can find a trailer, I will bring both fallen to a base nearby, at least until we have a base of our own,” Optimus’ words were gentle, yet he got the attention he needed.

    “Hey, over there!” William called out, pointing to a semi that sat, the trailer looked empty, “Can you get into that one?”

    “I don’t see why not, “Hot Rod stood and went to it, using his own strength, he pulled at the doors, even pulling the truck it was attached to back slightly, “It’s empty.” He said as he ran to the front of the trailer and started to unhitch it, “Optimus, here, take it!” Hot Rod worked well with Optimus in the future, even after Optimus had the Matrix back, and he’d only hoped that Optimus would work with him now. The red and blue giant went to the trailer and transformed after setting Jazz down inside the trailer. Hot Rod pushed the halved body further back as Ratchet grabbed for Sunstreaker and moved him, lifting him gently, he set him on the inside of the trailer and surprisingly he climbed in, crawling, he pushed both bodies back and started to hook up several wires and cables to the youngster he was now trying to save. He had to be in a very awkward position, but was willing to do so to keep vital fluids and power going to Sunstreaker as he felt Optimus hook up to the trailer and start to drive off, following the buggies to the nearest base. Sideswipe followed closely, as if he was being pushed by some unknown force, he wanted to be in that trailer with his brother. He wanted to hold him while he lie dying, but he couldn’t. He knew better than to get into Ratchet’s way. Now the strangest convoy ever started heading out of the premises while the government brought people in to start covering the battle up as well as they could. The city was quarantined while the convoy left, also bringing Bee behind them on the tow truck until something could be figured out for him as well, not that he was anywhere near happy about it, especially since he had to be covered over with a few tarps, hiding him from the rest of the public. He jerked and moved while Mikaela drove, glancing back when he jerked hard enough to cause the truck to swerve roughly, “Bee, please! I can’t drive with you moving around back there!”

    “Hold on, lemme go to him, Mika,” Sam said as he opened the back window of the tow truck and started to crawl through it. Wind hit his hair and stung his face as he continued to climb out until his feet were through. He held on tightly as the truck hit a bump, and settled himself before heading further out and under the tarp, “Bee, you ok back here?”

    “Not really,” The calmed voice said, obviously perturbed about his situation.

    “We will have you out of here in no time, promise, so sorry for this,” Sam patted the Camaro gone robot on the shoulder for reassurance. Bee gave him a gentle look and smiled, “Thanks, Sam.”

    “What are friends for?” Sam and Bee talked the entire trip to the base. He held on tightly to the bot, and the bot held him also, to make sure that he didn’t get thrown off or any of the such. When they finally felt the truck slow down, they figured they must be close by, and Sam poked his head out, getting a faceful of Hot Rod who was parked so close he swore the car was being towed instead, “Sam, you know how dangerous that is?”

    “Yeah, but I needed to make sure Bee was alright,”

    “Sam, he might be younger than me, but he’s still a very strong bot.”

    Sam gave Hot Rod a goofy smile, “You’re from the future, what do you know?”

    “I know we changed it, and that’s why Wheeljack built that silly contraption,”

    “Hot Rod,” Prime suddenly asked, getting the younger bot’s attention immediately, “Since you are supposedly from the future, tell me what happens, can you tell me anything?”

    “Only what had happened, this will all be so new to all three of us.” Hot Rod explained to his noble leader, remembering everything from when he was brought down to when he had to serve in his place until now.


    Little had they known they had, yes, changed the future, but now they had new dangers to face, possibly better, possibly worse. And Sunstreaker’s condition was still very questionable. Hot Rod had spotted Ratchet standing over the yellow twin’s body with a sorrowful look as he walked around the body several times, moving quickly, sub-spacing and un-sub-spacing items as he worked. Sideswipe was so unlike himself, watching, being as close as Ratchet would allow him.