Transformers The Movie 2006 (prologue up)

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    Transformers The Movie 2006

    Ok, A couple months after the first TF movie announcement I said I'd make a fic of the movie in my style and preferences to writing. Honestly there will be parts of the fic's plot many hard core G1 fans will think badly of.

    Please sit back and enjoy the Prologue of Transformers The Movie 2006

    I never thought I'd be here. Never thought I'd be this desperate. I never thought...

    The car was a beauty. Bright red Lamborgini with racing stripes down the side. An identical car with a yellow paint job parked next to it had twin black lines trailing it's body in place of the racing stripes.

    "Ready Spike?" The hooded man next to me asked. His whole self smelled of alcohol and stale clothes.

    Duke was that kind of man. He liked the hooded gangster look that most people only knew as rich, famous rappers with gold teeth and heavy jeweled necklaces adorning their necks. Spike...I had to laugh. I was no longer myself as I had been not a week before. I was a South End Serpent now. The most well known, and most feared gang in the city. This little fiasco you have found me in is my initiation exam. My job? Hot wire two Lamborginis and take 'em to the chop shop, do some modifying and make two new street racers for Duke.
    I'd seen these kinda cars a lot in the past few months. The people I hung around liked these kinda cars. That and drugs (anything to get the high), money (no matter where it came from), and girls (the sluttier the better). None of it appealed to me as the others, but the security of the group did. And they asked only a little from me. Mostly I fixed their cars up so they could street race. Most of the parts I use on them are stolen from stores or even parked cars. I didn't really care. I was safe within the group...or so I thought. After some family troubles I went out looking for anyone who would take me in and not ask any questions of me. Let me work in peace and let me have my head laid low with only my lonesome self to keep company. I'd never be able to support myself like my Dad was able to, just being a grease monkey with only two years of High School completed.

    As I walked towards the cars all my anxieties about the whole situation made me want to puke. The Cars were parked in the alley between an abandoned Textile Mill and an old Publishing building that recently went out of business about a month ago. It made me nervous to think how strange it looked for these kinda cars to be out here alone without even so much as a car alarm. This had to be a set up. These cars were probably Dukes and he'd put them here just for the exam. The thought was comforting, but I was sceptically about it. Duke would never let me hot wire one of his jewels. An old junker maybe, but never cars of this quality. Also the thought of having to hot wore two cars and get them to the shop without anyone seeing made everything spin out of proportion. I didn't even have a driver's license. I'd only been behind the wheel of a car in Drivers Ed and my teacher said I should get a private tutor seeing as I was way behind the rest of the class. **** him, I say. He knew shit.

    "Go." Duke said as he flicked away a partially smoked cigerette. I jumped up from my crouching position and stalked over the yellow Lamborgini. Yellow stood out on well lit streets, but there was only a few street lamps on. The Mayor didn't see any reason in wasting money lighting up a place only people like us hanged out. I put my hand on the door handle and pulled on it waiting for the feeling of the inner workings to catch and open. As soon as they did I swung the door open and hoped onto the drivers seat and fumbled through the wires. After two trys I got it to start but the sickening feelings and anxieties of the whole mission still lingered.

    "Hey!" A voice barked close to my ear. "What are doing?!" I jumped, my heart racing a mile a minute, thinking the owner or even a cop had seen me and the others had ran off. But I still saw Dukes sillouette behind the trash cans.

    "What are you doing Spike?" Duke whispered impatiently.

    "I...I..did you-" I stammered.

    "Spike?" The voice again. "So, Spike's your name? Well get your filthy fleshy fingers off my wires Spike!"

    My heart skipped a beat when I realizeed the voice was coming from inside the car. Not just inside the car, but out of the stereo's speakers! Suddenly the whole car began to shiver and shake. I bailed out of the car just in time to see the car stand up. OK, I probably lost you there, right? Well it did! It just stood up like a person getting their ass off the living room sofa. The whole shape of the Lambragini began to change and shift like those cheap asian robot toys I used to get for $1 at the store. The ones you could never figure out how to transform and ended up breaking an arm or leg off trying to get it's head up from the chest cavity. A face an two glowing yellow eyes peared down at me. If my bladder had been full I'd have pissed all over myself at that moment, for sure. I had just come face to face with my very first Cybertronian, my first Transformer.
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    No review? You guys are cruel.

    Well, here the first chapter you ungrateful bastards.

    Transformers The Movie 2006

    Chapter One

    A face and two glowing yellow eyes peered down at me. If my bladder had been full I'd have pissed all over myself at that moment, for sure. I had just come face to face with my very first Cybertronian, my first Transformer...

    Duke and the few other members of the gang that had tagged along with him ran off down the alley crying to one another of what it was they just say or telling the others to get their asses moving. They left me there in my shocked sitting position looking at the Behemoth of a creature in front of me. Its body was that of the yellow Lamborghini that had been parked there not 10 seconds before. I tripped over my own feet trying to get out of the car...robot...whatever...and had fallen in a jumbled mess on the ground. I sat there on the muddy alley floor, motionless, speechless staring into the yellow eyes of an alien creature that would change my world in ways I would never had guessed.

    " 'Streaker!!" Another voice cried out from somewhere near the other Lamborghini. "We're not supposed to reveal ourselves!! Our orders were to-"

    "I know! I'm not stupid." The yellow robot scowled. "Besides, these humans are so ignorant they'd never believe him!"

    The yellow robot laughed out loud.

    His voice made the ground shake slightly. My chest felt tight and I thought maybe I was having a heart attack from shock or something. My breathing was fast and my arms felt numb and cold. Not a good feeling. The giant robot ceased his laugh and shifted his slanted yellow eyes toward me. When he did my whole body jumped. The robot bent down close and stared me right in the face. My face felt cold and the cold numbness in my arms was creeping up to my chest and the rest of my body.

    "BOO!" His voice bellowed in my ears like a fog horn. I don't remember how but the next thing I knew was that I was running as fast as I could down the street. I was trying to run faster than my legs could physically move and ended up falling on my face. I simply got up and kept running, seemingly at the time, for my life.

    It was only when I realized I wasn't being followed that I realized my nose was bleeding profusely and went into a nearby convenient store to wash up in the bathroom. My hands were shaking so badly from what I had just experienced I could barely get a good enough grip on the sink knobs to turn on the water. I tried splashing warm water over my face over and over to get the feeling back into my cheeks but the futile attempts to answer logically what I had just experienced were...futile!

    What was I to do now? Could I go back to the gang? What would Duke say? He would probably just say I ran off on a job and ignore what really happened like he did when a job went sour. They were looking for me surely. I decided to bite the bullet and headed back to the garage were the gang's grease monkeys hung out.

    The streets were still dark buy the time I had gathered up enough courage to head back and when I arrived the garage was lit up. I tapped the password, a combination of rhythmic taps, and said my name. A tall black man answered the door and as soon as he saw me he stepped back and let me in. The two other grease monkeys were all sitting around a card table with some chips and cards scattered about the place. The faint smell of oil, beer, and cigarette smoke was the odor I had grown accustomed too in the past months, but as soon as I got a whiff of that smell I felt sick.

    "What happened to you? I thought Duke took you out to-" The young man, a Hispanic teen about 17 years old, asked as he passed a card to another guy across from him.

