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    This is a bit of a long chapter and I've used up all my insurence chapters so it may be a little while before I update again. Plus I'll be gone for a month starting Fathers day ending July 17th. I'll be going to California for a month w/ my little bro to visit our Dad and older brother.

    Well, enjoy!

    Chapter 16

    Spike felt his insides twist into pretzel shapes as he stared into the eyes of the monster that held him tight. Its eyes glowed iridescently in Spike’s vision.

    “Let…go!” Spike grunted against the Decepticon’s grip.

    Shrapnel simply laughed; lavishing in Spike’s obvious fear.

    It opened its mouth wide, revealing fangs dripping with slimy yellowish saliva. Shrapnel pulled Spike to his mouth, about to take bite out of the boy, when a drop of the yellow saliva dripped from his fangs onto Spike’s bare shoulder.

    Spike screamed as the liquid burned his shoulder. He felt the saliva eat away at his flesh. His heart raced, his eyes darting from side to side, as Shrapnel was about to bite down upon the boy’s shoulder.

    Suddenly something slammed into Shrapnel’s back, startling the Decepticon. Shrapnel let out a yelp of surprise and dropped Spike. The human boy fell flat on his behind, but quickly crawled away when he was released.

    Shrapnel whirled around in rage to see who dared to strike him. A small human girl looked up frightened into his eyes. She dropped the plank of wood she’d used to strike him. She turned to run, but the Decepticon reached out and caught hold of the girl’s shirt collar.

    She screamed as she was lifted off the ground.

    “ERIC!” Carly shrieked. Spike turned to see Carly in the same position he’d been in not a moment before. Shrapnel was about to clamp his jaws onto the screaming girl when-

    “Shrapnel!” A voice demanded from above them. Eric looked up to see a familiar red and white color schemed jet, hovering above the shopping center. “What in Primus’s name do you think you’re doing?”

    “Feeding.” The insect sneered. “Insecticons do not work as other Decepticons do. We need more sustenance than just Energon.”

    The jet scoffed.

    “Feeding on humans? What a vulgar meal.” Starscream snorted. “Nevertheless, you have disobeyed orders! Not only have you made a scene, but you and Kickback have alerted the human media. Your faces have been plastered on the human’s video broadcasts for the last 10 minutes! Thundercracker’s already picked up Kickback. If you want to return in one piece I suggest you release the fleshling and come along. Megatron isn’t feeling to lenient today.”

    Reluctantly, Shrapnel dropped the girl and Carly scrambled away.

    “Carly!” Spike demanded. “Watch out for Starscream!”

    “Eh?” Starscream asked himself at hearing the human male speak his name. His optics narrowed into see the full view of the humans face. He processed the image through his memory banks and a memory file came up. Inside was his memory of an incident from a couple of months ago when Megatron had tried to swap a human for the Autobot doctor. They had wanted the doctor to repair the Insecticons, but now that the three insects were crudely repaired and running, the human was just as expendable as any other.

    “Eric!” Carly screamed as she got up and ran into Spike’s waiting arms.

    “Are you hurt?” He asked as he looked at her for any sign of injury.

    “I remember you.” Starscream chuckled as he transformed in mid air and descended onto the street in front of the couple. Spike stood protectively in front of the quivering Carly. “You’re that nave from before.”

    Spike sneered at the Air commander. He recognized him. It must have been when he slipped and said the transformers name. Now they were out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    Where were the police? Where were the authorities? He didn’t hear one siren since this whole ordeal began. Where was everyone?

    “Now that you’ve no value to your life,” Starscream said as he pointed his null ray at the two shaking humans. “I’m free to terminate your for humiliating us and undermining the Decepticon moral!”

    Spike stood tall and faced the Decepticon. Carly clutched at his arm as she quivered behind him. He could hear her reciting prayers under her breath.

    Praying wasn’t going to save them. Neither was foolish bravery. Spike reached behind him and grabbed Carly’s hand.

    “Carly,” He whispered. “When I say so, head for the car. We need to get out of here.”

    “But…” She whimpered. “Will it still run?”

    ‘I hope so.’ He said to himself.