    "He did!" I told them in defense. "But...something happened..."

    All three men immediately fell pale.

    "You mean you were seen?" One asked.

    "Did the cops get any of you guys?" Said the other.

    "Where's Duke?" Asked the older black man.

    I shook my head to thwart their assumptions of the situation.

    "The cops didn't see anything. There weren't any." I told them, "It was the car. The alive!"

    The room fell silent and I immediately regretted saying anything. The young Hispanic man stood and walked over to the miniature fridge and took a beer out and threw it to me.

    "You've cracked kid." He told me as he took his chair back at the card table.

    I didn't bother answering him. No reason to try and prove something I may have very well dreamed. was so...vivid and...those cars. If I had finally snapped because of...well...everything, how did I get here? Did I really chicken out and just start running down the street like that?

    I looked down at my lap at the beer between my pale calloused hands, looking into the reflective surface of the aluminum can trying to find some sort of answer.

    I spent a few minutes just sitting there before I announced I was heading to bed. I went to the back room and flopped down onto the rusty famed cot that I'd been giving and buried my head into the blanket. The room was small and there was barley enough room for the two cots and the bunk beds. There were a couple old busted hampers for clothes near one end of the room, but little else. There was a single rectangular window at the very top of the adjacent wall letting in some of the moonlight. It had cast an eerie and depressing view on my new home. I stared at the ceiling, still continuing the thoughtless wandering of my racing mind. I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of the others coming in to go to bed, but other than that I slept pretty well for someone who'd just seen a car transform into a 15 foot robot right in front of him not an hour before.

    When I awoke the next day the others were busy at work on a Dodge Viper that had been stolen the week before and were converting it into a street racing demon.

    "Well, look who it is!" Said one of the mechanics who was working on the Viper's engine. "It's Mr. Roboto!"

    Instead of answering with a response I went straight to the small fridge and pulled out a banana with a little more than a couple black spots.

    "Shut it Jack." Said the older black man as he pulled himself out from under the car. "Spike, Duke sent a message. It's next the tools box."

    The feeling of dread swept through me. Duke was going to make me break into another car. I just knew it. But I didn't want to. It was useless and I didn't have...what it took to steal non necessary items. Of course those cars the others stole and brought by were what put food in me and cash fresh in my pocket. The money had started to feel dry to me and useless. I could live honestly just on my talents! I didn't need these guys. I wanted to go get a job in a real honest place and start over, but the question was; would Duke let me?

    I grabbed a bag from under my cot and left.

    The slip of paper said to meet Duke on his favorite stoop on 4th and Magnolia at noon. It was 8:37 A.M when I started out for the stoop. It used to be Duke's house till his dad was arrested by the police and sentenced to jail for life for killing an old lady when he tried to rob her or something. There were a millions stories, but I preferred that one. It seemed more plausible than the rest. I sat on the stoop's steps when I got there and waited. By 9 A.M. I was starving and bought a doughnut from a vender passing buy. When noon rolled around I began to feel the anxiety more and more. I knew very well that Duke wouldn't let me go, not without a fight. But I also knew he required a fee of $400 for deserters, and then he had them "taken care of" once he had the green. I had the money and more from my last job that had won Duke over a $2,000. It was an old Chevy that we found abandoned. I'd been working on it since I had first joined and everyone thought I was stupid. I used stolen parts to give the old junkie a new life. Duke loved it when he saw it.

    I saw them. Two bodyguards were with Duke as he crossed the street. He was dressed in a plain grey sweatpants and a grey hoodie, on his fingers were three gold rings and some bling around his neck. The two cronies were dressed in jeans and t-shirts that showed off their fitness.

    "Spike, you’re early, I like that." Duke said smiling his gold tooth smile, which I thought was totally ugly. "We need to discuss your make up exam."

    I swallowed hard before answering, trying to buildup some nonexistent courage.

    "There won't be a make up exam, Duke." I took a deep breath, "I want out."

    Duke's semi-friendly smile turned to a scowl on record time. "I see."

    He thought for a minute then looked at me. "Well then, let us walk then."

    I got up from the stoop and walked side by side with Duke, who was much taller than me, down Magnolia in a casual stride.

    "So, spill. Why do you want out?" Duke said plainly.

    My chest rose and fell in sequence with my steps and that's was I focused on so is not to loose control over myself.

    "You know..." I told him. "That...thing!"

    Duke stopped. "You want out because of some hallucination?!"

    Duke's voice was a strong deep husky sound and sounded very intimidating when he yelled. I heart raced and the cold dread in my arms was working its way through my body. At that moment I realized I was more afraid of Duke that the living car.

    "A hallucination we all saw?" I asked him.

    We began to walk on and I felt like I had made a huge mistake in coming here at all. I should have just gone to the police, spill my guts and go, leaving my ties with the South End Serpent behind me forever, along with others things. No matter the repercussions of what I was doing I had to go through with it.

    "Look, I've got your fee and $200 more." I faced him face to face. Looking into those dark, soulless, unfeeling killer's eyes was the most frightening thing I had ever done. The darkness I saw in Duke's eyes weren't there in the car's yellow glowing eyes. “I want out with no strings. You've got my silence and all the cars I've ever made for you."

    I knew when some mechanics deserted they wanted the cars they'd made back and adding all the cars I'd done for Duke was a good bribe.

    "So for $600, six racing cars and your sworn silence, you get your freedom?" Duke said trying to understand what I was saying.

    I nodded.

    Duke smiled and motioned for me to follow him. We walked into an alley in silence. Most gangs worked in Alleys because few people noticed you. His two bodyguards stayed at the front of the alley to keep watch.

    We stopped midway and faced each other.

    I took out the bag I had taken from under my cot and emptied it. I gave him all the money and some papers, the car's papers. Forded of course. One of the mechanics made fake papers and IDs. He was very useful to the gang.

    "Alright." Duke said looking at me with a look of satisfaction. "You're your own man, Spike...I mean Eric."

    Eric. Yeah, my real name. I was only called Spike in the gang. How original too. I was given the name by Duke and I never argued about the foolishness of it, but you didn't complain. But I didn't care. I was free, free from guns, drugs, and all the dishonor of it. I would start again and make money with dignity. I would prove my family wrong, that I wasn't useless. I was going to start a-new and get everything I'd ever wanted. With a bounce in my step I turned and started walking down the other side of the alley from where we entered.

    "Oh and Eric," Duke said. I turned and saw his pull a gun out of his hoodie. My blood froze in my veins and my brain tuned 360 degrees in my head. "Just a little info between us.

    No one gets out."

    He fired the gun. I heard the bullet zoom passed my head. I bolted and flew down the alley. My legs wobbled under me and I was afraid they'd give out. I felt as though my veins were on fire! My chest heaved in heavy breaths of air, ads fast I could get them in. Bullets hit the ground all around me. They zoomed inches near my head, my legs, and arms. Ahead of me there was a chain link fence. I jumped onto it and scrambled frantically over it, scrapping arm arms as I went over. The street opened up and I ran across the street. I saw a yellow blur and a horn honk. I mentally scorned myself. I was going to die by a car! I braced myself for the impact...that never came. I opened my eyes and kind of wished I hadn't. In front of me was a Yellow Lamborghini with black stripes painted on the body. Behind it was the red Lamborghini with flames on the sides. Behind them were a yellow VW Bug and a police car. I stared like a deer in the headlights at the man driving the yellow Lamborghini. His expression never changed. He looked like a cool calm, happy driver. The car's horn blew. But the driver's hand never left the wheel. The man's face looked was fuzzy, like a hologram. I panicked when I realized this. A bullet from Duke's gun woke me up as it grazed my arm, breaking the skin and burning the skin around it.

    "Augh!" I grabbed my shoulder in pain, forgetting the cars, and ran off down another alley. I made it halfway down the alley and turned into another adjacent one. Duke's Bodyguards were there and waiting. They grabbed hold of my clothed, punched me in the face and stomach. I was coughed up my meager breakfast when Duke, panting and waving his gun, caught up. The two pulled me up so I could face duke, with a busted lip and bruised stomach.

    "Well...well...” Duke panted. "That was some effort Spike-Eric, sorry."

    His voice was cocky as he put the gun's barrel against my forehead. I felt my defeated warm tears free fall down my cheeks.

    'It can't end like this!' was all I thought. 'NO!'


    Well, Spike's found himself in quite a pickle. Wonder how he's gonna get out of if you didn’t already know. And if you haven't...well...go ask your neighbor and he'll get the graph out for you.
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    So Spike a ex-street thug? Hmm...interesting twist.
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    Yeah. I thought people would like that. So far a lot thought it was a cool idea.
    One guy said it was "Ballsy" whatever that means...
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    I think he just meant that taking a familiar character like G1 Spike and making him out to be a hoodlum is something fans wouldn't possibly see him as.
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    Hey, if it makes him happy, then we're all happy. :D  i hope you keep updating this. :thumbs2: 
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    I plan too. I'm working on chapter 4 as we speak, though it's a long way from completion.

    Any who, Here's chapter...what is this? Two! Chapter two.

    Chapter two

    Just as Duke was tightening his grip on the trigger a car's horn blew. At the end of the alley was the small yellow VW Bug. His bight’s flashed and he honked his horn violently.

    "What's that jackasses shit?" Duke took the gun off of me and pointed it towards the Bug and fired three shots. I saw them spark on the VW's hood, but didn't seem to do anything. It honked its horn and speeded down the alley right for us. His Brights flaring and his horn blaring, the small, yet intimidating looking, VW Bug raced towards us. Duke's Bodyguards let me drop and bolted the other way. Duke emptied his ammo at the car uselessly. Finally he too ran off. I sat the on the ground watching all this. Just as I was thinking the Bug was going to hit me it swerved around me and the passenger door swung open, revealing an entirely empty front seat.

    'It's one of them!' I thought to myself.

    "Get in!" I heard a voice say. I jumped in and the door closed behind me of its own accord. As I sat up in the seat the seat belt wrapped around me and buckled itself.

    If my life wasn't at risk I might have thought that cool. I saw Duke and his bodyguards near the alley's exit, reloading their guns.

    "Hold on!" The car told me. I ducked and held my eyes close as I hear bullets ricocheting off the car's body and windshield. One went through the back window and hit what I thought was the radio. I heard the car cry out in pain as the bullet's entrance point in the front smoke and hiss sparks. We sped off down the road, leaving the three others behind with nothing to shoot at but dust.

    It was a few minutes later when I got my composure back. Well kind of. I kind of broke down.

    "Fuck! Eric! You’re such an idiot!" I told myself.

    "Eric? I thought your name was Spike." The car said. "Sunstreaker probably heard wrong."

    I looked suspiciously at the radio controls. I'd noticed when the car talked; there was a screen that lit up with every syllable it said.

    "What are you? An alien? A robot? What?" I asked him as I wiped blood off my lips. "And why'd you help me?"

    I heard a sigh from his inner workings.

    "Would you have rather had me not save you?" He asked as we came up to a red light.

    I didn't reply. What was going on? I felt like I had fell into an alternate dimension and everything was upside down.

    "I take that as a no." The car sighed. "Humans are hard to understand..."

    I looked through the passenger window for a while. I felt scared to get out, for fear of Duke and his buddies after me. No doubt my head had a price on it now. And my head was well known in the gang. What was I going to do?

    I turned to look at the radio to say something to the car and jumped with surprise when I saw that there was a man sitting in the driver's seat.

    "Who the hell are you?!" I asked him.

    The car laughed.

    "He's no one. Just a hologram Hound whipped up to keep us from attracting unwanted attention." He told me with a chuckle.

    "Yeah, it'd look weird to see a car driving itself." I said in a salty expression.

    "Ok, now your just being mean." The car told me.

    I smiled.

    "So," I asked, "what next?"

    The car didn't answer right away.

    "Well, is there anyplace I can take you?" He asked sounding surprisingly calm.

    I shook my head.

    "No, not really. I'm sure those guys have everyone looking for me." I admitted with defeat in my voice. “I don’t know where I can go. I planned on leaving and starting over, completely legit.”

    “And you can’t do that now because...?” The car asked me as if my reply would fill in the rest of his sentence.

    “Why the hell am I even talking to you?” I half asked myself and the car. “You’re a car!”

    The car snorted reproachfully.

    “What’s that got to deal with anything?” he asked.

    “Well you see,” I stated sarcastically, “humans have this set mentality that…CARS CAN’T TALK!”

    I shouted the last bit at him and then sunk into the seat, utterly angry with worry. The utter confusion of what I was to do next was like a shooting star and to continue on with my life I had to catch it.

    “Well, first off,” The car stated, “I’m not a car, I’m a Cybertronian soldier. An Autobot.”

    I was silent.

    “So you are an alien.” I said flatly. I wasn’t sure, but I’d never heard of an ‘Autobot’ or heard a word like ‘Cybertronian’ and they sounded pretty alien to me. “So what are you doing here? And what’s your name?”

    The car, Autobot, Cybertronian-or whatever he liked to be called, signed nervously to himself.

    “I shouldn’t be telling you any of this.” He said worriedly. “I’m already going to get in trouble for what I’ve done already!”

    I sat straight in my chair and listened to him.

    “And that would be?” I asked.

    The car waited a few second before responding.

    “Deserting comrades…deserting your post…deserting an active mission…going off on your own…failure to report your position and state into HQ every 10 breems…revealing yourself to a human…” He stopped there. “Prime’s going to have my bumper for a head ornament…”

    I laughed in spite of myself.

    “Thanks for the support buddy.” The car told me, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

    I got a hold of myself.

    “No, it’s just that that’s exactly what my Dad would do to me. If he knew what I’ve been doing for the past months…” I burst into laughter that some how fell to a sad and forced giggle.

    ‘My Dad…’ I hadn’t really thought of him for a while. The thought of him made me sick with anger.

    ‘I’ll never go back…’

    Suddenly I heard sirens in back of us, and my heart leaped into my throat.

    “Shit!” I said.

    “Slag it!” the car at the same time without missing a beat.

    “Damn! I don’t have a license and you’re not my car! They’ll think I stole you and take me to jail!” I wailed in despair, “Or worse! Back to Dad!”

    The car laughed.

    “Stay clam. You’ve got nothing to worry about…” He said. “It’s me who should be scared. That’s Prowl.”