    Starscream had to smile. He’d heard every word the humans had said to each other. He couldn’t decide what was more amusing; the fact that they thought they could escape from him, or that they planned to escape in a wreck piece of scrap metal.

    “Prepare to meek Primus…or whatever god you worship.” Starscream aimed his null ray at the human boy.

    “Go!” Spike yelled as he pulled away from Carly and dived for the car. He landed in the back seat.

    Carly ran after him, but was too slow. Starscream fired his null ray a few feet in front of the human girl. Carly screamed as the ground erupted in front of her. She fell to the ground, close to fainting.

    “Carly!” Spike cried. “No!”

    Shrapnel landed on top of the car and reached into the back seat. He caught Spike’s leg and lifted the frail creature out of the vehicle by his foot.

    Spike yelled as he felt the weightlessness of being flung from the car. “Let go!”

    Almost as if acting on his command a red laser hit the back of shrapnel’s skull and he released Spike. He fell to the concrete hard. He heard his shoulder crack, but there was no pain. Whether that was a good sign or bad, Spike had no idea.

    “Step away Decepticon!” Spike didn’t recognize the voice, but he knew that it could only belong to someone from one group; the Autobots!

    “Finally,” Spike breathed. “Took ‘em long enough…”

    Starscream scowled.

    “Cliffjumper,” The Decepticon sneered. “You’ve warrior spirit, but too bad it’s too big for your puny body!”

    Starscream turned his null ray towards the small red Mini Cooper that speeded towards him. The Autobot dodged the fire and jumped the curb. In mid jump he transformed and landed on the other side, facing Spike and the dazed Carly.

    “What took you?” Spike called out. “I hope you didn’t come alone!”

    Spike did a good job masking the stress and fear in his voice, but still it showed through.

    “Not that it matters.” Starscream fired another volley of fire at Cliffjumper, who ducked into an alley way.

    Spike heard Police sirens blaring down the street to where they were. Spike’s heart leaped.

    ‘Sure, now they come.’ He shook his head mentally.

    As the police car came into view, Spike felt a feeling of elation. It wasn’t a police car. Police cars weren’t marked with an Autobot insignia.

    “Prowl!” Spike said revealed.

    The Autobot security officer transformed and landed next to where Cliffjumper now stood. The two Autobots aimed their weapons at the Decepticon.

    “You Autobots ruin all the fun.” Starscream sneered, not sounding at all scared that he was out numbered and out gunned. Shrapnel was lying on the ground in stasis lock from Cliffjumper shot, useless.

    Starscream, attempting at one last act of defiance, turned his aim towards the comatose Carly.

    Cliffjumper lunged for the girl and swept her up in his arms just as Starscream’s shot hit the spot where she’d just been.

    Spike didn’t have enough time to blink before the action occurred. Carly didn’t seem to have any reaction from it. Her eyes were cloudy and she was nonresponsive. Spike began to panic. Was she…? No! She was just shell shocked! At least he hoped that was the worst of it.

    Starscream sighed and reached over and grabbed Shrapnel. He lifted the Insecticon over his shoulder and transformed.

    “Unlike Megatron, I know when to take a strategic retreat.” With that said, Starscream flew off.

    Prowl lowered his gun and sighed, happy the conflict hadn’t escalated. He turned to see spike on the ground, apparently too tired to get up. But by his eyes, Prowl could tell he’d seen too much this day. He was missing his shirt too and he was bleeding from his shoulder.

    “You seem incapable of staying out of trouble, kid.” Prowl added as he walked over to Spike and lifted him to his feet gently.

    “Carly…”He muttered. “Is she…OK?”

    Cliffjumper looked down at the girl he held in his arms.

    “Y’know her?” He asked.

    “Yeah,” Spike replied. He pushed off of Prowl’s hand that kept him standing in order to keep his balance, but stumbled. Prowl caught him and lifted him to his feet again.

    “Eric…”Spike looked up and saw Carly was snapping out of it. She looked around confused and dazed. She looked up and saw Cliffjumper…and screamed. Cliffjumper winced as his audio receptors whined in protest.

    Carly hopped out of his arms and stumbled away.

    “Carly!” Spike called, relieved she was OK.

    Carly was about to run over to Spike, when she noticed Prowl.

    “Eric! There’re more of them!” She cried.