    “Prowl?” I asked.

    “Yeah, he’s… Autobot.” He admitted. “He’s got to be here to take me back to HQ.”

    I was relived to learn I wasn’t going to jail, but the thought of this ‘Prowl’ finding out about me made me shake with nervousness and fear. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, I was pretty sure, but what would he say when he found out the car that saved me had broken all those rules?

    “Bumblebee!” Prowl said over the sirens. “Pull over! That’s what you’re supposed to do when human police put out the sirens!”

    He sounded stuck up to me.

    “Bumblebee?” I snickered. “That’s your name?”

    I laughed out load.

    “Don’t laugh!” Bumblebee told me.

    “Who are you talking to?” Prowl asked as he pulled up beside us. I quickly ducked down below the window.

    “Prowl,” Bumblebee told him, “ I think we need to find a more discreet location than this street to talk.”

    Prowl pulled up in front of Bumblebee and blared his sirens.

    “Agreed, lets head out of town.”

    I stayed down even though I was sure Prowl couldn’t see me. On Bumblebee’s radio screen his words were projected like a rolling text so we could still talk.

    [Stay calm…Prowl is only doing his job… not matter how annoying it can be…once we stop and I explain…He’ll probably just let you off and we’ll go back to HQ…]

    I was slightly reassured, but it’s hard to know exactly what you’re feeling when in the past few moments you felt almost every emotion simultaneously. Nervousness, fear, and anxiety all seemed to be the same chest tightening sickness to me.

    “OK.” I replied. “Where are we going?”

    [Out of town…near the dessert…]

    I hadn’t realized how long we’d been driving to be so close to the dessert. But sure enough, about five minutes later we exited city limits and headed down a highway. Prowl pulled off at an old abandoned dirt road and for another few minutes we just drove off till we were far from the highway’s visual range.

    Prowl stopped and, as I had seen the Lamborghini do the night before, transformed into an equally tall robot. His body was mainly silver and white, but the distinct features of a police cruiser were plain to see. His face was entirely silver and had a human like appearance. He had two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. His face was framed with a helmet like head with two red fins that split in either direction above his forehead.

    “What’s the matter Bumblebee?” Prowl asked. “Transform already.”

    “It’s got to do with why I left you guys earlier.”

    “Yeah?” Prowl said, his arms cross, almost daring Bumblebee to show him anything that would alter his opinion of the situation.

    Bumblebee groaned.

    His passenger door opened.

    “Come on out Spike.” Bumblebee sighed.

    The coldness came over me as I stepped out of him and into the blaring sun.

    Prowl’s mouth was wide open with shock When he saw me. I couldn’t even gather up the courage to look at him, I was so scared.

    Beside me Bumblebee transformed. If I had any humor for the situation I’d have laughed. He was so small compared to Prowl! He was probably 10 feet tall, Prowl was a good 15 feet.

    “Bumblebee…I…You…Why…AUGH!” Prowl put his hands to his face as he tried to grasp the situation. “You…Human…NOT GOOD!”

    Bumblebee stepped in front of me as if to shield me.

    “Don’t blame the human. I was the one who-”

    “I wasn’t going to blame the human!” Prowl scowled. “You broke one of our most important rules! You’ve jeopardized us all!”

    Bumblebee scowled.

    “How’s Spike a danger?” He asked. I was surprised he could stand up to Prowl so easily. I almost felt grateful to him for standing up for me. No one had ever done that for me since Mom died…

    “He could tell his people!” Prowl snapped. “If the Human populous was to find out, it would start a global panic!”

    I had to admit he was right. People were defiantly going to panic if or when they found out alien robot cars were hiding among them.

    “Who ever said I was going to tell?” I asked.
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    This story looks familiar.... do you write on too? i think i saw this posted there too... :D  oh well, its still good. I still love it! :thumbs2: 
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    Yeah I post this story there too. There's some ppl who write a fan fic and post it in every TF message board they can find.

    I'm always searching for new fanfiction and it's weird when I see a new Message Board with the same stories on it as TW2005, Allspark, Transforums, and Seibertron.

    I think some ppl need to go to Ebay and buy a life!

    J/K :D 
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    :lol  Well, I dont know about the Allspark forum or Siebertron, but I'm posting my story on Fanfiction and TF2005. It makes me happy to some extent to know that it is at least out there somewhere, you know? by the way, your story looks awesome so far. :D 
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    I'm trying to have at least a chapter done ahead of what I post so then I have something to post when I hit a wall (which I have a feeling may be soon!! nyaa! :banghead:  ). I've just finished chapter 5 and I'm starting chapter 6 right now.
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    Yay! Chapter 3!

    I just finished writing chapter 7 so I'm pretty far ahead of myself.

    Oh well...

    Chapter 3.

    (Point of View switch from first person to third)

    Prowl took his attention off of Bumblebee and switched it to Spike. His visual scanners told him the human was scared. His heart muscle was pounding and his skin temperature dropped a degree. Prowl didn’t like it. A human knowing that the Autobots were here, among them, was a major security risk. He’d have to tell Prime, but taking the human to the Ark was out of the question.

    “Optimus isn’t going to like this.” Prowl sighed. He flipped open a compartment on his arm.

    Spike stood there, as best he could to look calm, but he could tell he wasn’t fooling anyone.

    “What’re you doing?” Bumblebee asked.

    Prowl looked Bumblebee straight in the eye with a look of pure seriousness.

    “I’m radioing Prime. He needs to know.” Prowl said sternly. “Plus I’m hoping he’ll have some idea of how to sort this mess out.

    “Prowl to Ark…Ark, are you reading?” Prowl said as he spoke into the compartment in his arm.

    “Reading you Prowl, what’s up?” Said a voice from inside his radio.

    “I need to speak with Optimus Prime, we have a code 5.” Prowl told the voice on the receiving end of the radio. “I repeat, we have a code 5.”

    “What? An Energon explosion?” asked the voice in a panic.

    “No! Code 5! Human/Cybertronian interaction!” Prowl yelled into his radio. “Energon explosion is code 15!”

    “Oh! Ha ha!” Said the voice. “Sure thing Prowl…”

    Bumblebee looked down at spike and smiled weakly. He was just as scared as Spike. Spike couldn’t help but feel responsible for everything, but he was glad Bumblebee stepped in when he did or otherwise he’d be a cold cadaver right now.

    “What’s going to happen?” Spike asked Bumblebee.

    “I’m not sure.”

    Spike looked back and jumped when he saw Prowl staring right at him.

    “Spike was it?” He asked.

    I nodded.

    “You’re that human that Sunstreaker was complaining about, aren’t you?” He asked in the same accusing tone.

    “That yellow Lamborghini?” I asked in a nervous snicker.

    “This is Optimus, Prowl what’s happened?” A new voice, more deep and smooth than the last one, came out of Prowl’s radio. “Did you locate Bumblebee?”

    “Yeah,” He told Optimus. “and something else as well.”

    “Where are you now?” The voice asked, sounding more urgent.

    “I’m a less than a breem off the main road.” Prowl said.

    Spike couldn’t stand feeling helpless. He’d felt that way for so long, he just hated it. What if he ran? No, that’d be a dishonor to Bumblebee and Prowl would just run after him. Also, Spike was sure he wouldn’t be able to out run him, even if he tried. He owed Bumblebee for saving his ass in the alley. Spike felt cold, even with the sun blaring down on them.

    Prowl pushed down the radio back into his arm after speaking some more with this ‘Optimus Prime’ and walked up to Bumblebee.

    “Ok,” He said flatly, “Prime’s coming. He wants to talk with the human.”

    Spike felt like he was going to faint. He was starting to think going to the police wouldn’t be so bad. At least he’d get some food, he was famished. Duke’s bodyguards had made him unwillingly spit up his breakfast. Spike put his hand to where the bullet had grazed him and was surprised to feel wet blood. He was sure it hadn’t been the serious. He pulled off his jacket and looked at his partly stained t-shirt. There on his shoulder was an inch wide gash with blood caked on over it, sealing the wound from further bleeding.

    “That looks painful,” Bumblebee added as he too noticed Spike’s wound.

    Spike shrugged.

    “It looks more painful than it is.” Spike admitted. “I’d forgotten about it before just now.”

    Prowl didn’t seem to be paying either of them any mind. His focus was away from them and out towards the desert.

    “Will you be OK?” Bumblebee asked.

    “Sure.” He said. “One guy in the garage got hit in the leg when I first joined up and he never went to the hospital and he’s fine.”

    Bumblebee looked at Spike.

    “Why were they trying to kill you anyway?” Bumblebee asked.

    Spike shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t want to tell him he used to be a member of a gang. He wanted to keep up the innocent victim façade up a little longer.


    “I don’t want to talk about it.” Spike told the Autobot, his face directed to the ground.

    Bumblebee looked down at the human with slight concern.


    “You were running from that human with the firearm, right?” Prowl asked, still looking out to the desert. “You’re part of a street gang.”

    The dart hit the bull’s eyes perfectly.

    “How’d you guess?” I asked solemnly.

    “I didn’t,” He said. “You said you were the human Sunstreaker met last night, meaning you were involved with illegal activity. Also the man who fired at you, I saw his wanted poster some nights ago while I was learning your country’s laws.

    “Bumblebee, you saved a criminal. No better than the Decepticons.”

    The way Prowl called him a criminal made Spike angry. And he had no idea what a Decepticon was.

    “I’m not a criminal!” He yelled in self defense.

    “But you were-“, Prowl started.

    “I know what I did!” Spike continued on in a yelling rage. “And I know what I did was illegal, but it was the only way! It doesn’t make me a criminal. Not like Duke! So never lump him and me in the same group, EVER!”

    When spike gain his composure back he realized what he had said and regretted it. He was afraid Prowl may become angry and maybe kill him. But Prowl just stood there, his face motionless as he searched Spike’s own eyes to see whatever he thought was there.

    He smiled and chuckled.

    “All right, my mistake.” Prowl snickered lightly than turned back to watch the unchanging desert.

    Spike let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

    “Wow Spike.” Bumblebee said. “I’ve never seen anyone stand up to Prowl like that.”

    Spike laughed.

    “Yeah?” Spike asked. “Don’t let me do it again.”

    Spike and Bumblebee shared a laugh.

    “Here he comes.” Prowl announced.

    Spike immediately felt the coldness return ten fold. Out in the desert’s heat he could see a dust cloud forming around a red object. A blow horn told him it was a truck and by the time it got close enough to see fully, a really big truck; a semi truck to be exact.
    Spike stepped back behind Bumblebee in his nervousness, almost as if to hide behind him. Out of the three Cybertrinians he’d seen so far, Spike trusted Bumblebee far more, and for obvious reasons.

    The large red Semi-truck was driving at abnormally fast speeds, as Spike observed. He didn’t even think a vehicle of that bulk could go that fast, but he was being proven wrong as he starred on. The Semi slid into a stopping skid when it got close enough and a wall of dust engulfed them all. Spike had to hold his jacket up to his face to keep himself from breathing in the dirt. As the dust began to clear he heard the sound he’d come to recognize as transforming. When it all had dissipated with the wind Spike was left looking up at a Cybertronian of a stature he’d never imagined. He was tall for one thing. He was taller than Prowl and at least twice the height of Bumblebee.

    Spike looked up at the giant with eyes wide with wonder and fear. He shook with nervousness as he gazed right into the behemoth’s light blue eyes.

    “Optimus, I can explain-“Bumblebee began, but the Autobot put his hand up to silence him. Bumblebee said nothing else.

    “You’ve done enough, Bumblebee.” Prime said lightly to the small Autobot. Bumblebee looked at the ground, hurt at his superior’s harsh words. “Prowl?”

    “Yes?” Prowl said as he took a step to get into Optimus’s sight.

    “This is the same human from Sunstreaker’s incident last night, correct?” He asked, still keeping his eyes on Spike.

    “Affirmative.” Prowl admitted. “The Human has already collaborated with our earlier theories.”

    “Good.” He sighed with relief. “We didn’t need two incidents within the same Orn.”

    “With all do respect, Prime.” Prowl began. “Bumblebee was only doing what he thought was right.”

    “I know Prowl,” Prime told him. “But he needs to be more careful. We can not afford any more slip ups.”

    Then Prime walked up to Spike and looked down straight into the human’s eyes. Spike jumped at the sudden movement.

    “What’s your name?” Prime asked in a soft tone.

    “Eric, but everyone knows me as Spike.” He couldn’t help but say his fake name. Just standing in his presence humbled Spike greatly.

    “Fair enough, Spike.” Prime nodded satisfied. “I must ask you with my deepest sincerity not to reveal any of what you have seen to any of your people. Your meeting with us and Bumblebee must stay a secret. It’s in the greater interest of your species.”

    Spike nodded.

    “You have my word.” Spike said entirely serious. “I won’t say anything.”

    Prime seemed taken back with Spike’s words. He hadn’t expected the human to be so willing to keep his peace. He also knew that just the entire experience of it all was enough to give his word, but was it enough to keep it? Optimus didn’t know if he could really trust this human. But he knew there was a good chance even if he did tell anyone, that he wouldn’t be believed. But there was always a chance for anything to go wrong that could go wrong. And this could defiantly go wrong in their opposing favor.

    “I thank you for your cooperation.” Optimus nodded. “Bumblebee?”

    Bumblebee looked up from his sulk.

    “Yes, Prime?”

    “Take Spike to wherever he needs to be then report back.” Prime’s words were more of a warning than an order. Bumblebee seemed to pick that up and nodded solemnly.

    “Yes, sir.”

    Bumblebee transformed back into a small yellow VW Bug and opened his driver’s door. Before he got in, Spike looked at Optimus in the face.

    “Don’t go too hard on him, sir. He was just helping me and I may not be the President or anything like that, but that has to count for something.”

    Spike climbed in quickly and Bumblebee drove off towards the highway back to the city.

    Optimus and Prowl looked on as the two drove off.

    “He’s right, Prime.” Prowl added. “Bumblebee was just following his spark. Besides, I rather enjoy that human. He’s got brawn for a creature so small and frail.”

    Prime chuckled at his Security officer’s comment.