    “No!” Spike corrected her. “These guys aren’t like the others. They’re my friends.”

    Carly looked from Cliffjumper to Spike to Prowl, and back to Spike, unsure what to believe.

    Carly gave a great heavy sigh, and ran over to spike and wrapped her arms around him. Spike winced when Carly pushed his shoulder, but bared it for the sake of the moment.

    “I was so scared!” Carly sobbed into Spike’s chest. “I thought we were gonna die!”

    Spike felt his chest tighten as he too realized how close they had really gotten to…

    “Spike,” Prowl tapped his on the boy’s uninjured shoulder. “We need to get out of here. I suggest you come with us. Your friend can come too.”

    “What happened to all that security stuff you were piping about before?” Spike asked smiling.

    Prowl shrugged.

    “It doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot now with this mess. The authorities are sending in the military. That’s why they’ve not come as of yet.” Prowl informed. “We need to get back to the Ark now. Prime and the others won’t object.”

    Spike nodded. “Sure.”

    As Spike sat in the back seat of Prowl with Carly resting her head against him, she continued to cry. Spike starred blankly out, not really seeing anything he was looking at. His mind was filled with the image of those mangled bodies…they’d been eaten by…that thing! Shrapnel. His mind was blank, but raced with a million thoughts without really hearing any of them.

    It was only when Prowl turned onto the dirt road, leading to the Ark’s location, and the bumpy road knocked him out of it. Carly was curled up against the door, asleep. Spike felt better after the small rest, but he was so…confused. The weight of the air felt heavier. He knew this feeling. It was what writers referred to as ‘the winds of change’. He’d experienced it before. When he’d found his mother’s body…

    In a slit second you realize the devastating effects the last few moments will have on your whole life. As of that moment, Spike realized the world was going to change; for good or for worse, he had no idea.

    “Is your companion going to be alright?” Prowl asked. “She seemed very upset.”

    Spike took a moment before answering.

    “What was that thing Prowl?” Spike asked finally. “That…Shrapnel guy, I mean.”

    “He’s called an Insecticon.” Prowl explained. “They were an experimental type of Decepticon developed during the Great War.

    “Megatron wanted to create a new type of Transformer that would be more…energy efficient. They only need a minuscule amount of Energon to operate. They obtain the rest of necessary sustenance by devouring…practically anything. Scrap metal, trees, rocks…”

    “And people?” Spike asked.

    “What?” Prowl asked, rather disgusted.

    “Shrapnel and his buddy-Kickback they called him- they were…eating humans. They almost got me and Carly when Starscream showed up, then you guys.”

    Prowl was silent.

    “Prowl…”Spike said, his voice breaking. “I saw so many people…die. They had parts missing and there was so much blood…I…I-”

    Spike’s eyes were wide and he was shaking. His lip trembled and his teeth and fists were clenched so hard it hurt.

    “Enough!” Prowl barked. “Thinking about it will only make it worse. Trust me Spike, dwelling on the horrors of war will only destroy you.”

    Spike sat back in his seat.

    “Is that what were calling it now?” Spike growled. “ ’Horrors of war’? Here we call that a massacre!”

    Prowl sighed.

    “I realize what you’re going through Spike, really I do, but for your own sake, and that of your friend’s, you need to be brave.”

    Spike began to sob, despite Prowl’s words.

    “It isn’t faire! They shouldn’t have died! They had families! They were somebody’s brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents! Children!”

    “We’re almost there, Spike,” Prowl said calmly. “We’re almost there…”

    Carly rose from her curled position and saw Spike crying next to her.

    “Eric,” She said tenderly, not sure how to comfort her love. “Please don’t cry…”

    She placed her hand on his bare chest. He turned to face her, his eyes puffy and red.

    “I wasn’t able to protect you…you saved me then almost got killed…and I did nothing.” He whined. “I should have been there.”

    Carly smiled at Spike.

    “It doesn’t matter.” She assured him. “We’re alive now…and…”

    She pushed her head against Spike’s and nuzzled his neck. Then she reached up and put her hands on his damp cheeks and kissed him. Only one of three since they’d started dating.