    “We’ll see, Prowl.” Optimus nodded and transformed back into his Semi truck form. “We’ll see…”
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    Chapter 4

    The whole world seemed to take on a new meaning to Spike after Bumblebee left him at the park yesterday. Even though he only knew him for little over an hour, Spike felt a great surge of fondness for his new alien robot friend. It had been a while since he had spoken to anyone whom he felt such a connection.

    Spike laughed at the thought. The idea that he could identified more with an alien robot than any human was laughable.

    The sun was well into the sky by the time Spike found enough courage to walk into a public place to get something to eat. He chose the Seven Hills Plaza. There were always crowds of people and easy cover for someone to hide behind. Plus their food court was amazing. The Seven Hills Plaza was like a Mecca for thousands of teenagers and Spike would fit right in.

    As Spike walked up to his chosen stand he ordered the times the food he’d regularly order; for a very good reason too. He pulled out his father’s Credit Card from a secret place in his pocket and paid for the food. No doubt his Dad would have someone tracing the card for any purchases and track him down in a matter of hours if Spike wasn’t careful. He lied to Duke when he said he would give him all his money. After he stowed the fast food into his backpack he power walked out of the food court, down the Plaza parking lot, back onto the streets were he’d once again disappear from public, and return to the Labyrinth of alley ways . It was as if he didn’t exist in public society any more. It was just how he wanted it, for know.


    His pray walked below him in the dimly lit city. It wasn’t aware of his presence or of his glowing red eyes in the shadows that grew by the Kilk. His claws grew anxious to rip through something soft; like the fleshling’s back! The weak creature was burdened with a sack and walked with a slight limp. His shoulder had sustained an injury and was his meager clothing was stained with a potent mix. The hunter’s sensors were going mad over it.

    “Ready?” Asked a voice over their com-link.

    Ravage growled his answer.

    “Good,” replied the voice. “Go!”


    Bumblebee had been sulking in his champers since they had arrived back at the Ark. Optimus Prime had taken him off active duty for 72 megacycles; equivalent to 3 earth rotations or “days” as the natives called it. Prowl worried about Bumblebee sometimes. His natural compassion was a liability to them in this situation. Prime couldn’t afford for any other natives to discover their presence. Not yet Of course.

    Prowl walked into the control room, just in time to see the end of an argument.

    “You have no idea how much trouble you’ve caused!” Scowled an old red Mech. His armor was speckled with various wounds and scars. His name was Ironhide, and he was mad. “In my opinion you should be taken off active duty, not Bumblebee!”

    Sunstreaker stood in front of the raging Mech, looking indifferent towards his superior’s words.

    “I did what I had to keep myself safe. That flesh bag was trying to desecrate me!” He snapped back.

    Irohnide scowled and walked off in a huff.

    “Damn kids…”He growled.

    Optimus Prime and another Autobot, named Wheeljack, stood in front of a giant screen watching human news coverage of an incident on an oil rig off the coast of Florida.

    “’..eyewitnesses claim to have seen the oil rig explode after several smaller explosions.’” The young female newscaster reported, “’ Radio contact with the oil rig was lost after this disturbing message was recorded:’”

    The screen turned to black with a bold white title saying RADIO MESSAGE and white letters appeared as the message played to match what was being said.

    “’Help ZZ…ZZe’re being over…run by ZZZZZ..roZZts…..Oh my god! Helps uZZZZZ…………’”

    The message was cut off.

    “’So far only one body has been found and the rest of the 40 men and women aboard the rig are reported as missing. ’”

    “Turn it off Teletran I.” Prime sighed. “Another one…two in the last four Orns.”

    “We won’t be able to keep hiding like this if Megatron keeps attacking oil rigs.” Wheeljack confessed.

    “No,” Prime disagreed. “He’s cleaning his trail well. The humans are blaming the attacks on terrorists.”

    “Using human politics to make a clean get away? It’s clever I admit, but crude. The USA’s affairs with Terrorist groups and the Middle East have made the Americans very suspicious. It will just cause us more trouble in the end.”

    Prime nodded.

    “The state their world is in has left every major Nation on this planet suspicious of an attack.” Prime added. “If the Decepticons decide to attack an oil rig or any energy providing facility outside the jurisdiction of the United States, we’ll be the ones who will be left to clean it up.”

    Wheeljack nodded solemnly. It was a puzzler. His thoughts suddenly turned to the incident with Bumblebee the day before.

    “Optimus?” Wheeljack asked.


    “Are you sure that human can be trusted?” Wheeljack asked. “I mean, we’re holding on by the grit of our Energon. We won’t be able to recover from a security leak.”

    Optimus chuckled at the scientist.

    “The human seemed more than willing to keep our secret.” Prime admitted. “He was very truthful. You should have been there to see him stand up for Bumblebee’s actions.”

    Wheeljack nodded, but was not reassured by his leader’s confidence.

    “Sir,” Wheeljack continued. “Not to mean any disrespect, but how sure are we that the human can be trusted? You’re too caring to the humans to think straight sometimes.”

    Optimus paused and soaked in Wheeljack’s words.

    “Perhaps you have a point Wheeljack,” Prime sighed. “But I doubt the human will reveal our secret to anyone.”

    I hope you’re right about that Prime, Wheeljack thought to himself.


    When he came to, Spike felt like someone had clogged him over the head with a bus. He couldn’t see straight for a second, but when his head stopped spinning he saw that he was in some place dark. It was Very Dark actually! The only light came from strange glowing bands that confined his hands to the wall. The bands gave off an eerie neon green glow as if they were radioactive. The ground was sandy and hard.

    As his head started to clear and the memories of what had happened flooded back to him. He’d been walking down the alley and some sort of dog or cat…something big came out of the shadows and tackled him. He had picked himself up, panicked, and then ran but then something, or someone, big grabbed his from behind and hit him over the head with what Spike thought was the barrel of a gun.

    Duke! Spike thought. He found me! I knew going to the plaza was stupid! I should have stayed with Bumblebee!

    Spike continued to panic for what seemed like hours.

    He pulled and yanked at his glowing restraints furiously trying to free himself. After a while of that he gave up, panting and crying. With some effort he managed to pull himself to his feet and, using the light of his binds as a flashlight, guided himself around the darkness in attempt to identify where he was.

    He press his hands against what he thought was a door, but it was wasn’t wood or metal. It was rock! Spike held his hands up to look at it from a distance to see it in whole. It was a huge Boulder! It had to be as tall as Prowl! The massive rock was blocking the exit to a cave. He was being kept in a cave. The sand should have been his first clue. He was now sure that Duke wasn’t behind this. A rock that size couldn’t be moved by the biggest bulldozer in the world!

    Just as Spike began another panic attack, the boulder shifted. Spike jumped and stumbled backwards onto the ground. The boulder rolled away and the setting sun’s bright rays blinded him.

    An enormous figure blocked the sun and its shadow fell on Spike. Spike squinted up to see what it was.

    He gasped and his heart skipped a beat.

    A massive red and white robot, as tall as Prowl, with strange jet like wings on his back towered over the quivering human boy.

    Spike’s eyes went wide with fear.

    The alien robot smirked. In a screeching, nails on a chock board, kind of voice it addressed Spike with amused contempt.

    “Welcome to captivity fleshling.”
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    What? No replied here either? You guys are making me feel bad. Oh well. I'm still posting the story so you can complain after the story starts getting kickass good and I stop posting! :horse: 

    Chapter 5

    Ratchet cursed as the pain shot through his sensory system and up to his mainframe, registering the pain in his foot caused by the tool he had just dropped onto it.

    “Slag it all!” He snapped as he bent over to retrieve the tool. As he pulled himself back to full height he saw that someone had entered the infirmary.

    “Hello Bumblebee.” He said behind gritted teeth. The pain in his foot was more annoying than painful. He must have hit a senor.

    “You OK, Ratchet?” Bumblebee asked as he made his way around the work table to stand next to the Autobot physician.

    “I was being careless and dropped this on my foot.” Ratchet explained as he sat the tool in question onto the work table along with the other tools he’d been working with.

    Bumblebee winced, signaling to his comrade that he understood his discomfort.

    “What brings you here? I thought Prime had confined you to your cubicle.” Ratchet asked as he resumed his work on a stubborn component for Teletran I.

    Bumblebee sighed. “I didn’t mean to go against Prime’s orders.”

    Ratchet laughed. “You mean you didn’t mean to get caught!”

    Bumblebee didn’t find Ratchet’ humor quite as humorous as Ratchet seemed to.

    “Ha ha!” Bumblebee mocked. “Very funny.”

    “You need to take responsibility for what you’ve done, Bumblebee.” Ratchet explained from his work. “Revealing yourself to those humans was very irresponsible and selfish of you. You endangered us all by saving that kid. ”
    Bumblebee scowled.

    “I’ve had enough of everyone telling me that! I did what I did because it was the right thing to do!” Bumblebee snapped. “I couldn’t have just sat and watched idly by while Spike was about to be executed! It goes against everything I’ve learned as an Autobot!”

    Ratchet watched the smaller Autobot steam.

    “No one said it was the wrong thing to do.” Ratchet said calmly. “Honestly? I probably would have done the same thing. It’s the Autobot way.”

    Ratchet smiled at Bumblebee.

    “You’re a good ‘bot, Bumblebee.” He said smiling. “You just need to think things through a little more.”

    Bumblebee left Ratchet’s workshop, thinking about what the physician had just said. Suddenly he didn’t feel discriminated anymore. He knew what he did was putting him and his comrades in danger, but he also knew what he did was the right thing.

    He continued walking down the main corridor until he arrived in the control room, where Prowl was typing something into Teletran I.

    “Prowl?” Bumblebee asked. “What are you doing?”

    Prowl looked up from his work .

    “Bumblebee, just the Autobot I wanted to see!” He signaled for Bumblebee to come over.

    “Did that Human ever tell you his real name?” Prowl asked. “The name ‘Spike’ doesn’t come up on Teletran.”

    Bumblebee gave Prowl a confused look.

    “Why?” Bumblebee asked.

    “I’ve got a hunch that I want to test. I need to know his real name.”

    Bumblebee thought back to when he had first met Spike.

    “Eric.” Bumblebee answered.

    Prowl typed the name into Teletran.

    “He didn’t give you a surname?” Prowl asked.

    “A what?” Bumblebee asked.

    “Never mind.” Prowl shook his head. He typed a few other things and when nothing came up he sighed, defeated.

    “What else have I not tried?” He asked himself. His head shot up as he got an idea.

    “I’ve got it!” Prowl announced. He opened up a small compartment on his com-link and pulled a wire from his wrist into Teletran I.

    A picture of Spike came up onto Teletran’s screen.

    “Teletran, run image comparison.” Prowl told the computer. Billions of different pictures ran through Teletran’s data banks, while the super computer compared every single one to the image Prowl had imported from his memory banks. After a few seconds three pictures came up.

    One image was that of a picture posted in a chat room of a young boy, maybe around five or six years old, and a woman. The boy sat on the woman’s lap while she wrapped her arms around the young boy tenderly. Both were smiling warmly at the camera. An image of happiness captured forever in digital pixels.

    Bumblebee couldn’t be sure of it, but the small boy was defiantly Spike.

    The second picture was that from a Junior High School’s website. It was an image of a teen in a baseball uniform standing with two other kids dressed in identical uniforms. Spike was the boy in the middle, his face smeared with dirt, a baseball bat in one hand, and a smiling face.

    The third was of a more ominous nature. It was a small news article from a little over a year prier. The page had three pictures throughout its content. One was that of a house, the front door standing ajar and a body lying on the threshold in a pool of blood. The second was a picture of Spike. The third was of a Caucasian man with red hair and goatee.

    Prowl read the article aloud.

    “’On March 14, 2005, 9-1-1 operators received a frantic call from 14 year old Eric Witwicky at 3:45 PM. Police were sent to the residence of 55687 Jasmine Trail where they found the body of 35 year old Heather Johnson Witwicky, stabbed and shot several times, lying dead on the threshold of her house. Police arrested 44 year old Ivan C. Crew in connection to the murder where he confessed to the crime a week later. Heather Witwicky’s 14 year old son, Eric, was sent to St. Mary’s hospital after sustaining several lacerations from the knife Crew used to murder his mother. Ivan C. Crew is set to go to trial later next year where he will face several charges including First degree murder and third degree rape. Eric Witwicky will be the key witness for prosecutors…”

    “That’s enough, Prowl.” Bumblebee stared at the article. An overwhelming feeling of guilt flooded his sensors. “Poor Spike.”

    “I didn’t expect it to be this bad.” Prowl admitted. “I thought I’d find his name on a missing person’s add, thinking he was a just an ordinary runaway teen.”

    Bumblebee looked at Prowl.


    “While I was studying over the human’s laws and so forth I came across a website that specialized in finding missing people; mostly children. It stated that most teen runaways are either run out by family problems or they run off because they’re too eager to live on their own and such. I had a hunch Spike may be one of the ones who run away because of family problems.”

    Just at that moment Optimus Prime and Ironhide walked into the command center.

    “I think this qualifies as ‘family problems’ doesn’t it?” He replied sourly.

    “What qualifies as ‘Family problems’, Bumblebee?” Prime asked as Ironhide and he made their way over to them.

    As Prowl was about to respond when Teletran’s computerized voice interrupted.

    “Incoming transmission.” The super computer stated.

    “A Transmission? From who?” Bumblebee asked.

    “Incoming transmission is of Cybertronian origin.” Replied the computer.

    Optimus’s optics narrowed.

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    I'm sorry Hakudoushi... I've been really busy and this is the first time in a few days since i've gotten on... :redface2: 
    ...I hate homework.... :banghead:  Otherwise i'd be working on my story and posting about yours alot more! :D 

    This is awesome so far! You better not stop on me.... :stick: 
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    Yay reviews!
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    Chapter 6

    Everything around him was awesome. Not to mean the slang term, but something so head spinning that you feel numb and can’t breathe. Spike’s life in the past few days was starting to reveal a pattern. His life was taking an ominous turn for the worst and he was fearful that it was only going to get worse.

    The giant Cybertronian reached down and grabbed Spike roughly around the middle. The giant’s hand was large enough to engulf Spike’s upper torso and legs all the way to his shins. His body was jerked back as the giant lifted back to it’s full height in a split of a second and Spike felt as if he might pass out there and then.