    Prowl remained silent through the strange ritual the humans were performing, and just watched curiously. He’d have to ask Hound about this later. Hound knew more about humans that anyone he felt comfortable asking. It would be too awkward to ask Spike.

    “Feel better?” Carly asked as she pulled away from him.

    Spike looked into her eyes and smiled.

    “…A little.” He admitted with a grin.

    “Here we are!” Cliffjumper announced, rather loud and suddenly, startling the two lovers out of their trace.

    Spike looked out to where they were.

    “Mt. St. Hilary?” Spike asked. “This is where your base is?”

    “Yep, it’s been here for four million years, embedded in the mountain side.” Prowl explained.

    The rear engines of a large orange colored ship was visible from their vantage point and below them was an opening Spike assumed to be the entrance.

    He was proven correct as they entered through that very opening.

    ‘Finally,’ Spike thought to himself. ‘I get to see the inside of the famous Ark.’

    Brigadier General Witwicky sat in his hooded leather chair in the dark room. In front of him was a wall of televisions; all of which were broadcasting the same ominous news in a different country. The young blonde anchor for a London channel was displaying the most disturbing of the news.

    “..’American officials have yet to release any further information of the perpetrator(s) of this heinous crime, but this photo was leaked to the media a few hours ago.’ “

    The screen changed to the scene of downtown Portland from an Ariel perspective. Even from that height, the blood could be seen. Bodies were scattered about, in the streets, in their cars, and some even on roof tops.

    “This is bad.” Buster sighed heavily. He flipped a switch on his desk and the wall of TVs went dark and the office lights lit up.

    There was a knock at the door and a slim man in a green uniform walked in.

    “Sir,” The man said. “We’ve just confiscated this video from a parking surveillance camera from the red zone.”

    “Show me.” Buster said flatly. The man walked over to the wall of TVs and slipped a black video cassette from a manila envelope. He pushed the VHS into the VCR and pushed play. The room went dark again as the middle TV lit up. The two men’s silhouettes covered the opposite wall as the video played.

    As the video progressed, Buster sucked in a breath as he watched a young boy crawl out of the wrecked car that had just crashed.

    “Eric…” He breathed.
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    What, no computers in Cali. You've gotta give us an update or two while you're out there.
    Seriously, what do you expect me to do if you, Petey, and Jetplague don't post for a month.
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    Yeah there're computers, its just that I won't be bringing my computer and the story file.
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    Ok, I finished a chapter just now. I got a burst of sugar induced genuis and decided to update.

    I may update again before I leave, but here;s the next one anyway. Thanks for reviews guys! Much appriciated!

    EDIT: Sorry for posting the wrong chpater guys. My bad. I was updating on FF.N and must have posted the wrong chapter. Gomen Nasai!

    Here's the real new chapter!

    Chapter 17

    Prowl’s thoughts were all jumbled together and rather confusing; hardly the proper behavior for a senior officer to experience and be unable to surpass. Whether the past events had sent him into shock or he simply couldn’t comprehend the next logical step to take, it didn’t matter. The attack on the human settlement by the Insecticons had come at the absolutely worst time possible.

    The Autobots were entirely venerable. Several of their men had already gone into stasis lock due to the energy shortage. The Dinobots had been particularly messy. They, more then anyone else, need the Energon and in desperation tried to strip a small gas station off the side of the highway near their mountain encampment. They had succeeded in stripping the small businessman of his lively hood and the man’s life as well. When Optimus had discovered their deed, he ordered them stripped of all the gas they’d stolen and forced into stasis lock. Needless to say, Grimlock didn’t go quietly. They were still picking up the pieces from the Dinobot’s struggle.

    How were they going to fight the Decepticons with only half their complete forces at minimum strength? Plus, they still had not the resources to fully repair Optimus after the battle to save Spike a couple months ago. He was able to move around fine after Ratchet made some creative bypasses through his internal circuitry, but he was nothing close to what he needed to be to fight.

    “Prowl?” A small voice emanated from below him.

    Prowl looked down to see Spike standing there, staring up at him.

    “Yes, Spike?” Prowl asked. “Something wrong?”

    “No,” Spike said shaking his head. “It’s just…you don’t look too good.”

    Prowl shook his head.