    “Our mighty leader,” the giant told Spike in its screechy and sarcastic voice. “Megatron, requests your presence.”

    Spike’s voice didn’t work, or any other part of him for that matter. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared blind with primal fear at the sentient being before him. The robot noticed this and lavished in it.

    “You should be frightened,” it sneered. “You’re our new bargaining chip.”

    Then it turned around and left the mouth of the cave, leaving the boulder where it lay. Spike noticed three other robots, of equal stature and height, standing near the mouth of the cave.

    Two of them looked identical to the one whom kept Spike as a prison in its iron grip, despite the color scheme differences. They sat lazily on the ground or leaning against the side of the boulder. The last one looked more ‘professional’. He stood erect on his feet and scanned the area with its visor like eye. Its chest was flat and had a glossy glass surface. An intimidating looking cannon rested on its shoulder.

    “Skywarp! Thundercracker!” Barked Spike’s captor. The two lazy looking Cybertronians got up and came to stand next to him.

    They began walking over the hill and from the top, where Spike was able to gather his bearings. They were somewhere in the desert; a canyon by the look of it. The sun was well on its way to setting and the coolness of the twilight was settling in. Below towards the bottom of the hill was what looked like a make shift laboratory. Several different large counsels stood while large thick cabled ran throughout the space. What really caught his eye was a pile of glowing cubes stacked in the corner. The color of the cubes made his eyes hurt. The ever shifting neon colors from the cubes were enough for anyone to question weather or not they were sober. Besides the strange layout, there were also several other large robots. There were also two smaller robots, slightly taller than Spike, ambling around various counsels tinkering with cords, buttons, and various switches.

    Spike’s captor marched right past the makeshift lab and walked along a ridge that opened up onto a sort of platform overlooking a dry dessert valley, formed by some meteor millions of years ago, and leaving its mark on the world.

    Standing on the ridge overlooking the valley was a malevolent being; Spike would soon know quite well. The Cybertronian had a dictatorship like air about him. He stood over the ridge as if looking upon a world that would soon learn his iron grip and savage nature. His head gazed up as a gust of wind blew past and swept up dust, causing a small dirt devil to form around him. His sleek and silver body revealed an unspoken strength and malice. On his arm was a gigantic black cannon. His form shifted to gaze at those who approached him. Spike met eye to optic with the being. His eyes glowed a brilliant and bloody crimson while his features contorted into a grotesque display of hexing delight.

    “Starscream,” The being sneered. “You’re too rough. Set our guest down and go aid Soundwave with the preparations.”

    Spike’s captor said nothing. He bent down and released Spike, who stumbled on his feet and fell, turned on his heels, and strode down the way he’d come.

    Spike picked himself up and faced the large silver robot. His body was weak with fear and he didn’t think he could hold his own weight. His knee strained and buckled trying to keep him standing.

    The Cybertronian stared at Spike, studying him with a type of contempt curiosity.

    “What’s your name Human?” He ordered. His voice boomed in Spike’s ears.

    “S-spike.” He stuttered.

    “You humans are so weak and stupid.” He said to himself and turned.

    Spike didn’t understand.

    “Why am I here?” Spiked demanded with his beats brave voice.

    Megatron turned slightly and peered down one glowing red optic, warningly, at Spike.

    “You dare speak to me such,” Megatron’s voice grew more irritable. “I’ve no reason to even acknowledge you till Prime arrives. Which, if he values your life, will be soon enough.”

    Spike’s brain began ticking at the mention of Optimus Prime.

    “What do you mean?” Spike demanded. “What are you planning! Who are you!”

    The robot’s optics grew narrow.

    Megatron’s arm shot out and grabbed Spike roughly, knocking the breath out of him.

    “My name is Megatron!” He roared in rage. “I am the new emperor of this world and you, germ, are the key to destroying the Autobots for good!

    “And I’ll see you and those rebellious Autobots dead before the next Orns are through!”


    The Decepticon commander’s face plastered Teletran’s screen as the Autobots gathered around the counsel to witness whatever it was Megatron had to say.

    “What do you want,” Optimus sneered. “Megatron…?”

    The Decepticon’s features stretched into a vile smile.

    “You cut me short, Prime.” Said Megatron. “I’ve merely called to check up.”

    Optimus was in no mood for any of Megatron’s mockery or tricks.

    “No tricks Megatron.” He growled.

    “Is that anyway to treat a Good Samaritan?” Megatron pouted sarcastically. “Really Prime, and after I was going to return the something you’d lost.”

    Optimus kept his face straight and indifferent, though his mind raced with any possibility of what Megatron could be referring to.

    “What ‘something’?” He asked, afraid to find out what it was.

    Megatron’s face revealed his true maliciousness at Prime’s question. The camera panned over to an area where two smaller transformers, Soundwave’s cassettes Rumble Frenzy, held a human captured by its arms. The human’s body was limp in their steel grips.

    “Oh no…” Bumblebee breathed.

    “Recognize this?” Asked Megatron’s voice out of the camera’s view.

    Megatron gaze a signal and Frenzy grabbed a handful of the human’s hair and jerked up it’s head.

    Bumblebee, who stood next to Ironhide and Sunstreaker, sucked in a breath.

    “Spike!” He cried. “You monster! Let him go! He’s just a kid!”

    Megatron’s face returned to the camera.

    “Such a liability,” He cooed. “You should be more careful with your pets, Prime. They could get hurt.”

    Optimus’s fists clenched together, his anger rising.

    “What do you want?” Prime asked, his patience running thin.

    “A trade,” Megatron stated simply. “This fleshling’s life for your physician cooperation for three Orns.”

    Almost every Autobot in the room shifted over to look at Ratchet, who seemed more surprised than anyone to here himself mentioned in the ransom.

    Optimus’s mind raced with different possibilities of what and/or why Megatron would want Ratchet. None of them were good.

    “And if we refuse?” he asked, keeping his voice neutral as best he could.

    Megatron seemed angered and surprised at Optimus’s answer. He hadn’t expected the Autobot commander to even think of refusing offer upfront. It made him angry.

    “Then he dies!” Megatron roared. “He’ll be publicly executed over Portland, with the whole thing broadcasted over every type of human media!

    “Refuse me Prime and I’ll reveal everything to the human populous. No more hiding, no more secrecy, and waiting for your chance to gain humanity’s trust. It’s your physician or you loose everything!”

    The transmission went dead after that.

    “Prime!” Bumblebee cried as he pushed his way to his commander. “You can’t let Spike die! We’ve got to do something! I beg you, Optimus!”

    Optimus didn’t answer right away.

    “Ratchet,” Optimus turned to the doctor. “I’ve no right to gamble you away without your full willingness. If you refuse Megatron’s terms, I’ll respect your choice.”

    Ratchet gapped at Prime.

    “Are you crazy, Optimus?” He snapped. “Of course I’ll go through with it! I’m not having any human blood on my hands, and I certainly wont be the reason for our secret to be revealed.”

    Optimus looked relieved and saddened by his words, but still put his hand onto the doctor’s shoulder comfortingly.

    “Thank you Ratchet.” Bumblebee said.

    “It’s like what I told you earlier Bumblebee,” Ratchet smiled and looked at young Autobot. “It’s the Autobot way.”
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