    “I’m afraid I don’t understand your meaning?” Prowl replied. “Your language is a puzzling to me and sometimes it’s difficult for me to follow.”

    Spike smiled.

    “Why do you think we spend 10 years learning it?” Spike laughed. “I just mean that you looked like you needed a rest. You looked stress.”

    Prowl barked a laugh.

    “That’s quite an understatement.” Prowl said.

    Spike nodded solemnly.
    “Have you watched the news?” He asked, resting his chin on his chest. “They really did call in the military…I thought you were over reacting when you told me before.”

    Prowl looked away from the young teen and said nothing for a while.

    Spike turned away and went to go see how Carly was doing when Prowl spoke.

    “I’m sorry Spike.” He finally said.

    Spike turned.

    “For what?” He asked.

    “I should have done more to keep you out of this conflict.” Prowl explained. “And now your friend Carly is stuck here too.”

    Spike looked at the Autobot. Prowl stood solemnly in the conference room alone with his thoughts.

    “You think too much.” Spike replied. “It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault.”

    Prowl began to respond when Spike stopped him.

    “No Prowl. If you want to be responsible, stop sulking and do something.” Spike scowled. “Ever heard of FDR?”

    Prowl shook his head.

    “FRD; Franklin Delano Roosevelt: President of the United States during the two most horrendous events in American history: The great depression and World War II. When he became president his whole idea of solving our economic problems was “try something!” As long as you’re moving and doing something you’re doing your best! Then when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, just like the Insecticons attacks downtown, he spoke his most famous line ever; ‘The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.’ It’s corny as hell to say, but you can’t give in. You cannot give up.

    “Do you understand now?” Spike asked.

    Prowl looked up at the ceiling for a moment then back towards Spike. The Autobot grinned at the human.

    “Y’know?” Prowl began. “You’re quite a motivational speaker.”

    Spike smiled.

    “Thank my ninth grade history teacher. I was practically quoting him there.” Spike’s laugh faded away.

    As an awkward silence descended between them Prowl felt compelled to break it.

    “How’s your friend doing?” He asked finally.

    “Carly? She’s ok, I guess.” Spike admitted absently. “I think she’s just overwhelmed. She practically fainted when she saw you guys.”

    Prowl nodded.

    “Will you two be OK for the night?” Prowl asked.

    Spike shrugged.

    “Ratchet’s letting us crash in the infirmary.” Spiked replied. ”Carly’s already in there.”

    Prowl nodded again.

    “Hey...Prowl?” Spike asked. The human boy stared down at his feet. He shuffled his weight from foot to foot. “What are you going to do?”

    “That’s the question at hand isn’t it?” Prowl answered. “The first thing we have to do is get everyone optional. But that in itself is a problem almost as big as the Decepticons.”

    “How do we get them optional?” Spike asked.

    “We need resources; spare parts, material to repair wounds, fuel.” Prowl sighed. “The Decepticons have all that because they stole it from you humans. That isn’t an option for us.”

    “Why not?” Spike asked

    Prowl looked down at the young human, astounded.

    “Why? Because it’s morally wrong! They killed innocent beings! Autobots will never-“

    “Who said anything about killing anyone?” Spike interjected. “There are junk yards all over this city. No one’s going to get too peeved at you snatching some old car parts and stuff. Besides, no one else wants it. That’s the whole reason the scrap is in the junk yard.”

    Prowl seemed to savor the though as his mechanic processors ran through several scenarios.

    After a small pause he nodded with a smile.

    “It’s an idea.” Prowl replied. “In fact it’s the only idea I’ve heard so far that made any remote sense.”

    Spike beamed with pride.

    “So?” Spike asked. “Is that the plan?”

    Prowl looked down at the boy and shook his head.

    “Not so simple I’m afraid.” He responded. “I’ll have to run it by Optimus Prime and the other before we decide anything.”

    Spike nodded.

    “But your help is appreciated greatly.” Prowl thanked him.

    Carly lifted herself from the small makeshift bed and looked around, helplessly.

    ‘How could this of happened?’ She asked herself. She refused to even recall the past few hours, for fear she would break into sobs again. On top of what she’d just saw, now she was inside an alien base! She thanked the sky for being able to awake in an empty room.

    This was short loved as Ratchet walked briskly into the room cursing.

    Carly made herself as small as possible as the large white robot made his way across the room and grabbed a few tools and was about to exit the room when he noticed Carly, quivering in the corner.

    “Oh,” He started. “I’m sorry if I woke you…Carly was it?”

    ‘Oh great,’ Carly thought. ‘It knows my name.’

    Carly nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off the Autobot. Ratchet seemed to pick up on this and sighed.

    “You needn’t be afraid of us, child.” Ratchet said softly. “We are nothing like our more…destructive counterparts.”

    Carly saw no comfort in this small tidbit of information. She turned her head away and rested her head on her knees.

    Ratchet sighed; saddened by the fact Carly was so unwilling to listen to him. He was about to exit when her voice, small and shaking, reached his audio receptors.

    “Why,” She asked. “Why do you all call Eric ‘Spike’? “

    Ratchet smiled and stepped back into the room.

    “That’s how we were introduced.” Ratchet said; hoping he was being given another chance to convince her. “It’s like a term of endearment. Makes him like us, part of the team.”

    Suddenly Carly whirled around and screamed a reply.

    “He’s not one of you!” She yelled. Her beautiful face was now contorted into a raging expression of contempt. “He’s human! And you’re dragging him into this and you don’t even realize it!”

    Ratchet was taken back by her response. Deciding not to reply and make the situation worse, he exited in silence.

    He could hear her frustrated sobs all the way down the hall. As he entered the Control room, where everyone seemed to accumulate, he sat the various tools next to Wheeljack as he worked diligently on one of Teletran-I’s fried circuit panel. As Ratchet straightened, he noticed that Spike was talking with Bumblebee and Jazz with a few other Autobots hovering around across from him.

    After watching the small group Ratchet spoke.

    “Spike.” He said.

    The young boy turned and looked over at Ratchet, curiously.

    “Huh?” He said. Ratchet motioned with his finger for the boy to come over. Obediently, Spike walked over to the senior physician.

    “What’s up?” Spike asked, noting the serious expression Ratchet wore.

    The gathered Autobots watched attentively as Spike straightened as whatever Ratchet was telling him reached his ears. As Ratchet straightened up, Spike looked down the hall, a look of fawning on his face, before sprinting down into the corridor.

    “What’s up?” Jazz asked from across the room.

    Ratchet looked over at the younger bots, shook his head, and walked on.

    When Spike entered the infirmary he didn’t see Carly.

    A wave of panic flooded through him and he ran over to the corner where he had left a sleeping Carly when they’d arrived. He noted that all her things, her purse and jacket, were gone.

    “She’s going to run,” He told himself, breathless with the surreal truth. His mind started to spin. He couldn’t believe that Carly would just up and leave. She was his girlfriend. They loved each other.

    Then why didn’t she trust him? The Autobots were their friends! They’d saved him from the Decepticons twice and saved her from Shrapnel. His heart began to pound.


    He felt the sickening feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. As he stood in the middle of the room for a few minutes, a new, strange, determination began to form. He felt it crawl through him until it reached his head. He jerked his head up, clenched his fist, and sprinted out the room. He almost ran right into an Autobot walking down the hall, but was able to run around the giant.

    “Hey!” Ironhide scowled. “Watch it!”

    Spike didn’t answer. He has to find Carly before….bore she didn’t something she would regret….that they’d both regret.

    The first open room he saw he ran straight into. Apparently he had interrupted a meeting. Prowl, a few Autobots vaguely remembered, and a very worn out looking Optimus Prime sat around a large conference table with a large hologram in the center. Prowl hastily turn of the projector.

    “Spike?” Prowl said, relieved it was just the human. “What’s wrong?”

    Spike shook his head.

    “It’s…it’s nothing.” Spike’s voice was strained, attempting to sound as though nothing was wrong.
    “I’m sorry for rushing in.”

    Without any other words or an explanation, Spike ran out.

    The gathered Autobots looked at each other, rather perplexed at the strange randomness of what had just conspired.

    “What was that about?” One Autobot asked.

    Prowl stared out at the door for a few moments.

    “I don’t know, but it can’t be good.” Prowl mused to himself. “Excuse me for a moment.”

    Optimus Prime kept silent as Prowl stood and exited the conference room.
    As the security officer continued down the hall he spotted Spike, who had just run into a corridor only to find it dead end, and run back out in a panic, his composure completely lost.

    “Spike!” Prowl called out. “Spike, wait.”

    Spike turned abruptly to see Prowl walking towards him. His heart fell and he felt his lung tighten. In a panic Spike darted down the hall, away from the Autobot.

    “What the-” Prowl said under his breath. Spike was acting rather strangely and in all honesty, it was beginning to worry the Autobot officer. “Spike!”

    Prowl quickly transformed, and drove down the corridor after the young human, his tires screeching against the Ark’s floor paneling. It took almost no time at all for him to catch up to Spike. He swerved around the human and came to rest in front of Spike, blocking the hall.

    “Spike!” Prowl asked, a warning tone in his voice. “What in Primus’s name has gotten into you?”

    Spike looked back and forth nervously for a way around Prowl and turned to run the other way. Prowl transformed, reached out, and grabbed the boy before he could get very far.

    Spike struggled and cried out.

    “Let me go!” He screamed. “Let me go!”

    The commotion in the halls began attracting the attention of the other Autobots. Bumblebee and Ratchet were the first to arrive.

    “What’s going on?” Bumblebee asked. The little Autobot was utterly confused at the scene and about Spike.

    “That’s what I want to know!” Prolw growled. “Spike!”

    Spike stopped struggling, mostly from exhaustion then anything, and went limp in Prowl’s grip.

    “Carly,” He sobbed. “I can’t find her…anywhere.”

    Ratchet sighed.

    “I thought so.” He said breathlessly.

    Prowl’s gaze jotted up from Spike to Ratchet.

    “Explain.” He said simply.

    “The human female must have been thoroughly shaken by today’s events and her mind simply couldn’t handle the information.” Ratchet explained. “She must have run away when I left her in the infirmary. She seemed very disturbed at my presence.”

    Prowl processed the information and then sat Spike down on his feet.

    “This is bad. We don’t need a rouge human revealing our base location.” Prowl mused to himself.

    Spike looked at the Autobot surprised.

    “Carly isn’t a rouge!” He cried. “She’s just scared!”

    “This is my fault. I should have just relocated her and Spike to a secure location other then the base.” Prowl continued, ignoring Spike. “I’ll go tell Prime we have a situation. Bumblebee, go get Jazz; I want you two to go see if you can locate her before she goes too far.”

    Bumblebee looked hesitant to carry out the order.

    “If Carly is scared of us, going after her will only make the situation worse.”

    Prowl shook his head.

    “This is as high as the situation could escalate just short of a full out Decepticon siege.” Prowl growled. “Ratchet, take Spike to the infirmary and make sure he stays there.”

    Without another word, Prowl walked away, leaving two confused Autobots and an enraged human boy.

    “Screw him!” Spike cured. “I’m going after Carly!”

    Spike started walking off towards the exit when Ratchet stepped into his path.

    “No Spike.” Ratchet warned. “Bumblebee and Jazz will go find Carly. Right now we need to listen to Prowl. He’s not the senior security officer for nothing.”

    Spike cursed.

    “Since when did I fall under his jurisdiction?” He barked.

    Ratchet scowled.

    “Since he and Cliffjumper saved your chassis from Shrapnel!” Ratchet growled. In one smooth motion, Ratchet scooped the angry teen into his grip and turned to address a flabbergasted Bumblebee. “You heard Prowl’s orders. You and Jazz go find Carly so Spike can calm down. I’m not a babysitter and I’m certainly not going to be watching a teenager for more than two cycles!”

    Bumblebee nodded and headed off to find Jazz.

    As Ratchet began walking off towards the infirmary he noticed that Spike wasn’t struggling.

    “I’m sorry, Spike, but-” The medic began.

    “Save it…” Spike replied. “Just make sure they find Carly. It’s too dangerous for her to be out there alone.”

    Ratchet looked down at the small, frail creature in his hands and saw that Spike’s face was damp and his eyes were…leaking?

    Spike wiped away a tear.

    ‘How could she?’ He asked himself. ‘How could Carly betray me like that…Carly…don’t you know…how much…I love you?’
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